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Chapter 21: Perils We Face

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Twenty One: The Perils We Face

Harry Potter sent his letter, inquiring about hiring an attorney to sue Evan Darthmorth along with the Daily Prophet for slandering his name. They picked the wrong time to publish a slanderous article about him, with all that had been going on with the Triwizard Tournament. First someone had entered Harry's name into the Goblet of Fire, causing him to face some unknown task in the first part of the Tournament. Then, this article was published which was the straw that broke the hippogriff's back and cause Harry's recent distaste for the general public of the Wizarding world to strengthen even further.

Harry walked through the hallways, lost in thought about everything that had happened recently. He just wanted a normal year, as a normal student but no, it was too much for those cruel heartless people in the Magical world to give him. Still, Harry would sue Darthmorth, to teach the idiot a lesson.

"You do know who Darthmorth's best mate at Hogwarts was do you Harry?" asked Theodore as Theodore, Daphne, Hermione, Harry, and Ginny were talking in an empty classroom after dinner. Harry had put silencing charms up so no one could overhear their conversations.

Harry paused, he remembered hearing something about this before that fact came back to his recollection.

"Lucius Malfoy," said Harry darkly, remembering it now. "I’m beginning to see how this Darthmorth guy thinks he can get away without any consequences. He's obviously hiding behind his old school friend's gold."

"Of course," said Hermione looking as if it made sense. "You made his son look like a total fool many times; you foiled his plans for the Chamber of Secrets. Basically, this is the only way he can gain some petty measure of revenge against you. Lucius Malfoy is using someone else to do his dirty work and who better to use then a known controversial writer for the Daily Prophet that happens to be his friend. "

"Well, I'm waiting to hear back from the attorney, it could be a while, but I think I can match Lucius Malfoy galleon for galleon if it comes down to that," said Harry.

"I'm not worried about you not having the funds to fight whatever crooked attorney Lucius Malfoy hires to defend his friend," said Ginny. "The fact that Malfoy has the Minister of Magic in his back pocket worries me. He can get the trial delayed or keep it from happening at all with the right amount of pressure."

"I'll cross that bridge when I come to it but the first task is coming up in less than a week and I don't have a clue what it might be," said Harry. "It's frustrating me that that there hasn't been even a hint about what this task for the tournament might be. I've fought the unknown before but not in front of a crowd."

"It's got to be something impressive but something not too dangerous," said Hermione. "I mean, would the Ministry of Magic allow a champion to put up against a dangerous magical creature?"

"You really want me to answer that," said Harry coolly.

"You're right, Harry just be careful and try not to get yourself killed," said Ginny.

"Still the whole school is buzzing about this Tournament, the rumors that are flying around the halls are just a bit out of the realm of possibility," said Daphne.

"Oh you mean like that off the wall rumor that the champions are going to be on a suicide mission, attempting to get past a dragon," said Theodore with a bit of a disgusted look on his face.

"Exactly, that one," said Daphne. "Dragons are rather highly restricted magical creatures and I doubt the Ministry of Magic would go to all the trouble importing them for a school tournament."

"The things people believe," said Ginny, shaking her head looking at Harry, who's face went a bit pale at the mention of having to fight a full grown dragon, Norbert had been bad enough. "Relax Harry; I doubt very much it is going to be a dragon."

"You're probably right Ginny," said Harry, attempting to convince himself as much as he was convincing Ginny. "It's nothing big really, maybe transfiguring something the fastest, brewing a potion, or a test of magical knowledge."

They spent the next hour or so talking, before setting off for bed. Harry wondered if his plan to sue Darthmorth would work with the Ministry being in the state it was.

The next few days up until the Hogsmeade weekend before the first task went rather quickly. Harry got a letter back from the attorney wrote to. The contents of the letter irritated Harry to no end.

Dear Mr. Potter:

On your inquiry of suing the Daily Prophet for slander, we are sorry, but that particular paper has been protected by such lawsuits by Ministry decree. The bill was passed through the Wizengamont just a couple of weeks ago, giving the Daily Prophet immunity from slander lawsuits. While your claim against Mr. Darthmorth is valid, there is nothing we can do for you for your suit against Evan Darthmorth and the Daily Prophet due to the current Ministry of Magic laws, as frustrating as that may be. We are sorry for the lack of assistance we can provide you at this present time.


