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It can't be over, not yet

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Summary: The team has problems but someone comes forward and tries to get the team back together but it may be too late what happens when someone tries to kill themselves?

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Nobody wanted to wake up the next morning, it was another painful Monday and they all had to get up early and rush to school. Neil seemed to be the only one who was able to wake up and leave the dorm. It seemed to have a faint stale odor floating around even with Athena cleaning 24/7. By the time all of the other titans had moved themselves downstairs Neil was ready to leave and watching T.V waiting for his friends.
" Neil why are you down here so early?" Athena asked as she scrubbed away at a dirty stove. She didn't seem to want an answer so he just kept his eyes towards the television, even if his mind wasn't really there.

No-one spoke during the lunch break that day, they just waited until they could go home and lay back in bed. Theresa was munching lightly on a fat free, 35 calorie rice cake, that tasted pretty much like Styrofoam. Other than that nobody else ate. Atlanta slouched down into her white cashmere hoddie from The Garage as she forked her fingers through her un-brushed hair. Beside her sat Herry and Archie. Every so often they would glance at each other with a most scornful gaze glued to their faces. Jay and Neil had vanished off somewhere leaving everyone alone. Sitting in silence.

Jay sat outside the school in the parking lot. A cold breeze blew past him every few seconds. He had a half eaten sandwich in his hand. His strong arms were naked and his ankles were frostbitten from the short length of his dark jeans. His body felt numb completely, he dropped the sandwich to the ground and sat there is silence as the bitter wind stung his miserable body.

Herry was ever so nervous as he sat beside his ' girlfriend' that is if she really meant it when she had said yes to the date. He longed to be one of the lucky couples sitting around an alive table chatting and holding their arms around each other. But it was just too soon. He didn't want to be rejected and embarrassed. Maybe he should make some small talk and work up a conversation. He glanced around at Theresa who sat at the other end of the table as she picked at another rice cake, then he looked at Odie. He looked dead as he had all week. Then he turned towards Archie, he instantly looked up with a murder look on his pale face. Quickly Herry looked towards the other side of the cafeteria, out of the corner of his eye he saw Archie's face turn away he quickly looked back to his plate of food.

His eyes stared fiercely at Herry's dirty neck, he could sense uneasiness in his eyes. Good. He though it served him right for asking Atlanta out. Archie longed to rub her tense back and take all of her troubles away. But mainly he longed for her to do that to him. He looked at his roll on his plastic tray in front of his face. The only one able to eat was Theresa, her usual preppy face was hidden behind large black bags and several zits around her nose. Archie wrinkled his nose at the sight of the perfect drama queen covered in red puss filled blemishes. Suddenly his back pocket began to ring.
" Ah, Archie your butt is ringing.." Atlanta said in a somewhat happy voice.
" Oh.. Yea." He said reaching into his pocket pulling out his Nokia phone. It was a text message, there was no name beneath it though. Once Archie was sure nobody was looking he took a minute to read it.

It said...

Hey Archie meet me behind the school at 4:30 come alone.

He quickly shut his phone and stood up from the table.
" Hey were are you going?" Odie asked.
" Doesn't matter it has to be better than here." He said walking away from the group.

Neil sat face-to-face with a sad looking kid. His eyes were hidden behind thick black frames and his face full of freckles squinted as he planned his next move. This was what gave chess club it's nerdy reputation. Neil felt the hot glare of eyes on his back as he tried hard to concentrate on the board in front of him. But it was impossible, so many problems were around him all he needed was more.
" I can't do this." He said standing up quickly knocking over a few pieces of the game. He dashed out of the room leaving his new American Eagle jacket behind. He was going to sort this out now!

Archie walked around the weapons room while the last minutes of lunch passed away. Many different kinds of dangerous weapons lined the walls. But all he needed was one, one that caused no pain, no noise and would kill you instantly......


Dun dun dun... so what's going to happen? Is Archie planning on committing suicide? Or is he planning on killing someone else? And who sent the mysterious text message? R&R!
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