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Chapter 1

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Riku is what could be considered the perfect brother to his younger sister Kairi. However, a problem in that arises when Kairi gets a boyfriend that catches her brother's eye. Now Riku must strugg...

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She Will Be Loved
Chapter 2

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"I'm pleased to meet you," Riku forced out as he caught his sister's confused gaze. The petit brunet seemed to come back from a faraway place at the almost mechanic tone. He nodded and replied, "likewise, Kairi talks wonders about you." riku shot a tender look at his younger sister at hearing of her actions from Sora.

"Sora where are your parents?" asked Kairi as she looked about the bar, ignoring the strange tension between the two males. "They had to leave to fox some things at the company but they promised to join us for dinner later tonight," Sora replied, tearing his eyes away from the silver-haired boy. "Oh alright then, well then what do you say we go swimming for a little while?" Kairi said brightly after a moment of thought. Sora nodded absently then allowed her to intertwine their fingers and lead him in the direction of the pool.

Kairi looked between her brother and boyfriend but kept her scrutiny secret as she continued to chatter brightly about the weather and such, ignoring the fact that their participation was minimal. She was a little suspicious and worried as to why they were acting the way they were but decided to confront each seperately later.
Once outside the main building, the buzz of the other people present dispelled the tension between the boys as they began to look around as though searching for someone. Once they reached a place by the pool where patio sets stood, Kairi excused herself to go change into her bathing and left Sora and Riku to their own devices.

Sora looked around again then took a seat under the shade of the umbrellas propped over an elegant, green patio set. Riku stared at him for a moment then took a chair as well and hailed a waiter for a drink. Once the waiter had taken their orders he left the two to silence and their own thoughts.

'Why am I so affected by his presence, he's only a kid and my sister's boyfriend to boot. Sure he's a hot kid but... What the hell am I thinking! I think I've been out in the sun too long if those happen to be my thoughts. Yeah that's it the drinks and sun have affected me. (heavy sigh) Who am I kidding, I think I'm attracted to Sora, but that can't just can't be' Riku's thought hammered at his head and began to bring on a headache.

"Riku?" A tentative voice asked from his side, his head snapped to the side in time to see Sora recoil at the harsh action. "Sorry if I disturbed you," Sora apologized as he saw a glazed look in the captivating green eyes. "No, I'm sorry I should be getting to know you better seeing as you are Kairi's boyfriend and all..." Riku's sentence trailed off as he realized how the statement sounded wrong to a part of his mind.

'Kairi's boyfriend remember that Riku.' Riku locked eyes with Sora and asked, "how long have you been dating my sister?" Sora hummed in thought then responded, "about six months," after a moment of silence. Riku's eyes widened as the amount of time that his sister had kept her relationship a secret hit him and left him with an overwhelming feeling of hurt. However, he hid the feeling well before responding, "she didn't hint that it was that much time but no matter, if she's happy then so am I."

Sora looked at Riku for a moment before commenting, "you're a good brother." The statement caught Riku off guard so he turned and looked at the brunet only to be met with electric blue eyes glimmering as he smiled. Riku felt a heat crawl up his features so he turned away and mumbled, "thanks Sora."

Sora turned a curious expression at Riku's actions but pressed no further as the waiter finally arrived with their drinks. They took the offered drinks and toasted lightly before downing them in one drink. Once they placed the glasses down Sora slid nervous eyes to Riku. After a moment of careful contemplation he asked tentitavely, "why don't you and Kairi look nothing alike?"

Sora knew that was a mistake the minute the words came out of his mouth and he saw Riku's shoulders tense. "I'm so sorry-" Sora's apology was cut short by Kairi. "Hey you two, did you find something to talk about while I was gone?" "Yes, we did," Riku cut in smoothly with a devastating smile as he looked at the pretty redhead.

Sora looked at him disbelieving from behind Kairi but when the smile broke upon Riku's face Sora felt a jolt pass through his body that left him confused. "Well that's good to hear, Sora want to join me?" Sora nodded and left, all the while avoiding Riku's piercing eyes.

Once Sora was out of sight, Kairi turned to Riku and asked nervously, "what do you think of Sora?" Riku shrugged elegantly then replied, "if he will make you happy then I will not object, but if he hurts you he's dead." Kairi smiled at him and replied softly, "I don't think that will be necessary Riku but I thank you for caring so much."

Riku chuckled at the statement and replied affectionately, "of course I care about you, you're my little sister." Kairi laughed lightly at her brother's words then hugged him. "Kairi why didn't you tell me that you have been dating Sora for the past six months?" Kairi's lithe from stiffened in the embrace before she retreated and Riku was able to see the flush of embarrasment painted on her cheeks.

She bit her lip and looked away before looking back and him and finally replying, "I'm very sorry, but I wasn't ready for anyone to know about us just yet." Riku nodded in understanding although the answer was less than satisfactory.
+ Later that evening, Riku sat outside by the pool, watching as the ripples in the pool played with the moonlight falling upon it. He had kept his interaction with Sora to a minimum after the question about his and his sister's different appearances. He was no fool, he knew that many people noticed the differences but no one had ever questioned the fact, that is no one until Sora.

He sighed heavily as his mind also helpfully supplied the other reason for the avoidance, 'admit it Riku you're still thinking about how he looked when he got out of the pool.' Riku frowned as the thought that he sounded like a hormone addled teen entered his mind.

"I'm eighteen years old, I shouldn't be having such thoughts about my sister's boyfriend. Besides, I'm already involved with someone so no matter what I must always think about those caught in the middle." With that decisive talk to himself he stood and went inside, he did have to meet Sora's parents afterall, even if that is what he least desired at the moment.

As he entered the dining room he spotted a flash of red that he recognized as Kairi's hair and promptly walked toward the table. As he approached he noticed that not only Sora and Kairi were there but also two other people, Sora's parents no doubt. Once he reached the table Kairi stood and presented him, "this is my brother Riku."

The man had the same color hair as Sora's but his eyes were a darker blue, while the woman had black hair but the same enchanting eyes as Sora. The man and woman stood and smiled as they both shook his hand and before Sora's mother replied, "we're delighted to meet you Riku, my name is Naiko and this is my husband Jiro." Riku returned the smile before he sat down and everyone ordered their dinner while they chatted amiably.

Riku felt an inexplicable relief as Sora spoke even to him and the atmosphere between them seem to improve all the while both Riku and Kairi felt as though Sora's parents were their own due to the kindness with which they treated them. Everytime Sora spoke to Riku his electric blue eyes sparkled and Riku felt a sweet sensation sweep through his body.

Just as they were halfway through dinner, Riku felt a warm hand fall upon his shoulder, he stiffened at the sudden contact but relaxed when he heard a familiar voice. "Good evening, I hope that I am not intruding?"

All eyes landed on a tall man with tanned skin, dark silver hair and unusual amber eyes, he seemed to have a cold beauty about him but was good looking nonetheless. "Hello Ansem, what are you doing here?" Kairi asked as she smiled at their new dinner guest. Ansem smiled back and responded, "I came by to meet some business partners, when I spotted the two of you."

"Ansem this is Sora," Ansem shook the bewildered boy's hand, "and these are his parents, Naiko and Jiro," Ansem shook their hands as well. "We came here so Riku could meet my boyfriend Sora's parents; Naiko, Sora, Jiro this is Riku's boyfriend Ansem," Kairi said. Once the words were out of Kairi's mouth Riku's eyes flew and locked with electric blue, the glimmer in Sora's eyes was now gone.

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