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Chapter 4

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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A/N: Dreaming each other dreams, confrontation with the Order and pranking

A/N: Beta reader for the story: mordechaimalachai


Harry knew that Ginny was in the room next to him, and he was nervous. Sleeping was never such hazard, because either he slept and did not dream, or he slept and did dream. Nightmares were exactly that, and in a way he dealt with them. He always did; ever since he was young he had had nightmares. The nightmares started with strange beams of green light and the screaming of a woman who he later learned was his mother.

Now everything had changed. When he would dream and have a nightmare, he would 'jump' into the dream world of Ginny Weasley. Or the other way around: when he would have a nice dream about Ginny, as he had these last months, and she would have a nightmare, then she would see his dreams ...

How could he look at her in the morning, when she would find out what he was dreaming at night? And when he dreamt about her, like the last time, taking a bath, would Ginny stand next the bathtub while he was dreaming about her?

Harry started to feel very uneasy. What did they do? This would always be the case, because it was a ritual, and there was no way to change it ... ever. Both of them would be stuck with each other.


The feeling of the warm water made him feel very relaxed. The bath tube was big, and the water was nice and warm. He reached out for the shampoo, washing his hair. When he was finished, he relaxed again.

Suddenly, he felt a presence. He turned, and there she was ... Ginny! Ginny looked horrified and distressed, gasping for breath ... she looked at him in the bathtub ... and an unbelievingly expression came to her face. Her mouth became round, and her jaw dropped.

Harry did not understand ... what happened to Ginny, and why was she so upset? And why was she looking at him in that way? And how was it possible that she suddenly appeared next too his bathtub?

Suddenly, he was aware of the state he was in. He had no clothes on! And Ginny was looking at him with wide eyes ... her previous distress was gone, and her face was very red. Harry try to cover himself, and immediately lost his hold on the edge of the large bathtub, and his head went underwater. Harry felt Ginny take his arm and pull him up out of the water. He sputtered and sneezed when he could breath again, while Ginny was laughing, trying to look away from him.


Harry woke up fresh and totally rested. What dream was that? That was not the dream I had last week! Suddenly he realized what happened. He had not had a nightmare last night, but Ginny must have, and so she jumped into his dream. Thank Merlin that he did not have that dream with the real Ginny in it!

Wow. She had an eye-full from him. Wow! It was not fair that she had an eye full, while he did not see anything from her! Maybe he could have a nightmare and see something similar or better?

Harry stood up, took a shower, and went downstairs to have breakfast. Harry did not have the courage to go to Ginny's bedroom door to wake her up. When he opened the kitchen door he saw that he was not the first one there. Ginny was already sitting at the table with tea and some sandwiches. Both of them turned red immediately.

Harry felt uncomfortable, but if they wanted to continue living with each other's dreams, then he knew he had to talk about it now.

"It's not fair that you got an eyeful, but not me," Harry said, not looking at her. He went to make breakfast with eggs and sausages. "Do you want to have eggs and sausages, Gin?" Harry was standing with his back to Ginny, so he could not see the expression on her face.

"I have already sandwiches, Harry. Maybe only eggs please," Ginny's voice came from behind him.

Harry continued to fry eggs and placed the sausages in the pan as well. "You are a Weasley, and Weasleys are always eating, even when they had an amazing night full of sex like you."

He head Ginny gasp in her tea. "I ... I had ... I had what?" she stammered.

"You saw the sexiest body of the universe in all its glory, every detail, and I am your partner and saw not a thing."

A laugh sounded behind his back. "Potter, you are so full of yourself."

The eggs and sausages were ready; he turned and placed them all on a big plate and placed them in front of Ginny. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Nightmare ... no; you in bath ... maybe I want to talk about it. Do you know that you have a scar inside your thigh?"

Harry started to laugh. "You have me there, Gin. Next time I'll pull you into the bath as well, and then we will see who is laughing in the morning."

Harry and Ginny continued to eat their breakfast.

"Ginny, tomorrow is your birthday; what do you want to do?"

"Nothing Harry. We still have the half of the rune magic defense book to go, and I still have twenty curses to learn from the Parselmouth book. I understand that you have your list of thirty five Parselmouth curses to learn, and the attack runes need to be practiced. If you don't mind, we will go over all that material at my birthday, and in the evening I would love to go into the city. What do you think?"

