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Chapter 3:Fun and Tears

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I hate summaries... oh wait, this is a PANIC! chapter BTW

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"Hey Ry"

"Hey baby" she was shocked. Ryan never calls her baby. NO ONE calls her baby. Well, probably her parents... and the doctor. "I mean, Isaab." He also knew she was not to be called a baby. "Where are you?"

"Oh, we just arrived. I am in the lobby. You? Waiting for someone?" She asked him with a grin on her face, looking around if Ryan was somewhere hiding to surprise her and scare the hell out of her. She heard him mumble "crap"

"Oh no. I am at the studio now, with Spencer and Jon". Isaab's grin disappeared.

"You're not here?" she asked.

"Umm, yeah? I am so sorry Isaab. I didn't think you would be here by now. I thought you would still be in the bus. I think Brendon's there. He was the only one who thought that there was a possibility that you guys would arrive early." She felt even more disappointed.

"You didn't think I was going to arrive early?" she asked with a bit of disappointment and anger in her voice.

"Well, no. I thought since you guys would be using the bus, you would be late". She got angry there.


"I am sorry, okay! I'll call later, when you're not PMS-ing" he said angrily and hung up. She flipped the phone shut and put it back into the purse. The tears in her eyes were forming as she searched for Brendon. She always knew he would be there. He said so himself. She scanned the room for Brendon and came across a form standing a few meters from her, his back to her. He was wearing a red shirt, jeans, and red and black checkered vans. His hands were doing something. Writing. Signing an autograph for kids! She grinned. She wiped the tears out of the eyes that were stinging. She walked up to him.

She cleared her throat, right behind Brendon. "Excuse me; I need a Mr. Boyd Urie. I need to deliver a package". She said in a really bad mailman's voice. He turned around right away after shooeing the kids away, back to their parents.

"Oh well, hello Ms. Amanda Trohman." He said in a pleasant voice which quickly died off when they started laughing. They hugged. Brendon was Isaab's best friend in Panic! At the Disco. You know the secrets you tell your parents or a Family Member or old friend, but couldn't tell you boyfriend and the secrets you could tell your boyfriend but not your relatives? Well, to Isaab, Brendon knew all those secrets... and more. He was the ONLY one alive who is allowed to call her by her middle name, he even made nick names.

"Oh, it IS so nice to see you, Mands." He said softly in her ear.

"So it is, Bren" It was nice to hug Brendon. It was like hugging Pete, but differently. It was like Best Friends-ly. They pulled apart.

"Want to go up to our room?" Brendon asked.


"Me and Ryan"

"Oh, sure why not?" and as if on cue, her phone started ringing, "Dance Dance", her favorite Fall Out Boy song. Most people would say it was cheesy and that it made her look like she wasn't a fan, a plastic fan. The truth was, it was her favorite song by Fall Out Boy and there was nothing people could say to change her mind. Pete was calling.

"Hey Isaab" he said as she answered her phone

"Hey Petey. What's up?"

"Oh, nothing. Guess who your roommate is for tonight?"


"Me" he said. Isaab already could see the smirk on his face.

"Oh, and my brother knows about this?" she asked. She knew Joe wouldn't like this.

"Yes, he knows. He's rooming with Pat and Andy"

"He's okay with it?"


"Okay. Well, see you later."

"Okay. Where are you? Just want to know."

"I'm with Brendon. We'll be hanging out in his and Ryan's room for awhile. Maybe order room service, fool around. NOT WITH EACH OTHER!"

"Okay. Good to know. Don't want my girl to get knocked up"

"Okay. One: I am not your girl. I am mine. God's, not anyone elses. Two: I am smart enough to not get knocked up at my age. Three: it's Brendon! He would never do anything to me. He wouldn't let anything happen to me!"

"Okay, well, don't be dumb. Although I know you won't. You're so damn smart."

"Thanks Pete. Just text me what's the room number. Oh, and where are my stuff? I KNOW Joe got them."

"Oh, they're all here. Actually, I am using your laptop now, hope you don't mind."

"Use your own computer!" they laughed.

"See you later." They said good bye and hung up.

"You ready?" Brendon asked. Isaab nodded. And they walked to the elevator going to the floor of Brendon and Ryan's room. Walking in the hall, someone text messaged Isaab. It was Pete.

"Room 1110, 11th floor. Well, we're on the eleventh floor."

"Let me see that" Brendon grabbed the cellphone up of her hands and looked at it.
"This is the room right beside ours. Our's is well, here" They stopped walking. Room 1109. They walked in. Oh well.

"Well, what do you want to do first?" Brendon asked.

"I want to take a shower."

"You can take a bath in our room."

"Thanks. I'll just get clothes" And walked out the room and got the clothes from the other room. She came back and walked in to the bathroom and underdressed and took a nice, long, hot shower.

She came out all dried up. She was wearing her brown, "Love Can't Save You" Clandestine sweatshirt over her, "I [heart] Revenge" Clandestine T-shirt, Jeans and the shoes she wore that day. She brushed her hair with the hairbrush of Ryan and let it dry by itself, making it look naturally straight for the body and the ends also naturally Peyton-curly, so it didn't look like the classic The Olsen Twin hairdo.

"God, you look so much like, girl Pete" Brendon said.