Mr. Timothy Artemius, law firm of Artemius and Richmond.

Harry crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it across the room. There had to be a way to fight Darthmorth and his smear campaign. Lucius must have foreseen Harry doing something like this and used his Ministry influence to block his friend from justice. Harry needed to think of something else but he couldn't figure out what. Researching the Daily Prophet employee code of conduct would be next possible step for Harry, as he was sure Darthmorth had to go against some regulation there.

The next letter cheered up Harry slightly, at least until he read it. It was from Sirius and as Harry, feared, his godfather didn't use his common sense in staying out of harm's way.

Dear Harry:

Many strange things have reached my ear recently, you being entered in the Triwizard Tournament being the latest. I am going to try to get as I can to Hogsmeade but due to the Ministry dogging my every move, it is proving to be rather difficult. I believe you when you say you didn't enter, but there is something up. I managed to contact Remus briefly before I had to make a break for it, who agrees with my theory that there is some kind of Death Eater plot and you are the unfortunate victim of it. Harry, keep your head low, train in any forms of defensive magic, and be ready for anything. I've heard word that Bellatrix has been sighted at least twice outside of Hogsmeade and who knows what has happened to Wormtail since he fled on that night. I fear one or both might have joined back with Voldemort. I'll try and get back in touch with you, but Fudge seems relentless in trying to capture me for some reason. I can't think of what I might have done to him, other than making him look like a fool by escaping from Azkaban under his watch. Write back to me immediately if you encounter anything strange, Harry and burn this letter immediately so there is no evidence that you were in contact with me as it would lead to awkward questions from the Ministry.


Harry touched his wand to the letter, burning it as Sirius had instructed. Sirius was correct, something definitely was up but Harry didn't know what. Harry felt he needed to look for any Death Eater activity and not focus on what a petty Daily Prophet writer was doing, even through he could very well be connected to the Death Eaters through his connect to Lucius Malfoy.

Harry put all thoughts out of his head on the day of the Hogsmeade trip. Legally, he wasn't supposed to go into Hogsmeade, due to the fact that Dumbledore decreed that he wasn't to be allowed but what Dumbledore thought never stopped Harry before. He tossed on his invisibility cloak, with his wand in one hand and his double edged sword in the other end. Invisible or not, Harry couldn't be sure what could happen when he went out. A Fukiya was concealed under Harry's sleeve, along with a drawstring bag of poison darts in his pocket.

Harry made a beeline for the one eyed witch, with the Marauder's Map in his hand. He must not keep his guard down. After Harry was certain the coast was clear, he slipped through the secret passageway down to Hogsmeade before looking around. The coast seemed to be clear and Harry slipped out, walking a distance underneath the cloak. He saw Hermione, Ginny, Theodore, and Daphne standing around, talking as Harry walked up behind them.

"It's me, Harry," whispered Harry. "I managed to make it out of Hogwarts."

"C'mon, Harry, before anyone spots us," said Ginny in a low voice, as Harry followed his friends, expertly dodging anyone who came close because if he bumped into anyone, it would lead to a lot of awkward questions.

Harry managed to squeeze into the Three Broomsticks without much difficulty. The place was packed with Hogwarts students and to Harry's extreme disgust; Darthmorth was walking around the place, no doubt looking for a new victim to run a slanderous story on. Harry pulled his Fukiya out, while slowly slipping a poison dart into it, wondering if he could get Darthmorth from here without hitting any innocent people.

Before Harry could find anything, Ginny grabbed him by the hand, pulling him further into the Three Broomsticks. Harry watched his chance to take a free shot at Darthmorth pass as he walked out of the bar.

"Harry, you were about to get ran over, why were you just standing there?" asked Ginny.

"Wait a minute, how did you know exactly where I was?" asked Harry.

Ginny paused, not quiet sure how to answer Harry's question.

"Ginny?" asked Harry.

