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Chapter 20: Planning

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Twenty: Planning

"It was a right mess yesterday, attempting to correct the assumptions of people," said Hermione to Harry on Monday morning. "The entire school was buzzing, wondering how you got yourself chosen from the Triwizard Tournament..."

"You did tell I didn't enter my name, didn't you, Hermione," said Harry in a tired, weary voice. He had arrived late last night, sleeping for a few hours before sending a letter to Sirius telling him about how someone had entered the tournament. Harry hoped that Sirius wouldn't do anything to risk his neck on his account, like storm up to Hogwarts.

Then again last year Sirius risk life and limb to attempt to catch an illegal rat animagus named Peter Pettigrew so the chances that Sirius would used what little common sense he possessed seemed quite slim.

"There are some that believed us when we told them you didn't enter your name of course," said Daphne. "Unfortunately others turned a deaf ear to reason. Some thought you were so wicked for circumventing the Goblet of Fire but others thing you are arrogant, wanting even more fame by competing in the Triwizard Tournament."

"Yet for weeks, I talked about loud and clear how I didn't want to enter myself in the tournament even if I could," grumbled Harry, rolling his eyes. "I guess people don't want to step outside their own little bubble of fantasy and see the reality of the world."

"Sadly I would have to agree with that," said a dreamy voice that made Harry, Ginny, Daphne, Theodore, and Hermione jump to see Luna Lovegood standing behind them.

"Hello, Luna," said Harry. "We were just talking about the mess around this whole Triwizard Tournament and how I somehow got my name entered in there."

"Well it is quite obvious to anyone who is sound of mind like me that you didn't enter yourself Harry," said Luna. "The only the reason the Triwizard Tournament was reinstated in the first place is to distract the Magical World while Cornelius Fudge orchestrates a hostile overthrow to take over Gringotts and wipe out the entire race of Goblins. Obviously you stumbled upon his sinister scheme and he had one of his many subordinates alter the magic of the Goblet of Fire so your attention could be drawn by competing. Am I correct Harry?"

"Oh yes, of course," said Harry in an awkward voice looking to Ginny for help but she was about as bewildered as he was.

"See there's a logical explanation for everything," said Luna. "I do think you stand a good chance of winning the Triwizard Tournament Harry, even if you don't care much for competing in it."

Without another word, Luna walked off.

"I agree," said Daphne.

"About Fudge using the Tournament to screen his attempts attempting overthrow Gringotts and planning execute the Goblins?" asked Theodore.

"No, even through that wouldn't surprise me at all either," said Daphne. "Harry, I really think you can win this Triwizard Tournament."

"There was never a question of me not thinking I can win it, the fact remains that I never wanted to compete in it," said Harry. "This whole thing is just one big mess; I just hope I can come out of it in one piece."

Ginny was quiet during this whole time, she knew Harry wouldn't enter his name in the Tournament but this is what scared her more than anything else. That meant that someone was after Harry and she didn't want anything to happen to him, too much had happened already, especially during the last two years. Ginny truthfully feared for Harry's safety and for the first time her confidence that Harry would see this through was shaken, even if it was slightly. In any even, Ginny could not shake the nagging fact that something was horribly wrong and by competing in this tournament, Harry would be in grave danger. After all, he was only human.

"Ginny, what's wrong?" asked Harry. "You've been really quiet today."

"It's nothing, Harry, really, and if it was, you have enough to worry about as it is," said Ginny.

"Are you sure?" asked Harry.

"Yes, I'm sure Harry," said Ginny testily.

"Okay, Ginny, if you say so but if you feel the need to tell me anything, I'm always here," said Harry.

"Unfortunately, you’re always here Potter, that's the problem" drawled the voice of Draco Malfoy who arrived with Crabbe and Goyle along with a dozen sixth and seventh year Slytherin students who Harry knew held Malfoy's closed minded beliefs.

"What do you want?" asked Harry.

"My rightful place as the true leader in the Slytherin house back Potter," said Malfoy in an arrogant voice. "By brainwashing the all the younger students to reject the beliefs of the true pureblood ideals that have held since the beginning of time by civilized people."

