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Chapter 6

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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A/N: A close encounter in Harry's dream with a certain redhead, 'the Talk' between the two of them, shopping and Harry receives a free show in modeling lingerie, but Harry is not the only watching.

A/N: Beta reader for the story: mordechaimalachai


Harry was dreaming.

He was walking through a large boulevard. On both sides of the boulevard were tropical palm trees. He noticed many luxurious shops on his right side; on his left side was the beach.

Harry crossed the street and walked on the left side of boulevard. While he walked, he saw a beach with water as green as his eyes ... it was very busy on the white beach. Many people he did not know were having a lot of fun playing games, or simple lying on the beach to catch some sun.

The boulevard itself was utterly quiet; no cars, no people and nobody in the shops as far he could see. He continued to walk until he reached an ice cream shop. He entered the shop but nobody was there, either! Harry left the shop and looked to the beach. Among to the people on the beach, he could not find anyone who might help him. There ... someone with long brown hair was coming towards him. It was a woman, Harry realized ... he could see it on the way she walked ... lightly moving her hips, how only beautiful women could walk.

She was the only person who was walking on the pavement along the boulevard, but from the opposite direction. He could not see more details then only that she wore a long, bluish skirt ... and it was moving for Harry ... in a hypnotic way.

The dream started to resolve slowly into a large, well lit room with a king sized bed and silken sheets. It was a bit warm in the room, and Harry felt tired for whatever reason. He decided to rest a while and climbed on the huge bed. He took his shirt and trousers off, rearranged the pillows, and lay down. He was suddenly chilly in the room and crept under the silken sheets. He had never felt such soft and comfortable sheets against his skin; they were soft like the skin of a woman.

A door opened, and the woman with the long brown hair and the bluish skirt came in. She walked to the bed with a mystical smile on her face, and she looked straight at him. Now he could study her more in detail. She wore a white shirt with a lot of tiny buttons and a deep décolleté where he could see a lot of skin. Her skin had a crème taint, obviously from many hours spent in the sun. Her dress was not only blue, but also had green shades interwoven in it. She wore light sandals, and her legs were long and well formed.

Slowly she walked to the bed ... and stopped in front of him. Her hands moved to her shirt and started to unbutton the buttons. Harry's eyes went wide and he could feel a familiar heat rising from his underbody. "Yeah," he said loudly. He did not realize he spoke up loudly, and the woman's smile went wider, an amused expression on her face.

The shirt was open, and he could see that she wore a white laced bra. She slowly took of her shirt and dropped it on the ground. Her hands moved to her skirt. Her hands reached the little buttons of the skirt and undid them. She slowly moved the zipper down and the skirt dropped. She wore the smallest white skimpy g-string he ever saw. She stepped out of her skirt, and her hands moved behind her back. The bra followed her skirt and dropped on the ground.

She had small but firm breasts. She ran her hands over her breasts, teasing the nipples, giving him full view, her long hair trailing deliciously over her body, driving him mad as she wandered further down.

The woman's long brown hair changed suddenly in flaming red, and the mysterious smile changed in a familiar smile ... a beautiful smile. The blue eyes changed into brown eyes, her fair skin into skin with tiny sexy freckles and her legs became paler. He noticed that her breasts were paler; they did not have as many freckles as her face and her neck.

He suddenly realized who the person standing in all her glory in front of him had changed into. "Ginny," he yelped and he bolted from the bed, feeling shocked. "Oh Merlin, I am so dead," he said desperately. He closed his eyes firmly and held his hands in front of his face.

"I don't see anything, Gin," he said in panic. He expected every moment for her to start screaming, and for him to be cursed at least. He saw her naked! He prepared himself to bolt. The sound of amused laughter came from behind him. Harry was confused; he did not expect laughing.

"Gin, are you alright?" he asked hesitantly.

"I'm so sorry I saw you in this way. I would never take advantage of you like this."

Her laughing grew and he was more confused than ever. Why was Ginny laughing? He tightened his eyes even more.

