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A promise that wouldn't be broken

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In the next morning, Pierre wakes up pretty late for school and rushed the most he could to try to get there in time but barely he knew that he wouldn't be making for school that morning.

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After spend the whole night awake, it wasn't any surprise that I woke up late in the next morning. Thirty minutes late. I just stood up, took my bath, swallowed my breakfast and practically ran out of my house. Still, I couldn't imagine in that moment that I wouldn't be making to the school in time anyway. I couldn't imagine I wouldn't make it to the school at all.
After I walked a while, I met a group of really tough guys and one of them approached me before I was able to try to stay away.

"Hey, are you Pierre Bouvier?" he asked me
"Yes, and you are?"
"I'm Adam's friend."

When I heard that, I felt as scared as never did before and I could do nothing but stay motionless as I started remembering what Adam had told me in the day before that and the guy soon gave me a punch in the face that I'll never forget about, sending me to the middle of the street with my lips bleeding. Afraid of getting ran over by a car, I tried to cross the street, but barely knew I that to be ran over was the last thing I should care about in that moment. Before I was able to stand up, that whole crowd of millions and millions guys got around me, making me remember about every single word that Seb had told me in the hospital about the guy who knows one million guys, who know one million guys and it carries on like this forever. He wasn't being so childish after all. I wasn't even able to stand up on my feet before I started feeling several kicks and punches coming from everywhere with an incredible strength and in an unstoppable rhythm. They spent a very long time doing that and didn't seem to be tired at all, even though I felt almost dead.
After what seemed to have lasted a lifetime, they stopped and I finally thought that everything was over, but I barely knew that it was just beginning. Soon, one of them grabbed me by the collar so hard that I felt like being strangled and he threw me coughing in the other sidewalk. Not letting it be the end, most of them stood behind, but one of the guys kneeled over my stomach and pointed a gun to it. I couldn't move to try to runaway, so I just started crying like begging for my life, but the words that Adam said yesterday still didn't leave my mind, making me realize that he wasn't there just to scare me.

"This is not going to save your life. If you ever make through this day, you'll learn not to mess up with somebody else's girlfriend, especially Adam's. And if you go to the police station to talk about us, don't you dare think that you'll be safe. As soon as we get arrested, a whole bunch of our friends will be after you to finish our job. Good night, Pierre."

After finish that coldly, he shot the gun and made me faint after feeling the worst pain I had ever felt in my life.

Don't have any idea of how long time I stood out of conscious, all that I can remember is that when I woke up I started feeling the worst pain that I had ever felt in my life and the taste of blood didn't leave my mouth, still I was glad of being alive. When I opened my eyes, I felt lots of relieved to see that I was in a hospital and probably out of danger.
Walking from one side to the other of the room, I could see my mom looking really worried. As soon as she realized that I was awake, she gave me an warm smile and sat down by my side. Then, she hugged me really gently like I was made of porcelain and she was afraid that I could break and gave me a tender kiss in the cheek. Right after that, she laid her head over my shoulder and cried silently, but I could see for sure that she was worried to death.

"What's wrong, mom?"
"I thought that I had lost you." She said under tears "You have no idea of how it feels like to see your son leaving home to go to school and receive a phone call in a few telling you that he's under a surgery to remove a bullet from his stomach."
"I'm sorry."
"It wasn't your fault, Pierre. Wish it was so I would have someone to blame." She said in a playful tone making me laugh a bit "But we have to thank your life to the great group of friends that you made here in Montreal. They saw you fainted in the sidewalk when they were going to school and they quickly called an ambulance. If it wasn't for that, you would be dead now. I met them outside this room, they are all worried about you, but they didn't want to get in and see you like this again. They said they would only get in when you wake up."
" friends?" I asked surprised
"Yeah. Jeff, Seb, David, Chuck and Jessica. A better group of friends then the one you had in New York, I must say." She stated, as she always wants to let me know her opinion about my friends, even though that was the very first time she liked them "And that Jessica is so sweet. She is cute, she treated me kindly and she's crying because of you. She cares. That girl is way too much better than Ashley was."
"Mom, I see where you're trying to get but no, I'm not going to date Jessica. I'm not in love with her, she's not in love with me and she has a boyfriend. And this last detail is something that I won't forget about. Never."
"I'll ask you that again in a few months, okay? Anyway, do you want me to call your friends?"
"Okay, I'll call them. I'll be back to check you out latter. Bye."

A few seconds after she left, all of them got in the room. Jessica sat down by my side, probably because of her foot and started caressing my hair really tenderly. Anyway, before any of you can come to think anything, no, it wasn't any sign of love, as my mom would think. She was just worried about me because I was her friend. Or was my mom right? I mean, she was right before, wasn't she? No... no way. Jessica doesn't have any crush about me and I also don't feel a thing about her... or do I? Step out of it, you don't want to die because of Adam, do you? She's just my friend. A really beautiful, tender, sweet and special friend, but just a friend.

"So, how are you feeling?" she asked me concerned
"Better than I was before fainting."
"We're almost sure about the answer but..." stopped David for a bit to ask the most obvious question in that moment "what happened...exactly?"
"Well, I was going to the school and while I was on my way I met a huge group of guys that knew my name and that were said to be Adam's friends. Then, they hit me until I couldn't hold any longer and told me that this should teach me not to mess up with anybody's girlfriend, especially Adam's. After that, they shot me."
"Adam asked his friends to do that to you because you helped me?" Jessica asked impressed as I just nodded "My God, he's craziest than I ever though he was."
"Do you understand now why we warned you this much about Adam?" asked Jeff
"Yeah. I can understand that and that `he knows one million guys, who know one million guys, who know one million guys...' thing." I replied admitting they were right all along
"Now you see that we were serious." Said Seb
"Yeah, but thank you anyway, you tried to help me. And how have I got here?" I questioned
"We were late for school as usual and we saw you fainted and bleeding in the sidewalk, so we rushed to the closest payphone and called an ambulance." Answered Chuck "In the meanwhile, Jessica was going to school on car because of her foot, but as soon as she saw what happened to you, she made her mother stop the car and leave her right there. Then, here we are now."
"They operated you and now you're in the recovering process." Completed Seb "But they said that you'll be leaving in 2 weeks or less."
"I... I can't believe it." I said amazed
"Well, that's exactly what happened, so..." David started replying, but I soon interrupted him
"No, it's not that. Just a few days ago I would pass through you guys without even saying hi `cause I never trusted you and you saved my life. Why have you done that?"
"Because we're friends, remember?" answered Jeff "We wouldn't let a friend die."
"Well, officially, we're friends since yesterday. Not time enough to care about someone."
"But we do." Simply replied Chuck
"Believe me, Pierre, I know these guys longer than you and even if this accident had happened while you weren't what we can call of friends, they would still help you." Said Jessica "You made good friends here."
"Yeah, I guess I did."
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