"Is there a point to this Malfoy or are you blathering on for no good reason?" asked Hermione.

"No one asked you, Mudblood!" snapped Malfoy.

Hermione just yawned at Malfoy, for his lack of originality in insults.

"Is that the best you can do Malfoy?" asked Hermione. "I admit it was a shock for you using that word during our first year but now..."

"What you think is a shock and what you don't is not the point!" yelled Malfoy, losing his cool before turning to Harry. "Potter, you have polluted the Slytherin house, with your conflicting views to pureblood ideals and..."

"Silencio," muttered Harry, wanting Malfoy to shut up as he firing the spell.

Unfortunately, this one spell shot set up a rapid fire of spells shot from both sides. Harry and his friends got in several good shots, as did Malfoy's pureblood upper year associates before Professors Moody, McGonagall, and Snape rushed over, firing sparks from their wands in an attempt to maintain order. Harry backed off, having made his point.

"Alright, gentlemen and ladies, break it up," said Moody, using his wand to immobilize a violent Slytherin sixth year.

"Well, I never seen such disgraceful behavior from anyone," said McGonagall angrily. "You will all receive Detention and..."

"Malfoy started it," said Hermione, clutching her bloody lip.

"You lying Mudblood bitch it was Potter and..." said Malfoy, his head enlarged to at least five times its normal size.

"It matters little who started it," said McGonagall. "Twenty points will be taken from each of you and you will all serve Detention for the next week..."

"Now, Minerva, I don't think that is very fair, as all of the students, except for Miss Granger were in Slytherin," said Snape. "The amount of points taken would put us in the negative figures..."

"Well I guess you will have to exercise better caution in controlling the students in your house then Severus," said McGonagall coolly. "My decision stands and if you want to argue it, take it up with the Headmaster."

"Maybe I will," said Snape before walking off robes billowing behind him leaving Moody just standing back and watching the show between the Gryffindor and Slytherin Heads of House.

"Anyone who was hexed, I'd suggest you head up to the Hospital Wing," said McGonagall in a short voice.

Everyone involved in the fight except for Harry and Ginny who managed to avoid being hit with anything.

"That modified shield charm you found worked wonders just like you said Harry," said Ginny.

"Yes, both protect yourself from harmful spells with using spells at the same time," said Harry proudly before dropping his voice to a whisper. "One of the better defenses I found in the Slytherin library."

"I'm kind of surprised I was able to use that, it did say it required a bit of power," said Ginny.

"Which you do have, nothing on my level granted..." said Harry.

"That much is obvious, I would be happy to have about a third of the magical power you do, Harry," said Ginny. "Still near the top of the above average magical people is pretty good, on the level just underneath the really magically powerful people."

"So what happened, what did I miss?" asked Hailey who had just walked over.

"Malfoy but then again, so did I, missed blasting him with the spell that is. I believe it was Hermione who hit him with that spell that inflated his head," said Harry tragically. "You know people say Malfoy does have a big head in the figurative sense but until he gets it deflated in the Hospital Wing, now Malfoy literally has a big head."

"You would think Malfoy would learn by now," said Ginny shaking her head.

"That would require him to have a few brain cells, Ginny," said Hailey.

"You've got a point," said Ginny attempting to fight a smile but failing miserably.

Harry's stealth skills were put to the test within the next few days as he had to conceal himself from several groups of students who wanted to either confront him or congratulate him about entering the Triwizard Tournament. Some of them were in awe that Harry managed to enter himself in the tournament and Harry tried to say he didn't to the put that he nearly lost his voice.

Of course there were others that thought that Harry was out for fame and glory by entering himself in the tournament.

"Potter, hey Potter, preparing for your next interview, perhaps signing a few autographs," said a Gryffindor sixth year that Harry didn't know.

"This is starting to get old, don't you think," said Harry, attempting to keep his mind off of it as he was walking from Study of Ancient Runes with Daphne, Theodore, and Hermione.

"You would think people have better things to do," said Hermione. "Honestly, all they seem to be focused on is your participating in the Triwizard Tournament."

