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Ch 7

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poor patrick

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"I think they're gone." Patrick whispered, peeking out the window. I laughed rather loudly, and Pete silenced me with a look.

"What? They can't hear me." I complained.

He smiled, and then mouthed "I forgot."

Patrick slowly opened the door, and cautiously stepped outside. Before he had a chance to breath Andy and Joe pounced on him, knocking him back into the room.

Pete started laughing, as did I.

I stopped though, when the 3 boys fell on the bed. Right on top of me.

"Holy fuck! It's cold in here!" Joe yelled, holding Patrick down with his hands. I laughed and walked through them over to Pete.

Patrick was screaming and Andy and Joe were unbuttoning their pants.

I suddenly did NOT want to find out what they did to Patrick, so I ran over to help. Pete tried to grab my hand to stop me, but he went straight through.

I laughed when I was standing right behind the two torturers, and I put my hand through their um... butts, I laughed harder.

They both howled and jumped off of Patrick, then ran over to Pete. They were rubbing their manly (well, maybe un manly, I didn't really know) parts, their faces both in shock.

"Dude, what the fuck was that?" Andy yelled.

Pete eyes were wide as he looked me. I didn't really care though, I was laughing hard, along with Patrick, who knew what had happened.

"Patrick, that is so not funny. Did you cast a spell on us or something?" Joe asked only half joking. I noticed his lisp. It was cute. And incredibly funny at the time.

Patrick shook his head still laughing.

The two now victims turned to Pete. "Any explanation to the uncomfortable freeze out to our ball sacks?" Andy asked.

Instead of playing it cool, Pete slightly panicked. He was looking at me with a kind of disbelieving look on his face.

"Go on, tell 'em," I said.

Pete sighed. "Well, yes actually. But you won't believe me."

"Try me." Joe said, still rubbing himself with a not-so-pretty look on his face.

"Well, there's this girl and um... she's kind of a ghost." Pete tried explaining. "And she's sitting on the bed laughing at you right now."

Andy and Joe looked at the bed, and then at each other.

Andy sighed. "Pete, I think you took too many pills today, son."

"Nah, it's true" Patrick suddenly said. "She picked up my hat."

Joe rolled his eyes. "How magical."

"No, seriously..." Patrick tried, but Andy and Joe laughed.

"Told you that you wouldn't believe me." Pete mumbled.

"It's ok Pete, there are doctors for these kinds of things..." Joe joked, causing him and Andy to laugh.

I glared at them. Hell no, they are not going to be mean to Pete Wentz.

I got up and walked over to them, thinking about what I was going to do, and then concentrating, hard. I knew I was going to hurt afterwards, but I had to do this for Pete.

So, while Andy was still laughing, I reached up and pulled his glasses off, then put them on Joe.

They went dead quiet.

"That was weird." Andy said, scratching his head..

"Really. How the hell did your glasses get on me?" Joe asked.

I sighed and pulled them off of Joe, then put them on me. But they slid down my nose.

"Pete, Andy has a big head." I whined.

Pete laughed. "Andy, she says you have a big head."

Andy smirked. Although he was freaked out, he still had to be perverted. "That's what all the girls say."

"Tell him by what I just felt, he can keep dreaming." I added, dancing around in the glasses. I of course, didn't feel him at all, but hey, if he wanted to joke, then I could too.

"She said by what she just felt, you know, when she was giving you a chill, you can keep dreaming." Pete passed on the message with a smirk.

Joe snorted. "Put in your place by a ghost chick!"

"So you believe me?" Pete asked desperately.

Andy and Joe shook their heads. "No. But yes." Joe said, confusing the hell outta me.

Pete rolled his eyes. "At least I got you halfway there."

I pulled off the glasses and placed them back on Andy's head before going and sitting on the bed, a little out of breath.

"Well, we're gonna jet. Talk to you guys later." Joe suddenly chirped, and with that him and Andy left.

Patrick stood up. I guess since they're leaving then I'll be safe. Thanks Pete. And Brailly." He added shyly.

I smiled and waved, but then remembered he couldn't see me.

Pete laughed. "She smiled and waved."

Patrick smiled. "Bye." And with that he went out of the door.

"Aw, Patrick is sweet." I commented, laying down on the bed.

Pete smiled. "Yeah, he is."

He made his way over and laid down beside me, causing a sudden rush to overcome my... well, body.

"Thanks for helping him out." He said.

"Even though you didn't want me to? No problem." I replied with a grin. I then sat up, dangling my feet off the bed. Pete copied my motions.

"So this is the life of a rock star? Seems pretty, I dunno. Not what I expected." I said, looking at the floor.

Pete chuckled. "This is one of our few days off. Tomorrow we have to go into the studio and work on the new album."

I nodded. "I was looking forward to that. The new album."

He smiled, but didn't say anything. I continued to look at the floor.

I felt him move, and blinked when his hand was placed softly on top of mine, not going through it.

I really didn't understand this whole touching this. But at the moment, I was glad he was able to.

I looked up into his eyes with a slight smile. He laced his fingers through mine before moving closer and cupping my chin in his other hand.

He then leaned forward and placed a sweet, gentle kiss on my lips. A tingling ran through my entire body as I closed my eyes, enjoying his touch.

"For someone who makes me feel cold, you have the warmest lips." He whispered. I smiled.

Then of course the moment had to be ruined. His hand slipped through mine onto the bed, and his moment of touching was over.

He looked down at our hands and sighed.

"Well, that sucks." I said, repeating an earlier awkward silence breaker. (and another gay baby was born... :])

"Yeah." He replied with a smile.

I looked at the floor, slightly pissed that I wasn't solid. But hey, if I hadn't of killed myself, then I would never have met him anyway.

But this still sucks ass.


Thanks everyone for the reviews! So now you can tell things are starting to warm up. I think it's funny how many people are telling me they wish they could die. Don't say that at school, now, they'll send you to a counselor.... :]
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