Then he felt a small hand on his shoulder. "Turn around Harry and take your hands from your eyes; it is alright now."

Hesitating, he turned around and took his hands from his face and opened his eyes. That was indeed Ginny; she wore the skirt and had her shirt on again. He felt somewhat disappointed, because he had that amazing dream, where he almost ... he started to blush ... he could feel the heat radiating from his face and body.

"You liked what you saw, Harry?" Ginny asked him with a husky voice, watching him intently.

Harry nodded.

"Whom did you prefer, the woman or me?"

Harry's eyes bulked out of his sockets. "Who?" he said in a rough voice.

"I asked you if the woman is more beautiful then me, silly."

"Which woman?" Harry asked, astonished.

"The woman who was in your dream, before I was here."

"What dream?" an utterly confused Harry asked.

He noticed that Ginny did not close all of the buttons on the shirt, and he was fascinated by the buttons still open.

Ginny smirked. "I am sorry to interfere in your dream, Harry. I had a terrible nightmare about Tom, and I am so happy to escape the nightmare. And guess my surprise, when I find a nearly naked Harry Potter laying on a bed, looking at me like I am the last woman in the world. More so, I was even more surprised because I wear such nice and wonderful lingerie."

Ginny sat on the large bed and held out her hand. "Come and sit with me on the bed, Harry. I don't bite ... yet." She smiled her beautiful smile again and he moved to the bed and sat next to her. He had a goofy expression on his face.

"Yeah that was a real nice dream. Thank Merlin you did not come later; otherwise ..."

Ginny laughed again. "We are still dreaming, Harry."

She looked pensive for a moment. "I can understand what you are saying; I would have been in a real compromising situation, no?" Harry became red again, heat waves traveling all over his body. He realized that he was only in his boxers; he started to search franticly for his clothes, which were gone.

He tried to gain his composure again. "You really are beautiful, Gin. More beautiful than ... the other woman," he said softly, hesitating.

Ginny's smile grew immediately, and she kissed him on the cheek. "I always wanted to have such nice lingerie, but never had the money. My mother never let me have those things. She always said that my husband must take care of that, not the mother. But Hermione had nice underwear."

She suddenly frowned and turned to Harry. "How do you know about sexy underwear, Harry?"

Harry became redder then ever and murmured something under his breath.

"What was that, Har? I did not understand what you said."

"Your brother had that book from the twins," he said.

"What book was that?" Ginny asked.

"Women sexy lingerie," he mumbled.

Now Ginny was laughing aloud. "Do you want to tell me that you boys were eying girls in their underwear from a book?"

Ginny sighted and looked somewhat sad.

Harry had an idea.

"Gin, you know what? When we wake up, we are going on a shopping trip, what about that?"

Ginny's eyes lightened up immediately.

"A shopping trip? Today?"

She thought for a moment.

"Let's go on a shopping trip in muggle London. We need to buy you a lot of clothes and shoes. And maybe we can buy me trousers and a blouse?" she asked with a little voice.

"Better," Harry said. "Let us buy you the same lingerie as you wear now, and multiple sets, and a lot of nice clothes, and a watch for me and nice things for you. Let's spoil each other, what do you think?"

"Do you expect me to show you the lingerie, Harry?"

"Well, that might be very nice." Harry was blushing.

Ginny's eyes were twinkling. "I love the idea, Harry. I mean shopping. First, we need to do something for our protection. I want to have permanent runes, which will always protect us, and then we can go in the early afternoon on the shopping trip. What about that?"

Harry nodded excitedly.

Ginny put her hand on his shoulder.

"And Harry, when I would catch you in a compromising position with me in your dream like what almost happened in this one ... I would not mind. It is only a dream."

Harry's eyes widened and he started to blush again.

"But what if we ... you know ... have sex?" Harry stammered.

Ginny shook her head. "So what ... maybe we would have a good time," she said with a straight face.

