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Chapter 7

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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A/N: Goblins will advice and a visit of Tonks

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"I've been thinking, Gin. When we go out in public, we need someone who is able to guard us, like the order did for me, only more professionally."

Ginny looked at him. "Why?"

"When someone will discover us in the outside, and the Order or Death Eaters will attack us, we need ways to defend our selves. Rune magic is nice, but not reliable when we get attacked by surprise ... Parseltongue magic is powerful, but it doesn't have spells we can used for such situations as well. When we have people around us who are guarding us, then no one and nothing can hurt or surprise us."

Ginny frowned. "I thought you hated guards. How about the ones who were following you?"

"Yeah, but now you're with me, and I have someone to live for, which I never had before. Everything is changed now and I want to keep it that way."

Ginny blushed, and looked pleased. "Someone ... you mean you have me to live for? But Harry, why me? I am only Ginny, the red headed girl."

"Because I am rather fond of you ... I depend on you ... I trust you ... when you're not here, I have no idea what to do with myself."

Ginny nodded thoughtfully and decided to change the subject and think about it later.

"Where would you get guards?"

Harry smiled mystically. "We'd have to get guards from the muggle world. The only thing is that I need to find them."

Ginny frowned. "How would you find them, Harry?"

Harry was grinning. "Gringotts of cause ... for a certain amount of Galleons they'll supply me that information."

"They know of such muggles?" Ginny asked surprised.

"Yes, I think so, or they could give me the names of people who know.

"But there is another thing I'm worried about. And that is the Fidelius Charm from Dumbledore. He is the Secret-Keeper of the charm, and that means that he could remove you and me from the charm. If we are outside, and we want to try to get in the house, we wouldn't be able to find it. In this way he has power over us.

And the strange thing is that he hasn't done it yet. That's what worries me."

"And what are we going to do when he removes us from the Fidelius Charm, Harry?" Ginny looked scared. "I don't want to go back to my parents!"

Harry looked pensive. "In that case, we'll go hide in the muggle world." He smiled at Ginny. "I don't leave you alone. We'll stay together."

Ginny smiled hesitatingly back.

"The prophecy states that I need to kill Voldemort. I have something that Voldemort doesn't know about and with that I can kill him. But, I don't know what I have, and I think we need to ask Gringotts for help in this as well.

"About the Fidelius Charm; I want Gringotts' help as well. They have the best curse breakers in the world, including your brother, Gin."


"The Account Manager Warlike is here to see you, Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley," the Goblin said.

He bowed shortly to Harry and Ginny and held open a large, wooden door. Behind the door they could see a large spacious office with only one large desk, five chairs and a regal looking Goblin sitting behind his desk.

Harry and Ginny entered the office, and walked to the desk. The Goblin was watching the couple, but said nothing.

"Good evening, Account Manager Warlike," Harry said and bowed. "We come here for business, which might interest you."

Warlike looked at Harry without any interest. "And what business can you offer me, wizard? I am only interested in business, which will result in profit." Warlike voice was deep and resonant.

"How much does it cost to hire a Goblin adviser?" Harry asked.

Warlike was studying him for a short moment. He knew who this wizard was, it was Harry Potter. Potter's mate was the daughter of Arthur Weasley, a low-level employee at the Ministry, who went missing, presumably kidnapped.

"Why would we allow you to rent one of our advisers?"

"Because it is money you earn," Harry answered with a straight face.

"No wizard hired a Goblin since 800 years ago."

"Things have changed. I want to hire a Goblin for some advice."

Warlike showed a gruesome grin and barked snorted shortly. "For me, it is more profitable to deliver young Ms. Weasley to her father and you to the ministry, Mr. Potter."

Harry was instantly on edge. "Do you earn money by delivering us to the wizards?"

"Of course, Mr. Potter ... the Ministry offered ten thousand Galleons award for the arrest of a certain Harry Potter and Ginerva Weasley. And guess, here they sit in front of me, like a gift presented on a golden plate. What would you do in my place?"

Warlike was intently waiting for the reaction of the couple.

Behind Harry and Ginny, ten Goblin Warriors entered the room and stood at attention.

