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The Power

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With Melikus' orders, Gabriel leads the trio to her home, where she and the others reap revenge on the Finches. However, in the course of the slaughter, Gabriel learns she has more than just a new ...

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Carpe Noctem
A vampire tale
By: Kellyconcarne

Disclaimer: I own all of the following characters with the exceptions of Azreal who belongs to Mallory Hoffman, Kain who belongs to Byron Lemburg, and Lucas Falx who belongs to Tony Thigpen and blah blah you get the idea.

Warning: This chapter starts off somewhat sexual then slips into a lot of violence. I advise you not eat cheese doodles before reading this.

Chapter 8: The Power

Gabriel was walking back over to Melikus and Katri but she stopped suddenly when the corpse of a young man, its face twisted in deathly horror, fell in front of her, from an alley. She looked at the corpse then peered down the alley when she heard a soft feminine guttural moan. In front of her were Melikus and Katri, the corpse of a young woman at their feet.

They were kissing, their tongues protruding from their mouths and rubbing against one another while moans echoed from their throats, expressing their lustful, bloodthirsty pleasure and desire. Melikus had her pushed up against a wall roughly, pressing his body against hers. As his tongue savored the taste of hers and the blood left upon it, his hands ran over her breasts and along her hips. Their faces were contorted in pleasures, eyes shut and their mouths wide open.

Gabriel looked back down at the corpses. It had apparently been a poor, unfortunate couple who had made the horrible mistake of crossing the paths of Melikus and Katri. She stood there, watching Melikus and Katri while memories of her unforgettable night with Melikus seeped into her mind.

"I always wanted to save myself for my marriage bed. When I would be a bride..." Her words echoed in her head. But his response spoke even louder in her thoughts, sending chills down her spine.
"You know you want this...I can see it in your eyes."

Suddenly, she heard her name and snapped to attention.
"So Gabriel, you killed, I see." She looked to see Melikus staring at her with cold dark eyes. She turned her eyes to her hands, stained with blood then her eyes met Melikus' but she was silent.

"What's wrong? Do you feel ashamed?" Katri sneered before chuckling.

"You shut up!" Gabriel hissed.

"Watch it fledgling!" Katri snapped back, getting into a defensive stance.

"ENOUGH!" Melikus shouted. He exhaled, calming himself then looked at Gabriel. "Take us to the place where you used to live."


"Do not be defiant with me, girl! Just do it!" He demanded, his black eyes burning with anger. Gabriel nodded fearfully and began to lead them down the street of Boston. After a short time of walking past innocent humans along Boston's streets, she stopped in front of the small house of the Finches. The house was brightly lit and the chattering of many voices rang through the home.

"They must be having a party, celebrating your 'demise', fledgling." Katri chimed with a wicked smile.

"I really don't give a damn about them. They never cared about me anyway." Gabriel snarled, staring up at the house. Hate glistened in her eyes and Melikus caught it.

"Give into that rage. You desire to kill them, don't you? Do it. Give into that desire. Punish them for their negligence." Melikus beckoned into her ear. She looked at him, hesitating. Melikus nodded.

"Go now. We'll help you in your revenge. Storm their palace. They don't care about your disappearance. Kill them. Now." He hissed.
Gabriel glanced up at the house before she suddenly charged to the door. She threw her body against the door, throwing it open.
All the people inside stopped immediately and stared at her, muttering quietly.

"Gabriel?" Mrs. Finche, a plump beady-eyed pig of a woman, gasped. Gabriel looked around and bared her fangs at all of them, hissing like a wild cat. They all jumped back, terrified.

"Fools," She growled. "Always honor the dead."
She grabbed a man by the collar and threw him directly into a window. The glass shattered into his face and he screamed in agony as the glass cut deeply into his skin, tearing away flesh from his face. Just then Katri and Melikus shot through a window. The guest screamed in terror and confusion.

"They're possessed! It's the Undead!" A man screeched before Gabriel broke his neck.
Screams of hysterical terror ran out through the house as chaos broke out.

"Don't run humans! You're prolonging the inevitable!" Melikus shouted, cackling. Then for the first time ever since Gabriel had met him, Melikus removed his black leather gloves. He grabbed a man by the shirt and placed a hand on his face. The man screamed in agony as his skin started to smoke and slowly rot away.

Gabriel stared at Melikus, his eyes twinkling with delight and his smile twisting into a horrible, evil grin. The man's face burst into flames. His painful wails were engulfed by the roar of the flames as his body was consumed in the inferno. In a matter of moments, the man was a pile of black ash, smoldering on the floor.

Gabriel's eyes stayed on Melikus, who looked at her and pointed behind her and with a cackle of delight, screamed, "GO!"

She whipped around and spotted Mr. Finche attempting to escape through a window. She held out a hand and bellowed,
"You're not going anywhere!"

Then, much to Gabriel's surprise, Mr. Finche froze in place. He tried to move but he couldn't, as if an unspeakable force held him back.

Melikus laughed, "Gabriel! You're doing it!"

"WHAT'S HAPPENING?!" Mr. Finche screamed frantically. Then slowly Gabriel rose her hand towards the ceiling. As she moved her hand, Mr. Finche began to float above the ground.
Melikus cackled triumphantly as he broke the neck of a young boy. He looked up at Mr. Finche, whose back was now pressed against the ceiling and laughed.

"You see what Gabriel is now? Your negligence of her has caused her to seek revenge on your poor treatment. Now you will die by your own relative!"

Mr. Finche looked down at Gabriel, terrified.
"Gabriel, please! We love you! STOP THIS!" He begged frantically, sobs shaking his voice. Gabriel remained expressionless until a slow evil smile crept over her face. When Mr. Finche saw the smile, he began to sob uncontrollably, pleading for his life with pathetic clumsy wails. Gabriel still had her hand raised. Very slowly, she started to close her hand.

As her hand closed, Mr. Finche's head, neck and chest began to shrink. He screamed in agony as one by one, his ribs began to pop out from the flesh, piercing through his shirt. He clawed at his throat desperately, trying to breathe. Suddenly, he went limp. Gabriel made a quick motion with her hand and the ribs protruding out of Mr. Finche's back dug deep into the wall, holding the corpse in position. By now all were dead except the vampires.

Melikus, grinning, placed a hand on her shoulder. Gabriel looked at his hands and then at her own.

"Melikus, what did I do just now? How did I make him move?"

"You have discovered your blood gift." Melikus said with a proud smile, pulling his gloves back onto his hands.

"I don't understand." Gabriel responded with a look of confusion on her face. In the distance, the vampires heard shouting that was coming towards them.

"We must go!" Reptilius hissed and started running away into the woods, the others following close behind. Melikus stopped and held a palm out to the Finche's house. A green ball of energy formed in front of his hand. Katri smiled but Gabriel watched, fascinated. Then Melikus threw the energy ball at the house. Upon contact, the house exploded. Gabriel shrieked and ran off, startled by the explosion.

Katri and Melikus cackled as she ran away. A piece of debris fell by his feet. He looked at it and chuckled evilly.

"Good-bye human Gabriel. May your soul join the choirs of angels in the lofts of heaven above."

Then they turned and ran off into the woods, cackling with glee.
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