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i am so sorry i haven't updated in forever, i just recently went to college and was kind of in culture shock. But this story is getting juicy.

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Kate laid on her back. They were spending two nights in California and getting a hotel was just easier then all of them sleeping in the vans, so there she was, laying on a bed tossing a rubber ball into the air and catching it before it hit her in the face. She was a mess, no, actually more than a mess, Kate was silently scolding herself for falling in love with a musician and being stupid, when she noticed Sara pacing in front of the bathroom door, she propped herself up on her elbows.
"What are you doing?" Kate questioned but Sara obviously didn't notice and continued pacing and chewing on her nail.
"SARA!" this caught her attention and Sara stopped pacing and looked at Kate.
"What are you doing?" Kate questioned again,
"Uhmm, nothing." Sara replied and Kate gave her a questioning look,
"Well can you stop doing nothing 'cause you're making me nervous." As soon as Kate finished her sentence she heard a timer ding and Sara rushed into the bathroom and slammed the door. After a few minutes of silence Kate got off the bed and slowly made her way to the bathroom, she peered in and saw Sara sitting in an empty bathtub with her head in her hands. Kate immediately rushed to her side.
"What's wrong?" Sara cried in response. It was then the Kate noticed and array of home pregnancy tests scattered on the bathroom counter.
"Oh God." Kate exclaimed before she enveloped Sara into a hug, and let her cry.
"Is it Pete's?" Sara nodded in response, and Kate stopped hugging her,
"You were having sex with my brother and you didn't tell me, ughh, I hate you." Kate slightly laughed.
"I am so sorry I didn't tell you Kate, but with everything going on with you and 'Trick I just didn't want to make you feel any worse or left out or anything." Kate hugged Sara again,
"Thank you, but never do that again." Kate playfully smacked Sara's arm, "Don't worry we'll get through this together, but you have to tell Pete." Sara wiped her tears with the back of her hand,
"I know Kate, but I have to wait for the right time, you have to trust me on this, please don't tell anyone, please." Kate sighed in response,
"I won't, I promise."
As soon as Sara was asleep Kate got a bag and decided that it would be best to dispose of the pregnancy tests somewhere else besides their hotel room where anyone could see. She walked into the hallway with the garbage in hand, she was in a pair of men's red boxer briefs rolled a bunch of times so they were short and a white long sleeved long john type shirt that was littered with rainbow colored hearts as well as a pair of argyle knee high socks, and her long hair was tied into a knot at the top of her head. She looked pretty ridiculous, but she didn't care, Kate really didn't plan to be out and about in the hotel in her pj's for very long anyways. Kate continued to stroll down the hallway when she heard a door open, she froze in her spot and closed her eyes as if to hide from the emerging stranger.
"You look silly sister." Pete snickered, and Kate let out a sigh of relief that is until she remembered what she held in her hand. She gasped and put the bag behind her back.
"What's that?" Pete questioned, and she smiled.
"Nothing just some garbage of sorts." He arched an eyebrow, but nodded. Kate nodded in response and continued to walk down the hallway as soon as she passed Pete, he snatched the bag away from her and peered inside excitedly, his facial expression dropped as soon as he realized what the bag held. Kate was horrified, how was she ever going to talk her way out of this?
"What the fuck? Is this yours?" Pete questioned slightly angry but mostly concerned. Kate's mind raced, if she said it wasn't hers it would have to be Sara's, and she promised Sara that she wouldn't say anything. But if she said that it was, that would be the biggest lie of life, and it would surely cause mass hysteria. She closed her eyes and blurted out,
"Ugh yeah, me and Sara had a bet going that home pregnancy tests didn't really work because they always say that your pregnant, even if your not, which I'm not. Really. I'm not." Pete smiled and nodded before his expression soon changed to one of rage.
"PATRICK!" he wailed.
"Shh, no, no, I'm serious. I'm not pregnant. Pete please." Kate begged her brother. Commotion was heard coming from room 422 before Patrick emerged in boxers and socks, hair a mess, he had obviously been sleeping.
"What happened?" Patrick asked groggily and Pete shoved the paper bag at his chest. Patrick groaned,
"I swear to God if you woke me up to look at something stupid," Patrick paused to think before continuing,
"Let me just put it this way, there better something really fucking important in this bag or your first born child is mine." Patrick peered inside the bag and then looked up confused.
"Pete why did you hand me a bag of pregnancy tests? Wait, eww, gross man." Kate wanted to shrivel up and disappear. Pete rolled his eyes,
"Patrick let me ask you a question, in the realm of pregnancy tests which is the sign a single guy does not want to see."
"Plus. Did I pass?" Patrick smirked at himself and then glanced at Kate who looked like she was going to vomit, he then peered into the bag again to see six little plastic applicators all bearing plusses. Patrick dropped the bag, and plopped down on the floor.
"Shit." He replied, Kate sighed,
"I'm not pregnant, I swear to God I'm not pregnant." She raised her voice a little at her brother. The others began to emerge from their rooms. She groaned,
"Why is no one listening to me?" She cried. It was then that Sara ran into the hallway,
"She's not pregnant." She yelled over all the commotion, all the boys looked at her.
"I am."
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