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It's Me And The Moon

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She's breathing in the humidity and feeling the heat in the dead of night that's proving to be wicked. But will that be the only wicked thing, or is she finding that side of herself as well? It's s...

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Author's Notes:

Hey, this is a longer story, the first one I've ever written! This isn't one of my favorite chapters, it's more like getting some information across. Umm.. yepp. That's about it. Seriously, I have no idea what I'm doing with this. I just hope you play along, read it, and maybe even give me some help. Reviews and criticism are welcome. Also, if anyone here who's Newfoundlander disagrees with how I'm portraying our good ol' rock (I don't really say that; I don't think anyone does here?) tell me so and I'll fix it. I think I'd know, but just go ahead. Plus, I'd like to find someone other than me?

Full Summary:

Karrow is in Heaven. She's slowly waking up to the world outside of her small sheltered one inside of Newfoundland and racing through one of the largest the world knows! Breathing in the humidity and feeling the heat in the dead of night is proving to be wicked. But will that be the only wicked thing, or is she finding that side of herself as well? It's shaping up to be one heck of a vacation, and the hot summer nights, probing night life, and amazing sights are only some of the plus's. Hopefully, the end of it won't only bring a tan from the sizzling sun, but something more as well...

Disclaimer: I don't know if I'm supposed to write one for an original, but I own this idea, plot, and story.

Chapter One: It's Me and The Moon


Karrow was never one to fall asleep easily. Her mind would whirl with thoughts of adventure, change, and most of all, sleep when it couldn't be obtained. So it didn't come as a suprise that when it occured, she pondered the effects of the impending vacation. She had never known much about anyone, least of all, her father. This was her chance to learn.

"Rowe! Karrow?"

She slowly awoke from the surface of dreams. As soon as the teenager had subdued her excitement enough to sleep, she was jostled loudly. 'Who is it? It's my dear little sister, Keely of course. Where am I, anyways? Why is my older sister here? Isn't Karlyn supposed to be in University now? What time is it? Why is dad trying to flatten his morning hair in the dark?' All of these questions fluttered through her head, before promptly being stomped out. Boy, was Karrow glad she hadn't asked them.

Her sleepy mind had disabled her ability to actually form sentences, let alone ask questions. She was much more content with the fact that she could answer these simple questions herself without seeming totally brain damaged.

The dulled eyes of the girl swept across the room, still slightly resisting being awake but functioning enough all the same. The place that she had been housed in was pretty plain. White walls, the color of eggshells, surrounded her and were scarcely decorated. Of course, apartments had certain restrictions on painting and other things like that. Color and vibrancy must have been pin pointed as the troublemakers in today's university goers; there was barely anything other than white shades. Karrow suddenly hoped that when she went away to receive higher education, she wouldn't suffer the same boring environment. Obviously, her sister hadn't been exempted. Karlyn was 6 years her senior, 24 years old, and a world different.

More sleep rubbed out of her chestnut orbs and she brightened. Apparently her brain began functioning as soon as her color sense came back. How could she have forgotten in the short span of time she was dozing? Which was a measly- she glanced at the neon clock pulsing in the darkness- half an hour! ' Half an hour... I've only been asleep for a half an hour?' Great, she was definitely going to crash, and today was a exceptionally big in her mind. Her legs shivered as she stood out of her blanket. It was only 4:00 am and already, her dad, younger sister, and one of her many older sisters were up and about. There the four of them were, getting ready for an adventure. She chose to ignore what her practical side called it; a visit.

She was going to a foreign land though! Her first plane and real travelling experience was not going to be wasted. Karrow, Karlyn and Keely were having a real bonding time with their dad in his home country. It was bound to be much more exotic than Newfoundland, her mother's home province. How much different can you get than Hong Kong? 'Hmm, let's see.' It was a gigantic city full of foreign strangers, food, and sights versus a small town with friendly, recognized faces and routines.

Karrow bounced out off of her mattress, a comfortable place on the floor. ' It's practically the Holiday Inn.' she quipped sarcastically in her mind. It was time to get up and going if they wanted to make their first of many flights. First though, she'd probably have to wrestle her cranky sisters for the bathroom. This was not going to be an easy task.

After properly getting dressed and yelled at, they trotted down the apartment steps. Karrow carefully minded the cracked cement on the sidewalk, hoping that her mother was relaxing at home. Her brothers were home with her but she still had to worry. She concentrated hard on the ground before promptly being interrupted by a harsh voice.

"Rowe! If you don't hurry up I'll make you! And Keel! Stop stomping like that!" Karlyn yelled. Their dad looked on, too tired to be anything but passive. Their eyes widened slightly but they complied after a few huffs.

"Geez, we thought she was bad before... now she's definitely going to need some sleep!" Keely whispered frantically.

"SHE'S gonna need some sleep? The whole apartment building's going to need some sleep! And complaint forms..." Rowe eyed the subject warily.

Her younger sister scurried off to walk beside Karlyn, despite having just mocked her. Rowe groaned at this; they always were the 'close' sisters. How much could they really have in common? They were 7 years apart!

'Oh well,' she thought ' Now I don't have to watch what I say around those two cranks.' Karrow felt fine enough to strut along in the parking lot, lagging behind by herself. The cool air enveloped her senses and swirled against her ears. It was a lovely August night; for Newfoundland anyways. The moon shone eerily against the clouds, bright and glowing. Dreamily, Karrow wondered if the moon looked as beautiful in China as it did here. She always did think that a summer moon looked better on the island. She didn't think that anything could possibly seem nicer to her. The scoops of dark craters and dips of rock were especially visible in the veiled sky. Few clouds were out that night.

A navy color covered the ball of white light. She had to admit; this scared her a little. Was it forboding of things to come? At first she had been apprehensive about travelling in the air, especially after that movie she had seen. Why had she watched 'Final Destination' with her sisters? 'Oh yeah, so I wouldn't be teased. Boy, I love my sisters.' Being in the air seemed to be so... isolated. What if they were alone up there? A quick shake of her head freed her mind of wicked thoughts. Her messy hair bobbed in it's bun with protruding thickets of hair in odd places. This was a time for excitement! There was no way that she was going to miss this opportunity- this adventure! There was so much to experience and she wasn't going to bow out on any of it.

As she swung her leg into the cab, she had the weirdest sounding thought. It was true, but it just seemed so foolish to think about. A grin broke out onto her face and she scrunched up her nose at the window. Lights began to smear by in the speeding car and her heart began to pulse harder.

'I'm going to Hong Kong.' Her mind was still tired and apparently so was her body. Finally not being able to deny the heavy feeling, she closed her eyes. 'This was the plan after all. Sleep until I get there...'

Author's notes:

Okay, first chapter done. I'm not really sure what this crowd is like for original, I've only ever been on certain fanfictions. Some are brutal, some are nice. Read, review, recycle. Wait.. nah, that sounds right :P.

Hey, extra, kind of pointless note (Don't read if you're not a loser like me):

Check out Something Corporate, Firescape, and Jack's Mannequin. A Something Corporate song is where I got the title for the chapter and they're awesome. Whenever I think of Hong Kong or the story, I listen to their music. I also think of Taking Back Sunday, but that's besides the pointless point. I don't know, it really just connects in my mind, the music and the city. It makes me happy :)

They're all made up of basically the same people. SoCo is the main group and the two others branch off of it.

Firescape Rock JM Piano Rock/Pop SoCo A mix of both. Makes sense doesn't it?

Anyways, just a little extra to say that the chapter title's from a great band : )

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