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Chapter 2

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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A/N: Tell me honestly, what would you do when you would become magical? Are you going to use the magic to become rich, free, bashing people, rob banks, have fun, destroy the world?

Here we have Harry, who is going to be able to use magic without being noticed by the ministry. What do you think he is going to do? Then he finds a branch of magic, which is rare and extreme powerful.

Do you know what Harry wants? He wants revenge.

This story describes a grey Harry (and not to forget Grey Ginny).

A/N: damantaray is the beta reader of this chapter. Thanks Tara.


Arthur, Bill and Charlie Weasley, Dumbledore, Snape, Emmeline Vance, and Kingsley Shacklebolt were walking shakily through the Diagon Alley. They were battling the entrance to the alley for one hour. They could not break the shield surrounding the entrance. It took the effort of all of them firing continuously reducto curses for thirty minutes at the shield before it broke down with a loud magical boom.

When they entered the alley after the shield broke down, a wall between Eeylops and the Ice Cream Parlor was shooting strange orange colored curses to their group. Tonks was immediately hit in her chest, and Moody as hit in his back. All the Order members started to fire curses to the wall.

The wall and the Eeylops shop were utterly destroyed. The Ice Cream Parlor was still smoking when the group of wizards passed it.

Suddenly spells were flying from three different directions. Moody, who was enervated, started to fire reducto curses immediately to the targets, but they could not find anybody.

Aurors were apparating in and were immediately attacked by walls and shops. The aurors did not react fast enough: their numbers were almost immediately reduced by half. There was chaos in Diagon Alley, which could only happen during fierce battles. Sounds of the screams of wounded aurors and Order members, curses flying everywhere, buildings collapsing, and shops burning and exploding were heard.

The goblins saw what was happening, and they closed the huge doors of Gringotts. They were not sure what was going on. They expected to see death eaters attacking the aurors.

Albus Dumbledore was standing next to the destroyed Eeylops, looking to the battle against the invisible enemy. He did not understand what was going on. It looked like the buildings and street was enhanced by magic. He did not see or feel any magical beings, no auras, and no other signs of anyone living except the aurors and order members.

He saw that Gringotts had their doors closed and were locked up in safe mode. Several shop owners appeared to see what was happening, and they were in battle with their own shops. Dumbledore could see that several people were down. He knew now that nobody died yet, and it seemed that the attackers were only using one kind of curse and nothing else.

The victims were stupefied, and could be easily enervated. He did not understand why this happened, but it was clear that who ever was responsible for this, did not want to kill. It was clear to Dumbledore that Voldemort and his death eaters were not involved.

Then he saw Fred and George Weasley fighting their shop. Their shop was also attacking them, bu they were able to shield themselves from the onslaught. The twins were firing their own version of spells. A thick layer of foam surrounding their shop now, but it did not seem to work, because the orange curses were continue flying towards them.

Fred was hit in his leg and fell down. George looked briefly to his brother and enervated him. Immediately George was hit and dropped down. Fred stood up, fed up with the situation, and fired a reducto curse to the wall of his shop. The curses stopped immediately coming towards them. With a loud crash, their shop collapsed. That was the wrong wall.

In a huge cloud of dust, they could hear the Weasley's Wizards fireworks go off. Red and orange flashes could be seen through the smoke, and silver colored beams of their firework was visible everywhere. The noise of their ignited fireworks was increasing the noise level in the middle of the battle.

Mad-Eye Moody was beyond reason. He walked through the Diagon Alley, firing reducto curses everywhere. Walls exploded all around him, and less and less curses were flying throughout the street everywhere he went. He was in the front lines of the battle, because he was the only one in this section of the alley.

In a small street beyond two shops was a tall figure standing. The figure was wearing a dark cloak, but his face was not hidden. The only thing you could see clearly was two red slits where the eyes were supposed to be. The snakelike face of the person was showing a large grin.

After two hours of intense fighting, the Diagon Alley was safe again ... and in ruins.