"Well ... this i-is a d-dream," he said.

She looked at him with an amused expression on her face.

"Do you want to have sex with me, Mr. Potter?"

Harry had a goofy expression again on his face with his typical lopsided grin.

"Oh Harry, you're oversexed," she laughed. "I think this must happen spontaneously."

"I am spontaneous now," he said, "and I'm only sixteen ... sixteen year old boys only think about that," he said, smirking.

Ginny looked hesitant. "You know ... I like to have my first time ... at a special moment. I'm ... I'm still virgin, and when I do it, I want to do it with my husband. Do you understand, Harry?"

Harry's face looked downfallen. "But you said that you would not mind." Harry was whining ... not good.

Ginny looked at him with an unreadable expression on her face. "Listen Harry, if I would waltz in your dream when you are dreaming that we were ... you know ... having sex together ... I would not mind, and I would not be hurt or something like that. I would not have choice, and neither you.

But when I have the choice to have sex with a boy, I like to choose my moment. And even when this is a dream, it is still my first time having sex with a boy, because you are here, and you are aware, and you remember when you wake up.

This would change our relationship we have with each other, don't you think?"

Harry nodded. "You're right, it would change our relationship."

Ginny smiled sadly. "I am talking about 'a boy', but that 'boy' is you, Harry. "

She paused and looked at him with the same unreadable expression on her face.

"How do you see me, Harry? Do you see me as a friend, a best friend, a girl, or maybe more?"

Harry was considering what she said. Ron and Hermione were not here; last school year they were his best friends ... together with Ginny. Last year Ron and Hermione spent much more time together. It was clear that Ron and Hermione had something together, and he was excluded.

Then you have Ginny. He realized that she was the only person he trusted. She was the only person who was left. And he could not deny that she was beautiful and intriguing ... and sexy. But could he have something with Ginny? Did he feel something special for Ginny? Something like what he had shortly had with Cho? Could he see Ginny and himself as boy- and girlfriend?

He felt a wave of resolve filling him. He was not sure if Ginny could be his girlfriend, but there was no doubt that he cared for her as much more then a friend. He would be devastated if he lost her.

With a feeling of determination he turned to Ginny and looked her in the eye. Ginny noticed his resolution and watched him expectantly.

"I see you not as a friend, not even as a best friend, but ... how shall I say it, as more then a best friend. You are beautiful, and I saw you naked and I can't deny that I am attracted to you."

Harry smiled sweetly at her, and Ginny's heart surged.

"I realize that the only person in the world I care for is sitting right here in front of me. That is you. To answer your question: I see you as someone more than a friend ... much more.

I don't know how you feel for me, Gin. If you see me as someone more than a friend, or if you are attracted to me, or if we have a future together as couple, but I have a suggestion to make."

Ginny shifted slightly. "I'm listening, Harry."

"Let's continue to be more then friends ... and see if we are comfortable with each other, see if there is something growing between us and if there is, let it grow. As you already suggested in a way, if there is something between us, let it come naturally, and let's not force it.

Don't misunderstand me, Gin. You are very attractive and beautiful, and I can not help it that my hormones are screaming when you around me."

Harry looked thoughtful, and then smiled at her.

"You know Gin, I feel very comfortable around you. I feel that I can talk to you about anything. I love to be with you, and I would like it very much if we were to have something together, and maybe much more.

What do you think?"

Ginny shifted again on the bed. She still sat next to him, and she thought about what he said, and was pleased. That was exactly the way she liked to have it. And she was hoping that they could have something together like she had dreamt when she was small.

She moved to Harry and kissed him on the cheek.

Harry moved his hand to his cheek and looked at her in surprise. "What was that for?"

"That was because you are open, honest, and sweet. I totally agree and I would love to get to know you, too, Harry, if that is what you mean."

Harry nodded his head enthusiastically.

"Alright, let's wake up and start the day, Mr. Potter. First we are having breakfast, then we are going to see what runes we need for permanent protections, then we are going to shop for clothing and lingerie, and I show you the sexy ones. Do we have a deal for today, Mr. Potter?"

