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Two sisters, no secrets between them: or so the younger one thought. Once she learns her older sister's secret, things spin out of control. Their lives are in danger, but can anyone save them?

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Note: This style of writing DOES vary from my normal writing, even thought it's still very similar. Let me know if you can tell the difference. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue this fic or not, it depends mostly on the feedback. If you can take the time to read this story, you can take the time to review it. It only takes a minute to review. I need feedback.


Scene 1: Night. A dark alley in a big city occupied by two sisters, one witnesses something about the other she should've never seen.

The girl's eyes widened in horror as she witnessed her older sister transform into a naked, black skinned, pointy-eared glowing eyed creature. The creature, formerly her sister, heard her gasp and walked right over to her hiding place, easily destroying the wooden boxes with a swing of her arm.

The girl cowered in fear of the girl she called her sister.

"Why did you follow me?" the creature hissed demandingly.

When the younger girl didn't answer, the creature hit a nearby brick wall, making a spider web of cracks and pieces of debris come toppling down.

The girl screamed in terror, the creature quickly covering her mouth with its muscular hand.

"Shh!!! Keep quiet!" it hissed.

The girl stared in horror.

"Calm your thoughts down, I'm still your sister! Calm down and stay here, and keep quiet!" it hissed before uncovering the girl's mouth and running off with such stealth and agility it was as though she had simply vanished.

The girl just sat there in shock, unable to think of anything except how scared she was.

The creature ran through the streets full of people so quickly that no one ever saw her coming. She headed towards a skyscraper, looking into the sky as se ran. She approached the skyscraper and leapt into the air, running up through the air as she lost momentum. Once on top of the building, she saw what she was after.

Gunshots firing, piercing the strange flesh, but crimson never showed. She walked through the gunfire unafraid, uninjured by the bullets passing through her body. She walked through the man in front of a small crying child, picking it up and holding it tightly, she walked back through the gunfire, the bullets no longer able to pass through her body, unable to penetrate her flesh at all.

Scene 2: Night. A room in a fancy house obviously occupied by a rich family. A man pacing in a room with large French doors, the doors leading to a small balcony. The French doors are open and a gentle breeze flows into the room.

A woman enters the room greatly saddened.

"Any word yet?" she whispers tearfully to the pacing man.

"No. Maybe it was too much to handle, what if I caused another death!?" he was panicked.

The lights flickered out in the room and a dark silhouette appeared on the balcony, walking right into the room without a second thought.

"Who's there!?" the man demanded.

"Keep your voice down or you'll draw attention!" the silhouette replied. It walked over to the man and handed him a small sleeping child. "He fell asleep on the way back here," it whispered.

The women let out a sob of relief, and in the dark she rushed over to her husband and child, embracing them tightly.

"How can we ever repay you?" she sobbed.

"You can repay me by making a difference in the lives of those who need it," she whispered before vanishing.

The lights flickered back on and the relieved parents took their child to bed.

Scene 3: Night. The same dark alley as scene one.

The girl struggled to stand on her still-shaking legs. Stumbling towards the mouth of the alley, she stumbles backwards as a quick movement catches her eye. The creature had returned.

It walked right up to her, placing its hands on either side of her face.

"Don't be afraid..." it whispered without moving its lips. Its eyes flickered and the girl was no longer afraid.

The creature walked over to where it had dropped its belongings, pausing for a moment to gaze at the stars barely visible form between the buildings surrounding the alley. As she gazed at the stars she changed back into the beautiful young woman that she was.

"What the hell is going on!?" the younger girl demanded.

The older girl dressed in silence. Picking up her bag, she walked away.

"Nadia!" the younger girl called after her sister as she ran after her.
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