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the take off

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bulma has begun her journey.

Category: Dragon Ball Z - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Humor, Romance, Sci-fi - Characters: Bulma, Vegeta - Warnings: [?] [V] - Published: 2006/12/08 - Updated: 2006/12/08 - 547 words

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twisted destiny
chapter 2: the take off

Well, dinner was good and my friends' company was great. Now I'm sitting in the cockpit of my ship, just waiting for launch.



Oh god, how can my heart race like that? It's not humanly possible!




But I'm still breathing...




I guess that means I'm still alive...


Can I change my mind now?




I guess not...

As the ship launched, the force pushed me back against my seat. The G's were intense, but nothing I couldn't handle.

Here in space, surrounded by nothing but blackness, I forgot how soothing it can be; as well as mysterious. After awhile though, it gets a bit boring, and I'm finding myself in dire need of some entertainment. With all the commotion over my travel plans, I missed out on a lot of training. I guess now's as good a time as any to check out the exercise room.

Phew! I didn't remember 9g being that strenuous! OK Bulma, focus... Hm... I think today I'll practice some kata's and work with some weights. This little machine of mine is really efficient!

Three years ago I was trying to develop something that would help increase my strength and I came up with this. It took me a year to construct it and since then, I train in higher-than-normal gravity. I have about six months to practice and nothing else major to do, so it's a good bet I'll manage to break through 10g. Hey, if I'm really diligent, maybe I'll even break 12 or 13g!

15 days later

"Shit!" Where did that wire roll go? I swear, some god is playing mind games with me! Well, if that's the case, he's doing a hell of a good job! Shit, shit, and more shit!

"Ouch!" My poor head! That's it - no more work - I need a break, and I need it now! Now's as good a time as any for training...

3 hours later

Ah, there's nothing better than a good workout. I even managed to stand and do a couple of fighting moves with the machine in 10 g! I bet I'll be completely acclimated to that level in two to four weeks...

Suddenly an idea struck me; a possible way to improve my machine. Why not extend the gravity system's capabilities to cover the entire ship? Then I'll constantly be under the enhanced g's and be able to train even when I'm working in my lab! Hm... I really think it's possible! I'll need to think about this a bit more, but I'm pretty positive.

Whew! I'm going to have to think later; I stink! Hm... Shower or bath? I guess I'll take a shower now and a bath after I've worked things out with the gravity enhancements.

2 and ½ hours later

"OK, so if I put this cable into that socket, the circuit should be complete..."



Well, that's definitely not 1g, which means that my guess was right, which means...

"It works! Yes!"

So... Now what? Hm... Well, there's always Project X-2CZ. Who knows, maybe it will come in handy some day. Now, where did I put that capsule...

Ah, there you are! Now, time for a little tinkering!
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