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Chapter four

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the HP characters
A/N: Beta reader for this story is Jezz Jamer

"What spell are you going to cast to infect Harry and Hermione with this disease, Albus?"

"The spell is ancient magic and is at least four thousand years old; to my knowledge it has not been performed since Pax Romana time period. The spell in question was used for medical purposes, but for our purpose we shall use it to transfer a magical disease." The Deputy Headmistress was quiet and deeply in thought.

"I know what you are thinking and what you want to ask, Minerva. No, there is no cure."

"Wake up, Harry. It is your birthday today!" Something jumped on his chest and he could not breathe. His eyes opened suddenly and he saw Hermione sitting on his chest. Her hair was as bushy as ever and she looked very excited and happy. "Harry, are you awake now or do I need to dump water on you head?"

Harry was groaning. "Yes, I'm wide awake Hermione. Could you have possible awoken me a bit less enthusiastically? You could have broken my ribs!"

"But Harry, Ron told me that he always wakes you up like that when you want to sleep the morning away. He also uses water without any problem." Hermione stood and looked at him. "Congratulations on your birthday and I hope you have many more years of happy birthdays. Today you are an adult and I am the only one underage for some months to come." She gave him a birthday kiss on the forehead and stood up.

He felt butterflies fluttering in his stomach, a feeling not completely new to him. "You need to take a cold shower and then we will have some breakfast ... by the way, Harry. I noticed that you didn't have many pairs underwear and you also need some more t-shirts and jeans. I think that we should go shopping at Harrods today before we go to the bank. What do you think?"

"I think it would be better if we went to the bank first and then go shopping. It would make more sense that way since we could exchange a bag of galleons of a large roll of pounds sterling at the bank. I want to search for books on advanced hexes and maybe some books about meditation. We could probably find books on meditation in Muggle London." Harry took a shower, dressed him self and went to the kitchen for breakfast. He saw that Hermione's parents were already gone for work and they were alone.

"I also think that I need to buy reserve wands with Mr. Olivander. One wand is not enough in emergencies and I suspect that this year I might have problems with Voldemort and his boyfriends." Hermione flinched at the Name then gave Harry a funny look hearing making fun of the Dark Wizard and his minions. "I think that we need to be prepared for when we get to school, I want to ask Dumbledore for permission to restart with the DA. I think we need to open the DA for everyone at school and we need to work on very advanced hexes and magic. We need to be ready for the War to come and to be able to not only to defend ourselves, but to attack as well. What do you think?" Hermione said nothing and looked at Harry.

"You have indeed changed, Harry. I would never have expected you to say that, and especially not in this way. But before you make yourself ready to be the hero again, you need to have at least some good pairs of underwear. Otherwise your enemies might faint because of the smell!" Harry was laughing. "Let's go and see what the bank manager wants.

"Did you know that Gringotts Bank is run by Goblins? Goblins are originated from gnomes. They are known to be playful, but at other time they are evil and their tricks could seriously harm people. A goblins smile curdles the blood and a laugh sours the milk and causes fruit to fall from the trees. They pester humans in a number of ways, such as hiding small objects, tipping over pails of milk and altering signposts. They originated in France and spread rapidly all over Europe. In the 12th century, a ghost by the name Bêrtader haunted a town called Évreux; the ghost was responsible for all people of the town being changed into the creatures, which we now call Goblins. The druids originally called them Robin Goblin, when they arrived in England."

Hermione was in the learning and teaching mode, Harry thought as Hermione continued. "Goblins do not have homes and usually live in mossy clefts in rocks and roots of ancient trees and they never stay very long in the same place. However, after the last Goblin revolution, the wizards and the Goblins signed a document of peace, which defined that the Goblins are no longer allowed to be nomadic and must live in definite location. At the last conference in 1789, the Goblins were given charge of Azkaban Prison and Gringotts Bank. The Goblins lost the right to manage Azkaban in 1912 in favor of Dementors and Prison Aurors, but of course they still have charge of the bank."

"Yes Hermione. That's all very interesting."

"Harry", snapped Hermione. "If you'd pay attention in History of Magic you'd know this already. They covered this subject in our second year."

"Yes Hermione."

Harry and Hermione had finally reached the large and beautiful building of Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley. They faced two big Goblin warriors, who were standing next to the door. The Goblin warriors looked very different from the Goblin bankers. They were smaller and much more muscular than the Goblin bankers were. They also looked much grimmer and had large mouths with rows of spearhead like fangs. The only similarities between the two were the beady eyes and large noses.

"They look like sharks," whispered Harry to Hermione. Both warriors were looking intensely at Harry and Hermione and Hermione started to look uncomfortable. Hermione whispered to Harry.

