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The Garden (Say my name)

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Old friends meet again... but nobody doesn't change in 12 years... Song is 'Say my Name' by Within Temptation.

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The portal opened. Julius and Nosey both looked up, but sighed and let their heads down again when it was an unknown woman entering the garden. "She will come, won't she?" Julius asked for the, like, twenthiest time.

By now, Nosey only pulled up his shoulders. "She said she would... Hey, do we know that one?"

Julius glanced up again. Both men were sitting at a table in the middle of a large, typical London garden. Tables were placed everywhere, and at one of them sat Nosey and Julius, accompanied by Ursula. Who, in fact, had grown into a stunning, succesful woman. She had started her own chain of wellness centres in Asia, which had become the favourite hang-out spots of tons of celebrities. Now, she sat there, in a fashionable black suit and a small hat, for covering her thick and red eyes.

The three of them looked up. The woman Nosey was talking about, was the woman they had thought to be unknown, but who now stood talking to Scarlett. It was the garden of her mansion they were sitting in. Well, hers and Al's actually. Apparantely, during those 12 years, they had gathered quite a fortune, buying houses and places all around the world. But to some dark reason, Al would be buried in London, and his ceremony would take place in his favourite mansion in the whole world.

"Are you sure..." Ursula said slowly to the two men in smoking at her table. "That isn't Delilah?"

Tears sprung in Julius' eyes. He hadn't recognized her! He had known she would have changed, but he just hadn't recognized her! How could he!

Then again, this lady didn't look like the delicate Delilah he had known. She was tall and had a really strong body. She wore high heels, something his Dee would never do. Her black satin suit existed of an extremely long skirt, with a split on both sides that went over her knees. Her top was more like a corset, but she also carried a little jacket, to cover her bare arms. Her hair was tied with a wide, black velvet ribbon, so color nor length could be seen. When she halfly turned towards them, the trio could see her face was mostly hidden behind large, stern-looking black sunglasses, with the Chanel logo printed in diamonds on the side. A matching watch glittered on her wrist.

"Is that Delilah?" Nosey gasped. "Wow, she has changed. Look at the way she's standing, so stiff and alert... Like she can go into a fight right away..."

Ursula agreed nodding. "It look likes she still uses her Academy training... and she looks so... cold..."

Julius shuddered, when he noticed how right the blondine was. Although she was talking to a very emotional Scarlett on a very difficult moment, Delilah still kept her head and her lips pressed together. There was something very weird about her. And he was sure to find out what. "I'm going to greet her." He muttered, standing up.

Ursula and Nosey merely nodded, throwing eachother glances. They could understand what Julius was up to, but they didn't know what to expect.

The walk to the other end of the garden seemed the longest one that Julius had ever made. With every step he came closer to the couple, but he also grew more nervous. Would she recognize him? Would she still want him, like he wanted her? Would she have missed him, like he had missed her?

Say my name
So I will know you're back
You're here again for a while

He knew her love had been deep when they had parted. He had felt it. That one kiss, in the early morning, had made him feel the deepness of her love for him. Long time, he had been asking himself if he could manage to be loved so much, but then again, he realised he already loved her so much. Then, he had been sure that such a deep love would never fade. With him, it hadn't. The only question was, had the love left her?

Oh let us share
The memories that only we can share

He had finally reached them, right on time to see both women end their conversation. "I'm really glad to have you here, little Angel. Really, Delilah, it feels good."

Scarlett's voice sounded broken, and that was exactly what she looked like. She had wrinkles in her face and her dark hair started to show grey lines. And yet, through it all, she still showed some of her old power.

To say goodbye, Scarlett bent over and hugged Delilah, holding her thightly against her.

Delilah did nothing. She just stood there, only slightly bowing her head. Nothing more. No single sign of emotion spread on her face or in her entire bodylanguage.

Scarlett turned around, halfly smiling and walked over to other people who had just entered. Julius took his chance, and jumped right in front of his former partner.

"Hi, Dee." He said almost shyly. He didn't dare to say more, afraid he would start stuttering. Although her face was mostly hidden behind the sunglasses, he couldn't not notice how extraordinary beautiful she had become.

"Good morning, Julius. How are you?"