"That's alright with me. I will serve you breakfast in your bed tomorrow morning. What present would you like to have for your sixteenth birthday, Gin?"

"I don't want a present from you on my birthday, and breakfast in bed sounds fantastic. That is really considerate of you, Harry. Who would think that you had that in you?"

"Why don't you want to have a present for your birthday, Gin?" Harry said surprised.

"It costs money, Harry. I have nothing and you are paying for everything. It's not nice to receive presents when I didn't give you anything, and I also cannot give you anything. I'm sorry, but it doesn't feel right."

Harry nodded. "I understand. You are not totally right, because you gave me the biggest present ever. You gave me more then one present, both of which cannot be measured by money. And you are wrong about having no money, too."

"I don't have any money, Harry; I am not wrong about that."

"Well, first I sent Gringotts my last will. In that last will I left you everything. Also, I created a vault with one hundred thousand Galleons in your name. By the way, I transferred one hundred thousand Galleons to the twin's account to rebuild their shop. I also created a special vault for all the shops in Diagon Alley to help them rebuild their shops and street.

And about the gifts you gave me? The biggest gift I have ever received is the gift of you coming here with me. The second biggest gift is being my partner in the ritual and sharing my dreams. And that gift is permanent!"

Before Harry could react, Ginny tackled him, and both of them dropped on the ground, chairs and all. "Oh Harry, how could you do that? Can you return my money, Harry?"

Harry felt good, laying on the ground in the arms of Ginny, who was making him very warm, and fuzzy and nice. "No, I can't take it back, so you better user it."

She placed a big kiss on his cheek. "Does that mean that I can buy you a gift?" Harry asked in a small voice.

"Yes, you may," Ginny said with a laugh.


Harry was sitting next to a swimming pool. What he saw was something from a dream. Ginny was walking towards him in a very revealing one piece swimsuit. Her long legs were more visible then ever, and he realized that Ginny was more curved then he ever had realized. Her walk was seductive ... slowly she was approaching him ... looking him straight in the eyes.

He gulped. That was not real! Ginny almost reached him and she held out her hand. Suddenly the image of an amazing Ginny flickered ... her expression changed from seductive to horror stricken, then confusing, and then finally comprehending.

"Why Harry, you always have dreams about wetness: first a bath, then a swimming pool." Harry realized suddenly that this was a dream, and Ginny must have had a nightmare, because she showed up in his wonderful dream.

"Well Gin, you are right. But this is my dream, so you must continue letting me have a wonderful dream ... nice swimsuit by the way."

Ginny looked what she was wearing and blushed. "You are dreaming of me in such revealing clothing, Harry?"

"Well, it is my dream, Gin. So I can dream what I want, no?"

"And pray tell, what happens next in your dream, Harry?" she asked with one eyebrow raised.

Harry said nothing and blushed deeply, while Ginny was looking knowingly. "Let's swim, then you can cool off. " She took his hand and dragged him to the pool. Harry had problems with hiding his excitement, so he jumped into the water as fast as possible. When he came up he looked for Ginny, who was diving next to him.

The dream continued with the two of them swimming, making fun of each other, diving and racing each other, drinking cold lemonade, eating ice creams, having dinner and having real fun.


Suddenly Harry was awake. He felt so relaxed and happy. That was the best dream I had ever had. That was so cool! The door of his bedroom slammed open and a happy Ginny rushed in and dove in his bed. "That dream was soooooooo cool, don't you think?" she said, excited and happy.

"Truly, it was the best dream I have ever had, thanks Gin," Harry said happily. He hugged Ginny, who immediately returned the hug. Suddenly both were aware of the lack of any t-shirt on Harry and they reluctantly came apart. Ginny was looking at Harry's chest. "Oh Harry, you have hair on your chest!" she exclaimed.

Harry blushed, but did not try to hide.

"Ginny, go back to your bed, because you are going to have a breakfast fit for a queen," he said, pointing to his door. She stood up, and laughing she hurried to her room. "Better be a breakfast for an empress, because I'm hungry. If the breakfast is not good, I might eat you, too." She laughed and disappeared.

Harry went downstairs to the kitchen and prepared a breakfast for an empress. He tried to transfigure a knife into a flower, and it worked. He had no idea what flower it was, but that was not important; it looked like a flower, and it even smelt like it. That was all that was important.