Harry hugged her. "That is a deal, Gin. You made me a happy person, thank you so much."

"No thank you Har, you make me happy too," she whispered in his ear.

None of them wanted to end the hug, so they stayed in each other's arms. Slowly they lowered themselves on the bed and relaxed, without breaking the contact.

"How do we wake up from this dream, Gin?"

"I have no idea, Har. I think we must wait until it is finished, whenever that is."

"Fine with me," Harry said with a smirk. "I love it here."

Ginny smiled, but she did not release him as well. She smiled and sighed contently.

After some minutes Harry turned his head to Ginny. Their faces were very close together. "Ginny, there is always something that I wanted to do, but I never had the courage to ask."

Ginny became curious. "A hidden fantasy ... What is it what you always wanted to do, Har?"

"Can I brush your hair?" Harry said.

"You want to brush my hair?" Ginny asked unbelievingly.

"Yes, I would love it, and we are waiting for the dream to end, so I can make the time more enjoyable. Can I, Gin?"

Ginny hesitated for a moment. "Why not ... but where can we get a brush?"

Harry held out his hand, and a brush appeared in his hand. "It's a dream, Gin. I can wish for anything we need."

He untangled himself from Ginny and stood up. A chair appeared next to him and a mirror appeared on the wall.

Ginny smiled, stood up as well, and sat down in her chair. Harry took the brush and started to brush Ginny's long hair. "Your hair is so beautiful, soft and silky ... it is a piece of art," he said softly. With long strokes he carefully brushed her hair, while Ginny sighed contently and closed her eyes.


"You like it?"

"Mmmmm hmmummm"


Harry woke up in his bed at Grimmauld Place with a contented smile on his face. He felt refreshed, and in a very good mood.

"That was the most amazing dream I ever had in my life, and I loved every second of it," he said to the walls. The door opened and a happy Ginny came in, already fully dressed.

"Come on happy person, stop talking to the walls and have breakfast with me; we have a busy schedule, and I don't want to miss the shopping trip, the dream of every girl," she laughed. She grabbed his hand and moved him to the bathroom.

"Brush your teeth and take a shower, I will make the breakfast today, you can make it the rest of the week."

Ginny pushed him into the bathroom and laughed ... she left the room to go to the kitchen to make breakfast.


"Aw, that hurts," Harry whined.

"That's supposed to hurt, Harry. Don't be such a big baby, it is only a small tattoo, and that rune needs to be tattooed as well, according this book." Ginny continued to use her wand to make a small tattoo on his upper arm. After ten minutes of torture for poor Harry, all runes were tattooed on his arms, legs, and backsides.

"Let's test it," Ginny said. She pointed her wand to Harry. "Stupefy" she yelled. A red beam came from her wand and traveled quickly to Harry, where the red beam was dispelled. "Good, it works with stupefy ... I hate to test the rest of the spells on you, Harry. Let's assume that we are protected from all minor and many major hexes and curses."

Harry sniffed. "How could you bare the pain, Gin? Those runes hurt a lot!"

Ginny smirked. "I am a woman, and we can handle pain much better then you men," she answered.

Harry put his shirt on. "Are you ready for the shopping spree?"

"Oh yeah, I'm ready as never before. Let's go."

The couple drew their invisibility runes, and they exited the house. They traveled several blocks downtown, canceled the rune, and caught a taxi. They traveled near the Leaky Cauldron, paid, and went into Diagon Alley and entered Gringotts. They collected a lot of Galleons and changed it for muggle money.

Harry and Ginny left the bank with 9,000 pound. "That's enough for shopping," Harry said. Ginny had no idea, but followed him into muggle London.


Five hours later, Ginny and Harry came out of a flashy women's clothing shop. Harry was carrying a lot of bags and looked exhausted, while Ginny was having the time of her life. "Oh, that is so exciting, Harry. Did you see all those low-cut jeans?"

