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Chater 6: Another piece of the puzzle

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Somethings wrong. what is Julie hiding?!

Category: Xiaolin Showdown - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Chase Young,Jack Spicer,Wuya - Warnings: [!!] [?] - Published: 2007-01-05 - Updated: 2008-02-15 - 1816 words

Begin Chapter

The battle begins.
Chase makes the first move and runs toward Julie with his spear. Julie waits until he is close enough to strike.
She takes out a sword and blocks the attack. She pushes him back and stikes but Chase dodges it..
She smiles, "Impressive." is all she says.
She jumps in the air and strikes the floor with her sword.
The ground begins to shake. The floor begins to break into pieces. Only a few platforms are left the rest is a huge ditch.
Jack falls down the huge whole that was left be the sword. He lets out a funny scream and uses his propellers to get up and out.
He sees that this time Julie is the one to make the move and jumps toward Chase.
He dodges her attack but this time Julie does not back down, she begins to throw punches and kicks at Chase.
She is so fast it just seems like a blur!
Chase blocks the attacks and repels her. Julie lands on a platform.
Chase jumps toward her and attacks he with punches and kicks. She blocked the attacks and attacks him.
They are both fast enough to block each others attacks.
Jack already found himself a sturdy platform and just was trying to keep up with them.

The fighting has been going on for a while.
Chase is determined to get the alliance and is not backing down.
He jumps toward Julie and attacks. she dodges and sees an opening.
she takes the shot and does a spinning hook kick and hits kicks Chase in he face!
Chase gets thrown across the Dojo and hits the wall. He falls on a platform.
He looks up and sees Julie, She was a wicked smile on her face, " What's the matter Chase? Too much for you?", she tounghts him.
He growls and gets up. He yells out a battle cry as he goes toward Julie.
She smiles and jumps in the air.
Their weapons collide. They repel each other and land on a platform.
Chase jumps and lands on Julie's platform, he attacks. She blocks.
CLASH CLASH CLASH! Their weapons keep on clashing.

Julie trips Chase with her sword, grabs him by the tail, throws him in the air, she jumps up in the air, grabs him again and throws him with incredible speed back down to the ground!
It seemed as thought this would be the end.
Jacks heart is filled with joy, 'Yeah! There will be no alliance!' he thinks to himself.
Julie pins Chases arms down with her feet, she hovers over Chase with her sword pointing at him, "It's over." she says.
Chase smiles, " I don't think so.". He grabs her leg with his tail and trips her.
He quickly grabs her, throws her in the air and kicks her in the stomach and sends her flying!
Jack yells out, "NO!!!"
Julie hits the wall with her back and lets out a cry, she begins to fall.
Julie begins to see flashes of a dark shadow figure.
Jack runs to aid her. He reaches her and lifts her to her knees.
"Are you ok?" he asks worriedly.
A powerful aora forms around her, he hair begins to blow as if there was wind blowing.
She slowly lifts her head. Jack gasps.
Her eyes, they seem different somehow...

Mean while in the xiaolin Temple

Master Fung and the rest of the elder Monks are meditating.
They open their eyes. "What was that?", elder #5 asks.
"I don't know." master Fung answers.

Back to chases place

She grinds her teeth. "Julie..." Jack asks. She looks at him. she gasps.
She looks down and covers her face. She looks back up. Jack stares at her.
This times she looked normal.

"Julie?", Jack asks once more. She gets up and raises her hand over the ditch. The floor begins to reassemble.
Chase turns back. Julie changes to her normal clothes while walking toward Chase. Jack stays behind, he's confused about what he just saw.
"You have proven yourself worthy of being my ally. You really are as strong as they say you are.", Julie says to Chase as she bows to show respect.
Chase bows back, "It was and is an honor. You are also as strong as the legends say."
Julie walks past Chase toward the door, "Just remember Chase", she turns around, "You back stab me and you'll wish you were never born..."
She turns around and begins to walk away. Jack follows her. Soon they are out of Chases sight.

Chase smiles and heads for the throne room.
You see Wuya coming out of hidding, " She IS as strong as the legends said. I must be even more cautious now. As if I already don't have enough with Chase, now i have to worry about her!
I'll have to forget about getting my full powers back...for now."

