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The Funeral (Eyes of a stranger)

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Saying goodbye to Al isn't easy... But Dee remains her icy self. Or not? Song is 'Eyes of a stranger' by Udo.

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Bright night, city lights
Paint the bedroom red and white
But all I want is to get some sleep
You're lying next to me
I try to catch your energy
But I don't find the answers I need

The four of them stepped outside. Ursula clung to Nosey, who embraced her and carefully stroked her hair while she cried on his shoulder. He, too, had stopped trying to hold back his tears, he just let them silently flow.

Julius also had a hard time. The ceremony had been beautifull. Short, with amazing music and thouching stories. No pair of eyes had been dry by the end of it. None but one, or so everyone thought. While even Julius' eyes had been red and puffy, Delilah sat between him and Scarlett, stern straight, stretched back, hard, cold look towards the front. She almost looked like a porcelain doll. But Scarlett knew now. She, too, had wondered about Delilah's change of attitude.

But she had seen.

Somewhere halfway during the ceremony, when a good friend of Al had been telling a story about the Big Al in his own spy days, she had noticed it. Nothing else had given a sign, but when she glance sideways, to look at Delilah, she had seen. One single tear, colourless, almost freezing, almost not leaving a trail. The eyes weren't red, didn't move, didn't show an emotion. But one tear had left the corner of the left eye and now slid down. Looking to the front again, Scarlett had let slid her hand in Delilah's. The young girl had given a little, soft squeeze.

Scarlett knew now.

She wasn't lost. Her little Dee hadn't gone anywhere, she was still there, inside that though, hard, cold lady. And she knew that her friend, especially her old love Julius, would find her back. Would find that little flame and turn it into a big fire again.

I was the one who believed
We all have guardian angels
Find it so hard to believe
I see the eyes of a stranger,
The moment I look at you

Delilah took out her glaces again and put them on, while Julius held out a handkerchief for Ursula, who had calmed herself now. Nosey sighed and looked at the estate. A large, black coffin was being carried out of it, followed by a small pile of Scarlett, who barely couldn't walk herself. One of her friends was supporting her, suggesting to someone else that they might need a wheelchair, if Scarlett really wanted to go to the cemetary. And she wanted to.

"Do we have to go to the cemetary?" Ursula asked in a cracked voice. "I'm already having such a hard time now..."

Nosey sighed in tears. "I don't think you have to, but Scarlett asked us, together with only 2 or 3 friends... She will be devastated if we don't come along."

Ursula nodded. "We can't do that to her. It's our duty." They stood there, seeing how Scarlett and her friends said goodbye to the other guests. When everyone had left, they gathered around her.

"Are you ready, love?" one of the friends asked Scarlett, who still looked kind of weak.

"Yes, yes, I'll be fine." The woman answered, getting annoyed by the attention. "Let's go."

Together, they left for the cemetary, following the car that carried Al's coffin. Now that everyone had calmed down, Julius found the courage to ask Ursula something he had been really wondering about.

"Where's Emmet? Do you know where he is now?"

Ursula tried to smile, but it ended in a sniff. "Right now? Six feet under." She answered, looking up. Julius, Nosey and even Delilah looked up shocked. "Three months after... the day we parted. A man in his street worked for the government and recognized him. Alerted the police. Who alerted the Special Forces. Who went to pick him up. Emmet got scared, and knocked out 4 of their agents. The 5th one shot him, and got away with self-defense. Emmet had caught the bullet in his right lung and died 17 days later."

She took a deep breath and shaked when Julius pulled her close in a half-embrance. "I went to his funeral, I made it just in time. I was already in Asia, somewhere in China, I think, but his mother had found my private cell number I had given Emmet, and contacted me. I had to be there, though I risked a lot. I think the whole Canadian undercover agency was there, checking for any refugees. I just stood next to his coffin, pretending to be his sister, and those morons didn't even recognize me." Ursula managed to softly giggle.

The car and its followers had reached the cemetary.

