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Chapter 5

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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A/N: This chapter we have pranking the Order of Phoenix, attack on Hogwarts, but not by death eaters or Voldemort!
A/N: Beta: damantaray


"Did you hear what Lupin said? He said that we need to pay respect to our elders! What a nerve of him ... who would think Remus would say something like that? And during my birthday dinner ... I could curse them all to hell and back!"

Ginny was red of anger. Both of them were back at Grimmauld Place and very angry.

"Gin, I have an idea. I heard what you said to Moody, and I think I know how we can get them back. We'll attack Hogwarts tomorrow morning at 3 am."

Ginny looked hesitantly to Harry. "Attacking Hogwarts?"

"Yes," a smug looking Harry said. "Exactly that. Nobody would expect us coming so early. Not even Voldemort and his death eaters, and especially not the Order."

Ginny looked with an unreadable expression to Harry. "I like the idea ... let me think."

Harry went to the kitchen. "I am making something to eat. You want to join me?"

Ginny nodded thoughtfully and she joined Harry.

"Gin, I'm sorry for the problems during your birthday dinner, I promise to do something much better."

Ginny smiled slightly. "Don't worry, Harry. First, I want the Order to pay for this stupid behavior and interference, and then we're going to have our dinner again."

Suddenly her face lit up. "I know! We declare war against the Order. But first we are going to have to do a lot of damage to Hogwarts. Listen carefully Harry, because I have a plan."

Harry sat down expectantly.

"You know that we can enter Hogwarts via the secret entrances, right? And did you know that the headmaster is using the paintings in Hogwarts to spy on everyone?"

Harry nodded confusedly.

"Well, we are going to destroy the paintings, and we are going to redesign Hogwarts from the inside and from the outside as well. Dumbledore and his order are going to remember us for a very long time, and they will curse our names when they will hear it." The fire in Ginny's eyes became only more intense. "You remember all the spells in Parseltongue about simulators, ghost images, and ghost voices?"

Harry nodded.

"We place a large simulator in the great hall, so the professors have something to do when they want to eat. Then we release hundreds of ghost images and voices throughout the castle.

"Then we will release special enhanced termites, which will eat the paintings. I know precisely which Parseltongue spells I need to use, and the only thing we need to do is multiply the termites. We can do that with the multiplication rune.

"After we have installed all that, then we go outside and launch the real attack on Hogwarts, and let the castle and the Order fight against that!

"While they are busy, we will have a nice and cozy dinner somewhere else. What do you think?"

Harry was beaming. "Well planned ... what shall we use to attack Hogwarts?"

"Dementors, dragons, bigger ghost images, use snakes, and large scorpions ... thunder and lightning, small tornados, and stuff like that!" she replied dryly.

Harry was amazed. His Ginny was indeed pissed off, and to come up with that punishment, she must be very angry. He knew that they had enough knowledge to launch such attacks, because the books about Parseltongue contained such spells and much more. He was already happy that she didn't wait to raise the dead.

Ginny continued ... the fire in her eyes became more intense. "And then I want to raise the dead around the castle, and let them attack it."

"How do you want to stage the attack?"

"First we go into the castle, and install the simulator in the great hall. We'll do that immediately when we arrive there ... that will be after midnight. Then we will draw the duplication rune and direct it at one enhanced termite. We'll draw the rune in the great hall. When everything is done, we will release the ghost images and ghost voices.

"When we have that completed, we'll draw a rune to attract Dementors to the castle. Then we leave the castle and change the weather, so that there are lightning, thunder and small tornados against the castle. Then we conjure the dragons and scorpions and release them on the castle. When the attack is in full swing, we'll raise the dead around the castle, and send them to Hogwarts.

"I think that is enough to keep Dumbledore and the Order of Phoenix occupied, don't you think? Then we go back to Grimmauld Place, and have a nice nap.

"We can go to the same restaurant that we were at this evening. The Order would never expect that. They'll probably be busy cleaning up things.

"What do you think?"

Harry looked unbelievingly at Ginny. "Well, you know that it'll be dangerous for Dumbledore and his order? They might be severely wounded or they might die when things go wrong for them?"

"I don't care," Ginny said. "They would take us and keep us apart, and dump us in a virtual prison. Knowing them, they would keep me at home and won't let me go to Hogwarts. They'll force Hermione and Ron to spy on you and make you do things against your will. Then they are going to force you against Voldemort and you might be killed. And you're asking me if I'm being too hard on them?" Ginny was nearly yelling.

Harry looked intently to Ginny, who was trying to become calm again. He kissed her on the cheek. "You are pretty when you are angry, Gin. Let's go to war!"