She was cold. In every way. No intonation as she spoke, just plain, emotionless words. No surprise, no happiness, as if he was an acquintance she spoke to everyday. Julius was totally flabbergasted. He laid his hands on her shoulders.

"For God's sake, Delilah, aren't you happy to see me? It's been 12 bloody years, and I missed you so damn much! I've been longing for you for so long, and you don't even seem to have missed me!"

Delilah moved, for the first time. She laid on hand on Julius arm, in order to relax him. "Julius, calm down, please." Again the cold words, senseless, emotionless. "I did miss you. I'm genuinly happy to see you again." Emotionless, meaningless.

Where was his Delilah? Julius was about to break down. Was this the girl he had missed so much, he had been praying for to meet again? With her hand on his arm, his mind shot back to the earlier times, where they would be partners and share everything, both professional and private stuff. God, how he longed for those days now.

You touch my hand
This colours come alive
In your heart and in your mind
I cross the borders of time
Leaving today behind to be with you again

"Julius, come to your senses, please." Delilah had removed her hand from Julius' arm and shaken off his hands with one elegant move of her shoulders. "Who else is here? I want to greet them, too." But she sounded as if it would be dullest thing she would ever do.

He just turned around, and she followed him to his table. There, she greeted Nosey and Ursula in the same, cool way she had greeted Julius. Although questioning looks were exchanged, nobody saw how one single tear could make his way down Julius' cheek.

You're not aware
Your hands keep still
You just don't know that I am here

A great silence hung in the air, as Delilah clearly wasn't going to tell anything about herself and she didn't seem interested in asking the others about those crucial 12 years. Ursula would try to get Delilah to get more relaxed, asking simple questions as, 'where did you went?', 'where do you live now?', 'have you got any work?'. But didn't get anything more than a plain and simple 'Russia', 'Belgium' and 'yes'.

"Please excuse me a moment." Julius managed to mumble, when she swiftly stood up and made his way into the house. Once in the bathroom, he rested with his forehead against the mirror and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm down. But it didn't work. While tears were streaming down his face, he felt the anger inside him growing. What had happened to her? Who had caused this? Why she? Why his lovely, sweet, delicate Delilah?

Julius lost it for a moment, and in a furious rage punched the mirror in front of him. His image shattered, and his red eyes looked down upon him from every corner. Why was she so lost? Would she ever come back? He could only hope.

It hurts too much
I pray now that soon you release
To where you belong

When he finally had managed to clean himself up a bit, Julius exited the bathroom and entered the garden again, only to find everyone standing up. An elder man, some sort of 'master of ceremony', stood near the front entrance of the garden and was telling the guests what would be next.

"Right now, we will enter the mansion, and you will be escorted to the main meeting room, where we will have a ceremony in honour of the remembrance of Sir Alonso Johns. Afterwards, a select group of guests will accompany his body to his final resting place, a nearby cemetary. If you will please follow me, inside, now."

Julius quickly slid through the crowd and found his little group. "Hey, looks like I'm back right on time."

Nosey made an agreeing-sound, Ursula nodded brightly. Delilah just kept on staring in front of her. Now Julius was completely through. He grabbed her elbow and pulled her closer. "Oh, bloody hell, Delilah Devonshire, do you even recognize me?" he whispered almost madly in her ear. "I'm the guy you kissed, 12 years back. I'm the guy who was your partner. I'm the guy who longed for you for more than a bloody decade!"

Please say my name
Remember who I am
You will find me in the world of yesterday
You drift away again
So far from where I am
When you ask me who I am

Delilah only pulled her arm back, with a suprising power. "I /know/, Julius." She answered. "Good to see you, okay?" she quickened her pace and went to walk next to Ursula, who had already learned her lesson and didn't ask anything.

For the first time, Julius had heard emotions in Delilah's voice. Even, her words had been dripping with it. Sarcasm and annoyance.

Say my name
This colours come alive
In your heart and in your mind
I cross the borders of time
Leaving today behind to be with you again


Not quite as long as I thought, but I haven't been well this week, and my exams are starting Wednesday, so my nerves are already hitting. I'm glad you all like long chapters, it's a good thing to keep in mind for the future. Thank you for all the positive reviews, guys! You make my day.

Hope you liked this chapter as well.

Ciao! xxx-Tisia
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