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Chapter 1

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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A/N: Tell me honestly, what would you do when you would become magical? Are you going to use the magic to become rich, free, bashing people, rob banks, have fun, destroy the world?

Here we have Harry, who is going to be able to use magic without being noticed by the ministry. What do you think he is going to do? Then he finds a branch of magic, which is rare and extreme powerful.

Do you know what Harry wants? He wants revenge.

This story describes a grey Harry (and not to forget Grey Ginny).

A/N: damantaray is the beta reader of this chapter. Thanks Tara.


Harry Potter's eyes shot open as though the alarm beside his bed had gone off. He sat bolt upright in bed, looking around his messy, extremely untidy and bad smelling bedroom. His eyes finally reached the clock beside his bed and he realized something.

He could do magic! Yesterday evening he received a letter from Gringotts, which informed him that Harry had received an inheritance from Sirius Orion Black. Sirius left him all of his money and properties. Sirius also made sure that his emancipation papers were being made and signed by him. The emancipation papers were waiting for his sixteenth birthday and hand signature. One minute past twelve, he signed the papers, because today it was his birthday.

He immediately thought about how the wizard world was treating him. Dreadful it was. Those wizards and witches were lying, cheating, hiding, stealing, hitting, cursing, or killing him. Harry knew that he did not have any friends. All those years in Hogwarts with Ron and Hermione gave him a false sense that he had two friends, but that was not true.

The moment he was at Privet drive, he had not heard from them. Nobody contacted him, not a single bloody owl arrived. Harry sent Hedwig to Ron and to Hermione, but no reaction. Of cause, it is possible that Dumbledore asked them not to contact him in any way, but still it hurt terribly.

All those years he thought that he could trust professor Dumbledore; that man was fantastic, he loved him, he cared for him, he saw in him the grandfather he never had, but that was all a joke. He found out that Dumbledore was lying to him, holding back the truth, and still was holding back. According the man, all of that was because of the greater good and the big picture. He was nothing more than a weapon, to be used when the time came.

All of those people were cheaters; they were all not to be trusted. At least the Dursleys were one of the few who were at least direct: they hated him and demonstrated it every time they could.

Thanks to Sirius, he was a free man with a lot of money and the ability of performing magic, and when he would be able to hide that ability to the Order and the rest of the magical world, he would have a lot of fun ... beginning with the Dursleys. Harry's eyes lit up. That is right, the Dursleys.

They thought he was their slave, heh? We will see who the slave in this house is.

Harry stepped out of his bed; he was still wearing the t-shirt he was wearing yesterday... and the day before. He did not care. Harry opened the door and went downstairs to join his jolly good relatives.

Arriving in the kitchen, he saw his uncle Vernon reading the newspaper, Dudley inhaling his eggs, and his aunt was paralyzed standing next to the kitchen sink staring at him in disgust. Harry took his wand from his waist band and pointed it to his uncle.

"Imperio," he said softly.

His uncle seemed to freeze in movement, for the noise of the newspaper had stopped. Harry looked intently at his uncle who was dropping the newspaper on the ground and stared blankly to Harry.

Harry turned to his aunt and repeated the process. He looked intently to his aunt, who immediately turned to Dudley. "Dudley, go to your friends and stay there for the first several days."

Dudley thought that Christmas came early ... he stood up from his chair and moved to his room to pack. He obviously was very happy. His aunt bowed to Harry. "What breakfast do you want, Harry?"

"Eggs and sausages" Harry replied with a large grin on his face.

While his aunt was preparing his breakfast, Harry turned to his uncle. "Why is it that you have only one child, Vernon?"

"Because your aunt does not want to sleep with me," his uncle said in a flat voice.

Harry got a devilish grin on his face.

"Aunt, after you have finished with cooking my breakfast, you take Vernon to your bedroom."

When his aunt was finished cooking the breakfast, she took Vernon's hand and went upstairs. Harry was alone, eating his breakfast, and he was having a real good time.

Now he needed to handle his Order guard. Harry looked out of the window, but saw nobody. He opened the door, and looked around.

"Hello, is anyone here from the Order?" Harry asked, while looking around him. "I need someone from the Order, please let yourself known."

Harry saw a movement in the corner of his eye. "Wotcher Harry, what is going on?"

"Hi Tonks, I have a problem inside the house. Can you come for a minute and help me out?"

"Sure Harry, I'll be in the house a minute, but after you." Tonks' voice came from his right.

Harry went inside the house again, and felt the material of an invisible cloak brushing again his arm.

"Hi Tonks," Harry said. "When does your shift end?"