Most shops were burnt, smoked or reduced to rubble. All the aurors and Order members were accounted for; nobody died. It seemed that only Emmeline Vance was more seriously wounded, but that only came because she tripped and broke her leg.

Dumbledore walked to the order members. "Tonight at eight we have an order meeting about this at Grimmauld Place. Be there on time." He immediately disapparated away.


Harry had a grand time in the vault. He visited the Black vaults, and was now at the Potter's vault. He found more books about rune magic, but he did not find any information about any property he owned, except Grimmauld Place.

There were some papers, which described the place and its location, and there was a ring, which would take over absolute control of the house. The ring could only be worn by the person who was the rightful owner of the place and the ring would help the person to activate the defenses of the house.

Harry knew that he had a problem. The only thing what he could use at the moment with the rune magic were two shields, two attacking runes and one invisibility rune, none of them lethal or special. He needed to have time and a place to study that magic.

Rune magic could only be used on objects, not on people unless you are using enhancements and protections. He needed a type of magic, which nobody knew about, and nobody could use, and that magic needed to be very powerful. The only magic he could think about was Parseltongue magic ... the magical language of the snakes. Only Voldemort and he were able to understand Parseltongue, and that would be a perfect magic to use.

Harry was not sure if Parseltongue was powerful enough to be used as a replacement for conventional magic, but he could try to research that. Harry found in the Black vaults several books in Parseltongue and from what he could see, the books contained powerful magic. The huge red tombs contained very small letters, all written in a strange type of script. When he concentrated on the first page, he started to understand the contents.

All of the curses in the first red book were considered dark or evil magic. He did not look in the second tomb, so he had no idea what it contained, but Harry was fascinated.

Now he needed to go to Grimmauld Place. It would be better to escape unnoticed if he could help it, and to take the buss to Kings Cross railway station.

Harry called for the goblin, and traveled with the mine cart to the surface of Gringotts bank. In the entrance hall he found out that the bank had closed down, and he was forced to wait until the danger would pass. Harry had a very good idea what that danger was and smiled. He was curious about how the order was handling themselves.

After thirty minutes, the doors of the bank opened again, and he could leave. Harry drew his invisibility rune again over himself and exited the bank. He was welcomed by the destruction of the Diagon Alley. "Wow" he said, "did I do that?"

Laughing loudly he walked easily through the alley. He saw the remnants of the order and many aurors walking in panic everywhere. At the corner of the destroyed Eeylops, he saw Dumbledore and Fudge, the current minister of Magic having a heated discussion. Fudge's face was red and he was shouting at the ancient headmaster who was acting calm and serene. He was calmly talking to the minister who became only more agitated. He could not stop screaming.

Harry exited the alley and arrived in muggle London. While he searching for a bus stop, he saw Hedwig soaring in the air towards him. Oops! Quickly Harry walked to a small alley, and held out his arm. Hedwig landed and he took off the letter she was carrying while searching for owl treats in his pockets.

This letter was from Ginny. Harry opened it and started to read.

"Dear Harry,

I heard from Dad and Mum that you left those muggles without telling anyone where you are. Mum is especially worried, because she thinks that you might be kidnapped by the death eaters. I think that you simply ran away, because that is what I would do if I would be in your place.

I refuse to think that you are kidnapped. Why do I think that? Fred and George came to the Burrow several minutes ago, and they told what happened in the Diagon Alley, and it looks to me that someone pulled a huge prank. I can't help thinking that the person who is able to pull such a prank is you.

I truly hope it was you, because the alternative is unthinkable.

Harry, I want to ask you something. If you ran away from everyone, can you take me with you? Please? Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please?

I can't stand to be locked up in my room. Ron is constantly bugging me about my boy friends. I cursed him and mum locked me up in my room. And the thing is that I don't have a boyfriend.

Hermione is being unbearable; she is the head girl for this year ... except not in Hogwarts. She acts like she wants to know everything, worse then ever before. My prat of a brother is listening and mooning to Hermione and is doing everything what she wants. He is even attempting to make homework.

