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Six: Pete Wentz is dead, long live Pete Wentz

by FrostedGlass 10 Reviews

You can´t be dead if you´re still seeing your reflection in the mirror, can you?

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi - Characters:  - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2006/11/19 - Updated: 2006/11/19 - 1021 words


  • Channel Hopping

    (#) bandgeekfreak 2006-11-19 01:52:23 PM

    It's got to be good. I'm feeling sorry for Pete.

    Author's response

    Don´t we all? Oh, you mean in this story... Sure, mistress.
  • Channel Hopping

    (#) patrickdance4me 2006-11-19 02:04:04 PM

    wait. so is he dead then? or... wtf?! this is weird. so he sees his mom trying to wake him, right? but he's not breathing... so he's dead... or... damn i'm confusing myself. i'll just wait until u write another chapter lol.

    so update soon.

    Author's response

    Yes, that was his mother trying to wake him. Well, I´m just gonna say it: Pete is dead. But only in the world he used to live in, he´s still existent in the "hellhole". He´s just having a hard time coming to terms with what happened but he´ll get it eventually. Things will become clearer in the next chapter when Pete´s thoughts circle around what he just saw on the TV. Thanks for still reading this weird, confusing, Pete-Wentz-killing junk. :)
  • Channel Hopping

    (#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-19 02:32:08 PM

    i love:

    1.) that he can still see his reflection. it causes confusion in him and makes him question things. his denial of the situation comes through vividly with that.

    2.) the way you chose to show the readers that he really is dead: cutting himself.

    3.)also the way he realizes he doesn't have normal wants, like food, clothing or the want to relieve himself. although he doesn't really put two and two together.

    4.) at the end, describing how he died. his mom finding him…now, did that show up on the TV? Did he watch that?

    i'm just kind of wondering where it can go from here and how he finds out/realizes he is really dead. what happens then?

    Author's response

    1.) Yeah, so he´s obviously not a vampire, eh? ;) 2.) Thanks, the mirror came in handy for several reasons. This being one of them. 3.) Yes, locked-up Pete surely isn´t of the quick-witted type. 4.) Yes, that was on the TV. Two scenes, divided by the flickering (which is to indicate that time had passed, because the second scene was in the morning). What happens now is... I´m going to university. ;) Nah, now Pete will be confronted with his past through the TV. Let´s hope he learns something or else he won´t be able to leave the room.
  • Channel Hopping

    (#) MusicxisxHearts 2006-11-19 04:36:01 PM

    I'm going to die of suspense, seriously, this is great. I can NOT wait to read more!!!

    Author's response

    :) I´m very glad you like. I´d hate to see you and your encouraging reviews leave me. I´ll try to update soon but I think writing this (in a way that satisfies both me and the readers) is going to be a lot more difficult now. Thanks for the r&r. :)
  • Channel Hopping

    (#) moocow 2006-11-19 06:03:47 PM


    Author's response

    I can´t quite put my finger on it, but for some reason I believe you´re not really happy with how Pete´s situation developed...
  • Channel Hopping

    (#) LOVELA 2006-11-19 08:47:33 PM

    I smell a twist in the plot coming around the bend soon. Am I right??? Am I?

    Author's response

    Hm, not sure. I think I just burned (ha?) my hair with the blowdryer... There´s some kinda twist in the end. Not sure I´ll have one coming up very soon. But you´re still gonna read on right? Are you? ;)
  • Channel Hopping

    (#) whatkatydid 2006-11-20 01:09:31 AM

    I'm just gonna go ahead and sign the divorce papers and marry you as soon as possible. It's the only option I have left.

    This was an amazing amazing chapter, I really love the deep side of you and you cease to amaze me with your insight and attention to detail.

    I'm in the mood for lists today, I'm in the mood for standard praise. It's the cycle y'know?

    One thing I can't believe though, Pete Wentz is dead. My Monday morning couldn't get any worse...ha!

    Inspiring. Truly. Seriously. I mean it.

    Author's response

    Alex, the Relationship Wrecker. I kinda like the sound of that. Better than "Asshole Spice" actually. ;) Thank you. I´m just gonna be all wentzy and assume that you meant to type that I never cease to amaze you. ;) Thanks for sharing. AGAIN. ;) Oh, go complain to Garfield.
  • Channel Hopping

    (#) whatkatydid 2006-11-20 01:10:23 AM

    I'm losing the will to type, what it was meant to read was : "I'm NOT in the mood for lists today".

    Hey you managed to wangle another review out of me. How clever of you.


    Author's response

    I kinda inferred that. Don´t mind about those mistakes, keeps my brain in motion. Yes, me is very clever. That´s why I write fanfiction... there go my fellow writers/ readers...
  • Channel Hopping

    (#) xloveorsympathy 2006-11-21 07:21:22 PM

    Holy sfdgbhsfog. This is like absolutly nothing ive read before, its is dead. waaaaah. ok im done, but hopefully you arn't :P Keep up the Fabtasticol-ish work! Cant wait for the next chappie!


    Author's response

    Thanks for taking the time to review. That´s always appreciated. I was aiming for this "nothing I´ve read before" but trying to avoid "YOU BITCH! YOU KILLED PETE WENTZ!" accompanied by various death threats. Cos it really is only fiction... And obviously, being dead doesn´t mean that you cease to exist. You just have more time to think. And check yourself out in the mirror. ;) Thank you for the praise, it´s things like these that make me confident that trying out riskier plots can pay off. :) Your review is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Channel Hopping

    (#) KitKathy4Real 2006-12-21 06:05:33 PM

    I was a freaking rubber man. With elastic skin.

    that was classic

    Author's response

    I had Gumbi in mind. Thanks. :)

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