Harry thoughts whirled through his head. He was not panicking ... yet. He did not understand why Warlike was betraying him and Ginny ... unless he wanted to talk about the price. Harry relaxed instantly in his chair, but he felt his hair in the back of his neck rising.

"I'll pay thousand Galleons a day for a Goblin adviser, and I need the team minimum for two weeks," Harry said with a devious smile.

Warlike returned the smile ... his mouth showed all its yellow teeth and slowly he nodded his head.

"I can make the Ministry pay me more for less work and less Goblins," Warlike said.

Harry was smirking. "Eleven hundred Galleons a day," he said.

"Fifteen hundred," Warlike smirked.

"Twelve hundred Galleons and that is my final offer."

Not one sound was heard in the office ... Harry was looking at Warlike, but he said nothing. The only thing what Warlike did was look at Harry. After some minutes staring at each other, Warlike agreed.

"It's a deal," Warlike smirked. "It'll cost you twelve hundred Galleons.

"I want that you sign this transfer draft of 19,500 Galleons immediately," Warlike said with a big grin.

"Mr. Warlike, the money is 16,800 Galleons, not 19,500."

Warlike smirked. "16,800 Galleons it is," he said.

Harry signed the paper for the money transfer.

Warlike stood up and walked to the door and he turned to the couple. "A goblin with the name Ba'ar will collect you. I assume that you want to start immediately?"


Ba'ar was sitting behind his desk in a small room. The room could not be called an office, because it was too small for that. Harry and Ginny were sitting in chairs in front of the desk, looking at the small Goblin.

Ba'ar was much smaller then all Goblins they have ever seen. A normal Goblin never moved fast ... they moved in a calculated way, also very softly ... almost impossible to hear.

Ba'ar was totally different. The small Goblin moved fast ... that was also different. And the small Goblin was laughing. Harry and Ginny never heard a Goblin laugh. The thing what Harry liked the most about Ba'ar, he was direct.

"Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley, you have hired me for fourteen days and I am at your service. Please state what you want," Ba'ar stated formally.

Harry nodded and smiled reassuringly to Ginny.

"You know who I am. My name is Harry Potter, and I wondered if I have any special magical abilities. Is it possible Ba'ar, to determine what abilities I have?"

Ba'ar nodded immediately. "If you want, I can cast a spell on you. This produces a report on this enhanced parchment that will display your abilities." He held a blank parchment up to see.

"Yes please," Harry said excited.

"Me too," Ginny said.

The Goblin stood from his chair, walked around his desk, and approached Harry. He waved his hands over Harry. Harry had a weird feeling pass over him, like a cold wind blowing.

Ba'ar took the parchment and looked briefly, went back to his chair and started to explain.

"Your Magical Quotient is 136. The average MQ is 100, the maximum MQ ever measured is 298, that was Merlin and the highest in the world at this moment is the headmaster of Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore with a MQ of 196.

"You have the ability of speaking and understanding Parseltongue, but you have limited abilities for healing."

"That's it?" Harry said flabbergasted.

"Yes, that is all. If you would have any major magical abilities, this parchment would show."

He turned to Ginny.

"Ms. Weasley, you want to try?"

Ginny nodded. Ba'ar repeated the action, but with a new parchment.

"You, Ms. Weasley have a MQ of 136 as well, speaking and understanding Parseltongue, transfigurations and potions.

"Ms. Weasley, you need to understand that you have the ability to excel in those subjects."

Harry and Ginny were looking at the Goblin astonished.

Harry did not understand what made him so special to be named in the Prophecy. He had no special gifts, was not magically strong, and did not have any exciting abilities.

Ginny was surprised, because she would never dream to have those abilities as the Goblin mentioned before.

Harry decided to think about it later, but there were two things very important.

"Ba'ar, I have a problem. We are living in a house under the Fidelius Charm, and the Secret Keeper is someone else. Is it possible to break the charm?"

"Of course it's possible to break the charm, Mr. Potter ... except that it will take several years to be able to accomplish that if you try to break the charm from the outside. If we are able to work from the inside of the Fidelius Charm, then it will take only minutes before the charm is removed."

"Is it possible to setup a new Fidelius Charm with me as Secret Keeper?" Harry asked anxious.