"What would happen if those creatures were to attack us?" Hermione asked. Harry shuddered and they entered the bank.

They arrived in a large hall, filled with wizards, witches, and Goblins. At the far end of the hall, they saw many desks spread over the width of the wall. Harry walked to one of the desks and saw a Goblin clerk sitting watching them attentively. Harry immediately recalled the difference between Goblin warriors and Goblin bankers. Goblin bankers were taller, lankier and their skin was a pinkish color. The Goblin warriors seemed to have greenish-grey skin.

Harry introduced him self. "Good day Sir. My name is Harry Potter and I think I am expected here." The Goblin stared at his scar and opened its mouth with many sharp yellowish teeth.

"Yes, Mr. Potter. Please come with me, because you are indeed expected," it hissed. The Goblin went to the far right of the big hall and entered a small door. Harry and Hermione followed him.

The door gave access to a tunnel with doors both sides. All of the doors were closed. They followed the Goblin until the Goblin stopped at a door and knocked. After some moments, they heard somebody call "come in". The door opened and they saw a large office with a desk in the middle. On that desk sat an old Goblin that stared at Harry and Hermione. They could see that this Goblin was older because its skin looked like old parchment.

Harry and Hermione entered the room. The younger Goblin closed the door behind them.

"Good morning, Sir. My name is Harry Potter and this is Hermione Granger. I understand from professor Dumbledore that we are expected today."

The old Goblin looked at Harry intently. "Yes, I received his owl last month and I was indeed expecting you. My name is Holdiron. Congratulations on your seventeenth birthday. I am here to assist you and also to inform you about your family vaults, shares, holdings and properties."

Harry did not understand what the Goblin was saying. "Vaults ... Properties? I am afraid that I do not understand what you are talking about." The Goblin was doing something with its face, which looked like a smile or snarl. All of its teeth were visible and they looked very sharp. The lights in the room changed ... it seems as if someone was holding a sheet over the lights, and it also became much colder.

"I understand that you have been raised by your aunt and uncle, and they are not wizards. Is that correct?" The voice of the Goblin changed and it sounded like its voice became some octaves higher.

Harry trembled, "That is correct."

"Then because they are Muggles, and they are not Potters, they have no idea what the Potter's fortunes are and they have also no idea how long the Potter Family name has existed. You need to become aware that the Potter Family is a very old family in the Wizarding World and they have over the ages, collected a large amount of money and properties. You are the last member of the Potter Family line and there is absolute nobody else. That means that the full fortune of the Potter Family belongs to you."

Harry was staring at the Goblin. "What does that mean? Does that mean I'm rich? " Harry still did not fully understand what the Goblin was saying.

"Yes, Mr. Potter, you are very rich. You now own a large amount of galleons in several vaults. The vault you are using is only a trust vault, which was prepared for you by your parents when you were born in order to pay for your education and to use for personal expenses. Professor Dumbledore has been managing all of your vaults, and your aunt and uncle are your caretakers, but do not know of the money. Now you are of age in the Wizarding World that means that the vaults must now be managed by you."

"In order to transfer the vaults to your care, you need to sign some documents." Harry looked at Hermione.

"Do you understand what is going on, Hermione?"

"Yes, Harry. You have your inheritance and you need to sign those papers to transfer it to you. Please sign and get it over with and see what comes next." Harry stared at the papers in front of him. He sighted and started to sign the papers without reading them. When he was finished, the Goblin sneered.

"Would you like to take a look to your vaults now, Mr. Potter?" Harry nodded. The door behind them opened and a Goblin entered the room. Holdiron looked at the newly arrived Goblin. "Mr. Potter this is Claspash. Claspash, please take Mr. Potter and Ms. Granger to the Potter Family Vaults." Claspash bowed and held open the door.

"Have a good day, Mr. Potter.", said Holdiron.

Harry nodded and went through the open door, holding Hermione arm. The door closed and they followed Claspash through all kind of tunnels. They arrived at a small station, where they could see small cars. "Look Harry, those are mining cars", Hermione said.

Harry looked at Hermione. "Hermione, do you have an account at this bank?"

"No, but I have accounts at several Muggle banks. So, we just change pounds to galleons before we need to buy something."

They entered the car and Claspash joined them. The car started to move and they disappeared rapidly. After fifteen minutes, the car slowed at last. Harry enjoined the ride, but Hermione would scream many times and hold Harry's arms very tightly. She also closed her eyes and did not want to see what happened around her. Now the car came to a full stop, Claspash opened the door of the car, and they entered a large alcove.

They saw five large iron doors. Claspash went to the first door and started to open it. Claspash stared at Harry. "You need to press your hand to this stone before the vault can be opened", it said.

