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A Horrible Thing to Do

by IWCT 4 Reviews

Revenge is a horrible thing. But then again, so is betrayal. A short response to Fairady's drabble Special.

Category: Naruto - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters: Sasuke, Shikamaru - Warnings: [!] [R] - Published: 2006/11/19 - Updated: 2006/11/19 - 1977 words - Complete


  • A Horrible Thing to Do

    (#) fairady 2006-11-21 11:13:15 AM

    Wow, now there's something to pull on ye ol' heart strings, though I'm torn between feeling sad or feeling insanely triumphant. Bah, forget the sadness. It's a dark victory for your nameless woman, but one that she refused, up to the last minute, to regret. It wouldn't be right to feel sad because of that.

    Very dark, and wonderful piece to read! I'm glad that you were inspired to write this. Though now you've made me want to write out the scene where Shika kills Sasuke.

    Author's response

    Squee! . I always get giddy when an author I admire reveiws my work. It makes me feel so fuzzy inside. Thank you very much for your review.
    Hey, maybe we could do a back and forth thing, and turn it into a crazy drabble/one-shot universe. ^^ I'm a big fan of Shikamaru, and less of a fan of Sasuke so I'll be looking forward to it, if you do get around to writting a Shika kills Sasuke fic. Hopefully with a more inventive title than that, though. ^^; I'm not good at titles.
    For the record, I don't hate Sasuke, he just seems to me to be too full of himself for his own good. He's too perfectly broody and emo. Although, to be fair to all the Sasuke fan girls, my favorite character, Gaara, has the same problem, so really, I'm just a hypocrite. Although Gaara actually tries hard to redeem himself, thus giving him complex character, instead of decending into a super angsty spiral of darkness and hate.
    Anyways, rant over. Back on review response.
    Actually, I kinda wanted to leave her regret open to interpretation. "It was a horrible thing to do" could refer to many things. Seducing Sasuke in the first place, or giving birth to a child just so that the father can be killed, or giving the kid a near permanent Sharingan (which I'm sure would drive anybody mad, as it constantly would be draining chakra, let alone what the kid might see with it), or perhaps Sasuke's driving need for power that lead him to abandon Konoha in the first place... the list of terrible acts that have been committed in either this story, or the back story-cannon could go on and on. Personally, I feel sorry for someone who could get so twisted up in loneliness and hatred to not only do that to the person, but also to condemn a child like that. But, meh, that sort of thing is a major theme in Naruto, so she's in good company.
    As to Shika killing Sasuke, that would be interesting to write, considering how powerful Sasuke is, and how the Sharingan would probably let him see through most of Shikamaru's strategies (pun so intended). That would be hard to write realistically -- unless of course, you just did the last few minutes. But still, beginning to end, Shikamaru vs. Sasuke would be something to see -- gahh, now I'm getting ideas! Errg. Evil. I should be working on my on going fanfics, not starting new one shots... >.
  • A Horrible Thing to Do

    (#) fairady 2006-11-21 01:30:18 PM

    Sasuke and Gaara do share a lot of similarities in their attitude. They are broody and emo, believing that no one understands them. Until Naruto came along that is, and that's where you see the differences. Gaara practically leaps onto the chance of making friends and having people that understand him. He seems to have come out with a better outlook on life. Sasuke on the other hand seems to not want people to understand him, and pretty much does everything possible to push them away. Despite the fact that they're his friends and he he does like them, he still betrays them. It's a selfish act that hurts them and really riles me up about his character. And I can get into a big long discussion about that all by itself.

    Now that you mention it, I can see how her last line could mean many things. I took it as one last jab at Sasuke for killing her father.

    I do wonder about the kid though, from what I got when reading it sounded like she just brought out the ability several years sooner than what would be usual. I thought that would actually be a benifit to the kid, babies have a much better survival instinct than adults and would thus learn how to shut the Sharingan off to avoid dying. I have no doubt that the kid wouldn't be wuite rightin the head because of it though. Seems to be pretty much par for the course with the Uchiha.