"Harry, I just knew, it was almost like I didn't need to see you to know you were there," said Ginny. "It's almost like I was drawn towards you by some strange force, knowing exactly where to find you."

Harry sat himself down on a chair, shaking his head, clearing the light headed feeling he was suddenly having by just looking at Ginny's face. Hermione, Daphne, and Theodore sat down right around the table, but there were only four chairs.

"So where am I..." started Ginny.

"I'll get up," whispered Harry, slowly rising to his feet but Ginny grabbed his arm.

"No, Harry, I couldn't ask you do anything like that," said Ginny.

"No, Ginny, I don't mind, really," said Harry in a low voice, rising to his feet but Ginny shook her head.

"Hello Potter, nice cloak you have there," growled a low voice which caused Harry to spin around. Mad Eye Moody was standing behind him along with Hagrid.

"Who says Harry's there?" asked Ginny, looking astounded at her own bravery in questioning the quite intimidating Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

"Well first of all, I did hear the lad speaking and second of all, my eye can see through invisibility cloaks," aid Moody. "That last fact has come useful several times, if I may say so myself."

Moody turned to Harry.

"It's nice to see yourself well armed Potter, constant vigilance is always an impressive step to take," said Moody, eying the double edged sword kept in Harry's hand. "If I were to look closer, I would not be mistaken if you had a couple weapons concealed, correct?"

"They wouldn't be concealed too well if I advertised the fact that they were there," whispered Harry.

"Indeed," said Moody, his magical eye whizzing around his face. "Well, I believe Hagrid wanted to have a word with you about something rather important."

Moody turned to Hagrid, who was looking around for Harry.

"Right there, Hagrid," whispered Moody. "He's underneath an invisibility cloak."

Hagrid nodded before walking up towards Harry, Moody managed to steer Hagrid towards the right direction of where Harry was standing.

"Harry, meet me tonight at me hut," whispered Hagrid in his lowest tone of voice possible. "Wear the cloak, I need to show you somethin' that's really important. "

"What is it Hagrid?" whispered Harry.

"You'll find out tonight," said Hagrid in a low voice before turning. "Come around about eleven o clock at night, try not to be too late and come alone, okay Harry."

"Okay," said Harry, wondering what exactly Hagrid had to show him but hopefully it wasn't a midnight Skrewt feeding.

"See you then," whispered Hagrid before walking off.

Harry walked over to the table, where Ginny stood up, whispering in his ear.

"What was that about, Harry?" asked Ginny.

"You know, it's a little creepy she knows exactly where Harry is, even underneath the cloak," said Theodore.

"Indeed," said Daphne looking a bit intrigued to exactly how Ginny was able to manage knowing where Harry was, even underneath the invisibility cloaks.

"Well, Harry, what is it?" asked Hermione. "What did Hagrid tell you?"

"He wants to show me something tonight," whispered Harry.

"Okay, Harry, you want me to come with you?" asked Ginny in a low tone of voice

"No, Ginny, he said to come alone but I appreciate the offer," said Harry. "Still, I will keep all of you updated on my two way mirror. I think we should meet in the Room of Requirement a couple hours before. My gut feeling tells me this is something to do with the first task of the Triwizard Tournament."

"You may just be on to something Harry," whispered Hermione. "We need to get back to the school through as people are starting to look this way like they are suspicious."

Harry nodded.

"Harry did you hear me?" whispered Hermione.

"He said yes, Hermione," said Ginny.

"Ginny's correct," whispered Harry before pausing. "People are going to begin to think you are hearing voices in your head and are a bit insane, Ginny, if you don't keep a bit more quiet. Of course we known you are a bit insane."

Ginny shot a dirty look in Harry's direction which caused Harry to take two steps back before smirking at Ginny.

Later that night, Ginny, Theodore, Daphne, and Hermione were in the Room of Requirement as Harry headed down to Hagrid's hut, underneath the cover of the invisibility cloak. Harry hoped it would be worth sneaking out of school at night, risking life and limb. Raising his hand, Harry knocked on the door on Hagrid's hut. The door opened and Hagrid poked his out, looking around numbly for a few seconds.

"It's me, Hagrid," said Harry. "Listen what is it you wanted to..."

