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Chapter 4: Starbucks and Bedtimes

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Oh gosh, its a very PeteOC chapter, I can tell you that.

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I am back! Sorry for the very late reply. Thank you too all. I made last chapter VERY long because (6 frigging pages on Word!), it's been a while. Sorry if it's crappy. Both the chapters, here I mean.

Pete had heard everything. The shouting, mostly. He was still using Isaab's laptop doing God knows what, when he heard Isaab shouting at Ryan: "Ryan... Ryan wait!". He stood up from the desk where he was sitting behind, using the laptop. He walked toward the door, about to open it to intervene the conversation. But then he could hear both shouting and decided to just listen. He could hear the sadness, anger, and fear in both voices.

Once the shouting match was over, he counted five seconds before opening the door. He found Isaab sitting beside where he was standing, sobbing silently on her leg, which she was hugging. Her right leg was just laying there, the floor.

"Oh my God. What happened?" he crouched down and hugged her as she was sobbing on his shoulder now.

"Ryan... me... Brendon...bed...tickling...Nina" she said incoherently.

"Okay, Is, I need you to stop crying and tell me what happened." They separated. She shook her head no, not yet. She didn't want to just stop and start crying again. It was too painful.

"It's okay, it'll all be okay." He tried to reassure her, making her cry even more.

"Okay, how 'bout this? I have a little bit of anything in my stomach right now, me and you need some hyperness anyways, and there is a Starbucks downstairs. Why don't we go there, order some coffee, and you tell me what happened?" he said softly, smiling. She nodded.

"Can I h-have Hot Chocolate?" she asked, stuttering, trying not to cry. It broke Pete to see her cry; he still had a smile on his face. He needed to be strong for her.

"Of course you can. I think I'll have one too." He said. She nodded.

"I think I am n-not that r-ready to tell everything. Can Brendon come and tell you what happened? I can tell y-you what happened outside" She asked trying to smile, it was so sad to look at her, it was like saying no to her now was the hardest thing to do.

"Sure" he said, a bit disappointed. His smile disappeared. He stood up and helped her up and she walked into the room of Ryan and Brendon, wiping her tears away. She saw Brendon on the bed where they were, sitting where he was exactly a few minutes ago in Indian Style with his hands in his face, probably thinking how stupid it was to be caught in bed with his best-friends girlfriend-on top of her.

"Come on, Boyd-toy (I made that up!), we're going to get coffee with Pete. He wants you to tell him what happened" she said, in her usual tone. She grabbed his hands and dragged him out the door.

"Are you ready?" Pete said. Both nodded.

The way down was not awkward... for Isaab and Brendon. They were just talking. Pete was just walking a little bit ahead of them, silently thinking, 'it must be easier to be their age'

When they walked into the Starbucks, Pete and Brendon tried their best to stay as hidden as possible. But even then, a few heads turned just as they had walked in. They ordered two small hot chocolates, for Pete and Isaab and mocha frap for Brendon.

"Okay, I just need your names". The girl behind the counter asked. The person right behind them, obviously a fan, snorted in laughter.

"Isaab" she said, because she was sure the girl wouldn't know her.

"Pete" Pete said. Isaab smiled at him

"Yeah, I know." The girl said eyeing him. Isaab's smile disappeared and rolled her eyes.

"Jezebel" Brendon said and Pete and Isaab looked at him weirdly.

"What? I like that name. Jezebel" and they all laughed, them being the three of them plus the counter girl. Isaab glared at her.

"Well, that's 19.94" The counter girl said and Pete gave her a twenty, she gave him change and was about to get a tissue and a pen to write down her number when Isaab said, "Come on, good seat!" And ran to the 'good seat'.

Once, in the place where Isaab wanted to sit, she whispered in Pete's ear, "Oh, what a whore" and they chuckled.

"Hey, I want to know what you said!" Brendon said a little bit too loudly.

"Fine." She said and whispered what she had said to Pete. He laughed too.

"Okay, back to business. What happened?" Pete asked. The smiles on Isaab and Brendon's faces left and Isaab looked at Brendon, asking if he could explain.

Brendon explained what happened very well. Isaab, who was surprisingly about to break apart, was strong, and wasn't close to crying anymore. She guessed she had cried her eyes out already, and was tired of crying. She explained her part with regret and hope that it won't make her look like the bad guy, not that there was any 'bad guy'.
When they went back upstairs, it was already about nine o' clock and they still didn't have any dinner, Brendon and Pete decided to just have dinner in Brendon's room and wait for Ryan to come back (probably to kick his ass), Isaab decided to go to sleep, she was pretty exhausted, she hadn't had that sleep she was yearning for after her long trip from California. She brushed her teeth and changed to a white tank top that read in bold black, 'Danger!' from her chest, and black short-shorts. She climbed into bed and fell asleep in about... two seconds.


Isaab was standing on a cliff a few inches from the edge. It was breezy, the air made her air fly everywhere and she was standing up and was in the same stance of Rose in Titanic except without her Jack to call her own.

"Isaab... Isaab... ISAAB HELP US"

"Help us ISSAB"

She looked down. The ones she wanted to call her Jack (or Jacks), Ryan and Pete were hanging on to the edge of the cliff with only one hand. She screamed.

"Help us, ISAAB" Pete screamed

"I STILL WANT TO LIVE ISAAB" Ryan's voice made her feel guilty.

