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Jenova experiments, what happened to the rejects? What would happened if one was left? Last survivor, is it worth a second chance? [Chapter 4: Hikari Desires to know and yet she doesn't want to]

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Chapter 4: Desire

Vinnie and Cid were the only ones in the bar as Cloud and Tifa came down. They all sat at one table to discuss this matter seriously. "Cloud, why was Hikari crying for her brothers?" Tifa asked meekly still remembering the way the child's body acted in her sleep "I don't know" he replied bluntly
"It's likely to be other clones" Vincent spoke up from his seat by the wall
"You don't suppose it's that punk's gang?" Cid inquired
"Could be" Vincent only replied, still thinking through other possibilities.

In the meantime, Hikari still lay exhausted on her bed unable to move her body. It was as if gravity had finally defeated her but suddenly the room was getting colder. It was no ordinary temperature drop either, no Hikari knew what it was and gasped sharply; the ice materia was casting its self. Everything in the room began to freeze and turn into ice, making the cracking noise as it did so. Hikari struggled to move but her energy was depleted and the materia continued to work on its own, however as Hikari began to panic slightly it stopped.

This only made it worse; the fire materia began to act the same! The ice melted, water droplets forming on the edges and dripping to the floor. Before long everything in the room was completely soaked, even Hikari and her clothes but there was nothing she could do. Her body was too worn out and tired to move, so all she could do was close her eyes and sleep softly.
The next time she awoke, the soggy and sticky feeling had gone, it was replaced by deep warmth surrounding her. Opening her eyes gently, her vision was filled with red. Not the artificial mist created when angry but red fabric covering her body lightly, the edges of it tattered and ripped. Gazing up she saw Vincent with his crimson eyes looking elsewhere and his black hair lazily covering part of his face. Hikari also observed her clothes had changed to a grey t-shirt and black shorts; at least they were better than wet clothes.

Vincent then took note that Hikari had come around in his arms from the slight shifting "She's a wake" he said plainly to no in particular. Hikari turned her head slightly to see who else was in the room; it was only Cloud, Tifa, and Danni, Col who was just going out of the room, of course Vincent and herself. Danni was really the only one who paid attention to what Vincent said in a low almost inaudible voice, so she gave Cloud a nudge since he was the one with questions today. Cloud made his way to Vincent's seat and sat in the one next to it, his blue/greenish eyes focused on Hikari "Do you have any family?" he asked bluntly
"I..." she thought for a second "I don't remember any, but..." she stopped and looked uncertain to carry on "But what?" came Vincent's voice again "In my dream...I...I saw three boys and called them my big brothers" she confessed in a frail voice, clearly Hikari didn't understand any of it however there was slight hurt seen her. Cloud saw it but couldn't understand it himself.

Done with questioning for now, Cloud left Hikari while she pushed her way out of Vincent's grip. Only to go out of the room for a while, Danni walked with her to the stairs but departed in another direction. Heading to her room Hikari found that some things were still wet but she found her blanket drying on the radiator. Grabbing it she headed out of the room again, carrying on up some more stairs until she came to the roof.

The wind blew her hair back fiercely as she walked up to the angel statue that marked the seventh heaven bar. In the distance she could see the Sierra docked and a small figured moving around on the deck, most probably Cid. Hikari also saw Midgar more. She never really did see it when she was with the Turks; only healin and the lab. Wrapping the blanket tightly round her she felt slightly cold and relieved for its warmth, since the wind was getting more severe.

Thought began to come to Hikari's mind about what happened before the sleep. Why could she not remember anything? She searched and searched like a computer search engine but came up with no results, it was frustrating. The anger was building, angry at the scientists, angry at herself, angry at JENOVA?
"Why can't I remember!!" she screamed all of a sudden causing birds to frighten and fly away quickly. Hikari clenched her fists while holding the blanket and still screamed some more, crying to herself.

She is the last, the only one with this problem. Now she has to suffer...alone. Hikari fell to her knees, tears still falling rapidly down her cheeks mixing with the now falling rain which was promptly turning into a downpour. "Go on cry failure" a voice whispered
"You don't know what you are" it mocked again
"You have no importance" where was it coming from?
"No life hahahahahhahahaha!" Its laughter rang out, sinister and vile in its cruel, mocking tone.
"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!" Hikari screamed out in the misery running back inside slamming the roof door and leaning against it for a short while.

Hikari then began to make her way back downstairs, feeling the familiar dampness again. That's when she met Col, he glance at her and then the direction she came from, then back to her "You didn't go on the roof did you? He asked gently offering a hand to her.
Hikari didn't take it she didn't want a repeat of last time, so when she didn't except it Col just walked her to her room to dry off. Upon entering he grabbed a towel and took the blanket from Hikari, she was a bit hesitant about it at first but gave in. "What were you doing on the roof" he asked
"Thinking" Hikari replied swinging her legs while sitting on the bed. That happened to be when Cloud walked in looking for Col, the man's blonde hair had red feathers sticking out at random places. It made his hair look spikier than it already was.

Col tried hard to suppress a laugh but it didn't work very well "Go ahead laugh, your Chocobo is outta control" Cloud glowered while plucking feathers from his hair, though Hikari sat there confused, what the heck was a Chocobo!? Cloud took the last feather and handed it to her "You've never seen a Chocobo have you?" he asked, Hikari shook her head
"Come on we'll show you" Col suggested moving form his seat to head out of the door following Cloud. Hikari looked at the red feather in her hand thoughtfully then ran to catch up with the two guys.
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