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Chapter 7: Another will come...

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A huge piece of the puzzle...will be reveled.

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Begin chapter

It's been a few days since Jack convinced Julie to stay with him. They decided that the whole "I love you" thing
was just because they were caght up in the moment...
Chase and Julie have been having meetings over at Chases' to discuss the case of Hannibal Bean.
(You'd think it'd be easy to find out where Hannibal is hiding, but that little jelly bean is really hard to keep track of !)
Jack isn't too happy about these meetings. He attends them all and just glares at Chase Young. Chase finds this amusing and he enjoys
making his blood boil, and he gets to be close to Julie in the process. It's a win win senario.

"Hannibal was last seen at the Wong-Fu river 5 days ago, and he was seen at the Forest Meddow 2 days ago. According to this he is most
likely changing his location every 8 hours. sigh We'll have to wait a few more days to figure out his flight pattern.", Chase says as he
rolls open a map on the table in front of Julie.
"Why don't we lure him out with bait?", Jack blurts out.
Chase glares at him, "The only thing he is interested in is Julie. Are you really willing to put her out there?"
"I didn't ask YOU, I was thinking out loud!", Jack snapped back.
They glared at each other.
Julie gets in beween them, "Both of you, shut up and SIT DOWN!", she uses her powers to make them sit.
Jack points at Chase, "I didn't do anything, he started the whole thing!"
Chase glares at him, "Do you really have to bring him along every time?", he asks Julie.
Julie sighs, "Can we get back to business, please?"
Jack and Chase stay quiet. "Thank you." Julie says.
"Alright, so how many days do you think we should wait?", she asks both of them.
Chase opens his mouth to give his answer, when he is interrupted by Jack.
"According to these charts he flies an avarage of 62.4 miles every time he changes location. With just about 5 more changes we should be
able to figure out his flight pattern. So that should be about 2 more days."

Julie pats Jack on the head, "Nice, and I thought you didn't pay any attention!", she says as she smiles at him.
Jack sticks his tongue out at Chase in a teasing way. Chase smirks, "You best put that away before the cat gets it.", he says as his jungle cats enter the room.
Jack immediatly sticks his tongue back in.
"Okay, then. That settles it! We will meet back here in two days.", they stand up, "Until then, Chase.", Julie says as she extends her hand at Chase.
Chase grabs her hand, "Until then, Julie.", he says as he kisses her hand good-bye. Jack grinds his teeth in anger.
He pulls Julie away,"Alright, time to go.", He pushes Julie toward the exit while sticking his tongue out at Chase. Chase just smirks.

Exit Chases house

Enter xiaolin temple

We find the monks hard at training. Raimundo decides to take a break. The rest notice and walk toward him.
"What are you doing Raimundo?", Omi asks, " Master Fung told use to keep training until her told us to stop."
Raimundo sits down, "I see no point in us training so much when we haven't even seen a single Jack-bot for more
then a week now. 4 Shen-Gong Wu we've gotten with no problem at all!"
"That doesn't matter, Rai. we still have to be ready.", kimiko tells Raimundo. "Ready for what?" he ask Kimiko,
" Master Fung doesn't even know what it is that has 'awakened'", he says as he reaches for a drink.
"You are quite right, Raimundo.", Master Fung appears behind Raimundo. Startled, Raimundo spits out the water he had in his mouth.
"M-M-master Fung I-I I- I was just..." Raimundo tries to explain.
"No need to try to explain, Raimundo, I heard the whole thing.", Master Fung says to Raimundo.
"Sorry, Master Fung, but it's kinds hard to train for something we know nothing about.", Raimundo explains.
"well i have news for you all. There Is something we know about this great evil.", Master Fung answers.
The monks are bewildered, "You really found something, Master Fung?", Kimiko asks.
"Yes, Kimiko.", he answers, "Perhaps it is best if you all sit down."

The monks notice that there is something bothering Master Fung. "Master Fung?", Omi asks.
Master fung begins, "The elder monks and I have been hard at work trying to find out what or who this great evil could be.
We've been rearching thru book after book after book. We've sent letters to other Temples asking for help in th research and found nothing...
until today.
It seem they have found another part of legend of Vendettadrake. We are still missing alot of the legend but what we have is most troubling, young monks.
'With the awakening of Vendettadrake another will come', we know not what this means but we are trying to retrieve all of the missing pieces, that is why you
MUST prepare yourselves.", Master fung gets up, "Training is done for today, you're chores are waiting.", he says as he heads for the great hall.
The monks stare at him in a dull way. nice, now they have to do chores!
The monks stay in complete silence. What can they do? They had enough trouble with Vendettadrake alone and now 'another will come'?!
This can either mean good news or bad news. But which is it?

Exit xiaolin Temple

Enter the land of skulls

The ying-Yang bird lands on a tree branch. Hannibal jumps of the birds back. "It's been nine days and still no sign!", Hannibal says as he makes a fist.
"Her inner power was awakened that day and that meant HE would come back. Why hasn't he showed up yet?!", Hannibal yells in frustration.

What is Hannibal talking about? Who is HE? what is HE? And what does Hannibal want with him?

Exit the Land of Skulls

Enter Jacks lair

Jack has been bitching about Chase for the last hour! Julie just blocks him out and continues with what she is doing, sewing.
"I don't know why you formed an alliance with him! I'm your partner, I'M the only one who should be helping you, unless him better.", Jack says.
Julie sighs and stops the sewing machine, "If i liked him better don't you think I would have left ou for him?", she asks him.
Jack crosses his arms, "Yeah, but, I still don't like it!", Jack said in a really childish way.
"c'mon, Jack, you know I like you better.", she says as she uses he powers to put the sewing machine away.
"Then why don't you show me!", Jack yells out without thiking. He then realizes what he just said and looks at Julie.
Julie looked stunned at what he just said. They stare at each other.
Julie begins to walk away.
"Hey! W--,", Jack gets interrupted by Julie, "it's because I like you that I can' you."
Jack gets confused. "Maybe one day you will understand, Jack", Julie says as she walks out the door.
"Hey!", Jack runs after her.

He catches up to her in the field, "Hey! Hey! wait up!", he yells out.
julie begins to walk away faster, "Go back, Jack. Leave it be.", she says. she opens her wings and begins to fly into the near by forest.
Jack follows her with his heli-bot.

Julie lands and begins to walk, 'Why does he always do this to me?' she asks herself, 'he is already too involved. I don't want him to...die.'
She then hears him and his heli-bot. She looks up at the sky, he lands in front of her.
"Go home, Jack.", Julie demands. "No.", he answers firmly.
"GO HOME!", she yells at him. "No!", he answers once more. "Ugh! you are such an idiot!", Julie says as she walks past him.
He sturns around, runs and hugs her from behind, "I love you." he whispers to her as he slowly begins to caress her cheek with his.
They both begin to breath deeply. He knows that she loves him too but for some reason she is holding it back, as if she is protecting him from something.
He slowly began to work his way to her front. He caresses her hair and holds her close. They slowly lean toward each other ...
Their lips touch slowly and softly at first, but only at first. Soon they begin to kiss passionately...

Julie gasps, "Arg!", she lets out a cry as she falls to the floor. She grabs her head.
Jack tries to pick her up. Julie begins to see the flashes once more. She gasps in horror, "He's here!", she whispers...
Jack and Julie hear foot steps coming closer.

End Chapter
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