Tonks took off the invisible cloak. She was having her normal pink colored hair, but with a light blue t-shirt and a low cut jeans, which covered a real nice and good-looking body.

"I am on duty until five pm, why?"

Harry had his wand behind his back, with a swift movement pointed it to Tonks, and said softly "Imperio". Tonks' eyes glazed over. Harry pointed to the stairs.

"You sit here on this table and do nothing until four pm. Then you get out, forget what you have seen and heard, and continue with your guard duty."

Harry also went upstairs, dressed, showered, packed his trunk, shrunk it, and put it in his pocket. Harry could hear a lot of noise coming from the room of his uncle and aunt. He could hear his uncle breathing like he had a lot of fun and at any moment he could have a heart attack. That would be a very nice way to die for him, Harry thought. His aunt and uncle would continue having this game until he gave the counter charm, the imperious charm would wear off, or they died of exhaustion.

Harry left the house and walked several blocks until he saw the bus stop. He waited until line five arrived, stepped in, and walked to the very end of the bus, where he took a seat. There were not many people in the bus. Harry stared out of the window.

Very soon, the bus reached Charing Cross Road, where Harry exited.

The amazing thing was that Harry did not feel remorse. He did not feel that it was wrong what he did; performing that magic to his dreadful relatives. He suffered sixteen years of torture from his uncle ... it is about time for a bit of payback.

Harry shrugged his shoulders and entered the Leaky Cauldron. Inside it was dark and shabby, with a bar and a number of tables in the shadows of the corners. Harry walked fast to the rear courtyard of the pub to enter the Diagon Alley.

Harry walked as fast as he could to Gringotts, entered the bank, and asked a goblin to see his vault.

The goblin eyed him carefully. We notice that you are emancipated, Mr. Potter. You can see your family vaults, if you wish.

Harry was confused. "How do you know that I am emancipated?"

"That is Goblin magic, Mr. Potter. Do you want to see your family vaults?"

Harry nodded. "Yes please, I would like to see my family vault."

When Harry and the goblin reached its destination, Harry saw two huge doors with the Potter's crest on it. Warpenny stepped out of the cart as first, followed closely by Harry.

"Mr. Potter, you need to touch the doors with your left hand. If you are a true Potter, you will gain entry," Warpenny said.

Harry walked to the left door and held his left hand to the door. After some moments, the door opened and he had entry to the vault.

"Mr. Potter, when you are ready to leave, simply come out and tap this lantern with your wand. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir, it is clear. Thank you." The goblin nodded, entered the cart, and drove away.

Harry entered the vault further and he held his breath of the view he saw in front of him. Millions of galleons were piled high up until the ceiling: the ceiling was at least five meters high. This vault with the number six was much larger then his old vault he used when he went to Hogwarts. There was much more in the vault than only galleons, he saw closets full of jewels, weapons, paintings, trunks, and books.

Harry walked to the trunks and opened one. This trunk was made of dark wood with in gold the Potter's family crest. The trunk opened and Harry could see several rooms in the trunk. Ah, similar trunk as Moody had: the trunk with multiple compartments. The trunk he was looking at had at least five rooms and a kitchen. One room was clearly being used as library; the other room was used as practice room. He saw several weapon racks against the wall, and in the middle of the room were exercise mats.

Harry closed the trunk and rubbed with his thumb absentminded over the family crest. The trunk shrunk immediately to a matchbox size. Harry picked it up and studied the shrunken trunk. The only thing what Harry could see was the family crest again in front of the little box. Harry placed the box on the ground, and rubbed the crest again and the trunk expanded to its original size. Amazing, he thought. That trunk is mine to use from now on.

Harry shrunk the trunk and put it in his pocket. He walked towards other trunks, and those trunks varied a little in size and rooms. Then he reached the shelves with books. One book seemed to attract his attention more then the others, and looked closely to the book without touching it. The book was huge, black leather bound and the title on the cover was almost fainted away. He could recognize some letters though ... Runes ... Defense and Att ... he read. He assumed that the title was Runes for Defense and Attack.

He took the heavy book from the shelf and placed it on a nearby table. He opened the first page. The handwriting was typical old fashioned and started to read.

"Dear reader,

My name is Edmond Potter and the current year is 1376. When you read this book I want to make you attend on the fact that this book contains knowledge about runes. The knowledge can be used to employ runes for defense and attack.

Runes for war is an ancient science, which was being regularly used many thousands of years ago by mages, but nowadays, runes are almost not being used anymore. The knowledge in runes for defense and attack are almost gone. In my knowledge, this book is one of the kinds in the subject.

Use it well, and you are at a huge advantage.

