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Behind wooden doors

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It seems that everyone is locking themselves upstairs.

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Sorry about the wait but I promise this chapter will be longer well somewhat.

Herry dashed into his room and tried to close the door without making any noise but that wasn't possible. He watched through the small hole in his door as Jay walked down the hallway and into the bathroom. Herry waited a few moments then started to debate with himself weather or not, to go back into the hall.

Atlanta opened the door to come face to face with her x-boyfriend. " Archie?" Atlanta asked not really sure if it was him or not. " Yeah guess so." He replied dropping his shoulders as though he didn't know. Atlanta opened the door to let him in. " I know we broke up, but I really need to tell you that I really liked having you as my girlfriend and that I hope we can be friends again." Archie rushed out. " I see." Atlanta said not really sure what els to say. " Is that all?" Archie asked obviously offended. " Uhhh what els can I say?" She asked. " Well you can start with mabey a I'm so sorry?" Archie suggested
" Okay Archie I'm sorry?" Atlanta said hoping it would be enough for him. " Sorry is that all you can say? After you tore out my heart when I though you truly loved me?" Archie demanded. Atlanta just stared at her friend. " You can't be serious." Atlanta asked confused. " What you can't believe that someone actually likes you?" Archie asked anger leaking out through his words.
" Archie listen I'm really," Atlanta was cut off.
" No you listen." Archie took this time to regain his breath.
" Okay I'm listing." Atlanta said waiting for him to begin talking.
" You broke my heart, played me for a sucker, and now-now you." Archie stumbled with his words. He didn't really know what he was saying but he just had to make a scene.
" Archie." Atlanta said trying to calm down her friend by placing a hand lightly on his back.
" Stop it!" He shouted shaking off her hand. Atlanta bit her lip, she felt so terrible right now. Unneeded, that was how she felt, she was trying to help but he treated her like dirt. Archie opened his mouth to speak again but Atlanta had already began. " Listen Archie I am sorry that I hurt you, but you need to get over it, we can still be friends. Anyway I think you should go." She signalled towards the door. Archie eyed her evilly as he walked out of the room. After he had left Atlanta lay on her bed; she felt a mixture of emotions. She felt sad, guilty, scared, worried and alone. Tears streaked her face as she hid her eyes in her hands. A quiet knock on her door awoke her from her sorrow. Quickly she cleaned herself up in front of her mirror and opened the door. Form the way the person had knocked she was almost sure that it was Theresa but when she opened it to her surprise a strongly built body greeted her. Blinking she looked upward to the face of Herry. " Ah hey Atlanta." Herry said looking down at her. " Yeah?" She asked trying to make conversation. " Umm listen," He rubbed the back of his neck. Oh no. Atlanta thought for a moment she thought that he was going to blow over. " I was wondering if you might like to go out sometime. Wi-With me. And you too." Herry stuttered. Atlanta looked up at him in disbelief. Herry wanted to go on a date with, her? She remained speechless for a moment. " I'll get back to you on that." Atlanta squeaked out shutting the door was she did. She threw her back to the door eyes wide totally freaked out. So Archie still has feelings for her, and Herry just asked her out. She replayed it in her mind. " Oh no." She gasped. At that moment she felt her back vibrate as someone els knocked on her door. Atlanta felt like kicking the person on the other side of the door, but she remained calm and opened it. " Hey, did I just hear HERRY asking YOU out?" Archie asked obviously just as shocked as she was. Atlanta though about his comment, the way he stretched the words Herry and you. Like he didn't find it possible. " Yes he did. And you know what? I said yes." Atlanta replied crossing her arms over her chest. " But we-you me how, Herry?" Archie stuttered. " Yep buh-bye." Atlanta said shutting the door on him. She walked over to her desk and picked up her PMR. " Herry, Atlanta here, about the date I think I can make it." She said through the blue walkie-talkie. " Great, I have a great idea, we can to a Chinese restaurant downtown, they have great food." Herry said. " That's perfect." Atlanta said turning off the device.

Herry adjusted his tie. He hardly ever wore ties. But this time was different. He had a date, and he knew that his date was human this time. His date was arriving shortly and he was so nervous. What had made her say yes? He thought but then the told himself that she really does like him as much as he likes her. A soft knocking could be heard at the door. "Oh." He said rushing over to the door. When he opened it he saw Atlanta standing in the hallway, she looked great. Rolled up a bit at her ankles was a pair of dark denim jeans with a peace sing sewed on in rhinestones. She wore a long-sleeve green top that showed her stomach just a pinch. Herry stepped out into the hallway and together they left the dorm.