    The Shika killing Sasuke scene really wouldn't be as interesting as it sounds. Shika wouldn't be able to fight him head-on and win. I've only read one fic with that fight scene that I believed, and Shika had to sacrafice himself to do it. What I have in mind for it is kinda sneaky and not really very satisfying for the revenge thing, but it would be one of the few ways Shika could win.

    Hey, nothing like having to work on something else to make the plot bunnies for another fandom grow. XD

    Author's response

    Sigh. Only too true .

    Hm, now to go through and carefully respond to your review, rather than actually doing work.

    Sasuke's betrayal really, really gets to me, as well. I honestly don't think that he should be allowed to redeem himself in the eyes of Naruto after that. However, friendship, like love is blind, they say. Still, I wish there weren't so many similarites between my favorite character, and a character who I wish would just do the decent thing and spontaneously combust.

    You see, what I like about Gaara is that he's trying to understand normal healthy human interaction/relationships. You know he is. But he doesn't quite get it immediately. When he comes just in time to deus ex machina Kimimaro vs. Lee sure he's reformed, and knows that his psychopathic tendancies were wrong. Yet he can't understand Kimi's devotion to Orochimaru, or Lee's bond with Gai. However, it's obvious that he wishes he could understand. This is great, as it means that his character is growing, instead of bam insti-good guy.

    Heh. This is fun. I could discourse on Gaara for a couple of days before turuning my attention to other worthy characters. Hmm. Who next? Lee?

    Well, there is only so much one can talk. And speaking of Lee, your "Amazing Green Beast" Drabble rather touched off a few evil ideas for some one shots. .

    As for that kid (you can see that I'm trying to stay on vague topic), well, there are a lot of possibilities there. You never know, her mucking around with his BLL could have given it to him early, or just given him the look of the eyes, but no actual power until later. There's so much one could do with that kid, as I tried to leave him a blank as slate as possible. He's definitely interesting material for a possible fan fic somewhere down the line if I ever feel like getting off my butt and writting it. Or I could just deed him over to another writter and say: Have fun. Or nothing might ever happen to him. You never know.

    And yes, it would have to be a back door sneak tactic to kill Sasuke. And to be fair, the dramatic revenge thing isn't Shika's style. It's more like you do the job that you have to, and make certain that as few people are hurt as possible. If that means shuriken-ing the guy in the stomach while he's drunk then that's what it is. You do the job, and you do it professionally -- even if you can't help that slight feel of satisfaction when it's finished. That's just a bonus, and it wil;l be outweighed by the mourning of his friends, who are your friends too.

    Err, heh, heh. Looks like I slipped into a little writting there myself. Oh well. ^^;

    ~ IWCT
  • A Horrible Thing to Do

    (#) fairady 2007-02-19 05:35:48 PM

    Oh, hey, you added on to it! It's a nice touch to the story, adds more feeling and depth to the character. Definately gives it more of a "Ow" feeling at the end. Heh, was just re-reading after finishing the follow up to this with Shikamaru.
  • A Horrible Thing to Do

    (#) Novocaine 2007-12-30 01:56:31 PM

    Oooh...that adds onto A Day's Moment. The gritty, painful satisfaction at the end makes my eyes sparkle in a Dumbledore-esque fashion. Beautiful. The entire thing is revenge...shivers happily
    I didn't see that coming, but I was so pleased when it did. The scene in the alley and the morning after was fantastic - the detail of her panties really gave it something extra.

    Author's response

    Ah, you've entered into the "Sasuke's a giant fuck up" series between Fairady and I. Er, you should really read Fairady's contributions to it. It don't make as much sense if you haven't.

    So, in chronological order:

    Special -

    A Horrible Thing to Do (Me)

    Surprise -

    A Day's Moment (Me)

    I'm happy with the series as a whole, but I wish we could find a way to organize the individual stories better so that they were all linked as one big story somehow. Eh. Life goes on.

    Horrible Thing to Do is probably the darkest I've ever written. I usually try to redeem characters, and nope, it's not happening here. Everyone is just guilty as hell. Except Shinobiko. Since he's a just a kid. I wrap myself in hopeful fluff.

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