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Chapter 2

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Riku is what could be considered the perfect brother to his younger sister Kairi. However, a problem in that arises when Kairi gets a boyfriend that catches her brother's eye. Now Riku must strugg...

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She Will Be Loved
Chapter 2

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The city lights flashed by an illuminated Riku's pale face. His eyes traveled to the overhead mirror of the car he was currently riding in to look at his sister then to his side where Ansem was currently driving.

Then his mind returned to its previous place of contemplating the confusing creature that was Sora. The petit brunet seemed to go through quicksilver mood changes, during the dinner he had been talkative and bright but once Ansem had arrived he became notably withdrawn and began to talk only to Kairi or his parents.

Riku had been put out by the reaction but the reason as to why Sora reacted like he did still eluded him, as well as the reason for his own disappointment. "Riku are you alright?" Ansem's deep voice cut into his train of thought and caused his eyes to snap toward the voice and thus encounter the worried faces of Kairi and his boyfriend.

"Um, yes I'm fine just tired, don't worry," he hurriedly explained as he forced a smile upon his face. The redhead and older man looked doubtful but accepted his excuse, at least for the moment.

After another span of silent driving Ansem arrived at their estate and bid Kairi farewell as she quickly climbed out of the car and left Riku and Ansem to talk in private.

"Riku are you sure that nothing is the matter, you seem troubled," Ansem pressed as he looked at Riku's face for any signs as to what was wrong. "Really Ansem nothing is wrong," Riku replied as little distracted as he looked toward his home.

"Is it about Kairi's boyfriend?" Ansem suddenly asked with deadly accuracy. "What?" Riku asked as soon as the words left Ansem's lips. "Well he is a potential threat to you, the ever over-protective brother," Ansem teased as he pushed aside the uneasiness he felt at Riku's reaction.

A smile adorned his face as he heard Riku's laughter in responce to his teasing before he said, "now that's what I wish to hear." Riku smiled at Ansem and felt a weight of guilt settle upon his chest as he realized how cold and distant he had been through the night toward the other man.

"I think you're right, I fear that big bad Sora is going to take my little sister away," Riku joked back making Ansem let out a bark of laughter. They quieted after a moment and simply looked at each other while a companionable silence hung above them.

"I think I better go, I have to talk to Kairi something," Riku cut the moment as he leaned over and kissed Ansem lightly on the lips. As he was about to pull back, he felt Ansem's hand thread into his silver locks and deepen the kiss.

Riku gave in to the urging and responded, putting his arms around the other's neck and initiating a steamy kiss with the silver-haired man. Riku moaned as his lover's tongue slipped into his mouth and tighten his arms around Ansem's neck, intensifying the heat between them. 'Sora...' was Riku's last thought.

(and before any of you get any weird ideas here, NO they did NOT have sex in the car, unless you want to think that they did, but from my standpoint, no)

Electric blue eyes stared up at the ceiling of an opulent bedroom. Thoughts ran in a dizzying cycle as Sora attempted to sort through the night's events. The dinner had ended hours ago and now Sora had nothing to distract him as he lay in the silent darkness of his extravagant room.

His family had more money than could be spent in a few lifetimes, yet nothing in his enromous room could distract him from his contemplations.

'Why did finding out Riku had a boyfriend bother me so much? No, I don't think it bothered me perhaps it surprised me? I don't know why though, I mean he is a good looking-- stop! Did I just think that? Maybe I'm more tired than I thought.' Sora sighed heavily as his thoughts on Riku continued to swirl in his mind.

'Maybe I should call Kairi, I do feel guilty about not being my usual cheery self with her. Yeah, I'll do that,' with that mini mission in mind, Sora flipped over on his stomach and picked up the phone from his nightstand. He listened to the dial tone for a few moments before he dialed the number to Kairi's home.

Ring+ Kairi and Riku were startled out of their quiet conversation by the harsh sound of the phone echoing throught the spacious living room. Kairi threw a perplexed look at Riku before asking, "who could it be at this hour?"