Harry was looking at her, and involuntarily his view dropped to her attractive hips, where she was wearing one of those low-cut jeans.

"Yeah," he said goofily. "Those things are amazing," not able to look anywhere else then the jeans. "Those jeans on such hips would be able to wake up the dead!"

Ginny laughed and hit him softly on his shoulders. "Eh horny one, I am right here" and she pointed to her face.

Harry stirred for a moment, became instantly bright red in the face, and looked her fixedly in the eyes. "Oh, right ... sorry about that," he said.

Ginny smiled. "That's alright, Harry. As long as you only look at me like that, then it's alright with me.

Let's see what is left. We already have clothing for you, and we did shopping for me, we have both shoes, and what is left?" She pretended to think deeply, while looking at Harry in the corner of her eyes.

Harry's face lit up and looked hopefully to her. "The shop with the underwear," he whispered.

"That is right, the lingerie shop. I saw one further down the street, let's go."

The couple hurried down the street until they reached the lingerie shop. They both entered, and Harry almost fainted. Everywhere he saw underwear, bras, and other things which looked plushy, fluffy, silky, and ... erotic.

Harry's face flushed, and an understanding shop girl approached the pair. "Can I help you?" she asked politely, looking questionably at Ginny.

Ginny grinned, and pointed at Harry. "He needs a chair." The girl nodded, disappeared in a large closet, and came back with a chair. Harry sat immediately, and Ginny walked happily though the shop.

After some time Ginny came back with a hand full of lace underwear, French knickers, and some other lingerie. "Come on Harry, you wanted to see, so hurry up." She walked to the dressing rooms at the backside of the shop and Harry hurried to follow her.

Ginny disappeared behind a curtain, and Harry waited for her to finish. There was a fat woman standing in front of two other cabins with closed curtains who was eying him suspiciously.

"Harry," Ginny whispered.

"I'm here, Gin," Harry whispered back.

"Come and see for yourself," she whispered.

Harry approached the curtain, moved it partly aside, and looked. He stopped breathing, and his eyes were almost popped out of his sockets. "Oh my, that looks fantastic," he said, astonished.

Harry returned to his chair, looking dazed and stupefied. He picked up the chair and walked to the dressing rooms, placed the chair in front of Ginny's curtain, and sat down.

One and half hours later they exited the shop. A goofy looking, bewildered Harry was carrying an extra bag with the lingerie and walked straight into sneering Severus Snape. Ginny, who was more alert, kicked Snape straight between his legs and the man went down; his face instantly became blue, and he gasped for air.

Instantly, spells were flying towards the couple. Ginny dropped immediately to the ground with her wand in her hand, ready for anything, while goofy Harry was still looking blissfully bewildered, unaware of everything that was going on around him.

"Harry, get down you dolt!" Ginny screamed.

Harry looked around him, and saw beams of spells traveling towards him. Harry reacted immediately; his instincts, like Ginny's, were perfectly. He dropped immediately to the ground, and red, blue, yellow, and white beams continued to travel over him. Some spells hit him square on his head and chest, but were immediately neutralized ... no effects on Harry, who was pulling his wand. Thank Merlin for Ginny's tattooed runes.

Ginny in the mean time was drawing a rune in front of their attackers ... a greenish shield appeared, covering the both of them. The beams of spells exploded on the shield with a lot of noise and colors.

It was clear to Ginny that the attackers were not Death Eaters, but members of the Order of Phoenix and Aurors. The Order members were wearing blue cloaks and the Aurors were simply recognizable in their red cloaks. Ginny could recognize several of her brothers and her mother. She also saw professor Dumbledore, who was giving instructions.

Harry and Ginny looked briefly at each other and nodded. They started to draw large runes in the air in golden colors, where they stayed visible for several seconds, before dissolving.

The effects of the runes were spectacular. Bright beams in the colors of the rainbow appeared at the place where the runes were drawn and traveled to all directions except backward, where Ginny and Harry were waiting.