"Save US!!!" They screamed

"OK, I'LL HELP YOU. Grab my hand!!!" she screamed (God, so much screaming. Oh, wait they're all scared shitless, right?). She handed them a hand (yes, only one. WTF? Well, she's scared shitless and dosen't know what to do.

As if on cue, they both reached and grabbed her hand. She wasn't that strong, and combined they were like about 300 pounds, and being so scared she... let go.




"Isaab... sweetie wake up, wake up"


"Isaab, please, wake up. You're scaring me. Isaab?" Pete's voice flooded her brain and she woke up with a start.

"Whoo, you scared me there girly." He smiled. She smiled too, she hugged him... a little bit too hard.

"Isaab... Isaab what's wrong?" The concern in his voice was much seen. She started sobbing... again.

"You... R-Ryan... cliff... dea-"she was cut off by a sob too hard to control.

"Shhh... it'll be okay." He said, caressing her back softly. "I am here, don't worry."

She separated from him. He was wearing only boxer shorts and NO shirt. It was apparent he just came back from next-door and was preparing to sleep. There was also a red mark on his face. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, and it reminded her of the dream. She started crying again.

"Jeez, girl, sooner or later, you have to stop crying." She looked up and glared at him.

"Fine, sorry" he said defiantly, his hands up in the air.

"What happened over there?" She pointed her right index finger at the wall, separating their room from Ryan and Brendon's. She smiled. "Anything special?"

"Well, what happened was, me and Brendon were eating dinner, watching Nightmare Before Christmas" Isaab rolled her eyes. "and then Ryan came out of nowhere and..."

At Brendon and Ryan's room... a couple of minutes ago.

Ryan barges in, looking very angry, confused and tired and has bloodshot eyes (No, ladies, he is not drunk).

"What the hell are you doing?" He yelled at Brendon.

"Well, we were just watching a movie" he was interrupted by Ryan.

"LIAR" he growled. "You were in the same fucking bed with my fucking girlfriend!" and next thing everyone in the room sees is Ryan Ross lunging at Brendon Urie (catfight for boys, I can see you drooling, ladies!). Pete, seeing the madness and registering it in his mind, lunged and grabbed Ryan pulling him into a full nelson.

"Okay, let's talk this over." He said trying to be calm.


"No, I won't until you calm-"Too late. Ryan wretched open Pete's arm and turned around facing Pete. He slapped Pete in the face.

"So that's how it's going to be, huh?" he asked getting mad all of the sudden. "Is that all you got, Ross? I thought you were more man than that. A spank in the face? What are you, a girl?" Pete said, before punching Ryan in the eye.

"I am going to leave you two to talk this one out. I swear to everything holy, if you guys wake Isaab up, I FUCKING KNOW THAT SHE'S SLEEPING, AND YOU DON'T ROSS, I will get the rest of the guys and kick your ass back to where the hell you came from and back, IS THAT FUCKING CLEAR?" Pete's face turned as red as Brendon's shirt as he yelled.

"Yes". They said looking down, disappointed by themselves.

Pete mumbled "good", and started walking away. About to the open the door he said to Ryan, "Tomorrow, you better be a better person, and a hell a lot of a better boyfriend to Isaab, OKAY?!"

After wrenching the door open, he walked out, but before walking any further, he stook (sp?) his head in the room again, and said (trying to be calm), "You know what Ryan, Isaab still loves you, and she deserves SO MUCH. You better make sure YOU tell her how you feel, whether you share the same feelings as she does, or not." And at his last word, he stomped off.

Back in Isaab and Pete's room

"Wow... I can't believe you did that." Isaab said, after registering every last word Pete had just said. Pete looked at his feet, thinking that Isaab was disappointed at his actions.
"But I loved that you did." She smiled at him, and he looked up and smiled back

They smiled at each other for awhile. Then Pete realized, Isaab would want to sleep, and was exhausted, he decided to let her sleep.

"We should get some shut-eye." He said. She just nodded.

"Can you sleep with me?" she asked, patting the bed gently. "I'm too scared, might get another nightmare."

"Sure" he said without thinking.

She moved over to make space in the bed for Pete. Pete lied down and Isaab turned her body to face the left, away from the gaze of Pete can closed her eyes, hoping that she would go back to sleep again. Unfortunately, she could not. Pete could see that and she could see that he could not either. You see, they both have this thing, being VERY close, about knowing if the other was sleeping or not. It was like their own sixth sense that only they could use.

"Isaab?" Pete said softly

"Hmm?" she answered

"You awake?"

"Yeah. You?" she said, fluttering her eyes open. She could feel part of the bed shaking a bit because of Pete raising his head up and down. He shifted his body over to the left side and put his hands around Isaab's waist. He pulled her close and closed his eyes. She was shocked.

"Uhh... Pete... what are you doing?" she asked. He quickly let go of her.

"Oh, sorry. Did you not like that?" He said sitting up. She sat up too, to face him.

"No, it's fine". She scratched her back. "Just a bit unnerving"

"I promise I won't do it again". He said

"No, it's fine." She said. She wanted to say, "Actually I made me feel better, you protecting me." But she didn't. She grabbed Pete's hands, lied down, and put them in their original position. After awhile they both fell in to a very deep and comfortable sleep. But neither knew this.


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