"Whatever, you wanna play with a guitar?"

"That was random. But okay sure"

"You get the guitar in the other room, ask Pete where it is"

"Fine" he said and left the room. Five minutes later, Brendon came back with guitar. Quickly, he started singing Meet You There by Simple Plan.

"Dude, stop it, you're gonna make me cry." She said. She almost hated the song, it reminded her of Nina, her friend who died when she was twelve, and Nina was thirteen, of a complication in surgery. It almost killed Isaab everyday. First her grandfather, then her cousin was shot and died... then a friend. It sucks when both a family member and a friend die at a near time and even worse when there is two of one of even both. Brendon stopped and put the guitar softly down on the closest bed and hugged Isaab.

"It wasn't your fault, sweetie." He said softly. She started crying. She always thought everything was her fault. She couldn't save all of them. She didn't pray hard for her grandfather. Her cousin, she wasn't with her to take the bullet. Nina, she couldn't visit in the hospital because she had been too selfish. Now they're all gone.

"No, it's my fault. It's all my fault. And now Ryan doesn't want me anymore" Brendon separated from her.

"What?" he asked and they sat down.

"Ryan called when I got in the hotel. I got angry because he wasn't here and only YOU were and then you know Ryan, he got angry because I was expecting him to be here" She said trying not to cry even more. They hugged again, this time harder. She sobbed on Brendon's shoulder. When they separated, she had calm down.

"Listen, Nina's death was not your fault. Granddie's death wasn't either, you know that. Joe told me he was OLD, already. Maggie, well. Were you going with her to pick up Harry, on a weekday, when you had school?"

"No" she mumbled.

"Thought so" he caressed her hair. "So stop crying already. Ryan, well, you know Ryan. If you're mad at him, he's mad at you."

"I didn't think he was that mean"

"Well, he isn't, really. He just doesn't know how to handle things. He has to do something about that. You have to do something about that".

"Me? Why me? It's not my fault he's acting like a total asshole."

"Not your fault? Sweetie, ever since you came along, Ryan has been like that. Ever since you guys started dating and started fighting, as a matter of fact."

"Well, I think I am beginning to like Ryan more than you. Not that you meant anything."

"Ouch, Manderz. Ouch."

"NO, I am just kidding. You know you're my best friend. Well, one of them." She smiled

"Was that a smile? Anyways, speaking of best friends, could you please set me, your Panic! Best Friend, up with a certain best friend of yours?"

She rolled her eyes. "Fine, I will set you up with Alyssa. Just because you're being so nice, bar that comment of it being my fault though. Okay, enough crying let's have some fun."

"Hell yeah"

And fun they did have. They ordered room service, played with the guitar some more, avoiding depressing songs that Isaab would play while mourning her friend and relatives. Brendon even shared with her a new song he was working on, for tips and suggestions. She gave him some, and the food came. They ate heartily. And then there were video games.

Isaab, being good, was beating the hell out of Brendon and his chosen character during the game. He tried to do everything to distract her, but was never given success. They finally finished the match and ended the game. Of course, Isaab won.

"Fine, be that way." He said, tickling her. He knew she was unusually ticklish. They ended up in the bed tickling each other to death, when the door opened, and Ryan stood in the doorway, seeing them on the bed, Brendon on top of Isaab. Memories flooded all their heads. So this is what Isaab might have felted last time.

Ryan wore a face of pure sadness, anger, and others. He turned around and left. Isaab ran, calling, "Ryan...Ryan wait!" and caught up to him, just outside the door.

"What the hell was that? I am gone for a few hours-missing you and Fall Out Boy's entry-you get pissed and go to my best friend-who is surprisingly YOUR best friend also. And next thing I know, I am catching you guys IN BED!" he said his voice rising.

"Well, we weren't doing anything wrong." She said defending herself and Brendon.

"Nothing wrong? You were in the same fucking bed with him, Isaab."

"Well, either you were deaf or something, you didn't hear any of my or Brendon's laughs and screams? He was tickling me! He was comforting me, because of what YOU did!"

"So that is what is then. Comfort sex?" He hit a soft spot there.

"Oh, you're out of YOUR head, mister. I would absolutely NEVER go to someone for comfort sex, when I know I am with someone else to give me that. Everyone knows, I would never cheat, which is more than I can say for YOU" her voice rising in all of the right places. She knew she hit a spot.

"Well, isn't that better for you? Now you could have more sex with Brendon".

"Okay, ONE: I am and will not give my virginity before marriage, YOU FUCKING KNOW THAT! Two: I WOULD NEVER GO TO BRENDON FOR THAT. He's my fucking best friend. And since when did YOU care?"

"You're MY girlfriend, Isaab."

"Well, I am not so sure anymore" tears in her eyes were forming again.

"Well, I can see your not in a mood to talk right now." He said trying to calm himself down.

"No, WE TALK RIGHT NOW!" she said as he turned his heel and was walking toward where the elevator was.

"No, I'll talk to you later, when you don't have that much on your head. And I do mean Brendon" and walked into the now opened elevator.

"Ryan... don't leave... RYAN!!!" Too late. The elevator closed and he left already.

She was exhausted. She slid down the little wall that separated her and Pete's room from Ryan's room.

She sobbed making little noise.
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