Albus Dumbledore was tired. The Order of Phoenix was having their emergency meeting in the castle and things did not go as he would have liked.

First, Minerva McGonagall was busy for an hour before the she could transfigure her snake head. The snake head was stubbornly refusing to be transfigured back into a human head and Minerva said that she never saw such transfiguration before. She also said that its hissing was not helping her concentration when she was working on him.

At this moment, she was still trying to transfigure Snape's donkey head, but that took much more time then her own, for whatever reason. The Donkey was making terrible noise, and obviously Snape was very upset.

Dumbledore thought back on what happened that night in the restaurant. He did not understand how it was possible to penetrate his shield, and he also could not understand how those two children were able to bounce his spell back at him.

And then that message on the wall. It was a declaration of war. He could not help to laugh, because it was so ridiculous ... war against him?

But something was indeed truly wrong here. It might be that the children had some help from an unknown wizard or witch. That was also the opinion of Molly Weasley, who was beyond herself. Her daughter did not look kidnapped in the restaurant, according Bill. Molly Weasley was extremely angry. It was clear that Ginerva was not kidnapped by Harry or anyone else, but that she ran away from home!

The Order met in the early hours of the morning, and it was three o'clock.

Dumbledore stood up from the table. "I think it'd be a good idea if we end this meeting and have some sleep. Tomorrow it will be a busy day." He turned to Fletcher. "Fletcher, please resume guard duty at headquarters, please."

He took his papers and left the room in a hurry. He walked towards his office, when he suddenly heard a faint wailing coming from a corridor towards the great hall. He halted to listen. Wailing? Mocking laughter in front of him, in the distance, he heard series of sneering laughing voices, sounds of penetrating screams echoed throughout the castle.

Dumbledore started to run towards the wailing sound. It came from the great hall. Suddenly he heard footsteps from behind and he turned, wand in his hand. He saw all the Order members from the meeting running towards the great hall as well.

"I heard wailing in the great hall. Let's see what's happening!" Dumbledore yelled, and resumed running.

He stopped in front of a large painting and addressed the wizard in a white suit, while all the Order members passed him. "Give me the status, Rockefeller, what is going on?"

"The painting was filled with a pale corpulent gentleman, who was not looking happy. " We are under attack, headmaster. We're dying!"

The headmaster paled after hearing this.

He heard a lot of shouting, screaming, weeping, cursing, and the sound of spells flying in the direction of the great hall. Dumbledore ran as fast as possible to the great hall, and when he reached it, he shocked beyond belief.

Hundreds of undead, dragons, griffins, snakes, Dementors, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and many other creatures were crawling through the great hall, while his order members were firing curse after curse, but to no avail. The large doors in the Great Hall were closed, how was it possible that such creatures came in?

Dumbledore took his wand and started to fire curse after curse. Every time he would hit a creature, the creature exploded in a loud explosion. That was indeed strange behavior. Wailing and screaming ghosts were flying closely over his head ... he could feel the coldness of their existence, and he never saw those ghosts before! The sound of their wailing became almost unbearable, his eardrums were nearly splitting.

"Retreat! Retreat!" he screamed, trying to reach the people of his Order. He waved with his long arms and all the Order members were running towards Dumbledore. However, as everyone left the great hall, all the dark creatures in the great hall were slowly approaching the group. Dumbledore waved his wand towards the entrance and the entrance sealed itself. The same happened with all the entrances to and from the great hall.

"I have locked those creatures in the great hall. They shouldn't be able to come out. Does anyone know how it is possible that such creatures entered the castle without the alarm sounding?" he asked the Order members. Suddenly Dumbledore froze. "Oh my, the castle is under attack!"

He started to run to astronomy tower, and all the members of the order followed him. When they reached the tower and looked over the observation wall, his heart almost stopped beating. Voldemort! He was attacking the castle!

Dumbledore turned to Remus. "Remus, go to my office and call the aurors, Voldemort is attacking us."

Dumbledore turned and ran inside the castle to organize the defenses.


It was five o'clock evening, and the last of the Griffins was destroyed by the aurors.

The damage the battle of Hogwarts caused was terrible. The Gryffindor tower as half destroyed, the astronomy tower was a smoking ruin. The great hall was only a big hole ... you could see through hall from the outside of the castle ... everywhere he could see small and large holes in the walls; at the side where once the Gryffindor tables stood, was a large gaping hole, and the rests of a death dragon was blocking the hole for a large part.

The rest of the damage to the castle was immense as well. They wouldn't be able to open the castle before the start of the term.

He discovered ten minutes ago that all the magical paintings in Hogwarts were destroyed as well. There would be no way to restore such age-old treasures, they were gone permanently. That also meant that he did not have anything to spy on everybody throughout the castle.