When you start learning the runes of the book, use the index-band that you can find in page four. This is a band, which you need to wrap around your arm, where it will embed it magically. You only need to think about a specific rune, and the band will draw the rune in the air and you can use it appropriately. When you become more familiar with the runes, you don't need the band anymore. If that is the case, please return the band to page four.

I wish you a good time learning the runes.

Fare you well my reader,

Edmond Potter"

Harry opened page four of the book, and indeed, he found the small band of cloth. On the band were several runes visible. Harry took the band and wrapped it on his right forearm.

Nothing seemed to happen.

Harry skipped to the next page and saw an index. The first part of the book was about defense and the second part was about offense runes. He looked to the first section of the defense runes and on top of the entry, he read the Almond shield. The shield was explained in detail on page thirty-six; he opened the page and started to read.

The shield was being designed to shield against physical attacks. He saw the drawing of a single rune and in small letters, he read index fifteen ... Harry looked to his band ... no idea how to use the band.

He touched the band with his finger, and drew the number fifteen. Still nothing. Now he concentrated on the number fifteen. A bright rune appeared in front of him: the same rune as in the book.

He waved his hand with the band and the rune disappeared. Now he concentrated him self on the name Almond shield and the rune appeared again in front of his face.

Harry concentrated on the rune. The rune was not hard to remember, and was trying to draw the rune in the air himself. After several tries, the rune appeared in front of him as well. Great, two runes ... he waved his arm again and both runes disappeared.

He turned the page in the book and saw the next shield. This was the Bermuda shield, which was suitable against certain magical attacks. He concentrated on the Bermuda shield, and the rune appeared in front of him. This time a golden glow covered him as well. Harry looked more closely to the description of the shield in the book and he could see which spells or group of spells the shield could protect against ... all of the spells he had learned at Hogwarts, but not the unforgivables.

Harry closed the book, shrank it and put it in his pocket. This is great and it will give me an enormous advantage against the Order and Voldemort and his death eaters. Harry was almost gloating when he could see the face of Dumbledore when he would try to stupefy him.

What Harry knew about runes was that it took the magical energy not from the caster, but from the environment, and many times from the attacker.

Harry went towards the exit of his vault. He took his moneybag, filled it with Galleons, and left the vault. He called for the Goblin and exited Gringotts as fast as possible. He needed to be prepared of the things to come, because Dumbledore would find out that he was missing at least this evening, and then the hunt was open ... he needed to be prepared.

At first, Harry wanted to hide in the muggle world with the help of his money, but the book about runes changed everything. I hoped that it contained enough information to defend himself against the likes as Dumbledore and his Order of bird watchers.

Harry walked to Leaky Cauldron, found Tom, and ordered a room for the night. Tom said nothing, but gave him room number two. Harry hurried to his room, got the runes-book, and started to read.

After several hours of reading, Harry took a break. He ordered his dinner in his room from Tom; and was contemplating his position now. He was able to erect several powerful shields, which would not cost him much magical energy, and it would enable him to defend him self against magical and physical attacks. He found out that he could combine different runes, which meant that he could defend himself against different types of attacks.

He also found three shields, which would reflect the offending magical and physical energy back to the caster. Only one rune shield would multiply the energy to the caster, but the energy it needed was being taken from the caster of the shield. That was nice, but not a good idea when ten wizards was pounding his shield.

Then he found series of shields he could place on objects, and those objects would be shielded as well! There was one shield which was very interesting. The shield was the rainbow shield that protected against magical attacks, and it showed a different object to be a shield to the outside world then it really was.

He could shield a chair with the rainbow shield, and the outside word would see only a table. When they would attack the table, the spells would be reflected back to the casters with slightly less magical energy.

He also read whole series of runes that could be used as trigger alarms: he could ward an area off with such shield and the shield would report to him when someone would enter the shielded area.

Then there were the offensive runes. Those were simply amazing. To fire off a stunner, he drew a fast rune; everyone in the range of the rune would be stunned except the caster. They would stay stunned, until he used the counter rune.

He read about very nasty attacking runes, which would kill everything and everyone, when they are directed to humans or animals. There was also an attacking rune designed to destroy only the eyes and ears. Those runes could be used in combination with detection runes.

There were many offensive runes in the book, which could be used for many purposes, to destroy, to kill, to mutilate, and to disable. All disabling runes were permanent, unless countered with the counter rune. That was amazing; he would never have the problem with a stunner. The only problem now was the speed. With the wand, he needed an incarnation, with runes he needed to draw the rune before activated, and the time was simply much too slow.