Riku shrugged but looked curiously in the direction of the phone. Kairi turned and picked up the phone and answered softly, "hello?" Silence filled the room as Kairi listened to the other person.

A bright smile suddenly lit Kairi's young face and immediately Riku knew who was on the other end of the line. He watched as his sister enthusiatically answered to everything that the petit brunet said from the corner of his eye and felt a strange emotion pass through him at the actions.

The feeling felt like...pity and that made Riku frown. "Tomorrow at the park? At noon?" Kairi turned with a smile to Riku but upon seeing the frown it disappeared and her voice faltered.

Riku realized that Kairi interpreted his frown at his own thoughts as his disapproval to her plans and immediately tried to correct the situation. A smile replaced the frown as his eyes sparkled with affection then he replied, "it's fine Kairi, as a matter of fact I'll drop you off tomorrow."

Kairi's smile returned before she relayed the message to Sora, and after another brief exchange she hung up the phone and turned a serious expression to her older brother.

"Are you sure that there isn't anything that you want to tell me Riku, you are really worrying me right now," Kairi said anxiously. Riku observed the smaller redhead and once he stared into concerned blue eyes long enough his own became lifeless and dull.

"What do you say we take that horseback ride now? If you're not too tired that is," Riku said heavily as he looked at Kairi solemly. Kairi nodded without hesitation and left the room to change into more appropriate riding clothes, but not before hesitating at the door and watching her brother look like the vulnerable eighteen-year-old he truly was.

Sora stared at his phone through the comfortable silence of his room as his conversation with Kairi replayed in his mind. He had to admit that talking to her and knowing that he had caused the happiness in her voice was a very pleasing experience.

He couldn't wait to spend time with her the next day and get back to how they had been before he had met her brother and began to become burdened with confusing emotions. The most confusing was the fact that his heart gave a strange jolt when he heard Riku's voice speaking over the phone when he was talking to Kairi earlier.

In an attempt to distract him, his mind replayed other times that he and Kairi had spent in bliss as he began to succumb to the irresistible invite of Morpheus.

"Now will you tell me what is wrong?" Kairi asked as the moonlight lit the path where she and Riku were currently riding their horses. Riku seemed not to hear her but just as she was about to ask again he answered in kind.

"Kairi do you miss Dad?" Kairi's eyes widened as she looked at her brother in slight fear before asking, "why the question Riku?" "Just answer," was his unintentionally harsh responce. Kairi considered her words before the actually left her mouth.

"I understand that his business travels keep him away and that we rarely see him and when we do you two are at each other's throats," she responded quietly. She looked at Riku to see what his responce to would be to the comment about his relationship with their father.

She was a little scared to see only a cold, calm exterior but continued, "as a father I do miss him, but I'm not sure I miss him as a person." Riku said nothing as he seemed to analyze what she had said.

"Why do you say that? Is there a difference?" Riku asked calmly after a moment. Kairi looked at him surprised before responding, "yes, there is a difference. I wish to have around me the person that will nurture and guide us, play and tease with us, the father that humans are supposed to be born with.

Not the business man that puts up a front of loving family man for the press, not the man that schemes and looks at all with a cold, calculating logic. Not the one that tears our family apart even as he tries to put it together"

"You speak wonders of him, I must admit I'm surprised," Riku replied with a humorless smile, that was more a sneer, although Kairi knew that it wasn't directed at her. "Riku, please don't hold it against him, I'm sure that he tries to be a good father, he just--"

"Falls fatally short? Uh, I'm sorry Kairi I shouldn't have brought up the subject," Riku said as he lowered his eyes. "Why did you bring it up Riku?" Kairi asked tentitavely, not expecting an answer. "I guess my shame at my cowardice did." "What?"

"I realize that in all of the years that I have known what happened with my mother and Father, I have never been able to confront him and demand why he did what he did. I need some release but taking it out on you is not an option, I'm sorry, come on let's go back inside you must be tired,"

with that he turned his horse around and began to walk it toward the house. Kairi stared at her brother's retreating back with sad eyes and softly said, "will we all ever let go of our guilt?"

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