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The Blood Gift

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Melikus explains the nature of Gabriel's new-found powers and Gabriel meets Kain, a mysterious vampire.

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Carpe Noctem
A vampire tale
By: Kellyconcarne

Disclaimer: I own all of the following characters with the exceptions of Azreal who belongs to Mallory Hoffman, Kain who belongs to Byron Lemburg, and Lucas Falx who belongs to Tony Thigpen and blah blah you get the idea.

Chapter 9: The Blood Gift

They stopped in the graveyard behind the abandoned church. Gabriel sat down on one of the tombstones and looked at Melikus,
"What was that 'blood gift' thing you were talking about?" She asked, her mind reeling again as it had done so much lately.

"The blood gift is the best part about being a vampire." Reptilius crooned, squatting onto of a tombstone like a toad.

"Well that's great but what in the 7 layers of hell is it?" She demanded, slightly frustrated.

"It's a gift we receive when we become vampires. A special talent really. Each vampire has their own gift." Melikus explained, "Everyone has a unique gift."

Gabriel glanced over at Reptilius. "That's why you could change into that snake."

Reptilius smirked, "Yes, I can change into any
reptile or amphibian I want. I also have..."
Reptilius flickered out a long frog-like tongue. He ran the tongue up Gabriel's face, who pulled away in disgust.
"...a most marvelous tongue like a frog."

Katri curled her lip at him. Gabriel turned towards her, "What about you?"

Katri smiled and slowly her eyes became black with white slits for pupils. She looked at Reptilius, boring her eyes into his head and held out her hand. Reptilius' eyes went black and he started to walk towards her as if in a trance. Then her eyes returned to normal as did Reptilius'. She smiled and closed her eyes. A look of concentration covered her face. She let out a groan and bent over, arching her back. Suddenly, large black demon wings jolted out of her back. Gabriel stared at her in disbelief, not really sure what to make of this beautiful woman who now had huge monstrous black bat-like wings, stretched out in their full length, out of her back.

"So you hypnotize and you have demon wings?" Gabriel asked when she finally found her words.

"Yes. I can hypnotize the living and the dead." She chortled as her wings began to fold away. Gabriel looked at Melikus, "And you?"

"Well whenever my bare hand touches someone, it consumes them in flames. I can also fire energy balls which are capable of destroying everything." Melikus bragged, running a gloved finger down Gabriel's face.

"I wouldn't say 'everything', Melikus." A gruff voice called out.Gabriel jumped at the new voice and looked around. Then she saw the dark silhouette of a tall figure behind her.

Leaning against a large angel statue stood a tall man, covered in a dark cloak. He was hidden in the shadows but Gabriel could feel his presence. The man had gray, penetrating eyes. Eyes that showed no fear or regret. Eyes that could make your blood turn frigid cold and kill you with it's frost. The man was strongly built, large developed muscles that made the coat he wore a series of rolls. He wasn't grotesquely over developed but he could obviously beat the 7 hells out of anyone Gabriel could think of.

"Who's the new girl?" He asked, his voice still cold and unconcerned.

"This is Gabriel. Gabriel, meet Kain. He's a hired assassin for the clan. What do you want now, Kain?" Melikus demanded, irritated by his presence.

"You haven't paid me." Kain said stonily.

"I will soon, I've been busy. And your expenses are awfully high." Melikus remarked.

"I don't give a damn. A man's gotta live. When the hell are you going to pay me?" Kain demanded.

"Why don't you go away?" Reptilius hissed.

"Why don't you shut up, you freaky froggy fuck?" Kain barked. Reptilius grew quiet and expressed his anger through the scowl on his face instead. Melikus obviously didn't look pleased with Kain's behavior.

"You should not refer to the 3rd leader in command that way." He warned. "I can easily cut our contract."

"And I can easily make you my enemy. You know what happens to those who oppose me, Melikus." Kain threatened. Melikus took a step back and swallowed hard. Gabriel watched him carefully She could sense a small amount of hidden fear in him. Melikus afraid of Kain? It seemed absurd but she knew it was true. Reptilius obviously felt threatened by Kain because Kain could easily kill him. Katri just appeared to hate Kain for the mere reason that he seemed to pose a threat to Melikus.

Melikus and Kain just glared at each other.
"If you don't pay me soon I'll kill off frog boy here." Kain nodded over to Reptilius.

Reptilius' eyes widened, "You sick fuck..." he whispered. Kain cackled at the look of terror that spread across Reptilius' face. Gabriel turned her gaze to Kain. She thought he seemed secretive and elusive. She tried to look into his mind and find out why he was working with them in the first place. Kain locked eyes with Gabriel.

"Stop." He said stonily to her. Gabriel blinked in surprise and lost concentration.

"How did yo-"

"Look, it wasn't that hard. I could feel your presence in my mind, trying to tap into my memory. You are clumsy, fledgling. You have been a vampire for less than a week. You have no idea what the hell you have become." Kain responded coldly.

"Gabriel." She muttered.

"Excuse me?"

"Don't call me 'fledgling'. My name is Gabriel." She said louder. Kain smirked and looked at Melikus.

"You've got yourself one hell of a girl here. She's a bold one, not a slut like you Katri."

Katri hissed at him. "Get out of here, you damn beggar. Go infest some hideous tavern," She snapped. Kain ignored her threats and looked at Reptilius, who was seething.

"You better watch yourself, serpent. Your day will come." He threatened. Reptilius hissed in reply. Suddenly, Kain vanished from the shadows. As if by some freakish invisible force, Reptilius went crashing into an old dug up grave. He slammed into an open casket. As soon as his body was against the inside of the casket, the lid slammed shut. A moment later Kain was standing behind the tombstone, which was hovering over the casket. Kain laughed, his back turned to Gabriel. He suddenly kicked the stone tombstone into the pit, on top of the casket. Reptilius' reeling screams could be heard as Kain walked away, chuckling softly. All Gabriel did was sit there and stare at Kain as he walked away.

"Who the hell are you?" She thought. She knew she would someday understand that disturbance in the clan, that assassin Kain.
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