“Harry, follow me," said Hagrid not listening to a word Harry said. "We won' take Fang, he won' like it."

"Harry," whispered Ginny from the other end of the two way mirror. "What is Hagrid showing you, what is so top secret that you have to walk around to see it during the dead of the night?"

"I think he's about to find out, aren't you Harry?" whispered Hermione from over Ginny's shoulder.

"Yes, I'm following Hagrid and I have my wand out just in case this is some strange new pet that Hagrid wanted to show me," said Harry in a low voice, looking around as he followed Hagrid. As Hagrid got close to the Forbidden Forest, Harry wondered whether he should cut his losses and make a run straight back to the school. He had enough unpleasant experiences in that forest to last him a lifetime.

Thankfully, Hagrid did not lead Harry towards the Forbidden Forest, instead Hagrid stopped in front of the Beauxbatons carriage, knocking on the door. The door creaked open and Madam Maxime stepped out. Harry suspected that there might be something going on between Madam Maxime and Hagrid but this pretty much added to his suspicious.

"Hagrid, what’s zis surprise?" asked Madam Maxime looking as curious as Harry was.

Hagrid didn't say anything but indicated Maxime to follow him.

"Apparently Madam Maxime figures into this some how," whispered Harry. "Hagrid took me to the Beauxbatons carriage and now they are going off in another direction."

"Keep us posted Harry," whispered Ginny.

"Yeah, if it's for the tournament, it would be nice to know what it would be," said Daphne.

"Hopefully it's nothing like the perils you have had to face in the past, Harry," said Theodore.

"I can only dream," said Harry as he followed Maxime and Hagrid. It was starting to get really late and Harry yawned, if this surprise wasn't shown soon, Harry would need to call it a night.

"There they are," said Hagrid in awe. "Aren' they beautiful?"

"Hagrid, yes they are incredible," said Maxime, at a loss of what to see.

Harry looked up slowly and he saw with his very eyes four dragons. His knees felt like rubber as he tried to keep on his feet. One of the dragons breathed an incredible jet of fire in the air.

"Harry, what is it?" asked Hermione.

"Harry, you look like you have been sentenced to death," said Ginny.

Harry opened his mouth and shut it again; it would have to be dragons. It turned out that stupid rumor was right. Of all the rumors floating through the halls of Hogwarts to be completely correct, it just had to be this one. Harry was strongly considering changing the name of Murphy's Law, to Potter's law right now.

"Harry, are you there?" asked Ginny looking frantic. "Surely it can't be that bad."

"D-D-d-d," stuttered Harry before throwing his hands into the air and throwing all caution to the wind. "It's dragons, four bloody dragons."

"So that rumor was right," said Theodore.

"Unfortunately," said Daphne. "So what are you going to do, Harry?"

“The Ministry of Magic are full of bloody idiots!” hissed Ginny under her breath.

Harry didn't answer, looking at his wand instead. Up against a dragon it looked like a useless stick. Pulling out his double edged sword, Harry looked that over as well. Harry wasn't going to even delude himself, he couldn't even pick the dragon's teeth with the weapon he had in his hand.

Harry needed a plan to take on these dragons and he needed to come up with one in three days time, otherwise he would be toast and Harry meant that quite literally.

The next day, Hermione, Theodore, Daphne, Ginny, and Harry were in the Room of Requirement, talking about possible ways Harry could get past the dragon.

"I've got it," said Theodore as if he came up with some brilliant inspirational idea. "Just don't show up for the first task?"

"No can't do that, it would not be my style," said Harry calmly, even through visions of getting burnt to a crisp by a dragon danced in his head.

"Yes, it wouldn't be, as Harry tends to nearly get himself killed even when he doesn't mean to," said Ginny. "So no, it would go against everything Harry believes in."

"No but it would be smart and very Slytherin-esq.," said Theodore.

"Nope, even through there is still a small logical part of me that hasn't been killed off with all these attempts on my life that is screaming me to no show the first task, I can't very well do that," said Harry. "I don't do things because I can; there are things that I do because people say I can't."

"Yes, and there’s the binding magical contract thing to worry about," said Daphne.

