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Chapter three

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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A/N: Beta reader for this story is Jezz Jamer

With the Grangers (continued)

After breakfast, Harry and Hermione showered, dressed and went outside and summon the Knight Bus to travel to Diagon Alley. They went Gringotts first to visit Harry's vault so they could fill their coin-bags for their grand shopping excursion. The vault was relatively large and in the center Hermione spied a mountain of gold and silver coins.

"Harry, is that all yours?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, Hermione, that is the money my parents left me to pay for school. It is more then I can spend and this is my last year at school."

"The strange thing about the mountain of coins is that it seems to grow every year instead of shrink. But whatever, money is money and it does not buy happiness, it just makes living easier." Harry took a small moneybag and filled it with as many galleons as he could. Once he and Hermione had gathered as much money as they thought they would need they left Harry's vault.

Outside the bank, Harry asked Hermione what their plan of action was. "We'll start with Madam Malkin's to buy formal robes for the balls and some casual robes for everyday use. Then I think we should just explore see what we find." Harry didn't see anything wrong with idea so the headed off in the direction of Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.

They entered the shop and were greeted by Madam Malkin, they told her why they were there and what they were looking for; she showed them many types of dress-robes for them to look and sent Hermione in the back to try on. Meanwhile Harry strolled around the store looking for a pair of dress-robes for himself; he was examining a shinning emerald robe with gold trim that seem to be made of silk. Suddenly Hermione came out of the dressing room in light, form fitting, shimmering violet robes with silver trim around the neckline, cuffs and hem. It was simple yet elegant and fit Hermione's personality, style and figure perfectly.

Madam Malkin and Hermione started laughing at Harry who was gawking at Hermione with eyes popping and mouth gaping. "Well, that is one set of robes you can be sure of," Madam Malkin said to Hermione. "I think you should try on the ice blue set next." Hermione smiled widely and went back to the dressing room and Harry stood there waiting for he would see next.

And the show continued! Hermione came out looking like a fairy. The robes were glittering everywhere! No, not glittering, but sparkling! The robes were indeed a very light bluish color but the way they sparkled it look like the Black Lake on the stillest, clearest summer day. He could not believe his eyes, it was fantastic, it look as if the robes were made of water. Harry did not know where to look first. "Hermione, if you wear these beautiful robes, what shall I wear? You look so stunning in this." He was still looking at the flowing, twinkling quality of the robes.

Hermione's figure was really accentuated, and with style! The top of the dress showed a décolleté, which was asking for a golden chain. This was very new for Harry. He never dreamed that anybody could dress up for him in this way, and especially not such beautiful woman like Hermione. What was he thinking! Hermione? A woman? Harry could not help what he did next, as he strode up to her, brought her hand up to his lips and placed a tender kiss on her palm. Hermione started to blush and smiled. "That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, Harry. Thank you".

Harry suddenly realizing what he was doing and stumbled back to his chair, again red faced. What am I doing? He thought. He was acting like a lunatic in love. But he could not help it, because this was something he wouldn't want miss for the world. Hermione went back to the dressing room and Harry was waiting in full expectation for what was to come next. He suddenly heard a rush of clothing and something was dragging over the ground. He looked again and saw something red appearing from the corner of the dressing room.

What was that! Then he saw more and he could not speak! Hermione appeared out of the dressing room in form hugging red dress robes. No, it was not red, but deep crimson, or was it ruby. Harry had no idea, but it was indeed impressive and very stylish. Encapsulating Hermione's entire body, the dress robes were a very soft looking material that looked like silk to Harry. Around her waist was a jewel-incrusted belt, which was twinkling in the light of the shop. Nobody said anything.

Hermione and Madam Malkin were looking expectantly at Harry, whose mouth again had dropped. Harry stood up and said that he definitely needed to learn to dance before he could ever accompany such a beautiful creature as Hermione wearing such fine dress robes. Harry went to Hermione and asked very softly how much the dress cost. "This dress cost 90 galleons," whispered Hermione.

