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Heroes and Hospitals

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Odie recovers, see inside

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That Hero Business

Chapter 14 - Heroes and Hospitals

Odie took a few moments to stare at the florescent light that greeted him when he woke up. He groaned as the memories came back to him, the boat, the storm, and the cold dark water closing in. He took a deep breath and lifted his head to take in his surroundings. He was obviously in a hospital, and the curtains instead of walls told him he was still in emergency.
"Welcome back to the world of the living," the young woman stepped through the curtain, "you were standing at the gates for a while there." Odie groaned again,
"Are my friends okay?"
"Your groupies, you mean?" she asked as she checked his vitals.
"My groupies?" Odie asked, propping himself up onto his elbows. She smiled,
"They've been clamoring to see you. A few bruises and scrapes, but nothing serious."
"Oh, good," he relaxed back into his pillow. His nurse continued writing notes about his condition, getting Odie to wiggle his fingers and toes to prove that he was fully functional. "Can I see them now?" he asked as she finished.
"Certainly, I'll be right back," she slipped silently out through the curtains and returned moments later with a wheelchair.
"I think I can walk," Odie sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. The quick movement sent his head spinning, and he leaned against the nurse as she helped him into his chair.
"Thanks," he said, looking at her name tag, "Midori, I guess I'm not quite ready yet."
"Well, you haven't eaten for a while, it makes sense for you to be faint." She pulled aside the curtain and wheeled him down the hall. "We'll have to go down a level. You were moved up here after you stabilized to make room for the victims of that accident downtown."
"What accident?" Odie asked as they entered the elevator.
"Some hooligan street racers were outrunning the police," the distain in her voice was obvious, "They got through the intersection fast enough, but the squad cars following them didn't. Luckily, no-one was killed."
"Wow, when did that happen?"
"As soon as we got everyone out of the ambulances from the harbor, we had to send them out again. Its been a long day."
"And you have all this time to take care of me?" Odie asked as his friends came rushing over as he emerged from the elevator.
"Not really, but Andrew made me promise to take special care of his favorite student. Your free to go as soon as your ready." She patted him on the shoulder and ran off to help in emergency.
"Odie! You're alright!" Theresa threw her arms around him and gave him a gentle squeeze. He received pats on the back from his other teammates and Atlanta ruffled his hair playfully.
"Hang on guys, that nurse, she mentioned my mentor." Odie said as soon as Theresa uncovered him.
"Where did she go?" Jay asked, looking around, "Spread out, we'll find her."
"Come on guys, we have to track her down."
"This is our only good lead, let's go!"
"We should go home and get some rest," Theresa told him.
"But nothing Jay, she works here, we can come back."
"Okay," Jay sighed in defeat. As they made their way to the exit, Neil leaned over to Herry and whispered,
Exams are over! Yay! That means I can get back to updating. This chappie dosen't really stand up to the last one, but whatever. Oh, and I'm posting a story about Kiralia's (and others) past, so if your interested I'll keep it going, but if no-one cares then I'll just keep it to myself. It will be in the dungeons and dragons section.
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