Please let me know that you are alright?



Harry so surprised, he read the letter again and again. During reading her letter he started to feel uneasy. Ginny never gave him reason to mistrust her ... matter of fact Luna neither. Harry took his shrunken trunk from his pocket, restored its size, took parchment and quill, and started his own letter to Ginny.

"Dear Ginny,

You were right, that was me in the Diagon Alley, and I walked away from everyone, especially those dreadful muggles and Dumbledore. I had enough of all those adults, who try to rule my life.

I am safe and working on a place to stay. When I have found such place, I will owl you again and we can work something out.

Keep your head up, Gin.



Harry gave the letter to Hedwig. "Common girl, Ginny is waiting for her reply. When you are finished, wait for her reply. I think I will be already at Grimmauld Place by then."

Hedwig rubbed lovingly her head against his cheek, and took off towards Ginny.

Harry took the bus to Kings Cross railway station while he was invisible. He bumped several times to people, who were looking around confused. When the bus reached Kings Cross railway station, he stepped out and walked his way to Grimmauld Place. Twenty minutes later, he reached the place and slowly approached the place where number twelve was supposed to be. When he could almost touch the house next to number twelve, Grimmauld Place number twelve came into view. It suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Harry took his ring and held it against the door. The door opened with a soft click, and Harry entered. On his right he could see the painting of Mrs. Black. In front of him was the rack with eleven heads. He closed the door behind him and everything went silent. Like the house was holding its breath. Mrs. Black suddenly became rigid, but said nothing. She was looking at Harry intently.

Slowly Harry held his right hand up with the black family ring. "I, Harry James Potter, claim ownership of this house," he said clearly. The painting with Mrs. Black came from the wall with a loud thumb, and became instantly blank. Mrs. Black was no more.

Because of the noise, Harry could hear voices in the lobby. "What was that?" a voice said, sounding like Mrs. Weasley. "Is someone here?"

Harry heard the footsteps approaching the entrance hall where he was in. He pressed him self against the wall and held his breath. Mrs. Weasley entered the entrance hall with a wand in her hand. "Is everything alright, Molly?" a person with the voice of Remus Lupin said from the lobby.

It was crucial to be as quiet as possible, because Lupin had excellent hearing and his sense of smelling was also very advanced.

"Well, the painting of Mrs. Black fell from the wall," Mrs. Weasley said, looking to the painting. "And the strange thing is, she seems to be gone."

Remus Lupin entered the entrance hall and looked to the painting. "How is that possible? At last! That old hag is gone. Who did that?"

"I have no idea, Lupin, the only thing I noticed was the noise of the painting falling from the wall, and there is nobody here."

Remus looked around the small entrance hall, he was sniffing the air. "I'm not so sure if anyone is here, Molly." Remus pulled his wand from his pocket, while Molly was looking bewildered around.

Harry didn't know what to do. It seemed that Remus was able to smell him, and it will be very soon that he would be discovered.

"Harry," Remus asked. "Are you here? I do smell you, you know."

Harry released the invisibility rune and became visible. "Hello, Remus," he said. "How are you?"

Remus looked at him intently. "Come with me, Harry. Let's talk this over, because everyone is very upset with you. How could you walk away from your relatives without telling anyone?"

Mrs. Weasley grabbed Harry in a hug. "You poor boy, how could you do that to us, we were so worried about you. How did you get here?"

Mrs. Weasley turned to Remus. "Remus, floo call the headmaster and tell him that Harry is here."

Remus nodded and walked to the fireplace in the lobby, while Mrs. Weasley dragged Harry to the kitchen to prepare him a meal. "It least you can have a meal here, before you need to return to your relatives, Harry. How could you leave that place, you know that you are in danger when you are not there, Harry. The blood wards need to be charged, and everyday you stay there, the wards are becoming stronger. It is so much for your own good to stay there."