Harry looked at her and he asked how much Hermione planned to spend on the robes. Hermione looked surprised at Harry. "Harry, I am only trying those robes on. This is fun, but I will never have the money to pay for it. I plan to buy a dress when we are finished here at the boutique in London." Harry thought he did not hear it correctly, but looking at Hermione, he saw she was not joking.

He bumped back into the chair and watched astonished as Hermione retreated back to the dressing room to try other robes. Now he started to understand what Mr. Granger had said that morning. He was cursed to sit here and watch as Madam Malkin dress Hermione in all kinds of dress robes she would never buy. How could someone do something like that? What fun is it if you try something out that you know you will never buy?

The show continued. Hermione appeared again with a dress in silk, which was very shiny but not as stunning as the previous robe. The next one was a summer robe with nice laces everywhere.

That one also looked impressive. The last robe of the mountain of dress robes came swirling out of the dressing room and Harry could not take his eyes off Hermione or the dress. It was a heavy winter robe of burgundy and made of velvet. These robes also fit Hermione's body like a second skin and the colors seemed to change, depending on the way Hermione was moving in the light.

When she started to walk, Harry was deeply impressed. That dress was the best of all, it was regal, and with great style and fitted Hermione perfectly. He could imagine himself next to Hermione wear a velvet black and dark green robe. At last Hermione went back to the dressing room and Madam Malkin came back to the cashier's desk. Harry went up to Madam Malkin and asked her what the price of all four of his favorite robes for Hermione would be plus the price of the four he had chosen for himself before Hermione's little fashion show.

"That would be 850 galleons," the lady answered and continue to walk. Harry followed Madam Malkin and asked if she would accept a Gringotts cheque. Madam Malkin was looking at Harry in disbelief and said that if he had such a cheque, that that would be acceptable to her. Harry took his Gringotts cheque-book out of his pocket and wrote down the correct amount, signed and dated it and gave it to Madam Malkin. She looked incredulously at the cheque and at the name on the cheque. "Ah, Harry Potter ... you are Harry Potter! Why did you not say this before? Of course, Mr. Potter, it is no problem at all. Would you like to have the robes delivered or would you prefer to take this robes with you?" Harry decided they would take the robes with them.

He again sat on his chair and waited for Hermione to finish dressing and for Madam Malkin to pack their robes. Hermione appeared from the dressing room and started towards the exit. "Come on, Harry. Let's go".

"No Hermione, we need to wait for a moment". Hermione turned and looked at Harry questionably.

"Why? Do you need something from this shop Harry, or do you want me to continue modeling robes for you. I saw some very nice robes in that corner over there I might try out as well".

At that moment Madam Malkin appeared with a two big bags and gave one to Hermione and one to Harry. "Here you are, dear, and good luck with your robes." Hermione looked to the bag, then to Madam Malkin.

"What is this? I did not buy anything, did I?" Hermione's face became pale. "I could not possible afford any of the robes I tried on! This must be a mistake!"

Madam Malkin smiled and looked at Harry. "This young man had other ideas."

Madam Malkin placed the bag in Hermione's hands and disappeared to the back of the shop. "Harry! What is this? Why is this? What in Merlin's name is going on?"

"Hermione, let's get out of here and you can take a peek inside the bag while we eat ice-cream." They left the shop and Hermione was still in a state of shock. Harry took her arm and pushed her gently out of the shop and in the direction of Florean Fortescue' Ice Cream Parlor. Harry ordered two huge ice-cream sundaes while Hermione was still staring at the bag.

"Can I look in the bag now, Harry?"

"Hermione, it is yours. Of course you can!" Hermione opened the bag and looked. She screamed!

"Harry! You bought me four dress robes? Are you out of your mind? Do you know how much that cost? That is a fortune, Harry! How could you! I will not take you shopping with me ever again; you'll probably try to buy the shop! Harry, I cannot accept this, it is impossible! You are completely impossible, this is not nice!" Everyone in the ice cream shop was looking amused at Hermione and Harry. Hermione became pale and Harry started to become red again.

