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Misery Loves Its Company

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When Elise comes home to Chicago from France, where she studied, she finds the world she left has changed, and finds her best friend is in a band now

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I've decided to finish this fic. It's not much longer. Stay tuned for more.


Elise's POV

A month had gone by since we had found Pete. Nothing had happened since then, really. I had been working at my job and made friends with Sarah instantly. We had the same taste in music and stuff, and we were practically the same. She was one of the only ones that knew about me and Pete since he disappeared. She said she was jealous and I wanted her to meet the guys. When she finally did, she seemed to have a little connection with Andy. I knew I'd have fun pairing them up.

I had booked a few bands for the coffee shop already, and they were thrilled to come and play. I was excited to meet them, and Pete said that they were some really good kids. He was always there at the performances to look at new bands and just watch me working. I had a lot of jobs on performance nights. I was usually helping set up, getting rid of the bands' nerves, and serving the people their coffee. The shop was getting a lot more attention and we had a few more regulars, but not many. Mark was happy for the business. A bunch of people just came for the shows, but that was OK too. Pete made sure to help me publicize the shows so that the coffee shop got a lot of business. He called me his "working girl" and said that he hoped that the name would apply to more than one aspect of my life. I just laughed and shook my head at him, telling him to stop the innuendo.

Pete and I finally told everyone. Patrick seemed to take it different than Andy and Joe. He stopped talking to me when Pete was around, he would pretend to be happier around Pete. But when Pete left, his face lost its smile and his eyes betrayed that something was wrong. Maybe he was mad at me for stealing his best friend. I could never live with myself if I ruined a friendship that never really had a chance to grow much. I knew that I had to talk to him. I found my chance after our Thanksgiving party. I offered to take Patrick home since he got a ride from Joe, who had started intensely making out with my cousin.

"Thanks for taking me home," Patrick said as we got into the car. He wasn't smiling anymore and he seemed like he was going to cry. I didn't want to pry into his life, but I wanted to know what was wrong. I needed to know if he was mad at me. I just couldn't find the words and I didn't have the courage to say them.

"Patrick is something wrong?" I finally said after there was a long and awkward silence. He sat there and looked at me for the first time in weeks. "It just seems like you're mad at me and I think that it's because I'm going out with Pete and I know he's your best friend. I can't have you hating me. It would kill my relationship with everyone and it'd be all my fault and... well, I'm sorry," I said quickly. Patrick looked at me in shock.

"Why would I ever be mad at you? No, I don't hate you and you don't have to be sorry. I'm just...I should be the one saying sorry. It's kind of been shock from Pete going missing to finding out about you two and everything. I've been different and just not friendly at all the past few weeks. Can we just start over again and be friends?" he said, looking truly sorry. I smiled at him. I stopped the car outside of his house and stuck out my hand.

"Hello, my name is Elise, and I want to be your friend!" I said, laughing at the end. Patrick started laughing too.

He took my hand in his and said, "Hello, Elise. My name is Patrick and I'd love to be your friend!" And after he was done talking, he kissed my hand, causing me to blush. We both started laughing and he got out of the car.

"Thanks again for the ride home," he said before he closed the door.

"You're welcome!" I called after him as he walked up to the door. He turned and waved before he went in. I just shook my head and said to myself, "What a kind and...eccentric person. I guess they do make them like they used to in old England. They come from a little town called Wilmette, Illinois."
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