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Chapter 5:

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Begin chapter

After the incident with Hannibal Roy Bean Jack tightened up his defences in order to keep hannibal from breaking in and causing havok.
Julie has been troubled lately.
Jack has noticed this but everytime he tries to ask what is wrong it just seems as if he pushes her more further away.
what could Julie be hidding? Something from the past?
If so, then what? Did something happen? Is it still fresh in her mind?

Lately Jack and Julie have been really busy making new upgraded Jack-bots.
The problem? They both have completly diffirent ideas!
They have been arguing for the past hour!

"No! I still say we should make them more durable and big!" Julie yells out as she walks toward Jack.
"Well, I still say we should just give them stronger weapons!" Jack answers back as he walks toward Julie.
"No! What would be the point?! Just stronger weapons? The Monks already take on your Jack-bots like nothing and all you want to do is give them stronger weapons?!" Julie asks in frustration.
"Yeah! With the new weapons the Monks will stand no chance!" He answers with a proud face.
"Uh huh, yeah. But they are Wudai warrios! Hello! They'll be able to take on them like nothing! At least by making them bigger and more durable they might stand a better chance!" Julie states.
What Julie says is true, why give them weapons when you can make them stronger?
I don't know, maybe it's because Jack is a thick headed guy, or that he just can't admit that Julie is right.
This goes on for a while...
The Jack-bots seem to think this argument is very interesting!
They just keep their distance and watch.

"Nope. I don't care what you say. they are MY Jack-bots and I will do with them as I want!"
Jack finally says as he crosses his hands.
Julie glares at him, "Ugh!!! You are such a thick headed jerk!", she yells out.
Julie storms out of the lair and shuts the door behind her.

You can hear Julie mumbling in the background for a few seconds.
"Sigh Women." That's all that Jack says after he was a straight up jerk.
The Jack-bots just smile in the backgroung and laugh a bit.
Jack hears them, "And what is so funny?", he asks demandingly.
"NOTHING, SIR." The Jack-bots answer in unison.
"Yeah, I didn't think so."Jack says as he begins to upgrade some Jack-bots.

1 hour later...

Jack is working on the upgrades.
"Man, I wonder where Julie is?", he asks himself as he looks at his watch.
He continues with his work.

2 hours later...

Jack decides to take a brake and relax.
sigh he looks at his watch.
"What the hell? If I had known she would have cared so much about this I would have just kept my mouth shut." Jack says to himself.
He looks aroung and listens. No sound.
He hugs himself," I'm lonely. I sure do miss her."

3 hours later...

Jack had fallen asleep on the chair...deep asleep...
Zzzzzzz, "EXUSE ME ,SIR?", A Jack-bot tries to wake him up.
Jack gets statled and lets out a girly scream.
He sees that it was just the Jack-bot.
He sighs in releaf. Still a little dazed he asks, "Yeah?"

Jack gets up slowly and heads for the door to get Julie.
"Hope shes not still mad at me.", he says to himself.
He reaches for the door, the door opens and Julie is on the other side.
He gets statled and loses his footing. He falls down the stairs.
Julie walks down the steps and hovers over him, "You're hopeless."
"You're still not mad at me, are you?", Jack asks without even thinking.
It hits him 'What the hell am I doing asking her if she is still mad? I'm caving in!' he thinks to himself.
"No, actually I got over it a while ago. " she answers as she uses he power to get him up.
He hovers for a moment and lands on his feet, "So, you're ok now?", he asks.
"Yeah. but I must say watching you fall down the stairs was pretty satisfying.", she answers as she heads toward the Jet.
Jack gets kinda sad and heads to the Jet.

Exit Lair

Enter Cannyon

Jack and Julie arrive in a short while. Surprisingly the monks made it there before them!
They land and disembark.
"Back off, Jack! The Wu is ours!", kimiko yells out.
He laughs mockingly, "Jack-bots, ATTACK!"
The new upgraded Jack-bots come out and head for the Monks.
"Wudai Orion formation!"
The Monks go into Wudai mode.
The Jack-bots take out their new upgreaded weapons.
the Monks all attack and STILL destroy the upgreaded Jack-bots!
this came as no surprise to Julie but Jack took it pretty hard.

"My Jack-bots!" he yells out in sadness.
"You should have gone for durable." Julie says as she grins.
Jack glares at her and turns away to not show that she was right.
"Lets just get the Wu and get out of here." Jack was frustraided, so much work for nothing!
"I agree.", Julie says.
Then you hear this weird shredy ripping sound. then... BAM!
These huge dragon wings come out of Julies back!