Both of them fell quiet after this outburst. They sat uncomfortable apposite each other. Harry looked straight at a point on the table, where somebody smeared ice cream before they arrived. He looked her in the eyes. "Hermione, no one has ever shown me dress robes like that, and only for me. I was never accompanied by anyone as sweet as you! You showed me those dresses and you were so beautiful in them.

I wouldn't have missed that for the world and I feel so grateful. We're going to the Hogwarts balls together and I am so honored to go with you. It would make me so pleased if you would wear one of those robes. You would be the queen of the ball; you would be the queen of any ball!"

Hermione could not help but smile at him. "Oh Harry, what can I do now? I can not throw away these robes, and I know I can not return them and get your money back for you." She hesitated for a moment. "I shall wear the robes for you, Harry. Thank you Harry." She looked at him and drew closer. He felt her very close now ... he sighed.

Very slowly Harry relaxed and started to smile. "I am so happy, and I feel so wonderful with you. Thank you, Hermione. This was indeed fun."

After four hours of shopping, Hermione and Harry came back home. Harry was totally exhausted and could not move another muscle. "I am totally beat; it is easier to fight Voldemort then to do shopping with Hermione." Mr. Granger started to laugh.

"What did you buy?" Hermione happily started to show what they bought. Hermione's father and mother were astonished when they saw Hermione's dress robes. "Those must have cost a fortune," her mother exclaimed.

Hermione blushed and said with a small voice that Harry was nice enought to pay that fortune. Hermione's mother looked to her daughter, then to Harry. Harry in the mean time sat half asleep in his chair, and Hermione was looking at Harry as well. "Is there something going on between the two of you?" asked her mother softly.

"No, there is nothing between us other than friendship." Hermione said.

Her father finished the sentence with "... for now". Hermione was blushing and decided to show her mother the dress robes that Harry got for himself. Hermione's father complemented Harry for his good choice and taste.

After dinner Harry excused him self and went to bed. He was so exhausted, felt he might fall asleep standing. He brushed his teeth and took a quick shower then went to bed. During his exercises that evening, he was thinking about that morning and their talk together. "Do I have a crush on Hermione?"

Harry could not remember ever feeling anything like he had felt today. When he thought about the fashion show Hermione had put on for him, he smiled. "Now, that was a really good show and it was worth any money spent on her. But now we needed to buy necklaces and earrings to go with her dress robes."

The days went by for Hermione and Harry much too fast and his birthday was just around the corner.

"Harry, wake up! We need to start with your lessons in dancing, so please take your shower; we'll have breakfast then start the lessons." Harry opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Hermione.

"I think I'm still dreaming, because I see a very nice angel straight in front of me." Now it was Hermione's turn to become red.

"Harry you naughty boy. I will pay you back, you will see. Now get your bum out of bed and get a shower." Hermione took the blanket and ripped it from Harry, who was only in his boxer.

Harry quickly jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom. He took his shower and went with Hermione down to breakfast. After breakfast the dance lessons started. Hermione wanted to teach Harry the tango. "Hermione how is it that you know so many different dances, or that you know how to dance?"

"Harry, my parents made me take dance lesson several years ago. So I know them all, but the problem is that I have as much time anymore to practice. Now I can with you. So if you don't mind, let's continue and don't distract me.

That day Harry learned the basics of the tango and the waltz. They were studying the dances and further down the week Harry learned the Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Samba, Two-Step and the Quickstep. He was not a specialist in dancing, but he enjoyed the lesions very much, especially with Hermione and her mum. She was a real natural dancer and he felt that he was flying with her. Hermione was much more rational, and Harry needed to keep all his attention on Hermione and the dance, otherwise Hermione started to lead. For a classical dance, this would be more problematic, because tradition learns that it is not allowed for the woman to lead. But when he was dancing the Foxtrot, this was totally different and Hermione could lead.

"Tomorrow I turn seventeen years old, and that means that I am legally an adult in the wizard world. That means that I can perform magic without problems and getting caught. And that also means it will make life easier for me. How could Muggles live without it when they become adults?"


A/N: Beta reader for this story is Jezz Jamer
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