Dumbledore was exhausted, but there was still work to do. The ministry had sent a hundred and sixty aurors and the Order supplied twenty-six fighters but they were barely enough to hold the onslaught at bay.

Dragons and griffins! It was clear to Dumbledore that Voldemort was not behind this attack, it was someone else.

Slowly Dumbledore entered the great hall and froze in mid step. A message was painted directly at the far end of the great hall.

"Our first attack in this war - Do you yield?"

A smirking Mad-Eye Moody became visible in front of him. "I have been told to be at the castle in the evening."

Dumbledore looked the old auror in the eye. "Who did tell you that, Alastor?"

"I think it was the Weasley girl," he said, his smirk growing.

"Impossible!" Dumbledore bellowed.

"Maybe you are getting too old for the job, Dumbledore", Alastor said slowly. "I don't know if you noticed, but when you were fighting the undead in the great hall, they exploded when hit by a curse. That is not normal behavior, what do you think?"

Several aurors and order members joined the two old wizards, and Alastor continued.

"I saw that you noticed it too, but you did not act on it. Instead, you sealed the place and ran from it.

"If you had looked closer to all the attackers of the castle last night, you would notice something strange as well. They were not real, except the dementors. However, those dementors were scared away after the first Patronus.

"It reminded me about the magical simulators in the aurors headquarters, where you can do the same, only not in such a scale and they are located in the simulator room.

"As long as you fight, they fight too. If you don't fight, they won't. It was so simple and obvious. So what did you do? You continue fighting, and the simulations continued to fight as well."

All aurors and order members looked at Dumbledore and waited for his reaction. The greatest wizard of all time, headmaster of Hogwarts - or what was left from it - looked ashamed.

"Let's investigate that, Alastor. When you are correct, there are some questions we need to answer. The most important question is who are the people behind those simulators?"

Mad-Eye Moody looked at Dumbledore in surprise. "Albus, I truly think that you are too old for this job. I personally think that you are not suitable to lead anything anymore.

"Nevertheless, I answer your question ... those people are Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. I do not know how they did it; I never saw such magic before except for in a simulation room.

"I also do not know why they did it, but I suspect they did it out of revenge, because this attack and the attack from yesterday happened only after you harassed them.

"I saw enough today, and incompetence irritates me. Have a good day." Mad-Eye Moody left the damaged castle.


Harry looked at Ginny in the corner of his eye. He was amazed of the anger she carried with her for her mother and her brothers. What an aggression she carried with her, but why? Not even he carried such a load with him for Dumbledore and his Order of Phoenix, the local bird watcher club. He had all reasons to have such a load, because they kept him imprisoned for all of his short life, but why Ginny? Did her mother do something against her? Did her brothers do something bad against her?

"Gin", he asked. "Why do you feel so bad about your mother and brothers?"

Ginny looked at Harry with an intense expression of disgust. "That mother of mine never cared about me except to feed me and tell me how to behave.

"During the time after you rescued me from the Chamber of Secrets, the only thing my mother could come up with was that my behavior was not suitable for a girl. She sent me to my room, because I was crying too much, and that was not suitable for a girl.

"My brothers are all gits ... except maybe for the twins ... they ignored me. Now I am a bit older and they see that boys are interested in me; they suddenly wake up and threaten those boys.

"When Dean wanted to be my boyfriend, Ron threatened him with violence. Charlie and Bill visited Dean's parents and told them to stay away from me. Dean became scared and broke it off.

"Michael was the same. Ron attacked Michael, and Michael stayed away from me. Then we have Seamus. Seamus was attacked by Ron, Charlie, and Bill when we had a Hogsmeade weekend. He never looked me in the eyes after that.

"After my first year and your rescue, I got those terrible nightmares every night. Many nights I woke up many times because of terrible nightmares, and they continued coming. The only thing my mother did was giving me hot milk and a silence charm around my bed.

"Over all those years, the nightmares became less frequent, but much more intense. Instead of three or four nightmares a night, I have now only one a night. Madam Pomfrey advised my mother and me to find professional help, but my mother never did. She said that she could not pay for such treatment."

"What nightmares do you have then, Gin?" Harry asked.

"That Riddle is raping girls, killing a family with only a knife that he put crucio on a young family with father, mother and two young babies, and all that kind of things."

Harry nodded thoughtfully.

"Maybe I can help you," he said, still deep in thoughts.

"You are helping already, Harry. With the mind merge ritual, I can escape my nightmare," she said with a smile.

"Yeah, and then you join my dream. " Harry wiggled his eyebrows.

"You only dream about water, Harry. That's better than my nightmares," she laughed.

