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Jenova experiments, what happened to the rejects? What would happened if one was left? Last survivor, is it worth a second chance? [Chapter 5: Chocobo's go crazy, Villains arrive and they are who??]

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst - Characters: Cid Highwind, Cloud Strife, Jenova, Tifa Lockhart, Vincent Valentine - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006-12-04 - Updated: 2006-12-04 - 1521 words

Chapter 5: Rebellion

Col and Cloud led Hikari to a small stable out behind the bar. It was protected from the harsh rain that still fell outside, setting the world in misery for a short time. However a very strange sound erupted from the stable, chirping or whistling maybe mixed along with Danni's voice speaking. "Fire flame, calm down!" the short term retired dragon tamer yelled as Hikari and the others rounded the corner greeted by an amazing sight to the young child.

A huge, red bird the size of an ostrich flapped its wings frantically. Eventually Danni was able to calm the creature down, stroking the beak soothingly "Hey guys glad you could join us" Danni greeted happily as always "Hikari this is a Chocobo" Col explained while the child hid slightly behind him.
Cloud left the room quietly as Hikari walked closer to the huge bird timidly. Red feathers are scattered all across the floor probably just like the Sierra. Hikari finally stood in front of the bird awing at the size while the Chocobo craned its neck downwards to look at her closely. Fire Flame as the Chocobo was called, nuzzled it's beak into her hand gently. Hikari felt her small fingers glide on the smooth texture and the Chocobo happily enjoyed the shy petting.
Suddenly Hikari flinched and tensed at the feeling of hands lifting her up by the waist. Col had come behind her and lifted the hesitant girl onto the Chocobo's back smoothly. The sense was strange being on top of a living thing, she could feel the rustle of feathers or Fire Flame scratching its claw on the wooden floor dusted with hay.
Cid then came to join the three of them, he didn't look too happy as a glare was directed to Danni "Hey kiddo, you gonna clean the mess your damn bird made?!" he complained in a temperament "Alright, alright geez gramps it's only an airship, remember?" Danni whined equaling the glare she received. Col backed off a bit from the argument while Fire Flame moved her wings more frantic than usual "Dammit kid how many times have I told you its Cid, Captain or mister Highwind" the old pilot lectured but Danni just mimicked his every word "and how many times have I told you? I'm not kid!" she rebelled against him "you may be older but you not my dad or anything" Cid and Col was stunned by this sudden outburst however Fire Flame disliked the yelling and had enough of it.

The red Chocobo jumped over the slightly open pen gate and started running round like a crazy lunatic. Hikari though shrieked slightly holding the feathers in a death grip "ah Hikari!" Col called as he tried to rein Fire flame in but with no success "guys, help!" he yelled at the two sulking from the argument that no one won.
Hikari meanwhile squeezed her eyes shut, wishing she was on the ground safe since the three adult had trouble grabbing the blasted bird. Fire Flame still ran about on her two powerful legs tiring the humans, slowing them down though she herself began to feel drowsy and exhausted but all too soon. Hikari's body was glowing blue so it meant a materia was acting on its own again, this time it was the HP Absorb skill and it drained three quarters of Fire Flames energy rapidly.
The bird immediately fell down, causing Hikari to fly off the Chocobo's back skidding across the ground on her side till she hit the other wall.

Danni was the first to reach the dazed child, her eyes glazed with sudden shock of not only being bucked off for the first time but hitting the wall so hard as well. Danni helped Hikari stand back up but she was unsteady at first, almost falling back down. It was then that a loud crash from back in the bar, it sounded like the chairs had been thrown aside however that wasn't it. The door to the stable flew open smacking the wall harshly, revealing two figures. Together they looked like trouble since one carried twin swords and the other a cross bow, their eyes both glowing a greeny blue colour. "Who are you!?" Col asked settling his hand on the handle of his executioner "We want to borrow your friend" the taller guy with platinum-blonde hair snickered which made Danni more uneasy about these guys "Hey, we asked who are you not why are you here" she replied in a cocky tone only to receive a death glare from the younger looking guy with red hair.
"If you must know, we are part of an organization called Blitz kreig battalion, now are you gonna give us the Jenova experiment or not?" the blonde explained with a sly grin
"I don't know what you punks want with that kid, but you're damn well not taking her!" Cid declared standing next to Danni, spear in hand
"Fine, Cal" he spoke
"Right Kev" Cal replied grinning maniacally aiming his cross bow straight at Hikari, firing several shots.

Col immediately went to tackle Cal but he moved out of the way turning his aim to Col. Meanwhile as the previous shots headed straight towards the three others Cid grabbed Hikari and jumped out of the way with Danni, leaving the blasts to hit the wall and leave a scorching mark. Danni, angered drew both sai swords and went straight for Kev. She matched all of his moves as they both swung at each other; blades clashing together "Give up!" Danni cried pushing with more force, releasing the current struggling between the two blades. Kev then swung round his body just past Danni to try and get a blow to her back however just in time Danni flipped forward only to receive a hit in her side from Cal.
Cal's stray fire had hit Danni as Col was grinding his powerful sword into the crossbow that was holding out well.
After a good long while of swords clashing, back flips and sharp hits both Danni and Col were thrown down to the ground; Kev and Cal smirking coldly all the time. The two guys began stepping forward towards Cid and Hikari "No!" Danni managed to barely choke out "Leave them alone!" Col's voice came in a weak growl
"Don't you two worry, I'll take care of these sons of a..."
"Cid! Remember Hikari!" Danni interrupted his sentence. Cid gripped his spear tighter and kept in front of Hikari, who was struggling to keep a clear head. She felt immense pressure fill her head, it was as if a million voices kept talking to her, voices merging as a sort of static noise 'What is wrong with me?' she questioned herself raising her hands to her head, shaking it hard.

Kev and Cal stopped their slow walk and changed it to a quick dart, the surprise was sure to take Cid down even with two of them. Hikari looked up immediately and saw them both heading towards Cid, instantaneously Hikari leapt into action screaming the word "Firrier!"

Everything flashed bright red, panic and fear mixed in the air creating a quick, rapid moment. Hikari's screaming voice combined with Kev and Cal's disoriented grunts of pain to make an awkward noise. When the red, hazy light dispersed as quickly as it had come both Cal and Kev was breathing heavily with scornful burns. "How is that possible? Barrier and Fire together" Cal spoke with a disapproved look
"She truly is more powerful than him" Kev replied amazed. The door to the stable began to open with a creak, alarming both boys "come well get her later" Kev pulled his friend up and escaped out of the two large stable doors at the other end. Giving the Chocobo's more to 'wark!' about.

Cloud and Vincent appeared from the other side of the door that was opening. Each looked confused, well you could hardly tell with Vincent... "What's going on in here, we heard screaming and swords?" Cloud was first to speak-naturally. Danni and Col lifted there bruised and minor cut bodies from the wooden floor, brushing the hay off their clothes "two goons from the..." Danni began
"Blitz kreig Battalion" Col stated
"Yeah...They came in here looking for Hikari" Danni finished. They looked over to Hikari who was now standing in front of Cid, she was backing up slightly and stopped when she hit Cid's legs "You alright kid?" he queried but Hikari only looked at her hands. They stung slightly from the huge amount of power she used to cast the spell subconsciously. Suddenly she felt overwhelming hate strike her hard, the voice that kept taunting her was forming in the back of her mind quietly, just barely noticeable but it was still...there.

Hikari stormed out of the stable away from the others. She kept running and running all the way back to her room and led on her bed, burying herself in the blanket she received from the Turks. Silently suffering from the voice again, teasing, taunting...confusing her.
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