Harry climbed the stairs and reached Ginny's room. He knocked, waited for her answer, and went in. He brought the tray with the breakfast and placed it on her legs in bed.

"Congratulations Gin, with your sixteenth birthday," he said and kissed her cheek. "I hope we can celebrate many birthdays together; that is my heart's wish."

She looked at the overflowing tray with delight. "Nobody ever gave me any breakfast in bed before. I might spare you, Mr. Potter; otherwise I would have eaten you as desert."

"Oh, I wouldn't mind," he murmured softly.

While Ginny was eating her breakfast, Harry took the present Hedwig brought him that morning, from behind his back and laid it on her bed. "Here you go, this is your present."

Ginny stopped eating looked at her present, then to Harry. "Wht iws 't?" she said with a mouth full of eggs.

Open it and see what it is", Harry replied with a smile on his face.

She grabbed the package and tore the paper from her present. She saw a neatly packed light green dress. Harry gulped. He hoped that Madam Malkin chose the right dress, which Ginny would like. Yesterday evening before sleeping he owled Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions with the request to send him the most beautiful dress she had for a girl of sixteen. Harry had no idea what dress Ginny would like, but thinking about her beautiful flaming hair, he thought about light green.

The dress seemed to be of light green silk, from what he could see. Ginny stared wide eyed at the dress, which was still in her hands. Ginny moved the tray with breakfast onto her bed, stood up and held up the dress. Now it spread like a wave and he could see the dress in more detail.

He gulped again. The dress was indeed very beautiful, but the top part of the dress suggested a lot of skin. Two thin pieces of silk were supposed to hold up the dress on Ginny's body, and that suggested a lot of skin. What was Madam Malkin thinking? Now Harry started to sweat. What would Ginny think about that?

"Oh Harry, it's beautiful, I never saw such beautiful dress in my whole life," she whispered, and continued to admire the dress. "Do you want me to show you the dress?" Harry could not think clearly. She said she would show the dress to him. Does she mean she wants to wear the dress for me now? Harry nodded stupidly.

"Turn around and close your eyes," she said. Harry turned around immediately and held his eyes tightly closed. He could hear the rustle of clothing. "Open your eyes and see for your self."

Harry opened his eyes, but saw nothing else then the bed. "Turn around, you silly," he heard Ginny saying with a smile in her voice. He turned around and his breath became stuck in his throat. Before him was an angel standing in light misty green with long red hair falling over her shoulders until her waist. Ginny was looking expectantly at him with an angelic expression on her face.


The dress filled her perfectly. Something to do with magically fitting the dress to the girl in question, Madam Malkin wrote in the letter accompanying the dress. And he was right, there was a lot of skin visible ... he had an amazing view ... her neck was elegant and kissable, her waist was thin and tight, and her legs ... the dress only reached her knees, but that was not needed, because her body was accentuated perfectly in the dress.

"Uhm ... it ... it's beautiful," he stuttered, and blushed heavenly.

"What's wrong?" Ginny asked concerned.

"Nothing," Harry said with a too high voice. "Except ... except ... that you are ... beautiful beyond belief ... and that dress ... that dress is only able to accentuate this," he finished, blushing more then ever.

Ginny smiled. "I like you too," she smiled at him. She kissed him on the cheek. "Now, dear Sir, you turn around; I want to take off the dress and hang it in my closet, put my old clothes on, and continue eating my breakfast."

Harry turned around and waited for Ginny to be ready. With a minimum of time, she bumped on her bed and continued to eat, beaming at him. "How in heaven's name were you able to choose such a beautiful dress without the help of Hermione."

"Hedwig helped me, and voila, here is your dress," he said with a laugh.

"Ah ha, that was surely Madam Malkin. She has beautiful dresses, because many times when I was there, I was admiring them with my mum. Harry that was the most beautiful birthday present anyone ever gave to me. What shall we do with the dress? Because using this dress asks for an occasion."

"Your birthday is not finished, Gin. Yesterday you said that you wanted to study a bit, and in the evening, you wanted to go out somewhere. I made reservations at a muggle restaurant for tonight, and I want you to wear your new dress for that occasion. It is your birthday, and I want to celebrate that with a dinner." Harry looked unsure to Ginny, who beamed even more.