"Yes Mr. Potter, it is possible to creature a new Fidelius Charm for you, but it will cost 1,200 Galleons. Also you need to bring our personnel inside the house under the Fidelius Charm. We will supply you with a special type of Portkey, which will lead to your location so that one of our Goblin specialists will come to your house.

"You want to have the Fidelius Charm removed?"

"Yes, I want that charm removed as fast as possible," Harry said.

"In that case you need to agree on the price," Ba'ar said satisfied.

Harry nodded.

Ba'ar took something from a draw in his desk and gave it to Harry. "Go now to the location with this piece of paper. When you have arrived in the house, tab three times with your wand, and I am coming to you via that the activated Portkey. I'll remove the current Fidelius Charm and setup a new one with you as the Secret Keeper."

Harry stood up immediately, but hesitated shortly. "But I have more things to discuss." He looked to the small Goblin, who was smiling.

"We continue our session in your house, Mr. Potter. Is that acceptable for you?"

Harry and Ginny smiled. That would be perfect," he said.

Harry and Ginny returned to Grimmauld Place and tapped three times with Harry's wand on Ba'ar's parchment.

The paper burst into flames and Ba'ar appeared, standing on the place where the burning paper fell.

"Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley," the small Goblin said with a small bow. "Let me start with removing the charm." He started to cast several long incantations under his breath, whole the time holding out his hands. Suddenly he shuddered and walked towards the dungeons of the Grimmauld Place. After five minutes he came back looking smug.

"Look what is going to happen," he said and waved one final time his hands sideward. Harry could feel a shudder in his neck, and his fingers were throbbing. "What is that? He said surprised.

"The Fidelius Charm is now removed," Ba'ar said. "Now I will build the new one for you, Mr. Potter. All the persons who were allowed access through the old Fidelius Charm will feel the same as you. I can imagine that they are alerted that you removed the charm."

Ba'ar went immediately to work. After an hour, Harry and Ginny heard someone knocking on the front door. "Oops, I assume that is the Order. Let's wait until they try to blast their way into the house," Harry said with a big smirk on his face.

Indeed, after a minute of frantic knocking on the door, they could hear an incantation from the outside. The front door was hit by a spell, and immediately the spell was rebounded.

Then there was silence outside, which was broken after some minutes by the expected spell. This spell crashed in the front door, but bounced again. But the front door was clearly damaged ... a big crack appeared in the door.

Ba'ar came into the hallway with a piece of paper. "Please Mr. Potter, read this paper, and you will be the Secret Keeper and the charm will be activated.

Harry read the paper.

"12 Grimmauld Place is hidden.

Harry James Potter is the Secret Keeper."

He immediately felt a shudder. The charm is activated! He could imagine the faces of the people outside Grimmauld Place. They would see the house in front of them disappear. Ha, ha!

Harry turned Ba'ar's parchment around and wrote quickly the address of Grimmauld Place. He gave it to a startled Ginny, who read the paper and immediately the expression on her pretty face cleared.

Harry showed the paper to Ba'ar, who could see the hallway again.

"Great, Mr. Potter, and Ms. Weasley ... you are now hidden from sight. Any more I can do for you?"

Harry, Ginny, and Ba'ar walked to the drawing room and sat down.

"Yes Ba'ar, there is something what you can do or at least advise me on."

Ba'ar looked at him expectantly. "Yes, Mr. Potter. What I can advise you on?"

"I need body guards."

Ba'ar looked pensive. "Are the body guards for you alone or for Ms. Weasley as well? Is it for you both or for you separated?"

"The bodyguards are for both of us ... together," Harry said.

Ba'ar nodded. "I know the right company for you, Mr. Potter. They are muggles though. Is that a problem?"

"No Ba'ar, no problem at all."

"We as Goblins are using the services of our own security specialists. But for the security of non-Goblins, we reply on freelancers and in the muggle world we rely only on one specific muggle company with the name 'Delta'. This company is mainly owned by Gringotts and they are the best in the field. They supply security personnel and training to most of the security companies in the muggle world.

Ba'ar took a new parchment from his pockets and wrote a letter. "This letter states the address of the company, and I wrote that you are referred by Gringotts."

Ba'ar gave the letter to Harry.

