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Chapter 6 - The Thorn In My Side

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Rushing out the room, she walked quickly to Pete's parents.

"You should've told me!!" She cried angrily, they both looked at her.

"God!!" She growled and pushed both her hands into her hair.

"He's married??" She cried again. Pete's mom covered her mouth and looked to her husband.

"And...and....a child...he has a son!?" she stuttered out.

"We thought you knew!" he said softly.

"No..." She said shaking her head quickly.

They didn't know what to say, what could they say? What could possibly be said to make this better.

Bea walked away, it moving quickly into a hurried walk and she burst through the doors. Pete's parents looked at each other.

Packing her stuff up, she handed over her list of patients to the next Doctor in shift and made her way out. She stopped to light a cigarette, it failed to light. She kept flicking the lighter, over and over. An invading hand came towards her face and pulled the cigarette from her lips, her eyes snapping up to protest until she saw the face of who it was.

"What are doing with that?" He said with a little smile. She took a huge breath and pushed it out, quashing that urge to grab it back from him.

Patrick looked at her in the blue slacks, her bag slung across her body carelessly.

"I met his wife!" She blurted out, a little cheerily to be happy with it.

"She seems nice, little boy's real cute too!" She added quickly.

"He wanted to tell you-"

"-I don't care....I really don't." She replied back casually, looking down and reigning back that feeling just before you cry.

"Bea..." he said softly, pulling her into him. That was enough, enough kindness to release the bitter tears.

Her fists were bunched up in Patrick's chest as she sobbed. It wasn't a drawn out process, she was quickly wiping her tears away and shaking herself off.

"Tough day!" She said, nodding, convincing herself it would be OK.

Patrick could only let out a little smile.

"It's all going to be fine." He reassured her.

"Yeah!" she smiled,

"That's a good false smile you have!" he said with a grin

"I wear it a lot!" She replied, he laughed gently.

"I like the real one better...."

"Ah....haven't had that one out for a long time....long long time...." She said softly. His eyes showed nothing but sympathy for her.

"Good night Patrick." She whispered.


Hanging her jacket up on the hat stand, or what was originally a hat stand, there were so many coats on it, she moved into the living room and her Mom looked up. She stood up quickly and hugged her daughter tight.

"He's gonna be ok, they stopped the bleed." Bea informed her factually.

"That's good, I knew he'd be OK." Her Mom said in her soft tone.

"What's wrong baby?" She asked, holding her daughters face.

"His wife showed up." She cried again.

"And his son!" She said, her face screwing up.

"Heyyy, shhhhhhh, Beatrice........." she soothed her youngest daughter softly.

There weren't many words exchanged after that, Susan knew her daughter would talk when she was ready, she wasn't one for wild talk. She would process her thoughts and think rationally.

The hot steam of the shower cleared her stuffy skin and refreshed her pores. She leaned against the pale tiles and allowed the water to drip down her back.......

"No! I mean - I adore kids Bea but just....just not for a long time, I don't wanna be a father who looks back and resents not achieving."

The hot water slipped over her face and dripped down off her chin, she pushed her hair back and felt it cover her face.

"Why do you keep that picture Peter?" Bea asked as she saw the picture of her as a little girl stood smiling in the snow.

"Because!" He smiled, taking it out her hands.

"Because what...." She smiled back, kissing him gently.

"Because when I look at reminds me of the beautiful woman you've become......" He said thoughtfully.

She stared at him, truly and deeply moved.

"And because every day you grow more and more and I see myself marrying you one day....." He added.

"One day!" he said, pointing a finger at her.

Pushing her lips together, she withheld shedding any more tears that night. She put on her PJ's and combed out her hair.

"I'm his wife...."


"This is his son, Samuel."

"Stop!" she snapped at herself, thrusting her comb on to her dresser.

Getting up and walking down the hall, she opened the door to the other bedroom, the blue colours lighting up as she opened the door, creeping in quietly, she sat down on the bed.

Stroking her hair she smiled as she turned, her eyes opening clumsily and there they were. Those beautiful, honest, innocent eyes.

"Mommy!" She smiled, Bea leaned down and hugged her tight.

"I missed you so much baby!" she said, kissing her cheek again and again.

"I missed you too Mommy." She croaked. Her little hands cupped Bea's face.

"Your hair is all wet!"

"I know, I just got out the shower. I had a long day at work today!" She explained.

A little sigh escaped her daughters mouth.

"Rudy said I don't have a good Mommy cos you never pick me up from school...." She said upset.

"You can tell Rudy-" Bea stopped and thought quickly.

"You tell Rudy, that I may not be the most good Mom but that I love my little girl more than any of the other Mom's...." she cooed, the little girl laughed and the smile was one of such beauty.

"and you're the most prettiest!" she said,

"Well....." Bea said with a little smile.

"Ayla, I know I haven't been home a lot at the same time as you, and I'm really really sorry. This weekend, I promise, me and you, no-one else. I'll do whatever you want so you better start thinking!" She explained.

"Can we go skate??" She asked, her face lighting up.

"Yeah!" Bea smiled.

"But now, you have to go to sleep, or someone's not getting up for school in the morning!" She said, stroking her little girls hair.

"Ok!" She smiled and closed her eyes tight.

"I love you baby!"

"I love you too Mommy" She said, Bea kissed her forehead softly.

OK, so who wants the part of Pete's Wife?? If you wannit, tell me why....serious applicants only. Har! Yeah right.

This chapter is dedicated to my wife, my pretty yogo and my strangest friend ever.
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