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internet can be a problem. or maybe a matchmaker? read to find out

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Logging on to a chat room site, I browsed the types of categories: fashion...movies...aah, here we I was the only one in the chat room for five minutes, and I was just about to exit when somebody called RyRo! entered.

RyRo! has entered room

RyRo!: hey anyone here besides me?

Hm. This could be interesting.

SkyLr!: yea im here

RyRo!: ok! Seeing that this is a music chatroom, wuts your favorite music?

SkyLr!: well... queen, led zeppelin, rolling stones, that kind of stuff

RyRo!: cool, wut bout new music?

SkyLr!: fall out boy, the killers, 30 seconds to mars, MCR, the hush sound, evanescence, green day, the dresden dolls... and the newest adition is panic! @ the disco

RyRo!: interesting.....

Silence for about 5 minutes

SkyLr!: this conversations dead isnt it?

RyRo!: i hope not! Wer r u?

SkyLr!: my apartment...?

RyRo!: nooo as in city, country

SkyLr!: ooooo

I was debating wether to tell this unknown person or not


SkyLr!: Miami, Japan. Now you figure out where =P

RyRo!: let me take a wild guess.....

SkyLr!: ok then guess

RyRo!: sunny sunshine miami?

SkyLr!: congrats. Do you want a cookie?

RyRo!: sure why not? Well guess wut

SkyLr!: wut

RyRo!: you dont seem enthusiastic 2 noe!


SkyLr!: better?

RyRo!: it will have to do

RyRo!: im in miami 2!!!!!

SkyLr!: wut a coincidence (stalker) jkjk

RyRo!: so tell me about yourself

Here go the debates inside me again. My bad side won so i decided to tell him sum stuff

SkyLr!: im 18. live by myself with twin sister, go to college, some of my friends call me emo, probably cuz my fav. Color is black and gold. Ughm wut else. I play the piano, guitar, and i do dance and martial arts. I work.

Across the street. (oppostie building, same floor)

Wow this girl can do a lot of things. Dance and martial arts. Interesing, Well here goes nothing. I really hope she doesnt recognize me.

RyRo!: well i can play guitar. I have a small obsession with circuses. Im learning drums and piano. Ughm....i just moved 2 miami for work. My employer moved here so i had to move 2. i travel alot.

I held my breath waiting for her reaction.

SkyLr!: interesting

RyRo!: ya. My parents had high expectations of me. Trust me, not fun. Well my mom did not my dad

I was silent after that. I was not about to tell her my dad was an alcoholic and that he died from it! I should give this girl a chance.

Back across the street.

SkyLr!: my parents died wen i was 13. I lived with my aunt and uncle and sister. They had high expectations. So i inherited half of my dad's company, and my sister the rest. We manage it together. Yup.

RyRo!: oh.... im super sorry! I really am.

SkyLr!: yea its ok. Im over it now. Cant change wut happend already can you

RyRo!: yea......

I waited a bit to see wut else hed say.

RyRo!: well ughm... u wanna meet up for coffee?

I thought for a moment. Why not. Not like he can rape me or anything. Haha thats funny.

SkyLr!: sure. Ughm how about US1 university starbucks? U noe wer that is?

RyRo!: yea! Ok thats awsome! Hey how will i find you?

I thought for a moment. I quickly ran to my closet and picked out an outfit.

SkyLr!: black skinny jeans, gold pumps, black and gold short sleeved jacket, and il have my hair in braids. And il have my glasses on. And a book.

My hair was already braided in around a million braids. My friend Karen did it for our last show, and i havnt taken it out yet.

RyRo!: awsome! Il see you there then. Well i need to get gowing, my friends about to murder me for using up the computer! See you 2moro!!!!!!

SkyLr!: wait wut time?

RyRo!: 3pm sute you?

I thought and ran through my classes. Yea i had all morning classes 2moro

SkyLr!: yea awsome! See you there!

RyRo!: bye then!

RyRo! has exited room

SkyLr! has exited room
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