"Is there anything else, Mr. Potter?"

"Yes Ba'ar, there is. I need the following being arranged for me.

"I want to have a will, and I wish only Ginerva Molly Weasley to receive everything if I die.

"Then I want you to talk to Ginny about her will.

"I also want to have a total summary of all the vaults I have.

"Do you know if the Potter's family had a manor?"

Ba'ar nodded. "I know that the Potter family had a family manor, but that one was sold by your headmaster Dumbledore fifteen years ago."

"What! Did he sell the Potter's family manor? Why?"

"That I don't know, Mr. Potter. But according your file, Dumbledore sold all Potter's properties that time."

"Do you know what happened with the money earned from the sales?"

"No, I do not know. That information will be in the summary you asked me to make."

"When do you think do you have the summary for me and when will the will be ready?"

"The 'Last Will' will be ready tomorrow, but the summary takes longer to complete. The summary will be ready after a week.

Ba'ar turned to Ginny.

"Ms. Weasley, who do you like to have in your Will?"

"Harry James Potter," she replied with a straight face.

"But Ginny, I do ..."


She looked suddenly furious. "You put me in your Last Will, but I said nothing, because I understand you. But I have the right to do the same! And this is the document, which describes my Last Will, so I have the right to decide what I want."

Ba'ar grinned. "Ms. Weasley, in case something happens with Mr. Potter, your parents will maintain what you inherit in that case. Only when you are adult according the Law you can decide what you want.

"In case you die before you are adult, Mr. Potter will inherit nothing. But when you are an adult according the law, Mr. Potter will inherit everything you own.

"In case both of you die; you need to assign someone who might receive what you have. What person might that be?"

Harry and Ginny were thinking.

Harry's face cleared up. "I know. That would be Gringotts."

Ginny grinned. "I agree, Gringotts it is."

Ba'ar, the smallest Goblin looked unbelievingly to the couple, but said nothing.

"Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley, if you excuse me, I am going to work on your Last Wills and the summaries of your vaults. If there is nothing else, then I leave to Gringotts."

Both youngsters nodded and gave a hand to Ba'ar.

"We will contact you tomorrow or later this week to see if everything is alright and to sign the Last Wills. Is that alright with you, Ba'ar?"

"Yes, that is fine. Good day to you."

Ba'ar took something from his pocket and disappeared with a loud pop ... he had portkey-ed away to Gringotts.


Nymphadora Tonks was waiting in an alcove next to the newspaper kiosk, as the message had indicated. It was delivered to her an hour ago.

She finished her shift in the ministry two hours ago, and wanted nothing else then to take a hot bath and to sleep. The work today at the ministry was terrible and frustrated. She was assigned to two other aurors and their assignment was hunting down teenagers who were pulling pranks.

When she was filling the tub with hot water, and started to undress, the Harry's white owl flew in and landed on her shoulder. She took the parchment from her talons and had read the note.


You want to be a mediator?

Come to the Basking Street at 7:13pm in the alcove next to the newspaper kiosk. Don't be seen and let nobody follow you.


And here she was, waiting for Harry. Suddenly a figure appeared out of the thin air ... Harry Potter stood in front of her, and she had noticed nothing! She as an Auror and was supposed to notice these things. What would Moody say if he found out?

Harry Potter looked better then he ever did. He was not looking healthier, but more confident and at ease. His lopsided smile did help a lot.

"Do you want to go with me, Tonks?" Harry asked grinning.

"Where do we go, Harry?" Tonks answered his question warily.

"We are going to the house of the Blacks, where else?" Harry laughed.

"Ok, what shall I do?" Tonks asked unsure what was coming next.

"Nothing," Harry said. I place a rune on your head to make you truly invisible and we walk. Is that alright?"

She nodded, not daring to speak or to move.

"Harry pointed his hand to her and a silver rune appeared above her head. She did not notice a thing.

Tonks was waiting. "Are you done? When do I become invisible?"

Harry laughed again. "You are now invisible, nobody can see then only I, because I casted the rune. Let's go."

Harry and Tonks walked to the Grimmauld Place, passed Dunk, Harry showed her a piece of paper, which she read, and entered the house. Tonks was welcomed by Ginny and they were in the kitchen.

