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Ch 8

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"So what am I supposed to do while you sleep?" I asked as Pete turned down the covers on his bed.

He shrugged. "Watch TV?"

I gave him a look that said quite plainly I'd rather shoot myself... wait. Ok can't do that. A look that said I'd rather kill myself again that do that.

He laughed. "I dunno. You could sit and close your eyes and maybe just think?"

I raised an eyebrow.

"Ok I don't know. Do whatever." He said, and with that he stripped down to his boxers right in front of me. I blushed, and he noticed.

"Don't get any ideas there." He said with a wink and a gorgeous smile.

"I wasn't." I replied with a laugh as he turned off the lights.

He crawled into bed and pulled the covers over him. I sighed, and then decided to chance it by crawling under the covers with him.

Please let me touch him, please let me touch him...


I laid beside him and snuggled into his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around me. I then draped my arm over his stomach.

"How long do you think this will last?" He asked.

"Probably not very long." I replied, closing my eyes and feeling extremely comfortable.

Pete smiled and closed his eyes as well.

After a while his breathing slowed, and before long he was asleep. I looked up at his face as he breathed.

He looked pretty damn cute when he was sleeping, if I say so myself.

I smiled, thinking about how lucky I was to be here... oh shit.

I suddenly slid through his body and he woke with a start.

"Fuck, Brailly!" He exclaimed, nearly jumping out of his skin.

I laughed. "My bad, man. Didn't mean to wake you." I said coolly, trying to hide my embarrassment.

"That's alright, you just scared the shit outta me is all." He said.

"Sorry." I muttered. I then turned over and curled up in a little ball away from Pete, slightly sniffing.

I didn't want to cry. But this was really sucky. I wanted to be able to touch him all the time, not just on certain occasions. I mean, yeah, I was lucky to be able to touch him at all, but this was killing me... haha. No pun intended.

"Brailly?" Came Pete's voice.

"Yeah?" I mumbled in response.

He sighed. "Don't work yourself up over it, ok? At least you can touch me sometimes. It's better than not at all."

Wow. This guy can read me like a book.

"Mmk." I replied, closing my eyes.

Soon Pete's breathing slowed again and he fell asleep. I just sat there listening to him inhale, then exhale. Over and over. And I found I actually missed it. Breathing. Sleeping. Touching.

But I was with Pete. And that made up for it. Well, kind of.


The ride down to the studio was a quiet one. All the guys were still half asleep, and I couldn't blame them. Who wants to go to work at 5:30 in the morning?

I was glad they were awake though. I was going insane, sitting in that room, with no one to talk to.

I glanced over at Pete, who was looking at the ground. I smiled at how tired he looked.

He suddenly looked up, and I realized I was staring. I smiled, and then looked out the window.

Pete made to grab my hand, but he went through, sending yet another cold chill through me.

"Sorry" He said with a slight chuckle.

"What?" Joe asked, snapping awake suddenly.

I laughed, and Pete smiled. "I wasn't talking to you."

"Oh." Joe mumbled, and with that he laid his head on the window.

Patrick was driving, and Andy was in the front sleep with his head leaning back and his mouth slightly opened. There was even a little drool coming out the corners of his mouth. It was pretty much given that he was asleep.

Pete, Joe, and I were in the backseat. Pete was in the middle, and Joe and I were sitting on either side of him.

Joe couldn't understand why Pete wanted to sit in the middle. He complained every time Pete's arm grazed his, but I could see Pete's point. If I were to touch Joe, he would complain about it being cold.

Pete kept nodding off, sliding in and out of sleep. I laughed when his head fell over and his neck popped loudly.

"Ow." He muttered, rubbing his neck.

Out of instinct I reached my arm up and rubbed his neck as well. I gave killer massages, even though I rarely gave them.

Pete smiled at the fact that I was touching him. Hell, I was glowing.

I moved closer and applied pressure to just the right spots, rubbing and massaging at the right time.

Pete closed his eyes and quietly moaned, making me smile.

Patrick however, wasn't very accepting of the situation.

"Having nice dreams Pete?" Patrick asked with a laugh.

Pete opened his eyes. "Fuck you. I'm getting the massage of a lifetime here."

"She can give you massages? Wait... she can touch you?" Patrick asked curiously.

"Yes... well, sometimes. Only on rare occasions. And it usually doesn't last very long, then she'll slide right through me." Pete explained, and he suddenly let put a yelp.

"What?" Patrick asked.

"The touching ended." Pete said simply.

I laughed nervously. Poor guy. That wasn't how I usually ended my massages.
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