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An Inevitable End

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Integra Hellsing has acheived the one thing she never thought she could: Destruction of all of the vampires. All, that is, except two. But in the eyes of the Queen, Hellsing's mission has not ended...

Category: Hellsing - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Horror, Romance - Characters: Alucard, Integra, Seras, Walter - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-11-18 - Updated: 2006-11-19 - 764 words

A/N: Something that sprung into my head one night. it was origionally intended to be a one-shot, but it just got to dang long, and I liked it so much...

Edit: This was my first story I wrote for Hellsing. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Hellsing, or any of its characters. Hellsing is (c) Kouta Hirano. This storyline is (c) me.

The drive home was silent.

Walter kept his eyes on the road, and did not inquire as to what the Queen wanted. Sir Integra Hellsing did not offer an explanation.

She sat in the back of the Rolls, and stared at the gun in her lap.

They had found the manufacturers of the FREAK chip, and eliminated them. All of Hellsing threw itself into what Integra did not think could be accomplished in her lifetime- the extermination of all the undead. Every report, every sighting, had been dealt with quickly, efficiently, and totally by the organization she so loved. Her agents had done well.

Now it seemed that they had done too well. Without knowing it, her star agents had signed their own death sentence.

She brooded over the gun, trying to convince herself that this was what had to be done. This was her mission; it was always her mission. Search and Destroy. Well, they had sought, and they'd destroyed... and now there were only two left.

According to the Queen, her mission had not ended yet.

The Lord and Master of Hellsing sat at her desk, the gun in front of her. She'd sent Alucard on a mission, a mission that had absolutely no point. He was chasing ghosts. Hopefully she could do this before he returned.

She lit a cigar with shaky hands, and frowned at them as she perched it on her lips. This is my duty... and she is only a corpse. Integra closed her eyes, and hit the speed-dial to Seras Victoria's room.

A soft knock sounded at her door, and Sir Hellsing flicked some ashes from her cigar as she called, "Enter." A tousled blonde head with bright red eyes poked around the door, quickly to be followed by a body in a Hellsing uniform. "You wanted to see me, Sir Integra?"

Integra sighed, and took another drag on her cigar. "Come in... Seras." Her tone was cold, with an edge of weariness. The other woman seemed startled, but moved into the room. "Shut the door please." Seras complied, puzzled.

Integra laid her cigar in the ashtray, letting it burn unattended. She picked up the gun, and scooted her chair back. "Sir?" Seras began to worry. What the bloody hell is going on here?

Sir Hellsing rose from her desk, and walked around to the front. She perched on the front in a casual pose, the gun dangling from her left hand. "I'm sorry, Seras."

Seras blinked, trying to remember if Integra had done anything that might have upset her lately. "Sorry for what, Sir..." She trailed off as the Master of her Master reached up and ripped the Hellsing coat of arms from the vampiress' sleeve.

She watched in confusion and dread as Integra set the cloth on her desk, and reached out again, ripping its twin from Seras' shirtfront. The vampiress stumbled back, her eyes wide with fear and sadness. Am I being discharged? What's going on?

"Sir Integra, please, what's happening?" Her tone was pleading, and she put a hand over the ripped cloth on her shoulder, as if she'd been wounded. It did not show on the Knight's face, but Integra's spirits fell further as she saw how dear Seras held the crest.

Integra switched the gun to her right hand, and leveled it at Seras' head. Seras screamed, and stumbled back farther, falling to the floor. "Sir Integra! Please! What're you doing?" Her voice was panicked, confused.

Integra cursed out loud, silencing the woman on the ground. Walter will have heard that, and he's probably on the way here. She had to do it now. She began to pull the trigger, her mind flashing back on their first meeting on the stairs, when Seras had protested that she wasn't like other vampires... How Seras refused to drink the blood her body so needed, calling it "inhuman." The terrified vampire on the floor, who had started crying at some point, had never hurt an innocent. But this was her duty.

Integra recited, "Impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation." Seras screamed again, terror flooding her senses.

A single gunshot broke the silence of the night.

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