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Black out

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Jenova experiments, what happened to the rejects? What would happened if one was left? Last survivor, is it worth a second chance? [Chapter 3: Danger, a blackout occures and Hikari remebers a litt...

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Chapter 3: Black out

The next morning, Hikari sat on her bed watching the dawn rise while everyone else slept. As the light rose over the buildings and through the window it shone her face, making the tattoo's seem more like flames. She grabbed the blanket the Turks had used to wrap her lithe form in, pulling it around herself again. Hikari began to wonder why they left her here, and if the redhead that smelt faintly of hard liquor was angry at her. Slipping of the bed gently she was heading for the for door when it opened revealing Danni and Tifa on the other side "Well looks like someone's an early bird" Danni grinned as she entered the room.

Hikari noticed that Tifa was holding a pile of clothes in her arms, that she soon placed one the bed "we're gonna sort you some clothes, ok?" Tifa smiled as she noted Hikari's questioning look. Her new outfit consisted of a blue tank top and black baggy trousers that had a long red ribbon belt tied in her bow behind her back. She also wore a pair of grey gloves, attached to light blue sleeves that stopped around her elbows and red ribbons circled down three times on each arm. To finish the look Hikari wore a pair of black and blue sneakers with her hair tied back with a red ribbon.

Danni and Tifa were both happy with the result as Hikari looked at herself in front of the mirror place in the room. Danni, while helping to dress Hikari had to bite back the urge to scream to the heavens how poorly this child had been treated, while finding the scars worn into her body. Even the small ones were deep.
The three girls headed back down stairs to the bar, where Col, Cait sith, Red XIII, Marlene and Densel were. Hikari is very shy at first, the only contact she really had were the scientists around her. Marlene and Densel walk up to her and ask her many things "Do you know how to play any games?" Marlene asked and Hikari just shook her head, though she became very fascinated by Red XIII's tail. He noticed that and grinned swinging his tail round so she could touch it "does it burn?" she asked timidly "Not at all" he replied gently.

Hikari grew a little more confident, while Danni and Col left saying they had some stuff to take care of. Cid sat in his usual place, half asleep with a hangover and a cigarette sticking out the side of his mouth. Vincent sat close by as his silent company like always. It was now getting to late afternoon; Marlene and Densel were teaching Hikari how to play tag on the stairs, running round laughing with each other. Unlocking Hikari's childish nature without being told off by scientists that would cry out 'It will ruin the tests!'

However suddenly while at the top of the stairs Hikari gave a sharp gasp before collapsing "Hikari!" both Densel and Marlene called before Bolt's flicked out, causing a black out for at least half way down the street. "Marlene! Densel! Hikari!" Tifa called from down the stairs in the bar as she searches for some candles. Vincent is half way up the stairs when he meets Marlene who is very frightened "Something's wrong with Hikari" she says in a fragile voice grabbing Vincent's cloak.

Tifa and Cid are also coming up the stairs when they see Marlene pulling his cloak. When the four of them reach the top they see Densel holding Hikari on the floor. She is curled up tightly in pain, trying to speak but something holds her back "Lighting came from her hand" Densel explains as Vincent bends down next to her "S...Se...Seph" is all she manages to choke out before she looses consciousness "Hmm Tifa you better call Cloud" Cid suggested something decent for once as she headed down stairs, Vincent then scooped up Hikari's shaking body and carried her into her bedroom.

Hikari was now in a dream world sort of thing, mixed memories new and old flashing around her. However one kept playing over and over. Three boys, each with silver hair were standing there as Hikari in that memory was being pulled away from them. "Big brothers!" she screamed to them and fought for release "Big brothers!" she cried again, tears falling down the sides of her cheeks. The oldest of the boys was almost in tears himself, watching his younger sister being pulled away from them. Suddenly the memory disappeared as quickly as it had come leaving Hikari in darkness, but that wasn't for long either another figure came into light.

His hair colour was the same as the boys, but longer and his style of clothes the same too. He wore a smirk on his face as he looked down at the weeping child "Worthless failure" was the only words he spoke before Hikari snapped her eyes open in fear.

Her heart beat was racing, thumping inside her chest making it hurt. Tears still fell from her eyes and her body was shaking slightly, who were those people? Tifa and Cloud were by the bedside, startled by her sudden awakening. Tifa placed a hand on her shoulder as Hikari flopped back down on the bed exhausted but not falling asleep just yet. The dreams frightened her. As Hikari began to settle Cloud and Tifa went down stairs to discuss just what exactly happened.
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