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The Pirate vs. The Coastguard

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A sea born adventure. Warning: Alcohol, near-death experiance.

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That Hero Business

Chapter 13 - The Pirate vs. The Coastguard

It was a beautiful day to go sailing, so Jay, Herry and Theresa got their boat ready while Atlanta coaxed Archie into it. Odie and Neil took up a position of observation.
"According to Athena, this guy should be almost as good looking as I am," Neil laid back, obviously enjoying the sun.
"Well, I guess you're the expert on good-looking guys then aren't you Neil?" Odie smirked at his own joke, which bypassed Neil completely.
"Duh! Odie, one must know those who could be competition when they see them."
Odie rolled his eyes and continued looking around for someone who could be hiding scales. He felt ridiculous, looking at all the shirtless boys and skipping over the girls in bikinis. He was interrupted from his uncomfortable thoughts by Neil,
"There's a likely candidate," Neil gestured lazily off to Odie's right. He looked over at the sailing boat across the docks. In traditional male thought, the first thing he noticed was the swarm of scantily clad women in that boat. Preparing the boat for launch was a tall young man with dark hair and tanned skin. He was grinning at the women talking to him about who knows what. Odie took another look around and decided he was a good place to start, but hoe do you go about asking someone if they're immortal? Or if they're hiding scales underneath their swim trunks?
"Any thoughts you'd like to share Odie?" Theresa asked, the sailboat ready to go. He pointed at Neil's candidate,
"I figure we could start with that one, but I'm not sure..." He stopped, a plan formulating as he looked at the two female members of his team. "Do you have a bikini?"


Jay shadowed the larger sailboat. There were two other men besides their target, and the boat was swarming with beautiful women. Theresa seemed right at home, partying along with the rest of them. Neil had taken to his position well, sitting with his binoculars trained on the party.
Herry was a little worried about Archie. He was out of his usual position (huddled tin the back) and was up at the prow, white-knuckle grip on the rail.
"You okay? Besides the water thing?" He asked. Archie's eyes were fixated on the boat ahead.
"Atlanta looks nervous," he replied. Herry looked at the fiery redhead, sitting quietly and looking very tense.
"Bit of a fish out of water, I guess," Herry replied with a shrug, "she'll be fine, it's Atlanta after all."
Archie didn't look too convinced; it wasn't often Atlanta looked so uncomfortable "We've got alcohol!" Neil announced, causing Jay's brow to furrow more than it had been. He already wasn't pleased with the lack of life jackets or other safety measures on that boat. Both Atlanta and Theresa were underage, and who was going to sail if everyone was drunk?
"Odie, tell them to step up the investigation."
Odie was connected to the girl's ears via tiny speakers. They received the message that Jay was getting nervous and Theresa immediately sidled up to their target.
"Find out if he's got scales," Odie instructed. Theresa had already checked out every inch of his exposed and perfectly human skin. She didn't see any gills, but Athena hadn't told them where the scales would be. Theresa tipped half the contents of the cooler she had been giving into her mouth. In one quick movement she exposed the only bit of skin she couldn't see by pulling down his swim trunks. The boat erupted into girlish squeals as Theresa's victim turned to her and asked why she looked so disappointed.
Atlanta promptly leapt from the boat and started swimming towards her friends. Archie leaned over the side to grab her hand and pull her in.
"You okay?" he asked as she collapsed into the boat.
"That was so traumatizing," she replied, seeming to have lost the ability to think.
"Well, we know he doesn't have scales," Odie pointed out, and Jay hit the throttle to go pick up Theresa.
Suddenly, the winds picked up, the water rising and falling in choppy waves. Jay looked up at the sky, at the storm developing at an unnatural rate.
'Is this another of Cronus' tricks?' Jay thought, trying to get level with the other boat. As the winds continued to increase and the rain started to fall, panic erupted among everyone afloat. Within minutes visibility was reduced to nothing, sails became useless in the changing winds and everyone was making their way back to shore with whatever means they had. Just as Jay had feared, no one on the boat ahead seemed capable of controlling it in the unnatural storm. He watched in horror as the vessel capsized, spilling all its contents, including Theresa, into the ocean. Jay's small boat didn't have the power to reach them, but he fought anyway. His teammates held on for dear life as the small vessel rose up onto a wave and then rolled sideways down the slope of water. Jay fought to keep the craft upright, and another wave came crashing down on deck, flooding it with a powerful surge that dragged his feet out from under him.
"Odie!" Herry yelled as his small friend went overboard. They all searched the violent waters frantically, but there was no sign of Odie or the other boat.
"Guys, look!" They could barely hear Neil's voice over the howling winds, but they looked to where he was pointing. Bearing down on them at full speed were the flashing red lights of the coastguard. Before long, the powerful boat was alongside them.
"Can you make it to shore?" A disembodied voice yelled, for it was obvious Jay was keeping his boat outwards. He could see the humanoid shapes through the rain now,
"There's a capsized vessel ahead," he yelled back, "and we've got a man overboard that we can't see!" There was no response but one of the figures jumping into the water, although he thought he heard cries of protest from that individual's teammates. Then he saw it. The mass of dark hair, the red jacket, it was Odie. Without thinking, Jay discarded his lifejacket and dove below the water's surface. Neil grabbed the free spinning helm while screaming at Jay for being so crazy.

Under the waves, everything went silent. Jay could see Odie, sinking slowly, unconscious. He swam down with all his strength, but Odie seemed to just get farther and farther away. As he descended, Jay began to feel very tired, but he fought it off and within a few kicks he had grabbed Odie's wrist. He turned towards the surface, but it was so far away now. He managed a few feeble kicks, but Odie was extra weight pulling him down. He was losing air and he felt so tired. Maybe if he just rested a bit...


Topside, Herry helped Neil hold the boat steady, hoping that with his strength and Neil's luck they might be able to match Jay's skill. In the distance, they could see the coastguard picking up the split passengers of the other boat, but there was still no sign of Jay or Odie...


In the vague underwater world, hovering on unconsciousness, Jay felt the strong grip on his waist. He had the vague sensation of moving and his last, oxygen deprived thought was to just hang on to Odie, just hang on as tight as he could.


The storm was starting to clear by the time Jay regained consciousness.
"Where's Odie?" Was his first question to no one in particular.
"You're friend is safe. He's breathing again, something the both of you couldn't say not to long ago."
"Theresa?" Jay asked next, his vision beginning to clear.
"Who?" the as yet unknown voice replied.
"The other boat," Jay could see who he was talking to now. It was one of the coastguards, still dressed in his yellow rain gear.
"Everyone was recovered safely, they're fine." He replied with a smile. He seemed very young, barely older than Jay, probably a new recruit. Jay laid his head back and took a few deep breaths, trying to remember what happened.
"That was a brave thing you did," the coastguard was talking again, "stupid, but brave. I commend the way you handle your boat as well, you make a good sailor." He gave Jay a hearty pat on the shoulder and walked away, beginning to remove the raingear that covered his entire body.


There you have it folks! Its pretty long, so I'm hoping you found it worth the wait. By my count, by chapter 16 they will have met all the mentors. Whether they relize it or not is another story. To give you an idea, they've met three already. Anyway, review! I'm at 29 reviews, and you've made it obvious that I'm not going to get another one until I update, so there you go! An update!
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