They came to the kitchen, where Mrs. Weasley placed him in a chair. She went to the stove to prepare some food for him, rumbling the pans and dishes.

In the mean time behind her back, Harry stood up, and held out his hand with the Black family ring. "Noble and Most Ancient House of Black ... remove all inhabitants from the house" he screamed.

Mrs. Weasley turned around quickly to look aghast at Harry. The door to the kitchen slammed open and in the door opening stood an upset Remus Lupin. A sudden wind appeared around Mrs. Weasley, and she moved towards Remus. A twin whirlwind appeared around Remus too and he was forcefully moved out of the door opening and disappeared out of Harry's view. Mrs. Weasley was shrieking in anger, and screaming Harry to stop immediately.

Harry could hear cursing coming from the lobby ... so there were more people in the house. Harry heard the front door open, suddenly the cursing and screaming stopped, and the door slammed close.

Harry held out his hand with the Black family ring again. "Noble and Most Ancient House of Black ... Do not allow anyone entrance in this house, except myself and anyone I invite" he said aloud.

Harry immediately walked to the front door, and placed several runes on the door. He used several rainbow shield runes, so who ever tried to open the door with magic, it would be used against them. Harry knew that Dumbledore had the house under the Fidelius Charm with himself as the secret keeper. That meant that only he and all people he authorized could enter the Grimmauld Place. But Harry had effectively locked the house, so nobody could enter the house itself other than those Harry authorized. That was a situation which suited Harry very well, because now nobody could see or enter the house.


Next to the headmaster's office were two meeting rooms. In one of the meeting rooms, the Order of Phoenix came together for a not-so-regular meeting. Their precious headquarters was closed, and nobody from the Order was able to enter Grimmauld Place. The headmaster, greatest wizard of the world, was not able to access the old house anymore, even when only he had originally had entrance to the house after Sirius Black had died.

What was worse for the headmaster, Harry Potter seemed to be responsible for the serious setback. Harry Potter, who disappeared yesterday, was found in Grimmauld Place.

That knowledge did not help the headmaster, because he could not reach Harry Potter and the Grimmauld Place. Dumbledore was wondering how Harry could hijack a house, and the house would let him, unless he was a Black by blood, which he was not. Also he was wondering if Harry was not involved in the debacle of the Diagon Alley today. It did not look like an act of terror, but more an act of setting pranks off.

The order meeting was about to begin. The full Weasley family was already present, except the two youngest members, Ginny and Ron.

Severus Snape, Emmeline Vance, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Nymphadora Tonks, Moody, Remus Lupin, Dedalus Diggle, Elphias Doge, Aberforth Dumbledore, Arabella Figg, Mundungus Fletcher, Rubeus Hagrid, and Sturgis Podmore were all present.

Hestia Jones and Minerva McGonagall were picking up Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who were at the Burrow now. They would arrive at this meeting every moment.

Most of the members were today involved in the fight in Diagon Alley, but not all. Elphias Doge, Remus Lupin, and Molly Weasley were at the Grimmauld Place and let Potter take over the place.

Dumbledore stood up and called everyone to order.

"Welcome everybody," he said. "We will talk tonight about Harry Potter, our former headquarters at Grimmauld Place and the onslaught today in Diagon Alley. Is there anybody here present who wants to include other subjects?"

Nobody said anything.

"Hestia Jones and Minerva McGonagall are picking up Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who will join us tonight. They might give us more insight about Harry Potter."

Molly Weasley huffed, but said nothing further. It was a known fact that she did not like to have children in the Order.

The door opened and Hestia Jones, Minerva McGonagall, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger entered the room. They picked their chairs and sat down.

Dumbledore addressed the Order of Phoenix.

"I will open the meeting of the Order of Phoenix, and give a brief overview about the subjects we want to talk about.

"Yesterday, Harry Potter disappeared from the house of his residents. He used an unforgivable and escaped. Where he went, we do not know. Yesterday evening we discovered that Harry stayed in the Leaky Cauldron. He hired a room with Tom. When we came to pick up the boy, we could not enter because the place was warded off.

