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So, friends or not?

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Tired of all this fake coldness, the members of Simple Plan make Pierre choose between accept them as friends or forever leave them behind.

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In a while, the doctor left the room and brought her around. She had broken her right foot, but, apart of that, nothing else happened, luckily. With their help, I took her back to her house and then we left there together.

"So, where are you going now, Pierre?" asked Chuck
"Home. You?"
"We're going to practice for a bit." he answered "Hey, don't you wanna come with us? I mean, you liked our songs yesterday, why don't you come with us to hear them all?"
"I would love to but I...uh...I have to..."
"You're trying to make up an excuse, aren't you?" asked Seb looking me straight in the eyes
"No, of course I'm..." I tried to lie but all of their eyes staring at my face didn't let me do so "Yeah."
"Why that? We're not such a bad company and we don't want to hurt you or anything like that." Said Jeff in defense "We're just trying to be your friends, just that. Why don't you give it a try?"
"I can't explain. Many things happened in my life and I'm afraid that friendship is the last thing that I want now, just that. I'm afraid of getting hurt again."
"We understand and we won't try to ask you about that because you still don't trust us enough to tell us something like that, but if you live afraid of people you'll die alone and that's probably what hurts the most." Said David "Nobody likes to be always alone, so why don't you give us one chance only? One step by time won't hurt you. If, after sometime, you feel like we don't worth a try, you may just walk away from us, but not before you do get to know us. Do we have a deal? If you say no we promise you we'll leave your life and we'll never bother you again, but if you say yes, we promise to try to be your friends and we're good in that."
"Guys, I think that..."
"No, no thinking" interrupted Jeff "David asked you an yes or no question, so you must answer with yes or no."
"Well, but still..."
"Yes or no?" asked Chuck as I paused for a bit to think about it, but he soon questioned again "Yes or no?"
"I...well, let's give it a try. Yes." I said a little bit afraid of being breaking the promise I made myself, but still, I decided I should give it a try. Maybe they could be good friends.
"Great, we'll make you like us, you'll see." Said Seb with a smirk on his face "Now, come on, you'll be watching our rehearsal today."

After we walked a bit, we reached that same house from yesterday, but the door was fixed up and there was a huge signboard over it where you could read: Band looking for a lead singer that can sing well and write songs.

"Wow! I'm sure it wasn't there yesterday." I said laughing a bit
"Yeah, but yesterday a guy came here, broke our door down and told us that we are an awesome band, so we decided to give it a try, but first of all the band has to be complete." Said Chuck in reply
"Well, good luck on finding this lead singer." I said back at them "Hope you can send me some e-mails when you get rich and famous and start touring around the world."
"We will." Said David in response

We got in the house and they started playing. Each of their songs amazed me a lot, I couldn't believe what those guys could do with an instrument in hands, and, to be honest, still today they can amaze me a lot with things they learn before I get to know where all those things come from. But, among all of their songs, there was one in special that got all of my attention...

"So, what do you think of this song?" asked Chuck
"Are you kidding me? This one was the best song that I heard this afternoon, does it have a name?"
"Not really. We just call it Project 7." Replied Seb "All of our songs are called Project something because they're not real songs, they're just projects of songs."
"Why that?" I asked curiously
" `Cause they have no lyrics. We've already tried many times to write some lyrics, but they always suck. So we gave up on trying, after all, there's nobody to sing" he replied
"There was nobody to sing." I corrected "One of these days a guy will knock this door, make the test and join the band, you'll see. But, returning to Project 7, I normally enjoy writing songs in my free time and, while you were playing it, there was one song of mine that couldn't leave my mind and I think that it fits well in this project. Want to give it a try?"
"Sure, how is it called?" asked David interested
"It's called `I'm just a kid'. Want me to show you?"
"Sure." Replied Jeff "Take this microphone in hands and start singing it. We'll start playing it over again."
"Sing it?" I shouted "Guys, I totally can't sing and I don't want to screw up with your song...or project."
"First: We need to hear it to know if Project 7 will become I'm Just a Kid. Second: You're the only one who knows the lyrics so start singing. Neither of us can sing, but we won't be listening to your voice, we'll listen to your song." Said Chuck, convincing me
"Okay, let's give it a try."

That was the very first time in my life that I took a microphone in hands and stood in front of them singing. I couldn't even imagine that this was going to be the very first time of many. During the whole song, I could realize they were staring at each other with amazed looks. At first, I thought it was all about the song. They had obviously liked it, but only in a few minutes, when the song was already over, I would really get to know what was really impressing them.

"So? Did you like it?" I asked them as soon as we were done on playing it
" can we put that?" said Jeff stopping for a bit to look for the words he wanted to say "We're going to take that signboard out of the door, we already found our lead singer. And don't you dare expect any e-mail from us while we're on tour, you'll be with us, so you won't need it."
"What do you mean by I'll be with you?" I asked confused
"Pierre, do you have a slight idea of the talent you have there?" asked Seb "You're an awesome song writer and the only thing better than your song is your voice."
"My voice? You just gotta be kidding me. You're desperate to find a lead singer, that's why you think that my voice is good. But if you had a guy right here in front of the microphone that would officially sing for you, you would see how much my voice sucks."
"It doesn't suck, Pierre." Said David " We've been playing music for many years and no desperation would make us think that any voice is a great one and you have a great voice."
"Pierre, please, would you join our band?" asked Chuck
"I don't know. I'll need sometime to think about that."
"Take your time." Said David "But we'll take the signboard out of the door and wait for your answer."
"Okay. Well, anyway, it's 6 p.m. and I start working in a few, so I think I'll get going."
"Okay, bye, Pierre." Said Seb
"Bye, guys." I replied as I started leaving, but I soon heard David's voice from behind me calling me back
"Hey, Pierre!"
"You're going to be our lead singer. Just wait and see." Said David with a smirk on his face
"We'll see about that." I said leaving

As soon as I left there, many things started running through my mind and they didn't leave me alone not even when I rested my body over my bed to try to sleep. I mean, I never thought that I could sing. I woke up this morning without even knowing that I could do that and I go back to bed at night hours after hear people telling me that I am going to be their lead singer. All by sudden a band asks me to join them. Maybe they're just saying it, but what's if they weren't? They were looking for a lead singer and gave up on that after hear me singing, saying they had already found their lead singer, what would be the point of doing this if they were just saying it? Maybe I could really sing. Those kind of things didn't let me sleep that night at all. I just ended up falling asleep 3 hours before the time that I needed to wake up, but I still had no conclusion.
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