"Yes, it seems there sad pathetic lives in..." said Harry before bumping into Ron Weasley who was standing in the hallway, talking to Seamus Finnegan and Dean Thomas.

"Hello, Harry," said Ron in a calm voice. "So, it must have been tough tricking the Goblet of Fire to enter yourself in the Triwizard."

"Yeah, Potter, think you can clue any of us nonfamous people in on how you accomplished this," said Seamus.

"I think the cork's about ready to pop off of that unopened bottle," whispered Theodore to Daphne in an undertone.

Hermione went to stop Harry from going off but it was too late.

"For the last time, I did not my name in the Goblet of Fire!" yelled Harry, causing Daphne, Theodore, and Hermione to jump.

"Your name came out of it, didn't it?" inquired Dean Thomas.

"It did, I'm not disputing that..." said Harry.

"Then you had to enter your name into the Tournament," said Seamus.

"You know, I don't need to justify myself to people anymore," said Harry throwing his hands up the air. "I'm in the Tournament, I didn't want to enter it but I am, case dismissed. It's obvious for anyone who didn't have their head underneath a rock for the last three years, someone is out to kill me, it was probably Lord Voldemort..."

"Don't say the name," said Ron wincing.

"Well, I will say his name, hell it isn't even his real name, it's Tom Marvolo Riddle, he's not even pureblood!" yelled Harry before storming off looking rather irritated.

"See what you did," said Hermione angrily to Ron. "Now Harry will be in a foul mood for the rest of the day."

"So now it's my fault that Potter is out for fame, arrogant enough to trick the Goblet into accepting his name," said Ron.

"Never mind, you don't get it, and I rather not spell it out for you," said Hermione irritably before turning and walking off with Daphne and Theodore walking after her, but not before shooting Ron a pair of irritable looks.

"I didn't do anything," whined Ron before walking off with Seamus and Dean, discussing Quidditch as that seemed to be the one of the few things Ron could talk about without sounding completely out of his league.

Late in the night in the Slytherin library, Harry sat deep in thought. He didn't know what he hated worst. The fact that some of the school hated him because he was entered into the Triwizard Tournament or the fact that most of the school worshipped him because he had to compete in the Tournament. Harry thumbed through a book on the theory of wandless magic that was a bit dated but it covered the subject very well. Still, Harry wondered exactly how he would get through the tournament without severely maiming someone.

"Harry, are you there?" asked a voice from the other end of Harry's mirror.

Harry picked up his mirror, seeing Ginny on the other end of the mirror.

"Let me guess, you're sulking in the Slytherin library," said Ginny casually.

"Yes," said Harry in a worn, defeated voice. "What's the matter?"

"Snape's looking all over for you, he needs to inform you that the people from the Daily Prophet are coming this morning, wanting to do a feature on the Tournament," said Ginny.

"Just what I need more publicity," said Harry sarcastically.

"Harry," said Daphne who also appeared on the camera. "I've heard that it's Darthmorth who's doing the piece."

"Harry, this is bad," said Theodore who had also appeared. "Darthmorth is the most cutthroat reporter the Daily Prophet has ever seen, a right bastard at that. He makes pond scum look good."

"Daphne, Theodore, can't you see this is a private conversation?" asked Ginny in an agitated voice. "Well, if it is Darthmorth..."

"Ginny, I think I can handle some two bit reporter from the Daily Prophet," said Harry dismissively.

"But Harry..." said Ginny but Harry interrupted her.

"Relax Ginny, I can handle this Darthmorth clown," said Harry. "I am the epitome of the Slytherin house and I think I can outsmart some reporter from the Daily Prophet."

"Okay, Harry, just what you say," said Ginny. "I've heard from Dad that Darthmorth has been known to contort anything people say into something worse than it really is."

"I can handle him, Ginny," said Harry in a sharp voice. "Trust me."

"I do but I don't trust Darthmorth to give a fair and accurate picture of what you say," said Ginny. "Anyway, I think you should come up here, Snape said the people from the Daily Prophet would arrive at any minute."

