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chapter 17

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6 months later!

Ashley's POV

"Ashley!!", Aneesah yelled.

"I'm in here.", she walked into my room. "Why are you yelling?"

"We're going to Warped!!", she screamed but this time I was screaming with her. "And that's not all MCR is going to be there too!", When we finished jumping and yelling.

"There's some bad news.", I knew it wouldn't last long. "The Used is going to be there as well." I took a deep breath. I haven't seen Quinn ever since he came for his stuff. I'm not mad at him like everybody thinks but he has to hate me for what I did to him.

"Ashley earth to Ashley.", Aneesah said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Um what?"

"I was saying that we are leaving tomorrow."


" I know it is sudden but look on the bright side you will see Frankie."

"You have to go so I can pack.", I walked her to the door.

"Yeah talk to you later."

" Okay bye."

"Are you trying to run me out?"

"We have to be ready for tomorrow!"

"You need to pack all of your hot clothes for Frankie."

"You know I will see you later."

"How about you call me?"

"Okay bye.", I closed the door and ran to my room and began to pack.

After I was done it was hours later. Hey, I have a lot of clothes.

Incoming call!

Me: Hello

Frankie: Hey baby

Me: Hey yourself what's up?

Frankie: nothing just thinking of you.
( in the background) Gerard: That sounded so gay!
(in the background) Miranda: I think it's sweet
Frankie: I heard your on warped tour.

Me: Yeah and I can't wait.

Frankie: Me either because I get to see you

Me: Yeah but I also heard Quinn is going to be there.

Frankie: Don't worry about it I'm going to be with you the whole time.

Me: Thanks baby, we're leaving tomorrow.

Frankie: Yeah well, we're here two days early thanks to Gerard who was yelling if we didn't leave now then we were going to be late!

Me: laughs I got everything packed and I just found out today.

Frankie: You still amaze me. Oh baby I've got to go Gerard is trying his best to do sign language telling me to get off the phone. Gerard that was not necessary.
(Gerard laughs in the background)

Me: okay love you bye.

Frankie: Never stopped loving you later.

End of conversation!

After the conversation with Frankie I decided to call Aneesah.

Dialing number!

Aneesah: Hello


Aneesah: Why are you so happy?

Me: Everything is ready for tomorrow!

Aneesah: Cool, I just got off the phone with Brad ( our manger) and he wants us to leave at four.


Aneesah: Yeah.

Me: That's to early!

Aneesah: Tell me about it.

Me: Hey, I got an idea. Why don't we leave tonight, instead of four in the morning.

Aneesah: That's a good idea.

Me: I know.

Aneesah: Let me talk to the girls and call you back.

Me: Okay bye.

Aneesah: Bye.

End of conversation!

I hope we can, the sooner that we leave the sooner I can see Frankie.

I moved all my bags to the living room, shortly after the phone rang again. I know I talk to much but I'm alone in the huge house so I tend to talk on the phone a lot.

Incoming call!

Me: Hello

Aneesah: Hey we're outside waiting for your ass to get out here so we can go see my man.

Me: Well as much as I like Mikey I'm not going to see him.

Aneesah: Ha ha very funny just get your ass out here.

Me: okay bye.

End of the conversation!

I ran to the front door and opened it. "I'll be right out!"

I went and got my pillows bags and walked out!

"Damn are you moving in?!"

"No, It's just clothes and stuff I need."

They laughed and we got into the Van. We decided that we weren't going to even sleep in there that we were going to sleep in the boys bus. I sat up front with Kelly who is the drums in our band, and who offered to drive tonight. We blasted the music so we could stay awake, while everyone else was screaming at us to turn it down but eventually they gave up. Aneesah was on her laptop talking to Mikey because they were talking on the phone but with the music they started to chat.

When Kelly got sleepy I drove which everyone was happy for because she kept her foot on the brakes and every so often she would press down on it, which was making us all car sick. It took us a full 10 hours to get to warped. When we got there it was daylight everybody was asleep. I parked the van and wrote a note telling them I was going to the MCR bus. I left and finally found their bus I took the extra key that they had made for me. I walked in to the back of the bus and found Frankie's bunk, and layed down scooting him over in the process.

"Gerard this wasn't funny the first time you did this.", I giggled and he jumped and turned around.

"You're here I though you were leaving today."

"We changed our minds I drove four seven hours straight. Can we please get some rest.", he smiled, kissed me and nodded. I turned around and he pulled me close to him. I went straight to sleep.

Frankie's POV

I've missed her so much. I went to sleep, but was woken up by Miranda screaming and jumping on us. "ASHLEY YOU'RE HERE WITH US!!", Mikey's head popped out of the bunk across from us.

"If Ashley is here where is my wife?"

"In the van there were asleep when we got here so I left them."

"Your mean!"

"What I'm not mean I didn't want to wake them."

"You all leave her alone.", I said in her defense which earned me a kiss and for them she stuck her tongue. Mikey got up and left. After we talked and everyone left we got dressed. She was looking at herself in the mirror.

"You look good."

"Thank you.", she turned around and kissed me hard on the lips.

"Where did that come from?"

"I just felt like doing it.", I gave her a smirk. "I know what your thinking and no not that. Do you always think about that?"

"When you don't get any for months at a time.", she laughed and hit me on the arm.

"Come on lets go.", she lead us out to the front where we found Mikey and Aneesah making out. The other girls from the band came it.

"Hello I'm Frankie, Ashley's man, who might you be?", one of the girls giggled.

"I'm Kelly, this is Izzy and Tiffany."

"Nice to meet you all.", I leaned to Ashley's ear and whispered.

"Want some breakfast or do you just want dessert?", she turned around wide eyed. I guess she's never heard me talk dirty, usually I would just ask if we can do it and sometimes I would beg but what do you expect I'm a guy.

"Let's start with breakfast.", then she whispered, "and dessert later when nobody's around.", she had a point. I nodded and we headed out.

"Where are you two going?", Gerard asked walking out of the bathroom.

"For breakfast ALONE!!", Ashley said which made me laugh.

"What's so funny?"


"Okay just bring me back something.", He yelled as he and Miranda walked to the back of the bus. Which I'm afraid to ask why.

Hey sorry it took me so long to put another chapter! My computer is broke and so I have to use my parent's! More soon don't worry! Reviews would be nice!
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