Harry pressed his hand to the stone, and the door started to open very slowly. Harry did not belief what he saw. He saw a large room filled with jewels, bracelets, necklaces, rings, stones, rubies, and much more. Almost everything was in gold and there were various sizes of diamonds.

Harry entered the room and looked around intently. "Here I have an opportunity to get the bracelet and the necklace for Hermione", he thought. He saw a small mountain with gold with at the top a large blue velvet box. He took the box and saw a beautiful set of earrings, two bracelets, a necklace, and two rings. All of them with blue sapphires, pulsing inside with a dim light. All of the jewelry had the same motif. The necklace was of white gold and small diamonds and sparkling blue sapphires. "I found it", Harry thought. He looked at Hermione, who was staring into the box with huge eyes. Harry closed the box and put it in his bag.

"What's in the other vaults", he asked Claspash.

"Please follow me", Claspash told and left the vault. After the entered the alcove again, the door of the vault closed slowly behind them. Harry held his hand again to a stone next to the second vault. The door slowly opened and he saw parchments everywhere.

"What is this for", he asked Claspash.

"This is the vault, which contains all information and proof of your properties. You own many businesses in Diagon Alley and everywhere else in the British and International Wizarding World. You have also a lot of properties and shares in the Muggle world. All of the documents about transactions and much more are stored in here. In the other three vaults, you will only find galleons. Would you like to see those vaults as well?"

"No, I think I saw enough. Let's get out of here, please", Harry replied.

The vault closed and they went back with the wagon to the surface and onto the ground floor of the bank. When they arrived again in the large entrance hall, Claspash bowed and disappeared.

Harry and Hermione walked out the bank and in the bright sunlight. Harry shuddered from the darkness of the bank. "Merlin, what am I going to do with all that money? And I have to manage it all by myself!" Hermione said nothing for a while.

"I don't know Harry. It seems that you are one of the richest people in the Wizarding World. With such a large fortune, you could have all power you want. You could also discontinue your education, because money can buy everything, including the diplomas and certificates, everything you want."

Harry said nothing; he was looking at a small restaurant, and seemed not to notice anything else. "Hermione please, don't talk like that. Its so unlike you, and you know I would never do anything like that. That money is nice, but it is not for me, they dumped it on my head without ever asking me how I felt about it. Those vaults with all that wealth is dreadful and I have no idea what to do with it. The only thing that I want is to simply be Harry, just Harry with maybe a girlfriend and a lot of happiness that's all. So they can keep the money and stick it in a place where the sun doesn't shine."

Hermione looked at him. "Harry, I suggest we say nothing more about it for now, and sleep on it for a few days, weeks or months or even years. Leave it as is, and do not touch it until you need it. When you find it necessary to take money, you take it. There are so many things that need to be done first, like going to school and vanquishing Voldemort and ... finding a girlfriend ... and then we have balls to attend, but before all that we must by you some decent underwear. I suggest forgetting what you have seen for a while and try to be happy. Is that so wrong?" Harry looked at her.

"Hermione, I can kiss you, because you're absolutely right. You are so right, thank you"

He bowed to her and kissed her on her forehead. "Harry, I'm always right!"

"Hermione, yes I love you too. Let's go get my underwear, but where the hell can we find a shop with underwear?"

"Harry, don't worry, I know where the shops are. And now that you are a rich man, I can choose very nice underwear for you."

"No Hermione, first we need to buy the spare wands from Mr. Olivander, and then the rest."

They walked the over to Olivander's and walked through the door, "Welcome Mr. Potter and Ms. Granger, it has indeed been a long time ... Mr. Potter, how is your wand?" Harry pulled it out and showed it to him. Mr. Olivander carefully examined Harry's wand, smiled and returned it to him. "It's good to see young people who care for their wands," he said smiling. "What can I do for you? "

"Mr. Olivander, we'd like to buy some spare wands, if you don't mind." Hermione stared at Harry, but said nothing.

"I have something special here for you. Mr. Potter, cherry, dragon heartstring and the wand is twelve and a half inches long."

Harry took it, and gave it a waved. There was a flash, and green sparks erupted from his wand. "Ah, yes," Mr. Olivander said.

"And for Ms. Granger, I have a phoenix Feather, holly, eleven and a half inches and quite a special combination." Hermione took it, and waved it. There was a flash, and silver sparks erupted from her wand.

"Mr. Olivander, can we purchase four for me and four for Hermione?"

"Of cause you can, Mr. Potter." Mr. Olivander went to the back of his shop and took the eight wands, double checked them, packed them in flat boxes and handed them over to Harry. "Here you are Mr. Potter; your total is 56 Galleons." Harry paid and they left hastily the shop.


A/N: Beta reader for this story is Jezz Jamer
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