Without another word, Harry pulled himself up, touching his wand to his Portus Amulet, teleporting himself just outside the Great Hall. Harry hit the device in underneath his robes; it wouldn't be a good idea if Darthmorth knew he had a rare magical object.

"Morning, Potter," said Snape causing Harry to turn around.

"Professor," said Harry, nodding his head curtly at Snape.

"Evan Darthmorth from the Daily Prophet will be arriving soon," said Snape. "You are excused from classes for the day. If you follow me, I will lead to where the other champions are meeting."

Harry nodded before following Snape through the school. Somehow Harry had the feeling that something bad was going to happen if he did this interview.

After what seemed like an eternity but was only a few minutes, Snape led Harry into the room where the other three champions were. Harry avoided their stares as Snape turned to Harry.

"I must leave you right now Potter," said Snape. "Good luck, with Darthmorth you will certainly require it."

Harry shook his head, why was everyone making such a big deal out of a reporter. Hadn't Harry handled much worse in the past? Harry sat himself down, preparing to meet the infamous Evan Darthmorth.

Harry didn't have to wait long as Darthmorth arrived in the room with a photographer. Darthmorth was a sight for sure. He was short, pudgy man, six or seven inches shorter than Harry, with greasy brown hair with a few grey hairs popping up. He had a monobrow on his face with a handlebar mustache on his face.

"Triwizard Champions eh," said Darthmorth in a silky voice. "So the latest victims of Dumb as a Door's latest publicity stunt to make him look like something other than a senile old coot. Well, the money is on the line, so I don't fault you for competing for that. I guess there is a price on being Dumb as a Door's personal puppets."

"Now listen here, Albus Dumbledore is the greatest wizard who ever lived," said Cedric Diggory as Harry barely avoided gagging at the very notion. "I'm not sure I care for your attitude..."

"Vell, you seem rather slimy, eh Darthmorth," said Viktor Krum. "Dumbledore may have his faults but it is a great honor to meet him.

"Zis tournament is an honor to compete in but being up close to a great wizard like Dumbly-Dore," said Fleur.

"Poor uninformed children," said Darthmorth shaking his head. "Dumbledore's done a good job brainwashing you all."

Darthmorth then turned to Harry, his eyes glancing at Harry's scar. Harry felt that the next person who did that would have their eyes gouged out with a fork.

"So, Harry Potter, I must say I've wanted to meet with you for some time," said Darthmorth in a tone of voice that Harry didn't like. "You have been rather quiet on the subject of Dumbledore, so off the record, how do you fear about the man, Harry?"

"My off the record, and you can put this on the record, is that there is no off the record, Mr. Darthmorth," said Harry. "My opinion on Dumbledore is rather irrelevant. All I will say is Dumbledore and I have had a difference of opinion from time to time..."

"Of course you would, you slimy Slytherin!" snapped Cedric angrily.

"So Harry, Mr. Diggory's response brought up another interesting point that I wish to address," said Darthmorth. "How do feel about the prejudice the Slytherin house gets from the other three houses at Hogwarts? Do you think that Dumbledore stirs the fire quite a bit while using his influence as the alleged leader of the light?"

Harry paused before he chose his words very carefully in a way that it wouldn't be twisted around.

"Well you see, Mr. Darthmorth, the prejudice only exists in the upper levels of the school," said Harry. "The prejudice also runs both ways, as the fanatic pure bloods seem to have a rather prejudiced attitude against muggleborns."

"Surely, you don't think that Mudbloods should have an equal say in the Magical World," said Darthmorth, in what he perceived to be a logical voice.

Harry was extremely angry about Darthmorth's choice of words in describing muggleborns. He had to control himself as when he got upset, things started blowing up.

"This interview is over," said Harry in a cool voice with his anger bubbling slightly below the surface before simply turning around and walking out of the room.

"Now come back here, don't you want out on me, I'm a reporter for the Daily Prophet and you are required to give an interview with me," said Darthmorth in a pompous voice. "Potter, come back here right now!"

Harry didn't come back, leaving Darthmorth without a story but that didn't matter. If Darthmorth didn't get a story from Harry, he would make up his own story, painting Harry Potter in the most negative light possible. Darthmorth vowed to make Potter see that no one walks out on him.