Wake up, duty calls
The sun illuminates the walls
But silence is the language we speak
You're late, and hurry out
I see you vanish in the crowd
And feel the doubt that makes me so weak

"Promise me you'll keep in contact. Also with me." Scarlett sat on a bench, right outside the cemetary. She had almost flipped when Al's coffin had been let down into the grave, but she still refused to be carried in a wheelchair. Now, she sat down, and looked up to the four agents, standing in front of her. "Don't make those years happen again. You know, you don't have to part right now. Stay together for some days, weeks. Keep in touch."

Ursula smiled, Nosey shook his head, Julius said: "Never. Never again." Delilah, well... stood there, being her new, icy self.

"Come on, Scarry, baby." Scarlett's best friend said, helping her up. Greeting the four youngsters, she added "She really needs to go home now, and rest." When the four nodded understanding, she continued. "It was very nice meeting you, and I hope you come over and visit Scarlett someday. I've heard you live all around the world, but it would do her good."

The four assured her they would all fly over to visit Scarlett every once in a while, and then were left alone. A bit unsure, they all looked at eachother.

"I don't know about you guys, but I feel we can't leave eachother here." Nosey said.

"You're right." Ursula and Julius both agreed, and Julius continued. "How about we all go home to refresh ourselves and tonight, we meet for dinner? I'm sure you know some good restaurants around, Nosey."

Nosey laughed softly. "Depends what you're in the mood for. You're coming too, aren't you, Delilah? Please, come along!"

The others turned around too. "Yeah, Dee, you have to come. Don't ruin everything now. We have to catch up with eachother! Just come along. Do it for old time's sake!" Everybody talked to eachtother, but Delilah, after some clearly doubting, put an end to it.

"Greek." She simply said. The other looked at her confused. "I'm in the mood for Greek. You know a good Greek place, Nosey?"

Nosey smiled thinking, while Julius and Ursula brightly nodded their heads, happy to get such an answer from Delilah. 'Cause they were both sure they hadn't mistaked themselves. They had heard some amusement in Delilah's voice. Some emotion. Some positive emotion.

"57 Burrolly Road. Zorba." Nosey said. "Great place with live music and the best Meze in town. And do try the Guvetsi. I'll make a reservation for 7 tonight." He was already licking his lips by the thought of it.

The others nodded, and with a hearthfull goodbye, they parted.

Nobody gets over his first love
Nobody gets over his first love

"Here it is, you can stop here." Nosey said to the taxi driver. The car came to a stop. "So, what are you plans for tonight, with /her/?" He asked while taking out his wallet to pay the driver.

Julius looked out of the window, and saw a black car stop at the other end of the deserted street. An expensive Opel Tigra Twintop with darkened windows and a Belgian sign. The door swung open, and Delilah stepped out, looking gorgeous in neat dress. Julius sighed while his eyes fixed on her. "I'm gonna find out." He finally answered. "By the end of tonight, I will know what happened to her that made her change so much."

I was the one who believed
We all have guardian angels
Find it so hard to believe
I see the eyes of a stranger,
The moment I look at you


I'm so sorry it took so long, but I had a lot of things lately. And also sorry that it's a quite short chapter, but it's already late here. Thank you so much for hanging on! Also, thank you to all who reviewed the 3rd chapter. It means a lot to me. And, I believe the song needs some explanation. From now on, the songs won't be so close with the story as before. Normally, I use the lyrics to go on with what I'm writing, but now, I already have the whole story and each chapter described in my head, so I don't need them anymore. I just like them, because lyrics can be very emotionall. Udo is a Belgian singer which I like very much.

Poll question: The next name is a French one. What is your first thought when you read it?

Dominique. Male or Female? Please leave it in a review. Maybe I'll use your name for a character in an upcoming chapter!

Lots of love and a very happy New Year! May I love you in this year more than in the previous one.

Ciao! Xxx-Tisia.

PS: OMG I scared myself, seeing it in preview. It really is frightening short. Sorry! I'll try to update sooner to make it up! X
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