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What is it, if not Fate?

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Prompt:Written for the 101_kisses, with the prompt # 29 - Secret Joy/; as well as the 31_days, for the July 29 prompt - "Let the world around us fade"/

A/NOTES I have no excuse - except that I'm fluff-deprived and very tired. No beta, but I'd appreciate the comments! Oh~ and the woes of love! This is for the memory of Al...
A/NOTES 07.30 I'm ever so grateful for fairymage, for making an impromptu grammar-check on this, I really appreciate it! :)

DISCLAIMER I do not own, they are copyright properties of CLAMP. I'm just a silly, fluff-deprived writer with nothing to lose (except perhaps her dignity, if my friends find out I'm writing this!)


by Morrigan Mikagami
© July 2006


Touya was never one to believe in such silly sentimentality as Fate.

--Until he met Kaho. And for the first time, he wondered briefly what it was that had brought him that night, so long ago, to Tsukimine Shrine. The tree made him do it. Perhaps.

And then, Kaho left. Just like that, she smiled at him and said goodbye. But not without her cryptic words that taunted him in his dreams for a year.

Touya thought Fate was stupid. Nothing but a stupid notion created for hopelessly-romantic, rabid fangirls. Stupid, stupid Fate!

Except Fate had probably thought Touya was being stupid too. So Fate knocked him in the head with... another head. One that had wispy, grey-blond hair; round, bright eyes that was the color of fresh honey; and a warm and even brighter smile that made the Sun pale in comparison-

--wait, so he's spurting out silly, sentimental, hopelessly-romantic stuff now? That is so totally out of his character! He just hopes that Sakura-or that plushie-never finds out.

Besides, there is only one person that Touya prefers to see that... unknown little (not to mention, embarassing) side of him. Although, currently, said "special person" was still sleeping, curled up in his arms.

No matter, though, and Touya smiles.

It was always in that brief stillness of time just before daybreak, in between fleeting dreams and waking up, that Touya would drink in secret bliss, the presence of this one person he loves as he lowers his lips to meet the Snowbunny's in the most chaste and adoring kiss.

And while he watches Yukito's eyes slowly flutter to wake, Touya thought, nothing else mattered, and nothing else existed in the world, not even Fate- except for the owner of those bright eyes and warm smile, who now gazed back at him with that same thought in his head.


EDITED: 07.30.06
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