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chapter 16

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Ashley's POV


Aneesah: Hello

Me: Hey

Aneesah: Hey!
(in the back ground) Mikey: Who is it?

Aneesah: Ashley!

Me: So I've got some good news.

Aneesah: You cheated on Quinn with Frankie and you got pregnant and you and Frankie are planning your wedding?

Me: No, ha ha ha, Quinn broke up with me and now I'm with Frankie.

Aneesah: Oh my gosh. I'm coming over.

Me: You can if you want.

Aneesah: Oh and I've got some really good news for you too but I want to say this in person.

Me: Okay see you in a bit.

Aneesah: bye

Me: bye.
End of conversation.

Dialed Briana's numbers!

Briana: HEY GIRL!!!!!

Me: Hey

Briana: What's up?

Me: Me and Frankie are a couple now!

Briana: OMG girl that's awesome!

Me: Yeah I think so too.

Briana: What happen to Quinn I thought you two were getting married.

Me: He dumped me.

Briana: WHAT?!?!

Me: Yeah it's okay.

Briana: Yeah now you've got the man of your dreams.
( in the background) Frankie: Baby can you come back I'm lonely I'm so lonely (was singing which made me laugh)

Briana: I will let you go your man is calling for you.

Me: Okay love ya

Briana: love ya too bye.

End of conversation.

I got off the phone and walked into my room. Frankie was in nothing but a towel.

"Did Ashley turn you on so you had to take a cold shower?", I asked he turned around."

"Yes and now I don't know where you put my clothes."

"Well, to tell you the truth I like this look.", he laughed.

"Now, the only problem is that you have clothes on maybe I need to help take them off.", he said pulling me to him and kissing me. I showed him where his clothes were and popped is butt.

"Hurry and get dressed.", I said remembering Mikey and Aneesah are coming over.

"I thought you liked this look?"

"I do but people are coming over."

"Oh who?"

"Aneesah and Mikey."

"Aneesah and Mikey just for that I'm not getting dressed."


"Aneesah did it to me one day now it's my turn. She had a whole conversation on the phone in just a towel. She may not of thought I was there but I was."

"Well you can't blame her baby, please get dressed.", I gave him my best pout face.

"Okay alright, just for you baby.", I love it when he talks to me like that.

"Thank you.", I kissed him which I can get used to this and I pulled away but he just pulled me back for another kiss. The door bell rang.

"I'll get it.", Frankie said waking out I A TOWEL!!

"FRANKIE STOP.", he turned around and looked at me, "Get dressed and I'll answer the door."

"Awww Man.", he said coming back into my room as I passed him he slapped my ass. Which made me laugh. I went to the door and opened it and Mikey jumped on me. I laughed as we fell to the ground.

"Mikey what did I tell you about jumping on Ashley."

"Sorry.", he got up and helped me up.

"What's the good news?", I asked and Mikey's face had the hugest smile on his face.

"We're getting a dog!", I laughed.

"That's it?"

"Yes why are you laughing?"

"Because I thought that you we're pregnant or something."

"Yeah we did make it seem like that huh?"

"Yes much."

"Where's Frankie I know he's here.", he ran out of the room.


"I'M BLIND!!!", that was just too funny not to laugh. A few minutes later Frankie came out dressed, thank God. He came up and sat beside me and grabbed my hand.

"You two look so cute together."

"I think so too.", I said looking at Frankie as we smilled at each other.


Sorry for the shortness. Please tell me what you think! More soon!
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