"I love it. When do we leave?"

"Tonight at seven, the reservation is at eight."

"I love it! Let's go to work and tonight we will have the time of our lives," Ginny said, immediately jumping out of her bed and walking out of her room. "Are you coming?" she asked, disappearing from view. Harry immediately followed her.


At four o'clock Ginny excused herself from the table in the library. "I need to get dressed for dinner, Harry. Can you clean up the table and put the books away for me?" Harry looked at her surprised.

"But it's only four o'clock, Gin. You are far too early; we don't leave until six!"

Ginny smiled patiently. "I need at least two hours to get ready, Har. Get used to it; girls simply need much more time then boys to get ready."

Harry stood up immediately. "In that case, you need this together with the dress", he said, pointing to a package on a bookshelf on his right.

"What is that?" Ginny asked, frowning.

"It is the finishing touch for your dress, Gin."

Ginny opened the package and saw a pair of elegant shoes with high heels and a long, deep green cloak. The material of the cloak was metallic, a glance of metallic green, which changed depending on the light around her.

"What material is this?" she whispered.

"Special enhanced silk, Gin. That is what Madam Malkin wrote. "It is suitable for all weather conditions and it keeps you warm."

Then she looked at her shoes. The shoes were half-open and would show her toes; they were white with a green band around each one, and very elegant was well. A perfect fit with her dress and her cloak.

She looked up at Harry with wide, questioning eyes.

Harry looked sheepish. "Well, Madam Malkin owled me with the question of what I plan to do with the dress, and I replied with what I was planning. Then she owled me back with some suggestions and I told her that she could do what she thought was necessary. She also sent me my clothes ... they're there." He pointed to a bag in the corner.

Ginny took the bag and held out a tie, trousers, polo shirt, and shoes. All of them were dark green, except the polo shirt, which had a lighter tint of metallic green. Obviously the polo shirt was from the same material as her cloak.

"Well Harry. You truly did your best, and we definitely could go out like this. How did you manage to make reservations in a muggle restaurant when you did not leave the house?"

Harry smirked. "Gringotts did that for me."

"Goblins!" Ginny exclaimed. "How could Goblins make reservations for a muggle restaurant?"

Harry laughed. "Your brother Bill was involved with that, without knowing for whom he was making reservations. The Goblins seem to make a lot of effort to keep their customers happy after all that business they made from the Black- and Potter's funds, so they are offering those services to me. And that I did."

Ginny laughed happily. She took her cloak and shoes and disappeared upstairs towards her room. Harry continued trying to study, but soon gave up, placed the books back on the shelves, and cleaned everything up in the library. Still one and half-hours to go ... he went upstairs and prepared for the dinner tonight.


Harry and Ginny left Grimmauld Place quietly and with their invisibility rune active. They saw Fletcher waiting in front of Grimmauld Place, supposedly on guard duty for the order, but the man did not notice anything, because he was as drunk as possible.

The young couple walked several blocks along the street, until Harry flagged a taxi. "Pierson street, please," he said to the taxi driver. The taxi dropped them off at a very fancy restaurant with the name 'Chef Renoise,' and they entered. A waiter met them and led them to their table.

The table was situated in an alcove which was separated from the rest of the tables in the restaurant. On the small round table a single candle was burning.

Harry held out Ginny's chair, which she acknowledged with a smile and a light nod. He took his chair and they received their aperitif.

"This is all in honor of you, Gin. You are the best friend, most amazing person, most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I am so thankful for your company," he said hesitatingly. Ginny laid her hand on his.

"Thank you Harry," she whispered, looking him straight in the eyes.

A stocky figure approached their table quickly, and before they could react, the figure joined their table. He sat down on a conjured chair and looked at the couple expectantly. "Well, aren't you going to say anything to me?" Remus said.

In the corner of his eyes, Harry could see the headmaster standing. Next to the headmaster, the dark figure of Snape was visible. He could see Bill Weasley waiting near the entrance door, looking darkly in their direction. Behind Bill, Harry could see other figures standing ... he assumed more members of the order.

He looked at Ginny, who looked pale and was watching the entrance door ... he assumed that she saw Bill. Then he turned to Remus Lupin, who was smirking. "I see that you have a nice, fancy dinner, Harry. Just like your charming father." He helped him self on their aperitif.

