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harsh woking up and bad temper

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and then they met .....

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chapter 3 :harsh woking up and bad temper


Bam! The young woman awoke groguily finding herself lying flat on the ground..., what a way to be awaken!

"Uh? Damn it ! who can this be? Friend or foe?"

"What should i do, the communication room!"

Suddenly very awake she dashed (well run as fast as she could with the actual gravity) to the cockpit.

"well how to operate this ? ah yes!"

she pushed some buttons and cleared her voice: "uh hello?"

"hyt mem nkt ! " "hyt mem nkt !"

"what? Damn i don't understand one fucking word!"

She pushed another button and the picture of a gigantesque ship appeared suddenly

Shit this thing is huge at least 10 times the size of my ship

"I'm a pacific explorator ... "

"rtfah laiebrvsk it memen bdutvdhz, snporb tpmdn'hr!"

"hyt mem nkt ! shleoprtb cmazuerhbt OSEH!"

Suddenly she stranger ship began to emit some kind of noise and armements appeared on each of it's side

"Oh fuck fuck fuck! What now?" Gripping the commands she began to stop her ship and actived the fire wall

Suddenly she felt a medium size tremor and was sent to the floor


Oh god

again 1 or 2 like this and i will be unprotected the only solution is to find my invisible shell and hope it will extended to all the ship , then i will go and try to hide behind this bunch of asteroids

she began to shearch in her pockets the right capsule

what was the number 27 or 72?


Capsule number 72, well don't have time anymore in 2 attack i'm lost

She grabbed it and thew it on the ground

BOUM! A bigger explosion sent her flying against the wall

"Ouch ! shit !"

Shaking her head and disoriented by the impact she managed to make her way towards the machine and pushed blindly on the big blue button

What the hell blue!

Oooooh shitttttttt!

The machine began to glow emitting bips bips more and more louder and bref

The girl could only contemplate it in horror as at the same instant the ennemy ship sent a rayon

Pushing a percing cry her legs gave out ,then blackness surrounded her


prince vegeta was fumming and when i say this i mean literaly

his cape was on fire

he was just coming back from the lab and the dark and acre smoke emanating from it attested from the workers failures

"bunch of incompetent scientist , all they had to do was to propose me a way to get stronger, to be the legendary, they disposed of 2 months and they didn't find anything "

"hope this will teach the next recruits!"

" prince vegeta" !

"what carots(ok ok kakarot lol )! I Don't have any time to loose with a baka like you, i've training to do so say what you have to say and fuck off before i loose patience!"

"awh vegeta come on...". "that's prince vegeta for you moron how many times will i have to repeat myself!"

"prince geta ...".

" vegeta prince vegetaaaaaaaaa! Dimwit!"

"aaaaarghhh! get out of my site nowwww!" powering up a ki ball he was preparing to wipe off the gooffy grin of the infortunate soldier when a searing light made him pose

"euh veg veggui veget... euh your highness you should lift your head"

don't think that this pathetic tour will save your life , i will not tolerate anymore direspect from you ..."really you should lift your head..." "don't you dare cut me when i'm adressing you, i'm the prince of all saiyans , the legendary , i'm invulnerable and for this sole fact i own your respect!"

"euh if you say so..."" you dare doubting the words of your prince ! nothing can put me down , i'm the stonger, the...OUCH!

what the hell!

"That's what i was trying to say, you didn't see the dark void, just up your head?...oh... what's this ?"

Lowering his head the flamming haired guy found himself face to face with a very exotic looking woman, lying on his body and seemingly unconscious

"Wow she's really beautiful she looks like an angel" mused KAKAROT

that's probably the first and only times the moron is right

"umph shut up and take her to the med bay she's seems injured and i want to know how and what she's doing here! "

Advising a curious rounded object with a big blue button he took it and throw it at the bewildered saiyan "and give that to the new bunch of incompetents that my father must have already chosen to take the place of the precedents, say to them that they have 72 hours from now on to find what it is , if they don't want to become shared meat!"

Without waiting for an answer he turns on his heal and head off toward the training room letting a very confuseD saiyan trying to digest all the directives at once.finally he came back from his la-la-land only to ask to the now empty room:

"so will it means that i will be spared?"
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