"what the--?!", Raimundo says as he stares at the wings.
the Monks AND Jack all stare with their jaws open.
Julie jumps in the air and heads toward the Wu up on a mesa.
clay snaps out of it, "Wudai cratter, Earth!"
a huge boulder flies toward Julie. She dodges it and glares at Clay.
She forms a fire ball on her hands and launches it toward Clay.
Clay is frozen, not knowing what to do.

"Wudai Fire Sheild!"
Kimiko jumps infront of Clay and forms a sheild around to block the attack.
THIS time kimiko was able to stop the attack!
"I can see you've been training." Julie says to Kimiko, "you're still no match for me."
Kimiko glars at Julie, "Ugh! I'll show you!", kimiko jumps in the air to attack Julie.
"Kimiko...NO!" Omi yells out.
But it is too late.
You see a flash and Julie is already behind kimiko.
Julie kicks Kimiko in the back and sends her crashing to the ground.
Raimundo jumps in the air and catches kimiko just in time.

Julie continues toward the Wu.
No one tries to stop her. The Monks know that they are still no match for her...
Julie reaches for the Wu, "All of that just for ...THIS?!"
The Wu was TINY! It seemed of little importance.
sigh "whatever...I wonder what it does...", Julie points the Wu at the Monks and smiles evily. Dojo grows to full siz and takes the Monks away quickly. Julie laughs, "It's not like if I was REALLY going to use it."
She lands in front of Jack. Her wings go into her back as if she didn't have them.

"Here." she hands Jack the Wu.
Jack still had his jaw open in amazement. Julie stares at him, "Hello? anybody there?"
jack snaps out of it, "Why didn't you tell me you had dragon wings?", he asks.
"You never asked.", she answers. Jack feels like such an idiot.
Julie walks toward the Jet, "c'mon, Jack!"
Jack runs to the Jet and they leave toward Jack's house.

Exit Cannyon

Enter Lair

Jack put's the new Wu away in the safe and sits down. He sighs and looks down, "I should have gone for durable..." he says under his breath.
Julie turns fast toward Jack, "What? Do my ears decive me? Did you just admit that you were wrong and I was right?!"
Jack turns away, "Don't push it."
Julie begins to do a little victory dance infront of Jack, "Uh huh! Oh yeah! Julies got skills, Julies got skills! uh huh!"
Jack looks up and watches her dance, "Ok, Ok. that's enough."
"Ha! I told you MY idea was better!" julie says as she sticks out her tongue at Jack.
"Charming. "Jack says annoyed.
Julie laughs and heads for the door.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Jack asks.
"I'm gonna go." she answers.
Jack gets up and walks toward her, "Go where?" he asks.
She has never does this kind of thing so naturally Jack would be curious...
Julie turns to him, "I'm going to Chase's house." she answers.
Jack's eyes widen, "What?!" he exlaims.
Julie looks at him noticing that he was jealous.
She giggles.
"What is so funny?" Jack asks.
"YOU'RE funny?" she answers.
Jack gets confused, "And, why am I funny?"
"Because, you're jealous...again!" she answers.
"No i'm not!"
"Yes you are."
"No i'm not."
"Yes you are."
"No i'm not, besides, why would I be jealous of Chase?" he asks trying to throw her off.
Julie heads for the door, "I don' know. You tell me."
Jack shuts up . Julie walks out the door.
She peeps her head in, "Are you coming or not?" she asks.
Jack runs up stairs after her.

Exit lair

Enter chase home

Jack and Julie land in the entrence of Chases house.
The door opens for them and they are "greeted" by Chases jungle cats.
Jack stands behind Julie. Julie turns he eyes toward him and makes a dull look.
(We all need a big strong man -_-)
They walk inside and find Chase in the grand hall.
"I've been waiting for you, Vendettadrake." Chase says as he walks toward her.
"Have you made up your mind?" he asks.

Julie steps forward and for some reason Jack walks up to he side as if to protect her.
Funny? Maybe. Sweet? yes.
Julie answers," Yes, I have made up my mind." Chase smirks.
"I have decided to test your strength. If I find you to meet expectation we will form an allience..."
Chase was very happy to hear this, "I see. I am honored. Please, come this way."
Chase leads them to an isolated gothic dojo.
"We will battle here where we can have enough room."

Chase heads to the other side of the dojo.
He transforms himself to his reptille form.
Julie smiles, she gesture Jack to back off. he does so.
Flames then burts from the ground and wrap aroung Julies entire body.
When the flames dispuse you see Julie has changed her clothes into more comfortable fighting clothes, really kickass fighting clothes!
The battle begins.

End chapter
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