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A saga of a girl's journey through the carnal, violent, sinful vampire world. Opening in the 18th cent. when she is ripped from all she holds dear and traveling to present day where she wields a sw...

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Carpe Noctem
A vampire tale
By: Kellyconcarne
Disclaimer: I own all of the following characters with the exceptions of Azreal who belongs to Mallory Hoffman, Kain who belongs to Byron Lemburg, and Lucas Falx who belongs to Tony Thigpen.

I dedicate this to all of my friends. Thank you all so much for supporting me in the creation of this story. Though this is only a horror story, it is in a way the story of my life and every single one of you has made an effect on it. The memories of you all shall live on in this story...

Chapter 1: Gabriel

Gabriel knelt in front of the two graves with a bouquet of flowers on top of each of them. They were the graves of her parents. On her mother's grave, it read:
"Fairest Angel In Heaven
Here Lies: Rachel Elizabeth Matola Minos
Beloved Wife and Mother

On her father's grave, it read:
"Here Lies Jonathan Matthew Minos
Beloved Husband and Father
December 9, 1704-January 16, 1748

It had been a full year since they had died. They had been killed mysteriously. They were missing for a day until a man found them, lying in a pool of blood, slain. They were mutilated brutally, as if attacked by a vicious animal. They both donned two small puncture marks on their necks and her mother had apparently been raped. Some of those from a superstitious nature believed it to be a ghost or some earth-bound devil. Gabriel couldn't accept it was a ghost, but she knew it couldn't have been human either.

The sun was near to completely disappearing in the horizon and now the pale moon had taken it's place in the sky. A cold wind swirled past Gabriel, causing her to shiver and tighten her coat to her dress. She had to get home soon to avoid any contact with the wolves that roamed the night.

Since her parents had died, she had been staying with a couple named the Finches. They didn't care about Gabriel. They were forced to take her in because Gabriel's mother was Mr. Finche's cousin. She was just another mouth to feed in their eyes, alive or dead it didn't matter. They wanted her to marry off as quickly as possible. She was 20 and old enough to live on her own with a husband.

It wasn't as if she wasn't pretty. She hadn't found the person with what she was looking for. Gabriel was a thin, average-sized girl. Her fair skin was outlined with golden locks, flowing in wavy strands down slightly past her shoulders. Her eyes were a flashing blue and her lips a light pink which contrasted against her light skin. She stood at 5'6" and was very nimble, however she was not strong. Despite her admirers, Gabriel's luck with the opposite sex was nothing short of lacking. Her heart was a stranger to all men and certainly to herself.

Gabriel looked towards the east and saw the tall buildings that outlined the city of Boston, peaking over the forests. She saw a bright orange glow coming from the center of the city. It was the torches of the people gathered into the center. A man named Devilo was being hung for numerous murders. They claimed he had fangs like a bat and drank blood. Everyone in the city was happy to see an evil man like him perish. The minister claimed Devilo was from Hell and that there were others out there just like him.

She sighed and whispered to the graves,
"Mother, Papa...I miss you both so much."

She always came to visit their graves every week. She would sit there alone for hours, just talking to the gravestones. Her life was so bleak to her now. She felt isolated and abandoned.

"Is this the life I am destined to live? A life without any love... a life with loneliness... is that how I'm supposed to live the rest of my life?" She said out loud."No one's here to answer my questions. I must be going crazy, talking to myself out loud. Nobody is here, Gabriel, no reason to be a lunatic." She mumbled.

But someone was there. A stumpy-looking man hiding behind a tree. He had green spiked hair, his eyes were a yellowish green. He stood there, cloaked in the shadows of the tree, hidden from Gabriel's sight. He slipped quietly beside a tall angel statue, only a meter away from Gabriel. He smiled a dark grin and watched her carefully.

Gabriel stood up and sighed. It was dark now and the night was chilly. All was silent except an owl's crying in the distance. A light breeze blew throughout the eerie graveyard. It seemed to circle Gabriel and brush past her, with the chilly air sending a tingling sensation down the back of her neck. She shuddered and knew she had to go home.
The man still watched her. In his mind, he thought,

"She is indeed perfect. Melikus made a great choice.."

He tensed up as she started walking away from the graves. She was headed in his direction. Now she was only two feet away.

"Gabriel.." The man hissed and she spun around. He leapt at her but she jumped back with a gasp. Then the man grabbed her arm and yanked her towards him. She struggled, crying out,
"Let me go! What do you want with me?! Release me right now!" She fought desperately, but the man's strength totally overwhelmed her. He held her wrist, squeezing it tightly.

Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, he grabbed her by her long, wavy hair. He gave a quick jerk, pulling her head back and exposing her fair neck. He placed a strong hand on her shoulder and held her still. Then he opened his mouth with a sinister hiss. Two pointy fangs hung down in his mouth. He sank his fangs into her neck. Gabriel's struggling cries quickly turned to painful screams as the fangs sank deeper into her flesh. Blood immediately started pouring out and the man began sucking it up as though it was wine.

Gabriel moaned as the green haired man continued to drain the fluid at of her body. Her eyesight grew blurry and her head was spinning. She felt like she was getting weaker and weaker by the moment. Finally, after trying to fight off the fatigue, she went limp in his arms. He drew away from her neck and placed two fingers on the wound. He lapped up the blood splatter on her throat before looking down on Gabriel's unconscious face with a smirk,
"All too easy when they are girls." He said with a chuckle. Then he picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder. With Gabriel in hand, he started running swiftly into the forest, away from Boston, away from civilization.

When Gabriel awoke, her head was still reeling. She realized that she was propped up against a thick oak tree. Groaning, she put a hand to her head and tried to get her bearings. She started to stand up slowly, then a voice hissed out in the darkness, stopping her cold.

"If you run, I'll kill you under 10 seconds and it won't be pleasant."
Gabriel looked around, searching for the source of the voice. When she focused her eyes higher on the tree, she saw the green haired stranger. Her surprised look turned into a glare.

"Where am I?"
"That for you to guess and me to tell. But now that you are awake I won't have to carry you anymore. Come, I don't want to keep Melikus waiting." He jumped off the branch and landed in a squatting position like a toad.
"Don't bother to try to run. I'll catch you."

Gabriel stared at him in shock and disgust.
"Who or what are you?"
The man just cackled and said, "You'll see.."
Then he grabbed her wrist and stared pulling her towards an abandoned church that was only 50 yards away. Gabriel knew that she wasn't safe anymore...
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