Outside of chases house

You see Jack and Julie walking side by side. Both are quiet. Jack wants to ask Julie what was up with her when he helped her up, but he couldn't find the way to do it.
They get to the Jet. Jack decides to ask, "Ju-", she interups him, "I'm going off for a while." she said while looking at the floor.
Jack stares at her. he can tell something is wrong with her. "Where to?" he asks. She walks passed him. " Julie?", he asks.
She stops but doesn't turn around, "Don't know...". Jack stares purplexed of what is happening.
The wind blows. Jack gets close to Julie. "Stop." Julie tells him. "Why?" he asks. She looks down, "I don't want to hurt you."
With that said she takes out her wings and flies away.
"Hurt me?", Jack asks himself, "What does she mean? Whats going on?"

Exit outside Chase house

Enter Jacks lair

Jack looks at his watch. "It's 11:48! Where is she?!" Jack has been waiting for Julie for over 5 hours!
"whats wrong with her? She never tells me anything! How can I help her if she never tells me anything?"
Jack is getting worried. "First she seemed to be someone else when she got hit and now this?
What is going on? No one knows anything about "The Great Vendettadrake" except for what the legends say, and that is only a legend that is over 1500 years old!
Nothing about her past. Nothing at all. No childhood, family, nothing." Jack gets up out of the chair, "thats it I'm going after her, I don't care if she'll want to kill me when I get there."
He puts on his trench coat and runs out the door.

Exit Jacks lair

Enter Deep forest

"This place hasn't changed much." Julie says as she looks around at the trees around her.
She makes a fist, "Why?... Why them? They had nothing to do with it!" she said as she looked down to the floor. Her eyes begin to water.
She begins to see flashes of people smiling. They look really happy.
She falls to her knees and covers her face as she begins to sob. "I wasn't strong enough... I WASN'T STRONG ENOUGH!!!", she yelled out in pain.
Her eyes begin to change once more. "Ugh... Stop, STOP IT!" she yells out while grabbing her head. She begins to see once more the flashes of a shadow figure.
Rain clouds began to appear. Soon it began to rain. She breathed deeply and looked up at the sky. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.

Meanwhile at the xiaolin Temple

The Monks once more feel something is wrong.
Master Fung stands up, "A great evil has been awakened."
Master Fung heads for the door, "we must prepare the young Monks. We know not a thing of this new evil but...we must get them ready for anything..."

Back to Julie

She let out a cry which then sounded like a roar... from a dragon.
"I am strong enough now." she said to herself. She looked different somehow. as if she was a different Julie. She looked ...evil...
She got up and began to walk back. She walked slowly while looking down. Everything she walked passed suddenly died, as if to evil aora was too strong to handle.

After a short while she looked up. she saw Jack standing right in front of her.
She stopped and stared at him, "What are you doing here?" she finally asks. He slowly walked toward her.
"I came for you.", he answered. "Why?" she asked, "I told you not to come."
Jack got closer to her and noticed her eyes had changed again.
They stared at each other. Both were now soaking wet. Jack began to get closer to her.
Julie steps back, "Get back! Don't get any closer!" she tells him.
He doesn't stop. "I don't want to hurt you. STOP!" she yells out.
He suddenly begins to embrace her. Julie is frozen as if no one is home.
"What's happening to you?" he whispers to her. "...I can feel it getting stronger...
I can feel him...", she whispers to herself.
"Him?", Jack asks, "Who? What are you talking about?", Jack begins to shake her in frustration.
Julie looks at him in the face. her eyes widen and begin to slowly go back to normal.
She turns to the side, "Please, Jack. Go back home. It's too dangerous for us to be together.", she moves and begins to walk away.
Her eyes begin to tear, "Good-bye, Jack" she slowly says.
Jack stays frozen in wonderment. "Why? Why is she doing this? And so suddenly?" Jack thinks to himself.
He turns to see her. Julie continues walking, not turning back.

Jack snaps out of it and runs after her. Julie hears him and turns around.
Jack jumps her, she falls on her back, he pins her on the floor. He knows he stands no chance with her but he doesn't know what else to do.
"what are you doing?!", Julie yells out. Jack closes his eyes as they begin to tear, "Please, don't leave me!" he says..
Julie just stares at him. "I don't care if it's dangerous, I don't care if I die, I just want you with me!" he tells her.
Jack summons up all his courage, "I-I...I love you...Please stay with me.", he tells her.
Julies eyes widen. 'He loves me?' she thinks to herself. She smiles," I love You, Jack.", she says back to him.
they stare at each other.
Jack begins to slowly lean in on her, she begins to lean in on him also.
their lips slowly touch. They kiss.
Jack helps Julie up to her knees.
she hugs him and smiles as serene smile, a truly happy one.
A tear drop streams down her cheek, "I won't fail again..." she says to herself.

End chapter
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