Some time later after the ill fated Daily Prophet that Harry walked out from, Harry, Daphne, Theodore, Hermione, and Ginny were eating at the Slytherin table. Harry had been preparing for the Triwizard Tournament with help with his friends, learning every bit of defensive magic he could but it was pretty much all hit and miss due to the Tournament being an unknown task and just a week away.

"So do you four think I prepared enough for the tournament?" asked Harry.

"Yes, I think so," said Hermione. "After all of the spells we went over and practiced, including all of the O.W.L. level spells and even a few N.E.W.T. level spells, something should work."

"Well, I think it may come down to your ability to creatively improvise," said Ginny, as she buttered her toast. "Still, I really think you might have a chance of winning."

"Imagine that, the one person who didn't want to compete in the Triwizard Tournament ends up winning," said Harry.

Harry turned around hearing Pansy Parkinson giggling as she was talking with a couple of older, snobbish looking Slytherin girls.

"Hey, Potter, brainwash anyone lately?" asked Pansy giggling. "Your plan to become the next Gridelwald come to life as of yet."

"What in the hell are you blathering on about?" asked Daphne.

"It's in today's Daily Prophet," said Pansy before tossing the paper in front of Daphne. "See for yourself Greengrass."

Hailey walked up to the Slytherin table, looking rather frantic.

"Harry, did you see what lies Darthmorth wrote about you?" asked Hailey looking as if she had been crying just a few minutes ago. "It's horrible; it's one of the most sadistic, cutthroat things I have ever read."

"We're about to read it now, Hailey," said Daphne as they six scanned the paper.

Harry Potter: The Next Dark Lord

By Evan Darthmorth, Ace Reporter of the Daily Prophet.

In the name of responsible journalism that has been the staple of the Daily Prophet ever since the Malfoy family founded the paper back in the 1500s, I must bring to your attention the following blockbuster announcement. Harry Potter, the savior of the Wizarding world and the Boy-Who-Lived, is not as benevolent as he appears on the surface. As a matter of fact, he has taken a liking to brainwashing the younger students of Hogwarts into following his own, quite radical beliefs that quite frankly upset the balance that has been held in the Wizarding world over the last few centuries and also threatens to destablize the entire Ministry of Magic. The young Potter boy is rather dangerous and quite powerful, there is a belief that the only reason why He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named attempted to kill Potter in the first place is because Potter threatened to overtake him as the Dark Lord.

Furthermore we have uncovered evidence that Potter may be patterning his plan to rule the Wizarding world after German dark wizard Gridelwald. For those who fall asleep in History of Magic, Gridelwald was a dark wizard who sought to wipe out every pureblooded family to rule the worlds with muggleborns, (who have been proven by studies funded by respected Wizarding world member Lucius Malfoy to have inferior, weaker magic than the pureblood branch of our society and are in fact polluting the Wizarding world rather than helping it. More on this in a later Daily Prophet) A pre-senile Albus Dumbledore managed to stop Gridelwald before he could carry out this disgusting plan. There are some that also fear that Potter may be a greater evil that the sinister force known as Lord Draxxor. For those uninformed, Draxxor was a demon lord from the Realm of Darkness that appeared even before Hogwarts existed, leading his legions of followers into this world in an attempt to conquer it. Details are sketchy how Lord Draxxor and his followers were defeated but many perished before he vanished from existence. In any event, no matter what evil force Potter is compared to, the fact remains that he is someone who should be avoided at all cost and this reporter prays that Minister Cornelius Fudge does something to contain Harry Potter before countless innocent people die at his hands.

Harry looked up from the paper but his friends and sister looked rather angry at the lengths Darthmorth went to drag Harry's name through the mud.

Harry didn't seem to be worried too much as he prepared to use the most deadly weapon in the world today to get back at Darthmorth, an attorney. Rising to his feet, Harry needed to send a quick owl, contacting an often used independent Wizarding law firm that his mother had mentioned to him. The Daily Prophet was about to be sued by Harry Potter for slander.
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