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I Woke Up In A Car

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Karrow's dozing off and dreaming away...

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Author's Notes:

Hey again, I'm bored, we got a snow day even though it's sunny out... yay! Even though my friends are the only ones who've read the first chapter, I may as well update.


Karrow's dozing off and dreaming away...

With a snort, she opened her eyes. She was there. Karrow was finally in the most enticing of places where she belonged! The interior of the plane was comfortable and she had never felt so happy to open her eyes. There was a tropical feel to the air. She wasn't sure how she knew that this was her destination, or how they had gotten there so fast, but she couldn't be bothered with the details. Soon, they would skid across the landing and shuffle off. When she actually stepped foot onto the land, she'd feel at ease. The knots in her stomach would soon calm down. The people on board were smiling in their sleep, soon to be awoken by the announcement. Karrow was much too excited to let her eyes linger shut, no matter how worried she was.

A huge THWAP against the wing grasped everyone's attention. Her mind scurried. What was happening? Were they going to land soon? Was this normal? The girl knew, from the creasing forehead of the stewardess, that this was not right. Everything happened so fast, it was just as if they were in a movie! Babies began to cry, husbands started to yell, and women whispered hurriedly to whichever. They were hysterical now! Her eyebrows were brought together and she clung to the seat as so many panicking noises arose. Karrow was nauseous. She just wanted to hold her heart inside and not let it jump out of her throat as it was threatening. The images she saw began to merge and her breathing was ragged. Thin air came out of her in gasps and now she couldn't breath.

'Where's dad! Karlyn, Keely! Oh God, no! Where are they, I thought...!' her thoughts ran into each other and water spilled from her eyes. Her head twisted around on it's own accord. She couldn't feel anything. Where were they! Her chest heaved forcefully and she could no longer see faces. All she could collect from her sight were many splatters of color running around. Her eyelids started flicker and time slowed. It started up again, as frightening as ever, and she felt herself going down, down, down...

She woke with a jolt. With a shaking hand, she wiped a coldness from her forehead, which had apparently been rested against car window. The teenager's breathing was erratic, but starting to calm. The former mint taste that had resided inside of her mouth was now bitter with a nightmare. Her head turned slightly, to see that her younger sister was the only other person in the cab with her. She hadn't noticed her trembling body slipping out of her chair as she slept. Did she really feel so much anxiety about flying?

Karrow was calmer now, just glancing blankly out of the cab. The colors that she had only moments ago been enthralled with were now just there. They didn't seem so amusing anymore. They'd soon be at the airport, she noticed. The large lighthouse shot a beam around brighter now than it had at the apartment of her sister. The light shone into her eyes. Her feet seemed more interesting now.

The driver's rough but friendly voice sounded in the silence. Apparently they were there and would have their many bags loaded off soon. Rowe tried to fake a grin as he eyed her, but she didn't doubt that it had come off as more plastic than a doll's. Her other sibling and father were there with their bags already, discussing of the upcoming plans and strategies. Her mind swirled at the thought of today. A whole day of travelling by plane. She had tried to memorize the schedule but had promptly given up. She had been too tired last night, and she definitely was too tired now!

They would take a flight from St. John's to Toronto, from Toronto to two different places in the United States, to Chicago in one of the largest airports on earth, to the largest one in China. 'Okay, I'll just have to calm down a little bit.' Maybe if she just concentrated on sleeping there, she would have no problem! Or that would possibly further her hysteria. Sometimes, Karrow had to wonder about herself. She really had no sense at times.

A noise similar to the one in her dream took her by suprise. She darted her eyes toward the source, only to find that the driver was shutting the trunk. The girl sighed inwardly as she connected the sound to her dream. It figured that her imagination had drawn on this even in her slumber. So maybe the moon and the dream hadn't been signs, only fictitious, out of proportion thoughts. She had to admit to herself, however, that she was still a bit shaken. Her father smiled tiredly at her and she felt some relief. Maybe she'd just have to wrestle her little sister again, if only now to sit next to their dad. Karrow was content that they wouldn't leave for a while anyways.

Karlyn got their luggage checked in efficiently and wearily. She didn't seem to be too friendly at the moment, and the lack of sleep made her paranoid of the woman helping her. The smiling lady just waved quickly and strutted off, the facade slipping off as soon as she turned. It wasn't suprising, that was for sure. Another predicted thing was how as soon as the worker had turned away, Karlyn began tutting about her smile, her manner, and other like attributes. 'Wonderful,' Rowe snided inwardly, 'A cranky sister all over again.'

Where was Keely though? She peered around the corner to see that her parent and sister were joking about how expensive the candy was and how she now owed him $400. The younger of them stuck out her tongue and called him old, saying that he couldn't even see how the sign said $4.00. Great. While she was stuck a probably stressed woman, she got candy and a joke. Sometimes, she wished she were the brooding girl who got her way because she was thought to be unstable. Sadly, she was (usually) happy, got good grades, and was (moderately) respectful. 'How sad for me.' Perhaps if she started mouthing off then she would be treated in a similar manner. Well, more than she normally did. With that revelation, Karrow started off to find a suitable enough plant to eat. Where was all the normal food in this place? She was not just going to eat candy. Maybe if she just turned the corner a bit...

She gasped loudly. She squeaked an embarassed 'Hi' to a person who looked strangely at her. The girl was too much in awe to just stop staring at the scene in front of her. Even as her family walked past as if it was nothing important, she just stood there.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep or perhaps she was just silly like that, but either way, she knew that she would want to remember this.

A large window revealed a square of sky, beautiful to see just like that. Now, in the early time of morning, the sun was rising. An orange and red light cast on her family, sitting just next to it. Tumbling shadows from -Buildings? Hills? She couldn't guess, because they were so darkened on the surface facing them- were flowing onto the floor and chairs. They sat on the side facing away from the window, probably to shield their eyes from the brightness of it all. Karrow just blinked and gawked at the pink, colorful sky. She had an urge to take a picture, but realized that in her silliness, she had forgotten to take a camera. She wished that she had something- anything to record that moment, but figured that she only had her mind to remember for as long as it may. The smeared palette of warm colors on the sky would be a wonderful memory she knew, and to think, they hadn't even left the terminal yet. Karrow just smiled.

Author's Notes:

Nothing really. This is it, the second chapter. I don't fancy it as much as I did the first one, but don't worry, after these couple short chapters, it'll get going. These chapters are just to get some stuff done and across before she actually gets there.

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