"You've got a point there," said Theodore.

"Well, we have to think, it is not like the answer is just going to fall from the sky," said Hermione before a book fell on top of Hermione's head from the ceiling of the room of the requirement causing Hermione to slide off the chair.

"Hermione?" asked Harry in a tentative tone of voice. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Harry," said Hermione weakly, while rubbing her head before bending forward and picking up the book. "This looks promising. The Extensive Guide to Dragon Keeping. Maybe you can find your answer in here Harry on how to beat that dragon."

"Well, I sure hope so, because this is the Room of Requirement and in most cases it does what I require," said Harry as a gust of wind blew through the Room of Requirement, blowing open the book to a page.

"Look at this," said Hermione before reading. "The best way to handle a dragon when fighting them head on, one on one, is negating their firepower before running for your life."

"Well that helped," said Ginny sarcastically.

"No, I think I’ve got it," said Harry. "I need to neutralize the fire that is breathed at me and use my ninjitsu stealth training to slip past the dragon to do whatever it is I'm supposed to do."

"Do you by any chance know any techniques that will work on a dragon, Harry?" asked Theodore.

"No, I did make a quick mirror call to Master Splinter but he didn't seem to have any ideas other than it would come down to my creative maneuvering," said Harry. "The hide is too thick for most spells through, so I'm going to have to negate the firepower and try to outsmart the dragon."

"Shouldn't be too hard, should it?" asked Hermione looking thoughtful. "Attempt to get the dragon to move briefly into the opposite direction that you're going."

"I would hope not but I've learned that nothing is easy as it is on paper," said Harry.

Ginny nodded, the thought of Harry facing a dragon in the first task worried her, but she tried not to show it, as Harry had enough on his mind without worrying about Ginny hardly sleeping last night. She had confidence that Harry would somehow get past this peril but the worst case scenario of what kind of condition Harry would be in terrified Ginny to no end?

"Harry, maybe you should take a break, it is the night before the first task and you don't want to be worn out when you attempt to take on that dragon," said Ginny, holding her wooden practice sword out as Harry caught his breath. They were currently sparring in the chamber underneath the Slytherin library, the one place Harry could take Ginny and they could focus on their training without anyone barging in on them.

"No, Ginny, it will help take my mind off of tomorrow and besides, you need the practice," said Harry calmly.

Ginny looked at Harry. Harry had been teaching Ginny ninjitsu for less than a year and Ginny felt she improved a lot since she started. Granted, she wasn't on Harry's level and that might take several years before she was even close.

"Let's begin," said Harry, raising his practice sword in the air, twirling it between his fingers before tossing it up in the air and expertly catching it in his hand.

Ginny raised her hand, barely blocking a shot from Harry. Another swing and Ginny needed to roll her body towards the ground before she brought up her practice sword before swinging it forward and hitting Harry on the arm. A sickening crack echoed throughout the chamber and Ginny looked horrified as Harry fell to his knees, clutching his arm.

"Harry!" cried Ginny. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"Ginny I..." said Harry before grabbing Ginny and lightly flipping her onto the cushions on the floor.”Your lesson for today is that never let your guard down on someone, even if he looks to be injured. They could still be lethal and able to take you down."

Ginny looked up at Harry, staring into his brilliant emerald eyes. She lost her concentration for a minute before shaking her head before getting a mischievous smirk on her face.

"Harry, I think you need to learn the same lesson," said Ginny, before tackling Harry and tickling him.

"Stop it Ginny, that's not...ha, ha, ha," said Harry, struggling against Ginny's attack. "I give, you win, ha, ha, please stop."

Ginny let up, before Harry caught his breath before looking at Ginny.

"Looks like the student has become the teacher, Harry," said Ginny looking amused at the expression on Harry's face.

"Now, Ginny, that was a great exploitation of a weakness," said Harry before smirking. "Of course, we'll find out if the same applies to you."

Harry dove at Ginny and began tickling her, catching Ginny unaware and she began to attempt to fight the urge to laugh, as Harry continued to tickle her but she couldn't fight it any longer.

"Harry, Harry, that's..." said Ginny before giggling, Harry wasn't letting up.