Harry felt restless, because it was already dark outside and he still did not know if the Order was hunting him yet. Sitting in a hotel room was not actually hidden from the public. It would be very possible that the Order already discovered him.

Harry stood up from the chair, pointed his arm to the door, and drew several runes. Therefore, that will hold them off and he would immediately notice if anyone was there, even when they were outside the door. He pointed his arm to the window and repeated the process.

Now he pointed his arm to himself and drew several runes as well. This was a permanent shield against magical and physical attacks. He then drew a rune for a light shield around him to deflect spells back to the casters. When they used heavy magic or when multiple people attacked him, the shield would crash so he would not be drained because of that shield.

Harry stood up and started to read the section of enhancements with runes. This section in the book was very small compared with the defense and offensive runes, and Harry hoped to find some useful enhancements he could use.

Most of the enhancements in the book were about increasing his magical energy and even one enhancement was about increasing his magical core. Harry did not think it was a good idea to apply an enhancement on him now, because he expected that the enhancement might render him unconscious for a certain amount of time, and that was dangerous.

Harry became tired. He took his wand and casted a tempus to know the time. It was two in the morning, and he decided to go to sleep. Tomorrow after breakfast, he would decide what to do. He undressed, took his pajama, and went to sleep.

Harry was dreaming about girls ... many girls in a muggle swimming pool ... and they were wearing all minuscule bikinis, and ...

Harry felt a cold shudder in the back of his spine. Somebody triggered his detection runes! He was immediately awake and Harry drew several extra shield runes around him. He took his wand and was ready.

He saw the door handle turning and the door opened with a click.


A purple flash, several thumps of falling bodies, and all movement behind the door and wall stopped.

Slowly Harry walked to the opened door and looked outside. Five figures were laying on the ground ... all unconscious. He recognized Tonks and Moody, and the three others who were strangers to him. One of the strangers was wearing auror cloaks, the rest only black clothing.

They discovered him. Well, let's have some fun before he needed to go.

Harry drew a series of new runes in the corridor, went back to his room, and repeated some of the runes towards the window. Harry packed his trunk and shrunk it, put it in his pocket and drew a rune for invisibility.

Harry moved slowly downstairs the steps until he reached the reception room of the Leaky Cauldron. There were several figures waiting, one of them was Dumbledore. Nobody seemed to notice him, so Harry decided to wait for a moment to see what would happen.

There were Arthur, Bill and Charlie Weasley, Dumbledore, Snape, Emmeline Vance, and Kingsley Shacklebolt waiting for something. Probably they were waiting for their advance party to bring him downstairs.

"Why does it take so long to retrieve the boy?" asked Bill Weasley annoyed.

"Maybe they have a problem, Mr. Weasley", Dumbledore answered, but the old man was also anxiously looking upstairs.

Kingsley Shacklebolt moved towards the stairs. "I have enough, I will see what is going on," he said with his typical deep voice. He climbed the stairs until he reached the second floor and gasped. "Dumbledore, come quick, something spooky is going on here!"

Dumbledore and the rest of the small group climbed the stairs and well and reached Kingsley Shacklebolt. They all saw the unconscious figures in front of Harry's old room.

"What happened?" Dumbledore asked.

"I don't know", Kingsley Shacklebolt, said. He was approaching them now. The air seemed to be filled with static electricity. Sparks were flying everywhere and Kingsley Shacklebolt flew back with great force.

"That is a shield!" Emmeline Vance exclaimed in fright.

Harry had seen enough, he placed four Galleons on the table for Tom and disappeared into the Diagon Alley. When he entered the Diagon Alley, he turned around and drew several runes on the entrance of the wizards' street. That will hold them up as well. Diagon Alley was empty, because it was too early, and all shops except Gringotts would be closed. Gringotts was always open: earning money and never resting.

Harry walked towards Gringotts. He needed to search the vaults for information about any property he might own. If he could not find anything, he would go to Grimmauld Place.

Thinking it over, it would be fun! He would take over the headquarters of the Order and kick them out on the street. He was the owner of that sick place, and he could imagine that the house would give him the ability to close the place off. Hermione and Ron might also live at Grimmauld Place ... he could have a little revenge and payback on them as well.

Wherever Harry walked, he drew runes on the ground, the shops, and some walls and in one case, a garbage can. It would be so much fun to watch the Order fighting their way through the street. They would have no idea what was happening to them.

When Harry reached Gringotts, he entered and asked to be taken to his vault again.


A/N: The next chapter we will see what is happening with the order. There will be a confusing battle in the Diagon Alley and Grimmauld Place. The great and confused Albus Dumbledore does not understand whom they are fighting.

A/N: damantaray did the work of beta reading.
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