"Well Harry, what can I do for you?" Tonks asked.

"Well Tonks ... Ginny, and I want to be left alone. No interference from the Order and no interference from Dumbledore."

"And I don't want interference from my parents," Ginny said.

Tonks looked at the youngsters, who were slightly leaning towards each other. "That is a problem, Ginny, because you are underaged and you need to do what your parents tell you to da, especially when they want you at home."

She turned to Harry.

"And you have a problem as well, because I understand that Sirius was your guardian ... and now he is gone. The next guardian is Dumbledore. You both are young, and both of you are legally in trouble."

"That is not totally true," Harry said. "Sirius arranged my emancipation papers in case of his death, together everything what he owned.

"This is of course different for Ginny, but as long as she wants to stay with me, she stays here under my protection."

Tonks nodded. "That might be true, but legally you have a problem. If you and Ginny ever come to the public, you are going to have problems with that. Keep that in mind. Personally, I think that you two look cute together, and I am the last person who has a problem with that."

Harry and Ginny smiled widely. "Great Tonks thanks."

"What I can do for you with Dumbledore is talk to him. I can tell him what you have told me, and see what he says. But I don't expect to see any change in his behavior; he might use me to lead you into a trap or something like that. So please be aware of what is going to come."

"I understand, Tonks. I appreciate your honesty."

Tonks smiled as well. "Please tell me, what did you do with me at the Basking Street?"

"Harry used a rune to make you invisible," Ginny replied Tonks question.

"How do you know that rune?" Tonks asked.

"Harry found the last books about runes in his Potter's vault and here in the Black's library we found some books about runes as well.

"The books from the Black's library aren't so good, because they only describe the runes, not how to draw them. The only books which contain that information is the books from Harry.

"Harry and I started to study rune magic here; we also studied Parseltongue magic, and now we have something what others do not know."

"Isn't Parseltongue dark magic?" Tonks asked.

"I have no idea, Tonks," Harry answered now, giving an annoyed look to Ginny, who just shrugged. "I don't think it is dark magic, it is simply magic."

Tonks nodded thoughtfully.

"How did you remove the Fidelius Charm and create a new one?" Tonks asked.

Harry laughed. "That is courtesy of a good friend of us. I won't say more about that. Was Dumbledore surprised?"

Tonks laughed. "Surprised is an understatement. When the Fidelius Charm was removed, Dumbledore fell from his chair in surprise. He immediately travelled to Grimmauld Place with Moody and Snape and they discovered the house clearly visible. Dumbledore was very upset to see the house, and he had no control over it anymore.

Then Dumbledore tried to contact you by knocking on the door, but nobody reacted or answered. Then Snape fired a Reducto to the door, and the curse got bounced back to him. He was heavenly wounded in his shoulder, and needed treatment ... poor Madam Pomfrey.

Then Dumbledore fired a curse to the door, and bounced, but he was prepared. He repeated the curse again, but with more power ... and suddenly the curse did not find any door anymore ... the house was disappeared again in front of his nose. That was extremely funny," laughed Tonks.

"What did Dumbledore say about the attack on the school?" Ginny asked.

"You were responsible for that attack?" Tonks screamed astonished.

"Yes?" Harry answered hesitating.

"And?" Ginny asked with a smirk.

"Well ... Hogwarts is heavily damaged and they are still busy to repair it. The school won't be opened at the first of September, but one month later."

Ginny looked stunned to Harry.

Harry was totally shocked. "How is that possible?"

Tonks shrugged her shoulders. "It was a heavy attack, so what do you expect?"

"But those attacks were performed by training images, Tonks. Wasn't Dumbledore intelligent enough to recognize those?"

Tonks smirked. "Not totally, because after the destruction, our Mad-Eye Moody told Dumbledore that he was stupid, because only Moody did recognize the simulations. But he was the only one who recognized what they were, nobody else."

Tonks looked at her watch. "I need to go, guys. Let me out and I will report to Dumbledore and tell him what you told me."

Tonks left the house and Harry came back and joined Ginny on the sofa.


A/N: Next chapter we have new dreams and a close encounter with each other. Then the couple hires professionals.

A/N: Beta: damantaray
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