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We need an official lead singer now!!!

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After three months playing with Pierre, but still having no agreement in make him join the band, Simple Plan gets the chance of playing their very first show but, for that, they needed an official ...

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Three months went by since I left the hospital and, since then, I couldn't help but trust for real in their friendship. I mean, no guy in this world that saves someone's life deserves not to be trusted. I ended up telling them about the fact that I spent most part of my life in USA and I told them everything about Ashley and Brendan, even though it wasn't hurting me that bad any longer. As a matter of fact, when I discovered that Canada wasn't that bad and that I could actually make friends in there, I stopped hating this place so bad. After all, officially I'm Canadian, right? When I first got in Canada, I thought that this place had destroyed my world. Only months after that I would be able to realize that this place just destroyed the whole bunch of lies in which I used to believe and that it would rebuild my world in a really better manner.

As for the band...well, I hadn't decided to join them yet, although I was going to all of the rehearsals, singing and writing their songs. What else does it take to be the lead singer? I know today that to be a lead singer is all about that, but I didn't see it that way when I was 16. I just wasn't the lead singer, I was did I use to call that? Oh, right, I was the non-official guy that sings, practices, writes the songs and cares about the band, not the lead singer. Translating all of it, it means: the future lead singer.

As for Jessie, she got back on walking normally and, around one month ago, she broke up with Adam. The guy got so crazy that he had to start psychiatrist treatment but he didn't send his friends to kill anyone, he definitively decided to change. But he still wanted her back and every once in a while he buys her a present or writes her some poetry, still, the last thing she wants is to get back with him. She also started to hang out with us and gave up on cheerleading; after all, she always hated that. Her mom got devastated and all of her "friends" turned their backs on her, but I've never seen her as happy as she was. She didn't care about popularity, she just wanted to be normal again and that's what she did.

And me...well, I started noticing not long time before that how much I love to keep Jessie smiling, how much I enjoy her company, how good her perfume smells like, how perfect she is, how sweet she is, how I just can't stop talking about her, how I can't take my eyes away from her and how I had just quit on calling her Jessica and started calling her Jessie. I tried to fool myself for a while telling me that these kind of things were normal to happen between so close friends but there was no much time since I had confessed myself that those were all the symptoms of an in love guy. Yes, I love Jessie. My mom was right once again. The thing is that she didn't feel the same way. I mean, I hadn't asked yet, but I was sure that she didn't. She had never given me one hint only and I honestly thought that she couldn't picture me being more than just a friend.

Anyway, right in that moment, on a typical Monday morning, the guys and I were standing in front of the door of the math classroom, the same place that we met, and we were talking until it was time for me and Chuck to get in and for all of us start having classes. Soon, we heard someone coming around.

"Hey, guys!" said Jessie with a smile on her face and coming around
"Hey, Jessie." We said in unison
"Did you hear that the principal decided to give us a Christmas party this year?" she asked
"He did? Awesome, finally something cool in this boring place!" said David cheerfully
"Yeah. You know the coolest part? They'll call a famous band to play here and they want a band to make the opening act." She added
"You mean it? Guys, why don't we give it a try?" asked Chuck "If we make this opening act, people will listen to us and they may like it."
"Guess we can't play while we just have a non-official guy that does a whole bunch of things that I can't remember about and not a lead singer, right, Pierre?" asked Seb practically saying he wanted to get this non-official story over
"First of all, it's a non-official guy that sings, practices, writes the songs and cares about the band." I replied "But I guess that's right, if you want to play you should look for a lead singer or the people who'll watch the show will think that I am the lead singer."
"And how wrong would they be?" asked Jeff in conclusion
"Completely, I'm just the..." I started as they interrupted...
"Non-official guy and everything that comes after that." They said all together
"Pierre, think carefully, what does a lead singer do?" asked David
"He sings, he practices, he writes the songs sometimes and he cares about the band."
"The main difference between what you do and what a lead singer does is that..." said Chuck questioning
"That the lead singer isn't a non-official guy." I stated the obvious
"You're not officially part of the band `cause you don't want to." Said Seb "We asked you one million times to be part of our band and still today we never got an answer. Why that?"
"To be honest, I have no idea." I replied
"But we need an official lead singer now, Pierre." Said Jeff "We waited a lot for your answer, but I'm afraid we can't do it any longer, we have to get this band going. You have one week to think about that and give us an answer. We won't wait longer than that."
"Don't get us wrong, Pierre. Your voice is amazing, but we're after something serious, this is our dream." Continued Chuck "If you feel the same way, you'll have to accept to make that become official. If you don't, you'll have to say the word so we'll stop fooling ourselves and we'll look for another guy."
"Of course we wanted you to join our band, but we can't force you to do something that you don't want to do." Added Seb
"But think carefully about that. After all, I know Simple Plan means something to you." Finished David
"It does. It means a lot to me." I replied "I promise I'll think carefully about that and I'll give you the answer in one week."
"We'll be waiting for that." Said Chuck

As soon as he said that, the bell started ringing and there was the time to went away again

"Well, bye, guys. And see you in the English class, Pierre." Said Jessie
"See you."

Each one of us went to the classrooms but, in that moment, the last thing in my mind was math. I didn't know exactly what I should do. Simple Plan was important to me; I couldn't picture myself anymore without rehearsing with them and writing songs to the band. And to go over a stage and perform live seemed to be awesome. It was the thing I wanted the most. Even maybe having a famous band someday. It was all that I wanted. If I were supposed to answer according to my wish, I would say yes. But I wasn't sure about my talent. I thought that I could make that band go down if I was supposed to join and I cared about the band enough to keep myself away from them if I represent any chance of fail.
With these two different thoughts in mind, I was sure that I would have many problems on deciding in that week.
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