"Ginny, you helped me more than ever. Since that ritual, I haven't had any bad nightmares about Voldemort anymore. I don't remember my dreams, but I remember only the ones you've joined in on."

"I am glad that it helped you. I am happy that I have an escape out of my nightmares. What are our plans for tonight?"

Harry noticed the sudden change in subject and he understood perfectly well why Ginny changed it. Harry himself was also unsure what to do about the situation, because it could become awkward as soon as he had a wet dream about a girl ... especially when that girl was Ginny!

"Tonight we'll finish our romantic dinner, don't you agree, Gin?" he said.

"Yes, that I'd like very much. Let's study some more Parseltongue, because without it we would never be able to attack Hogwarts. By the way, I am curious how that attack went."


Ginny was standing straight in front of him, wearing the same green silk dress she wore yesterday evening, and was looking him straight in the eye.

"Are you ready, Harry?"

Harry gulped. Oh, he was 'so not' ready. "Of cause I am ready, Gin. Let's become invisible and get out of here."

The applied the invisibility rune and left the Grimmauld Place. Harry and Ginny walked slowly several blocks away from the spying Order and took a taxi to the same restaurant at the Pierson Street.

When they entered the 'Chef Renoise', they could not see anything different then what they saw last evening before the fight with the Order of bird watchers. The asked for the same table they had yesterday in the alcove, and because it was not busy at that time, it was no problem.

Harry held out Ginny's chair, which she acknowledged with a smile and a light nod. He took his chair and they received their appetizer.

"This is all in honor of you, Gin. You are the most attractive friend, most amazing person, most beautiful woman I have ever seen," he said looking her in her eyes. Ginny laid her hand on his.

"Thank you Harry," she whispered, looking back in his eyes. "I'm your only friend, and you're pretty handsome yourself," she said.

Both of them were blushing, but Ginny did not remove her hand from his. He grabbed her hand more tightly and held it there, straight and openly on the table.

The waiter came and they ordered their dinner.

"I've never had wine," Ginny said.

"My neither", Harry said. "But I heard the twins talking about it and I saw it on TV, when Dudley was watching."

"A TV is the box, which the muggle use to look at their moving and talking pictures, right?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah, that is right. It is called television and they can watch movies, news and much more," Harry said.

"Did you ever think about running away and living in the muggle world, Harry?" Ginny asked.

"Yes I did. The moment I was back at the Privet Drive this summer I was thinking about hiding in the muggle world. But at that time I thought I had not enough money ... and the rest you know."

Ginny ordered sweet potatoes, spices and kidney beans, and Harry ordered baked lasagna with ground beef, cottage cheese, and mozzarella cheese.

They had apple strudel for desert. "Did you know this is a traditional pastry from south Germany? It is called strudel and it's made from chopped apples, sugar, cinnamon, raisins, and breadcrumbs. Rum is used here to add flavor. From what I can taste, they also used pine nuts and walnuts.

"The Dursleys preferred the traditional way to serve it, while the strudel is still warm, adding sugar to taste and vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. I always made their apple strudel for them, but I never was allowed to eat it, because it was not allowed."

Harry smiled sadly.

"Now I am sitting with a pretty girl ... no ... a beautiful young woman ... and eating my finest desert in a nice restaurant. What else can a man wish?"

"That is a good one, Potter. I heard that your father was a womanizer, and it seems that you're the same." A wide grinning Mad-Eye Moody walked quickly towards their table, grabbed a chair, took the last piece of Harry's apple strudel, and started to eat. His magical blue eye wandered too much ... a sign that he was overly excited or amused.

"You know," he said after he swallowed Harry's apple strudel, "this desert taste really good."

Harry could not help him self then to laugh. "I hope it is not poisoned," he said with a smirk.

Mad-Eye Moody stopped chewing, and his eyes whirled towards Harry's plate. "Is it?" he asked.

"Tell what you have to tell, Mad-Eye", grumbled Ginny, "and get away from us, we are having a nice time together and for the second time you guys are spoiling it."

"That's right", nodded Harry, "and you guys choosing again the perfect moment to barge in on us!"

Mad-Eye was holding up his hands. "No, you don't understand. Nobody knows where you are. I want to talk to the both of you."

"What do you want, Moody?" Harry asked harshly.

"Did you attack Hogwarts this morning?" he asked.

"Yes we did," Ginny said briskly.

"Good. That is all," Moody said. "Thanks for the apple strudel and good luck to you both."

He stood up from the table and left their corner and restaurant.

"Ginny, maybe it is a good idea to leave as well, before the rest of those idiots show up here."

Ginny nodded. Harry signaled for the waiter, paid the bill and they went back to Grimmauld Place.


A/N: Beta reader for this chapter: damantaray
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