Ginny managed to roll Harry over as they rolled around all over the Chamber of the Slytherin library, attempting to out tickle each other but Harry eventually overcame Ginny as she collapse to the ground, breathing heavily and conceding defeat.

"Here, Ginny, let me help you up," said Harry, offering his hand and helping his friend to her feet.

"That's the last time I try and out tickle you Harry," said Ginny, her face all red and sweaty from laughing too much before looking at Harry, who's hair was more messed up then usual due to all of the rolling around on the floor.

Both of their faces were about eight inches apart as both Harry and Ginny looked at each other before both slowly moving forward, as if some force was compelling them to do so. Their lips were close to meeting and...

Harry was brought back to reality by the familiar sound of an incoming mirror call.

"Harry are you there, this is urgent," said the voice of Lily Potter on the other end of the mirror which brought Ginny out of her senses, wondering what compelled her to almost kiss Harry.

Thinking about it further, Ginny did admit she had been feeling something stronger than friendship with Harry, especially ever since the Quidditch World Cup but she tried to push it out of her mind as she wasn't quite sure how Harry felt and didn't want to jeopardize their friendship by doing anything impulsive.

Harry picked up the mirror, for some reason he was mildly irritated that his mother picked this time to call. Slowly, Harry lifted his mirror out of his pocket, seeing his mother's face on the other side.

"Hello, Harry, I'm hope I'm not interrupting anything important," said Lily.

"Oh, no you aren't, Mum," said Harry, attempting to keep the sarcastic tone out of his voice.

"Okay, Harry, I've found something about our little Horcrux problem," said Lily. "I've got good news and bad news through."

"Give me the good news first, as I have enough bad news to last me a lifetime," said Harry, thinking about the Darthmorth article, dragons being in the first task of the Triwizard, and his mother calling at a particularly bad time when he was about to kiss Ginny.

Harry attempted to mentally clear his head, he wasn't even sure if that was what about to happen and he attempted to focus on what his mother was about to tell him.

"Well the book on the subject does exist and it has a step by step guide on how to reverse the Horcrux creation process," said Lily. "If all Voldemort's Horcruxes can be gathered, we can reconnect the fragmented pieces of his soul to the original soul."

"And the bad news is?" asked Harry.

"The last known owner of the only book I could find record on is Tom Marvolo Riddle," said Lily.

"Ah shit," cursed Harry.

"My reaction exactly," said Lily, nodding her head. "Still, Voldemort couldn't destroy the book for one simple reason. Due to the ancient enchantments on the book, anyone who creates a Horcrux can't destroy the book on how to reverse the creations. So, my guess is Voldemort gave the book to one of his followers to stash it someone or for them to try to destroy it. Of course, they do need a fair bit of power to destroy that particular book."

"Isn't there anything else?" asked Harry desperately.

"I'm still searching but I'm down to my last five magical libraries in North America," said Lily. "So, I'm running out of hope that another book exists but I will try my best to find something."

"Okay, well good luck, Mum," said Harry. "I've got to get up early tomorrow, first task of the Triwizard Tournament."

"Good luck Harry. Please be careful, and good bye," said Lily before her face disappeared from the two way mirror.

Ginny looked at Harry curiously.

"Ginny, the book on Horcruxes does exist but Voldemort managed to get his hands on it," said Harry answering Ginny’s unanswered question. "He can't destroy it and one of his followers might still have it in their possession."

Ginny didn't say anything, just nodding her head as confusion ran through her mind about her feelings for Harry and wondered how he felt. Harry was all too good with masking his feelings to the world, focusing his energies elsewhere.

"Come on, Ginny, this lesson's over, I need to rest, the Triwizard task is tomorrow," said Harry quietly.

"Okay Harry," said Ginny, attempting to fight images the almost kiss that was taunting her.

"Let's use the Portus-Amulet, it's faster," said Harry, grabbing Ginny's hand and touching his wand to the amulet, transporting them straight to the Slytherin common room which was empty as it was way past eleven at night. "Good night Ginny."

"Good night Harry," said Ginny before setting off towards the third year Slytherin girls dormitory.
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