Immediately scores of their attackers went down. Ginny saw her mother and all of her brothers go down, as well most of the Aurors. The only ones who were still standing were professor Dumbledore, Filius Flitwick, Hagrid, Remus Lupin, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Tonks.

Dumbledore drew a strong shield around him, and started to speak. "Harry and Ginny, give your self up, you don't have a chance against us," he said with a regal voice.

Harry grinned, but said nothing, and he winked at Tonks. Then he turned to Ginny and kissed her on her cheek. Ginny became instantly red, touched her cheek, and grinned happily as well.

Tonks was amazed. It was very clear that those two had something together.

Suddenly she saw Ginny taking her wand and started to draw a rune in the air. All order members conscious became immediately weary, and Dumbledore started to fire several heavy curses towards the duo.

The first Reducto curse bounced from the shield, the second Reducto, more intense in color, traveled to the shield and exploded in a profusion of colors.

Ginny was ready to draw the second rune, and she started with the largest rune of the rune set. Dumbledore fired two Reducto Radix curses towards the shields that exploded with a lot of noise and a flash of purple light.

Tonks knew that the Reducto Radix curse was extreme strong and destructive. When it hits, the victim ceases to exist, and no body parts would survive the impact.

Dumbledore now fired huge purple fireballs towards the shield, which exploded as well.

Now it was clear that the shield was slowly breaking: hairlines appeared around the shield, and static electricity was everywhere ... the air smelt like ozone.

Ginny was now ready with her three runes. She was now binding the runes together. Lines of golden light started to connect the runes, and the air around the shield started to vibrate noticeably.

Harry spoke up. "Dumbledore, you old fuck'n coot ... give up, you don't have a bloody chance against us."

Dumbledore frowned and with renewed energy he fired the next set of curses off to Harry and Ginny. He used the Reducto Radix curse again, except three of them. Dumbledore was not the greatest wizard in the world for nothing, nobody else would be able to fire three curses within a second.

Ginny and Harry were only students, and not very gifted with magic, except that they knew runes magic, which no one else knew, and they knew Parseltongue, which only Voldemort could understand. And there was a world full of Parseltongue magic.

At the moment the spells hit the shield, they were bounced back with double intensity. Dumbledore's eye widened and he was barely able to jump out of the way of the fast traveling beams.

From that moment, any spell which was fired on the shield was bounced back to the caster. Filius Flitwick, Hagrid, Remus Lupin, and Kingsley Shacklebolt went down because of their own curses, and only Dumbledore and Tonks stayed on their feet.

"Do you yield?" Harry yelled to Dumbledore and Tonks.

Dumbledore was perplexed. That was exactly the text in the great hall in Hogwarts after it was attacked.

"What do you know about the attack on Hogwarts, Harry?"

"What do you think ... you dunk!" Ginny screamed. "Go to hell!"

Ginny fired a curse to Dumbledore ... "Assssstooooortsssssssssss psssiiiiiiii iiji iiit iitr etss ssr ssss"

Dumbledore was thrown high into the air, and his wand flew out of his hand. Harry moved his wand towards the headmaster and navigated the unconscious old man back to the ground. The only one who was left was Tonks.

"What do you want, Tonks?" Ginny yelled fiercely.

Tonks looked to the couple. "I think you need someone who is intermediating between you and the Order, and maybe the ministry. I want to be the mediator."

Harry looked thoughtfully for a moment and nodded. "We will contact you soon," he said. Both youngsters drew a rune in the air and they disappeared.


A/N: Next chapter we have: Goblins will advise, and a visit from Tonks

A/N: For all those who want to send me flames about the (not-existing) shopping scene, this announcement: I hate shopping in my core, and I tried to write it, but alas ... Except for the lingerie shopping, that really happened to me once when I was young, tralala. Details will not be given, not even in a private email.

A/N: Beta reader for the story: mordechaimalachai
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