"You old coot, you're disturbing Ginny's birthday dinner. You have ten seconds to disappear, or you will regret it," Harry growled with a low and threatening voice. Harry touched Ginny's knee under the table ... she broke out of her stupor and looked at him. She briefly nodded, understanding what had to be done.

"Harry! What language. You need to learn to speak politely to your elders. They know the best, after all. However, I understand ... I was once your age, "Remus Lupin said with a knowing smile. "I want you to come with us, Harry. No jokes and I don't want to have a scene between the muggles, because otherwise we must petrify you and your girlfriend here." He turned to watch Ginny. "Your brothers are furious, and your mother ..."

"Wsssssssss shosssssssssssss bassssssssssssssssssssssssssss" he heard a voice next to him.

Remus Lupin stiffened briefly and dropped his head in the salad with pasta. He was out cold. Dumbledore reacted immediately. Instantly, he pulled his wand and fired a curse towards Harry and Ginny's table. The intense red and wide beam traveled in high speed, covering the young couple and their table ... but bounced back immediately. Dumbledore was surprised, but he could jump out of the way of his own curse; Snape was not so lucky. He had his wand half out of his robes already, when he was hit by the rebounding stupefy. He dropped to the ground like a bag of potatoes.

Three order members came running through the door with Bill in the lead. All had pulled their wands and were approaching the corner where Harry and Ginny sat. Except that the corner was empty ... nobody was there.

Dumbledore was waving his wand everywhere and murmuring incantations, but nothing seemed to happen. Suddenly at the back of the restaurant a silver mist appeared. Dumbledore pointed his wand towards the mist, and fired a strong stupefy. Before the curse could hit, the head of Mad-Eye appeared, a protego shield between him and the fast approaching curse.

The stupefy curse was nullified by the shield.

"HOLD IT" Dumbledore yelled. "Nobody moves. Bill, are there Order members near the door and in the kitchen?"

"Yes Albus, those two can't get away, tricks or not," Bill answered angrily.

Dumbledore enervated Snape, who stood up immediately. "Where is that Potter; I will teach him something he will never forget."

Everyone was looking around, but still no Harry and Ginny. Dumbledore walked towards the corner where Remus Lupin was still laying in the salad. "Enervate", Dumbledore exclaimed. Remus did not move. Dumbledore checked Remus's vitals. "Is he all right, Albus?" asked Bill.

"Yes, he seems to be asleep, but I can't enervate him. Dumbledore cast more spells, the only effect of which was several colors shimmering over Remus, but he stayed unconscious or sleeping. "I don't understand, he's supposed to wake up, but does not," Dumbledore said puzzled.

"When I get that Potter in my hand, I want him first before you can have him, Albus. He is going to pay for this, that brat!" Bill said.

Mad-Eye Moody was laughing. "Good luck, Bill my boy. You are going to pay for that remark," he said.

"Wsssssssss shosssssssssssss bassssssssssssssssssssssssssss"

Bill dropped to the ground.

"Woooooosss shisssssssssssss brrrrr choch ssssssss"

Snape dropped to the ground, but his head was changed into donkey.

Dumbledore immediately pulled a bluish shield around him.

"Woooooosss shisssssssssssss brrrrr brst ssssssss"

Dumbledore dropped to the ground; his head was changed into a head of a snake, and his shield dissolving.

Suddenly the front side of the restaurant burst into pieces and a huge hole appeared. Order members came running into the restaurant and looked with wide eyes to the devastation, then to Dumbledore, the greatest wizard alive, fallen like the rest of his small team of Order members in the restaurant.

"Call the aurors, this is out of our control," Arabella Figg said, panicking.

Mad-Eye Moody was laughing hard, and he dropped to the ground and held his stomach. "It's been a long time since I've had such a good time. The order against two children and they all loose."

Suddenly he heard a female voice next to his ear. "Come tomorrow to Hogwarts, and then you will be able to laugh."

While Moody was listing to the female voice, writing appeared on the wall of the restaurant. "Don't fuck with us, now we have war with each other"


A/N: Next chapter we have pranking the Order of Phoenix, attack on Hogwarts and the ministry, but not by death eaters or Voldemort!

A/N: Beta reader for the story: mordechaimalachai
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