"The room was also empty when we arrived. Harry Potter escaped into the Diagon Alley, which was warded off in an unknown way. When we entered the alley, the alley started to attack us. This resulted in a battle. We and the aurors managed to destroy all the wards, but also the alley.

"In the meantime, Harry Potter was discovered by Remus Lupin in Grimmauld Place. Remus and Molly Weasley were forcefully removed from Grimmauld Place and since then, the house has been inaccessible by everyone."

Dumbledore looked around.

"I think that Harry Potter became a dark wizard or is on his way to become dark. He might be even in the same league as Voldemort."

Now he sat down and turned to Ron and Hermione. "Do you think that Harry is turning dark?"

Ron was looking uncomfortable, but Hermione immediately denied it. "No, Harry will never turn dark, headmaster."

Dumbledore looked at Ron. "What do you think, Ron?"

Ron looked briefly to Hermione. "No professor Dumbledore, I don't believe that Harry is turning dark."

"Why do you think so, Ron?" the headmaster asked.

Ron became red and looked to Hermione. "Because ... well ... Hermione knows everything, and when she says ... well ... you know ... it's Harry."

Dumbledore nodded and looked at Hermione. "Hermione?"

"Harry could not become dark headmaster; he has an excellent relationship with Fawkes and anybody who is dark or in the process to become dark is not able to have that. Not only that, Voldemort killed his parents and did so many bad things to him, he would never join him. And I know his character, he would never be able to hurt anyone, except when driven into the extreme, and would never kill."

"Do you know where he is, Hermione?"

"No headmaster, you asked us not to contact Harry in any way or form during the holidays. We did what you asked from us, so please don't ask where he is, we don't know. He contacted us several times with Hedwig, but we never replied. "

"What did the boy want?" Moody asked.

"He only had questions why we did not contact him. The owls became fewer over the last weeks, like he gave up."

Moody looked annoyed. "Albus, why did you isolate the boy?"

Dumbledore look up. "Well Alastor, I did not isolate the boy, but left him alone. That was what he needed and it was also better for the boy. He was still mourning of godfather Sirius Black."


At Grimmauld Place Harry was busy to write a letter to Ginny.

"Dear Ginny,

I am at the moment at Grimmauld Place, so I have a place to live. Nobody can enter the Grimmauld Place, except me and anyone I invite.

When you are still interested to escape the Burrow, you are welcome to join me here. When you are interested, you need to do the following.

When you receive this letter, write a reply that you come and send it with Hedwig, pack your stuff, but not too much ...only the necessary things. Then get out of the Burrow and walk to Ottery St. Catchpole. Take the Knight Bus to King's Cross railway station and I will wait for you there.

If you are not able to come, tell me in your reply. Please don't tell anyone what you are doing.



He bound the letter to one of Hedwig's talons and sent her on her way. If she came, she might be a big help. First, because Harry knew that she understood or spoke Parseltongue, and because of that she would be of a great help. And she was truly a nice person to be with and very good looking.

He was walking to the kitchen and saw that the Order was well supplied with food. He made himself some sandwiches and walked to the library. The two red tomes in Parseltongue and the two books about rune magic were placed on the table.

Harry was now browsing through the Black family library in search for any book about Runes and Parseltongue magic. After an hour of searching, Hedwig came back. She landed on his shoulder and Harry removed the parchment. He opened it, and on the back of his parchment, it said: "I am on my way."

Harry exited the Grimmauld Place and walked quickly towards King's Cross railway station to wait for Ginny. When he arrived, he did not look for anyone, because in front of the station was Ginny. Her fierce red hair was like a flag on a mountain. Harry hurried to Ginny and took her in a warm embrace, which she immediately returned.


A/N: The next chapter we will see what is happening with the order. There will be a confusing battle in the Diagon Alley and Grimmauld Place. The great and confused Albus Dumbledore does not understand whom they are fighting.

A/N: damantaray did the work of beta reading.
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