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Ja ne

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What's missing in their goodbyes?

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A/NOTES This is a really lame excuse for an update. I've been really busy lately, and thus far, this' the best I could come up with in months! I didn't bother with a beta because this is really short, so forgive the glaring mistakes. Anyway, there should be another set soon; but right now, I hope you guys like! :0)

DISCLAIMER Card Captor Sakura is owned by CLAMP and as much as I would want to claim Touya and Yukito all to myself, CLAMP owns them too. Boohoo. That is why I'm stuck doing just this.


Ja ne
by Morrigan Mikagami
© July 2006


There was something quite... odd, that hung between them lately, and it unsettled Yukito that he could not put his finger on it.

"Good-byes" weren't particularly a big deal for either of them, nevertheless, neither he nor Touya ever used the word whenever they parted. Instead, "See you"s and "Later"s were uttered, and Yukito took comfort in that fact; knowing that their parting of ways did not signify a finality of their meeting, but more of a continuation of sorts. It held a promise of tomorrow, rather than the uncertainty of the future.

All the same, Yukito never did like goodbyes, even if they were just for a little while. He felt a tinge of discomfort as he walked Touya to the door, as a seemingly tense silence settling between them once more. Why was it that he always felt like, there was something more that he should be doing than just waving "ja ne"[1] to his best friend?

There was something of course, in the back of his mind that kept nagging onto him, but Yukito chose to ignore it on the pretext that, he might just be reading all the signals wrong, not to mention that it was highly inappropriate - friends never do things like /that/... right?

Yukito knew he was rationalizing it way too much, and Touya, taking his sweet time putting on his sneakers wasn't really helping any. He had to find some way to distract himself and rationalizing was the only thing he could do to keep himself preoccupied - or at least, to keep his hands to himself.

Finally, Touya picked up his backpack near the door and slid open the shoji, glancing back uncomfortably at him before stepping out onto the stone path and towards the gate.

Yukito let out a small sigh and smiled politely at his friend, "Goodnight, To-ya," Thank Kami-sama he could mask the anxiety in his voice, "See you tomorrow!"

Touya seemed to hesitate a bit before waving a hand and calling out a somber "G'night Yuki," over his shoulder. Yukito shifted and dismissed it, as he continued to smile and wave at his best friend's retreating form. He couldn't ignore, however, the feeling of regret and disappointment that was settling at the pit of his stomach. He was such a coward, and he knew it all too well.


Touya - Touya, on the other hand, apparently wasn't. At least, not as anymore as Yukito was - when he suddenly turned and jogged his way back to hold Yukito in his arms and caught him in a fervent, desperate kiss.

At that, all Yukito could think about was that, "goodbyes" weren't really so bad after all, while he tentatively wrapped his arms around Touya to pull him closer...

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[1] Ja ne - "later" or "see you later"
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