Dinner was very silent as the young couple sat around a small table. Atlanta had only said a few things and it didn't seem that she was going to say much more. Soft music played in the background. Lights streamed above them hanging by nails on the window frame. Herry fumbled around with his tie as they waited for their food to arrive. Herry tried to remember Theresa's tips, # 47, make conversation. No small talk.
"Soooooo," Herry paused.
Atlanta gave a half-hearted sniff.
" You ah see any good movies lately?" Herry asked.
" Well if I did you probably saw them too, seeing we live in the same house." She replied. Herry nodded. Soon after that their food arrived. Tip # 13 remember you're table manners. Herry told himself. Theresa sure could come in handy, although she didn't know who he was going out with. They finished their dinner quietly hardly speaking to each other. After a quick drive around town the two pulled into the driveway of their dorm. Cold air entered the car as Herry pulled open the large red door. He helped Atlanta out and then the two slowly walked inside. Once they shut the door and began to take off their shoes all eyes maneuvered to their direction. Atlanta meet Archie's eyes and something in them told her. " You told them?" She screamed glancing around at the other people sitting around the couch. " Mabey." Archie said.
" Archie. You-you PIG!" She screamed running upstairs. Herry looked at Archie, and said
" Not cool, Arch." And followed his date up the stairs.
Theresa sat on the sagging couch, being crushed between two boys on either side of her. Archie was on one side and Neil on the other. She looked up at Jay. He was rocking slowly in the La-z-boy; lots of papers covered his lap. He gazed up at her and then back to the papers. She loved those eyes of his; someday she hoped that she would see them as he leaned in toward her and as she kissed him softly. He truly was perfect, but lately he had been acting strange everyone had, but not her no matter what she would remain sane.

He flipped through the many stress pantalets spread out across his lap. This had occupied his time for a great deal of hours now and so far he had learned that it wasn't his fault. Yes it's true that's what everyone had said, by this point he had realised that his moms death wasn't his fault but how to get over the loss was still a mystery. He spotted Theresa glance up. Their eyes meet for a few seconds and then they went back to reading the pantalets. He had almost finished the last one now and his eyelids felt like cement. His vision blurred a tad but he tried to stay awake.
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Jay closed the paper booklet and examined the cover. On the bottom right hand coner was a phone number. He seemed to stare at it for hours until he told himself to go upstairs.
" I'm going upstairs..." He said turning his back to his friends. He didn't know if he could climb all of the stairs but he put all of his energy into the last few steps and turned the glass knob on the wooden door.

Theresa sat on the couch not paying the playing movie any of her attention. Neil and Archie passed a blow of buttered popcorn back and forth between each other. Each time it was passed she was offered a handful. And each time she said " No thanks I'm good." But each time it was passed back a tempting urge grew inside of her.
" Theresa you sure you don't want any?" Archie asked as he passed the bowl for what seemed the millionth time. This time he seemed to hold the bowl of salty yellow popcorn right in front of her nose. The sweet smell entered her nostrils and her eyes grew larger. But she remembered the picture of Pairs Hilton hung above her bed and held up her hand.
" No thanks I'm good." But in a more convincing voice.

It was around midnight when the movie had ended and they had all gone upstairs. Theresa examined her figure in the full-length mirror in her closet. She pressed her hands down on her hips and gave a face as though she couldn't care less. Theresa sighed and closed the large closet door and watched as her reflection vanished and she was left staring at a wood door. Theresa quietly opened the door to the bathroom attached to her room. She flicked on the switch on the wall and a bright yellow light covered the room. Theresa walked over to the white sale sitting by the shower. The red dial spun around and stopped at 125.
" Oh no." Theresa moaned quietly as she stared at the red dial. Slowly she removed her feet from the scale and brushed her teeth at the marble counter. She wrapped a silk bathrobe around her body and then walked back into her room. She sat down at her desk and picked up her fluffy purple pen and began to scribble down some words on a clean page in her diary.

Today was difficult, I almost gave in. There is so much drama happening here.
Archie is being very rude to Herry and Atlanta just because they went on a date. He needs to grow up. I wish that I could have helped Atlanta get ready for her date with Herry. But I'm too caught up with my image. Neil seems very upbeat but also like he's hiding something. Odie, well theirs not much to say about him he's quiet. Then there is Jay. The talented brunette leader. His mother had recently died in a car crash. I've never really met her but I have seen pictures of her. She had massive curly black/brown hair and greenish brown eyes. He nose was rather large but her overall image made up for it. In the pictures I've seen of her she was wearing long robe like clothes with square patterns on them. She must have been a great mother and I can understand why Jay's misses her.

Theresa stood up and closed the blue cover of her diary. She made her way through many piles of clothes and into her soft warm bed.

Odie lay in his bed looking at the other side of his wall, he could smell a rather rotten odder but he figured that it was him. In the past week he hadn't bothered to leave his room. He would fill up on chips he had stored away in his closet. He felt so dirty and sticky but didn't do anything to make himself feel better. In fact he hadn't even touched his keyboard. He just sat in bed moaning quietly. He had lost track of time completely, even though his alarm always showed the time he didn't think that it was correct. He was a lump. Just a lump in the bed sheets, covered in stink and chip flavouring. Nobody cared for this lump locked away in the dim lit room.

He kept his head down as he walked along the dark roads. His bulky green shoulder bag followed him. Sticking out from one of the coners was a black and white board game. Neil couldn't see any lights on as he approached the dorm. At least nobody would see him come inside. He thought to himself. After walking for seemingly ages he opened the unlocked door and quietly snuck upstairs.

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